Blog Redirect. This blog is defunct. Catch me @Twitter/Facebook/Discord.

This blog is defunct as my Twitter/Facebook accounts took over for most of my random blogging.

So yeah, that’s where I frequently blog about whatever the hell subject that I want to despite Far Left hack obsessed bigots like Tom-chan “KKK Witch” Lipschultz of XSEED Games, Psycho Kirsten “omgfailure” Miller, Psycho John Schizomaniak, “Erpy the Herpy” or whatever other creepy creepster that “keeps an eye on me” from time to time and selectively suggested that I somehow permanently locked myself into gaming-only subject matter on a website called “” (Nick’s Blog) because I started my online presence on with PC Engine forums, fan localization projects and never should’ve criticized Obama…

We don’t like your right-wing views as Far Left hacks, stick to only caring/talking about videogames, not politics/the course of the country, rrawwwwr!!!” Interesting selective, red herring logic, eh ?

A significant reason I dropped the ole RIGG forum/label (PC Engine/Retro ISO Gaming Guild) presence and downgraded to “” was first and foremost the forum ran its course/died, I didn’t want an association to PC Engine/TG-16 piracy/preservation (plenty of other sites did it well by then), I wanted a more legit focus on localization projects, and precisely because I wanted to run a blog and talk about whatever the hell subject that I wanted to… I did get tempted back in choosing “” but that was years later and I just added a sub site “” to still have a blog for off topic content. So there ya go, another “unsolicited” opinion/viewpoint of mine spammed right into your email inbox, err, my own web property/blog/site…

Gee, aren’t all of your views on your own web property “unsolicited ??” You gotta love the millions of selective arguments Far Left hack bigots can construct on-the-fly… That kind of argument stems from their bigoted, control freak, thought-policing nature in that they feel they own the Internet and we can’t have right-wingers very well running their mouths on it, can we ?? Heh.

Think about what that “unsolicited” comment translates to given the context: it’s my own website,, and I apparently was “supposed” to “solicit” approval first before criticizing Obama from bigots like this XSEED shill ‘erpy’, The XSEED Henchman AKA Tom-chan “Keep-the-KKK,-man!” Lipschultz, Kirsten “omgfailure” Miller, Psycho John Schizomaniak, etc. You get the bizarre notion behind said comment…

If you’re wondering why I had to explain all of this to you, or felt the need to, it’s because of the lies/defamation/misinformation Tom Lipschultz has been spreading over the years in his psycho unhinged online feud/war (to create enemies/consequences/proxy harassment for me, send his recruited goons, a method of out-sourcing harassment while simultaneously crying about it!), specifically that defamatory rant he launched on election day about Trump/Hitler (EASILY could’ve been prosecuted for libel like his attack dog/ally/surrogate John Sczepaniak who was prosecuted by the MGS translator Agness Kaku!), and decided to include me in it (actually dragging a US president into his shit-stain company’s policies of criminal worker abuse/exploitation/cheating – YES, TOTALLY RISES TO THE LEVEL OF THE US PRESIDENCY! THAT GUY WHO “CLAIMS” I CHEATED HIM IS LIKE THE NEXT PRESIDENT, DURRRR!!!) etc.!

Anyway, so yeah, you can find me around FB/Twitter if you wish. This has been the reality for years, but thought I’d post a redirect in some way to make it overt as apparently I still get visitors to this blog.

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