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Megaupload Shutdown for Piracy! It has a special history with me…

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Upon clicking a link today, much to a sad ironic sense of surprise, I saw that image to the right appear! The sad irony is because back on January 29, 2007, which stands as a day of infamy in my life, a disgusting, miserable, angry, atheist piece of shit by the alias of Pruvmerong leaked my Felghana patch by, a) pasting the private link to it that I had given him, and b) uploading a copy of the patch to Megaupload and also pasting a link to that, and today, after almost 5 years I find that megaupload was shutdown! …….. Sad, amusing, thoughts of, “Wish I could be bringing Pruvmerong to justice like this! Oh, how I so wish he was one of the warez criminals that were indicted…”, etc.

But yeah, how about that, eh? 1/29/2007 was the day that I was first introduced to megaupload and sites like it and my life changed quite a bit ever since having run into this most vile, disgusting, repugnant individual that still walks the planet earth… That’s the bad side of Ys, ladies and gentlemen, it attracts the 99%! With 99% freeloaders and videogame thieves (read: ungrateful parasites that feed off of the work of others), other criminal malcontent behavior was always a possibility, but I certainly didn’t plan for dealing with it properly at the time, that’s for damn sure and I paid a heavy price for it indeed! So this shutdown does give me some sense of justice, in some way. And yet, I use file sharing/pirating sites like this (mediafire) to save bandwidth and host some patches still, so it’s not like I could condemn them all to hell in general, but THIS one, well, it just happened to have been used by the wrong warez criminal at the wrong time and as a result, it earned my hate and a minor sense of satisfaction that it will never again be able to be used to do to someone else what it did to me… And judging by the fact that the US FBI seized the domain and shut the thing down, it would appear that there were far worse warez criminals than Pruvmerong that were using it!