“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” Status: Terminated!





Dammit! I really had grown fond of this show so I’m purty depressed about it. Looks like another 2 season run like “Dark Angel,” another show I once liked that FOX axed… 🙁

Well, I did what I could by a) directing some hits to the finale, b) emailing WB’s Scott Rowe and AskFox and c) I also recently purchased the season one DVD set for $19.99 over at Walmart. Never really did any of that for a show, it just turned out that way. I don’t get to watch TV anymore, haven’t for many years, but recently I discovered hulu.com so I catch up with some long lost TV shows through that, as well as some new ones, time permitting…

Being a fan of the Terminator franchise, it was only natural for me to have some interest in checking out T:SCC. Definitely wanted to see how the movies would translate to a TV series and I, for one, was very pleased with the result. It’s a shame that it only lasted two seasons, with season one only consisting of 9 episodes…

Damn you FOX! Damn you!!

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