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"Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys" English Dub v1.1


  1. Introduction
  2. How to apply this patch
  3. Credits
  4. Patch Credits
  5. Personal Notes
  6. Relevant Links/Copyright

1. Introduction

This is v1.1 of the "Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys" English Dub Patch. This patch will dub over all Japanese voice-acting into English! In order to use it, you'll first need to rip an ISO/WAV/CUE image file set from an Ys IV CD using NightWolve's "TurboRip" software, then patch it with his old text patch (which is separate for now).

2. How to apply this patch

If you only have access to a BIN/CUE rip of Ys IV then please mount it to a virtual drive and rip it to ISO/WAV/CUE using the included TurboRip.

~Note for users with {HCD3051-5-1116-R1P} rips~
There are two different versions of YsIV, version {HCD3051-4-1108-R1F} and {HCD3051-5-1116-R1P}. Both versions are essentially identical; however there are a few extra sectors in some of the audio tracks in version {HCD3051-5-1116-R1P}. This dub was built around {HCD3051-4-1108-R1F} since that is the version I own. When patching the opposite version the TOC will be messed up after patching. This shouldn't affect the game when being emulated, but it will no longer be recognized as Ys IV. To fix this use the included TocFixer to fix the games TOC.

3. Credits

Here are the credits for the actors that helped make this patch a reality,


Darm - Alan Oppenheimer

- Michael Hillard

Lefance - Thomas Liebert (SkyeWelse).

- Lawrence "MasakoX" Simpson

Grandfather Jeff
- Michael Hillard

- Jess Ragan

- SonicShadows

- DanteWahou

Goban Tovah
- DanteWahou

- Jess Ragan

- Jess Ragan

- TetsuyaHikari (Chris Hyde)
(Chris Hyde AKA "Psycho DildoVizor" - This is a KKKFarms . net stalker/defamer/harasser (no regrets with his membership despite Byuu/Near's suicide and other genuine harassment/extortion/defamation/stalking...)!!! He'll be removed from the dub ASAP and replaced! Mike didn't know who this openly anime porn addict and pedophile was when he somehow slipped into the project from romhacking . net, he obviously couldn't have known! Note: Stay as far away from him as possible, the creep is dangerous, vicious, mentally unstable, and will pay to dox your phone/address!!!)

- SonicShadows

Schultz - SonicShadows

Talim - Duo_R

Rady - TetsuyaHikari (Chris Hyde)
(Chris Hyde AKA "Psycho DildoVizor" - This is a KKKFarms . net stalker/defamer/harasser (no regrets with his membership despite Byuu/Near's suicide and other genuine harassment/extortion/defamation/stalking...)!!! He'll be removed from the dub ASAP and replaced! Mike didn't know who this openly anime porn addict and pedophile was when he somehow slipped into the project from romhacking . net, he obviously couldn't have known! Note: Stay as far away from him as possible, the creep is dangerous, vicious, mentally unstable, and will pay to dox your phone/address!!!)

- SonicShadows

Enzo - Nitro

Keith Fact
- Nitro

Dr. Flair
- ParanoiaDragon

- ParanoiaDragon

- Chris Adams

Soldier B - Collin Pierce (Arjak)

Soldier A and Guy in Bar - Peter G. (LentFilms)


Lilia - Bassplayerbabe

Leeza - Mizura

- Mizura

- deadlyrose7717

- Dashe Troxon

Lair - Haushinka

Feena - Dawn "Usamimi" Huestis

Torie - Dawn "Usamimi" Huestis

Aria - Dashe Troxon

Mother - Dawn "Usamimi" Huestis

4. Patch Credits

Listed here are those that worked on the patch's more technical aspects/everything else that isn't acting.

Director - Michael G. (Burnt Lasagna)
(The guy writing most of this ReadMe) I directed this dub project from start to finish and did all the voice directing/syncing/mixing/etc.

Producer/Programmer - Nicolas Livaditis (NightWolve)
I produced the text patch against all odds with a highly talented team back in 2004 and in fact the dubbing work began then as well. Our 2nd translator found/translated an Ys IV voice-acting transcript, and at first we wanted subtitling, but Neill Corlett thought it'd be pretty impossible. Thus, that left only one feasible option: dubbing...

The next issue was the ADPCM format used in NEC videogames. David Shadoff solved that by coding a "C" app for ADPCM<->WAVE conversion! The ball was back in my court, also using "C", I coded an app to scan ADPCM offsets for all voice-acting clips and produce Get/Put batch files ('Get' to extract all clips to WAVE, and 'Put' to convert new WAVE files to ADPCM and put back into the game's ROM.).

With (1) the transcript at hand, (2) software to process ADPCM, and (3) Get/Put ADPCM batch files, dubbing could go forward so I made it known publicly for recruitment and for someone to manage voice actors as well. That's how we met Justus Johnston, a sound engineer who joined the team. By 2006, he didn't get far, he had some clips for Karna, Dogi, the great work he did for the Darm Opening battle (which we kept), etc. I thought the idea had failed and canceled it. But, he returned and passionately pleaded for more patience. His renewed motivation led me to work on the last needed piece of the puzzle (4): TurboRip - A purty awesome CD ripping app (also coded in "C") for CD-DA dub replacement and to make CD image patching easier!

Long story short, Justus quit again, was replaced in 2009 by GeeMac32bit who also failed but we learned about Voice Acting Alliance from him. Meeting BurntLasagna in 2012 restarted the idea, so I produced the Ys IV Dub Kit which a) had updated Get/Put batch files using Sound eXchange (SoX) with proper sampling rates after more research and b) was meant to teach the public how to dub NEC games in general. Too bad we didn't know about SoX back then, David wasted his time. Anyway, I worked out final details/issues with BL as he recruited actors and recorded speech, up to the finish line. Suffice to say, I love it when a plan comes together even if 8 years later... Heh.

Speech Transcriber - Sugimo
Sugimo was a Japanese Falcom fan that created a resource for fans once known as, "Falcom Daisuki!" (though he shut it down due to personal problems). On this website, he uploaded a Japanese transcription of all the voice-acting in Ys IV. This Ys IV Japanese speech transcript was discovered and translated to English via Jim Breen's WWWJDIC, an online Japanese dictionary. Since English subtitles would be too difficult to ever accomplish, the idea of English dubs was looking far more feasible at this point.

Speech Translator - Deuce...Bag (AKA "The X.X.XSEED Flasher")

1st Dub Director (2004) - Justus Johnston
Attempted to direct the dubbing aspect of the Ys IV translation project back in 2004. The selection of his friend, Chris Adams, to play Dogi back then was ultimately the best choice and he was able to get him to re-record all his lines again for this 3rd and successful attempt! A few other characters dubbed from that 1st attempt, such as Dr. Flair, also were reprised in this finished dub. Of course, the very awesome "Darm v. Adol" opening battle dubbing work was produced by him as well.

Special Thanks

David Shadoff - for creating the original ADPCM codec that got the idea of dubbing started in previous attempts of this project, (though it was replaced with SOX here) AND for writing the Ys IV compression code, plus the font hacking work for 8x12 lowercase support in the original text patch.

Charles MacDonald - for technical info on SOX/ADPCM related issues, helping NightWolve to determine the proper sample rate. NightWolve discovered the SOX (Sound Exchange) software thanks to him and his documentation work on NEC hardware.

Script Translator - Rachel Seleski (Shimarisu)
Rachel is a loyal and hard-working Ys/Falcom fan that was a great asset. She suffered a PC crash at some point after starting the project, and it was believed her translation work was lost for good, but she managed to recover it and it was about 94% complete! The rest was finished off via WWWJDIC.

Andrew (cubanraul) - He wrote the patcher for my previous Rondo of Blood translation project, which this project uses a modified version of.

5. Personal Notes

Personal notes from team members are listed here about their history/experience in the project.


Director - Michael G. (Burnt Lasagna)

This project for me, if nothing else, is a synonym for the word, inevitable.

I had been interested in doing a dub for Ys IV since around the beginning of 2010. At that point I had never once played a Ys game before and I only had vague ideas on what the series was exactly. None the less I did know about NightWolve's fan translation for the fourth game and how it was incomplete in the sense that it didn't have an English dub.

The way in which I got interested in doing this project was during a conversation with my brother about the newly localized PS2 game, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love. I started talking about how the English dub in that game was so extremely over the top that you couldn't help but enjoy the acting. I jokingly said something like "That Ys IV game should be dubbed over with this spirit of voice acting!" With those words bouncing around in my head I become extremely interested in dubbing Ys IV myself, regardless of the fact that I had never played it.

Later that year I bought a copy of Ys IV off of EBay for about $12 with the intention of figuring out how such a dubbing project would be maneuvered... Oh, and to play the game too. I ended up finding NightWolve's old ADPCM batch dumper on his website, which included all the addresses to the individual ADPCM clips. After reiterating all the addresses into a new batch to work as an inserter for Dave Shadoff's PC-Engine ADPCM Codec tool, I was able to insert my own recorded dialogue into the game!(even though I ended up scrapping this tool later down the road)

Sadly after that I didn't do much else. I guess I eventually took into account the amount of effort this project would entail and then just shied away from it. I did however end up finishing the game while reading along with Deuce's script for the spoken dialogue.

Later in 2011 my brother started talking with me about how he wanted to start running a dubbing project for Ys IV. However he didn't do much other than just that, talk about it. Months later the idea for this project had become sort of an untouchable goal that I would be cursed to hear about forever!

It became inevitable. This project needed to be finished, by me, or I would never hear the end of it!

After talking with NightWolve a bit about restarting the project I began auditions on May 02, 2012. Now here we are five months later and the project is done and released!

I'm really happy with the way this project turned out and I would like to personally thank all the actors' involved, along with Nicolas Livaditis (NightWolve). Without them I would never have been able to bring this elusive project to the surface, so give a big round of applause too them!

Now please, apply this patch to an ISO of the game, sit back and enjoy. Let me say that again, sit back and enjoy. I can't quite emphasize that little note enough! One of the best things about the Ys series is that it serves that note in just about everything that it does. In other words, sit back, take your Zero Punctuation review cap off and enjoy the game in all its English glory!

You won't be disappointed!

~ADPCM Note~
Getting audio that was not intended to play inside a TG-CD when it was originally recorded is problematic, to say the least. All ADPCM that is played inside the TG-CD plays at around 6 decibels and usually has a very precise cutoff frequency. If the newly inserted clip doesn't meet these criteria it will start clipping like crazy when played in the actual game. I did not fully understand this when I originally started this project, which caused quite a bit of problems later down the road.

I would imagine TG-CD developers back in the day had a method for assuring that their recordings where being sampled in the correct format as they were voicing them; Such as recording everything under specific hardware/software that was set to sample the recordings in the prerequisite format while the clips were being voiced, so that minimal alterations to the audio where needed after initial recordings. Unfortunately this project was incapable of having that luxury since all the actors where scattered across the country, all using their own hardware for recording their lines. I also wasn't fully aware of the TG-CD's ADPCM limitations at that time, so I couldn't give specific instructions.

After much trial and error I finally got a vague understanding of how each clip needed to be formatted before inserted into the game. At first I thought I only needed to envelope each clip to 6 decibels, which was what I did in my first draft, however after testing that draft in the game I found out that the theory wasn't necessarily true for most clips. Each clip does need to be around 6 decibels, but it also can't have a low cutoff frequency. In order to fix this I applied a high pass filter of 6 decibels to each clip that was having issues with clipping in the game. Now this makes the clip sound a bit more grainer but I had to use it or they would never work in the game.

After much repeated clean ups of the ADPCM and two complete play-throughs of the game I was finally able to get all the clips sounding good and not clipping! Now my method for doing this may not be the most efficient way to do it but everything works and that's what matters.


Producer/Programmer - Nicolas Livaditis (NightWolve)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, 8+ years and 2 failed attempts later, this dubbing project has FINALLY been completed!!! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Heh-heh! Third time's a charm anyone?? It's hard to believe that it finally happened, it really is... I'm genuinely glad that I was around to see this day come! Now for a little "retrospective," if you will... I guess the main reason - and Arjak kind of alludes to it - why I never sought to organize this aspect of the Ys IV translation project myself is because I felt that since I had done all the other work in organizing the textual translation and making that happen (with my team), some OTHER Ys fan should've stepped up to the plate and helped me complete the rest of the project in a more managerial role when it came to this!! But, good help is very hard to find as I've often said... ;)

The first man to attempt this project with me was Justus Johnston in 2004 (who did an awesome job with the Darm Opening dub which we kept!), BUT as amazingly qualified as he was given his sound engineering background, he eventually quit... Years went by, the idea fell by the way side ever since and I simply waited around with a perpetual open call for anyone else to step up and pick up where he had left off. It might've helped if I had known about sites like back then, but by the time I learned about it, the interest to finally see this completed was far off in the distance due to frustration and being busy/distracted with other things, naturally... Things change, people change... and I felt if Ys fans didn't care to get this done, I shouldn't, in principle, care myself, etc.

The 2nd attempt was by "GeeMac32bit" in 2009, an Aussie from way down under, that was found over at Voice Acting Alliance trying to organize a dubbing project, but NOT to actually insert it into the game, no no, his was an effort for online presentation via YouTube videos which is how I ran into him (on YouTube)... He didn't have the technical expertise, nor was he apparently aware of me and the 1st failed dubbing attempt with Justus, so I wound up actually contacting him so we could work together on a REAL project that somebody would actually care about! ;) I cautiously posted about the good news on my site, but for my troubles, the very next day, I was "rewarded" by an Ys "F.A.N." that popped up over at HG101, one John Szczepaniak (AKA "Sketcz"), some hack who works at a UK Gaming Mag (GamesTM), who made a blog post claiming that I was trying to make all of my Ys patches disappear and that I was actually trying to stop, NOT help, GeeMac32bit! That was his "donation" to me for my announcement, the proud member of the "99%" that he is... Heh. All I can say is, be afraid, be very afraid, that someone like this has a job at a gaming magazine doing "reporting" of any kind...

Nonetheless, I didn't have to "try" to "stop" GeeMac32bit according to Psycho John Schizomaniak's later retracted/deleted claims (by the admin)... After I had set him up with some basic software, instructions and having talked about how to make it all happen, he later canceled the project himself... He cited various problems and said that he was having his home Internet service terminated... His last words to me on Jan. 2010 were, "If you want to take the reins then go for it. I wish you the best of luck and hope you succeed." I asked him to send me whatever work he had finished, he said he would, but I never got anything before he was cut off I guess... Thus, yet another FAILURE! A complete waste of my time it turned out. Figures...

Later that year in Oct., Arjak, also feeling frustrated after GeeMac's abandonment, contacted me and asked what he could do to help... Well, I told him, how about if I completely hand off all the software/tools/knowledge to you some time when I could? I myself didn't have a home Internet connection for more than a year and a half (I used the library for general email-checking in that time), and it was low priority at this point, but I DID wanna just fully hand off the project to someone else and see it completed once and for all with minimal involvement/management on my part! It was gonna take someone with fresh motivation, a youngblood, and well, someone lacking a highly negative opinion of Ys "F.A.N.s" to boot. Hehe!

Cue the drum roll... Enter Mike (Burnt Lasagna) who I first ran into on the MagicEngine forums on Jan. 2012 where another fella was claiming that he had a professional team of voice actors that had dubbed Ys IV in Spanish, but he just needed technical information for insertion. This interest led me to FINALLY make good on my promise to Arjak (a year later) and put together what I called the "Ys IV Dub Kit" and release it to the public! Mike had showed up in the same thread and expressed his interest to manage a dub project for Ys IV having just completed one for Dracula X, but was somewhat apprehensive given this individual's alleged project attempt... He didn't wanna go forward, organize a bunch of people, only to later find out someone beat him to the punch - naturally, few people wanna get caught in fan project competitions/disputes targeting the same game, it happens (I had 3 instances, once with Venatyr and the Ys VI project, Ryuu and the Zwei! project and the last case with Ys Origin and an "XSEED Games" employee...)... Long story short, I believe we both concluded that the guy was full of BS, so Mike went forward regardless and our successful partnership began from there! Over time, it turned out that I still had more technical research/work to do such as ensuring that we got the exact sample rate used, understanding the clipping problems, and I even switched the ADPCM software to SOX from what David Shadoff had originally made for the project believing it to be superior. In the end, there was no obstacle that wasn't eventually overcome, and the rest is history! And/or victoly!!! ;)

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, the 3rd and final attempt would be the successful one and it is with great pleasure and pride that I can now finally say to you -- almost 8 years after the textual fan translation patch, and ~16 years after having bought Ys IV from TurboZoneDirect way back on December 6, 1996 -- Mission Accomplished as far as realizing my dream to one day see this wonderful masterpiece of a game FULLY translated (eh, minus Japanese names in the Credits roll)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but I gotta do it, I just gotta do it! This calls for a "manly" Howard Dean yelp of all yelps: <Howard Dean>Yeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!</Howard Dean>

Well, thanks to most everyone that helped finally make this dream become a reality! And thank you for reading, now go play the game fully patched and enjoy, ya rotten freeloaders!! It's on us! Heh-heh! (*grrrrrumbles*)

-Nicolas L. (El NightWolve, the one and only! )


Lefance -
Thomas Liebert (SkyeWelse).
Hello! I did the voice-over for the Hero of Celceta, Lefance, and It was a great experience working on the (finally!) finished project for the dubbing of Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys. I still remember auditioning for a few character roles for both the first and second times that this project had been underway, and I was really starting to believe that the dub may never be finished in it's entirety, which would have been a shame.

I'm very happy to know that I was mistaken and I would like to personally thank Burnt Lasagna, NightWolve, Deuce, Justus, Paranoia Dragon and everyone who participated in seeing this project through to the very end! Without such great planning and dedication by the Ys and Voice Acting Alliance community, this would still be the Ys IV Dub that would-have-been.

"All has come to an end. The great power has been restored to its proper place. Our ancient capital has vanished. With our mission accomplished, so too will our spirits..."

-Thomas Liebert (SkyeWelse)

Garuda - Lawrence "MasakoX" Simpson
It's been an honour to be part of an iconic project to bring a classic TurboGrafx-CD game to the English audience and finally give it the recognition that it deserves. To voice a villain is a fresh experience for me and certainly a fun and exciting opportunity. I wish you a great time playing Ys IV!

Leo, Gadis and Lemnos - Jess Ragan
It was exciting to be a part of the Ys IV fan dub. It's the first time I've ever been involved in a project like this, and hopefully, it won't be the last!

Ramess and Rady - TetsuyaHikari (Chris Hyde)
(Chris Hyde AKA "Psycho DildoVizor" - This is a KKKFarms . net stalker/defamer/harasser (no regrets with his membership despite Byuu/Near's suicide and other genuine harassment/extortion/defamation/stalking...)!!! He'll be removed from the dub ASAP and replaced! Mike didn't know who this openly anime porn addict and pedophile was when he somehow slipped into the project from romhacking . net, he obviously couldn't have known! Note: Stay as far away from him as possible, the creep is dangerous, vicious, mentally unstable, and will pay to dox your phone/address!!!)

Talim - Duo_R
It was an awesome experience to be a part of this redub. I am normally on the mod scene, it was awesome to breakout into something completely different and contribute to the faithful Turbo community. My kids heard me recording lines, and started repeating back some of it to me. My older one (currently six) started making fun of some of the lines and we had some good laughs. We will all enjoy this release, thanks again for letting me be a part of this!

Enzo and Keith Fact - Nitro
Ys is truly an amazing series, and I am honored to be apart of an effort to add an English dub to a Japanese-only release in the Ys series. My roles may be small, but it doesn't matter to me. Just being apart of an incredible cast of voice actors is enough to make me all the more excited for this dub. I hope you, the player, enjoy our performances.

Dr. Flair and The Narrator - ParanoiaDragon glad to finally see this project completed & is happy to have been able to be a part of it.

Soldier B - Collin Pierce (Arjak)
With the Ys IV: Dawn of Ys voice dub complete, it almost feels like the end of an era for me as an Ys fan. When I first started playing Ys a few years back with an English translation of the MSX version of Ys I, having no idea what I was doing, even to the point where I didn't know how to use items and, therefore, getting stuck at the pillar puzzle in Darm Tower, I didn't realize that it would be the beginning of a love for this greatly under-appreciated series. I have since played several of the Ys games, but there was always something that bugged me. This one; Ys IV. The text had been translated for a while now, and the first attempt at a dub (The Justus Johnston attempt) wasn't finished "yet." I tried playing the SNES version of Ys IV, Mask of the Sun, but several bugs with the patch that have yet to be fixed really messed with my ability to appreciate it. So, I tried out for the part of Tim for the Dawn of Ys dub (my voice hadn't broken yet), and at that moment, Justus seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth. The dub quickly fell apart from there.

Years passed. It seemed like nothing was going to happen, when all of a sudden, another attempt to dub Ys IV began, this time by GeeMac32Bit, I was ecstatic! We were finally going to get this done! I tried out for the part of Duren, and actually got it, got even more excited, and then, things fell apart AGAIN. It turned out that GeeMac was originally attempting to only make YouTube videos; the idea of putting the voices into the game itself hadn't crossed his mind until NightWolve brought it up. Shortly thereafter, GeeMac cancelled the project. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

More years passed. I was probably starting to lose hope of ever seeing this game in full English. It got to the point where even NightWolve (Who, as we all know from experience with his attempt to create an English patch for Oath in Felghana, NEVER gets upset at anything or anybody. :p Just messing, NightWolve! I know that you're a great guy underneath!) was starting to get frustrated, I think, because he made all the project materials available to anyone with the slightest interest in finishing the damn thing. For a moment, I considered finishing the project myself, but I chickened out because I had no idea how to go about it.

Then, all of a sudden, Burnt Lasagna came out of seemingly nowhere and revived the project. I couldn't believe it; things were rolling again! BL was exactly the person we needed, too. He got things going quickly, and was completely dedicated all the way through. Even though I didn't get a big part in this like I almost did in the past two attempts, the important thing is that it's FINALLY done, and I am glad that I did get to participate, even if it was just a little bit. The third try was definitely the charm, here, and I feel like a long journey has finally come to an end. Rejoice, Ys fans! The Dawn of Ys is now 100% in English!

Tim and Aria - Dashe Troxon
If you're reading this, you're probably playing the dub of Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys. Thanks! It was a lot of fun playing Tim and Aria in this dub patch. Tim was pretty much right in my comfort zone, but with Aria, it was actually my first time voicing anybody over the age of fifteen other than myself. It was a chance to try something different, and I'd be game for doing it again if the opportunity ever arises. Have fun with the game!

Feena, Torie and Enzo's Mother - Dawn "Usamimi" Huestis
Hey, everyone! I hope you all enjoy playing the game. I'm so excited to be part of this project, even if it's not a huge part, because this is exactly the kind of game that I loved when I was a teenager. So having not just one role but THREE was a lot of fun for me. There are a lot of super talented people involved that lead their voices to the cast, and I'm honored to say that I got to be a part of something with them. Happy gaming!

Soldier B and Guy in Bare - Peter G. (LentFilms)
Hello and thank you for downloading the Ys IV English Dub patch. I'm the older brother of Brunt Lasagna (Mike) and I have had a great deal of respect for the Ys series and Falcom for many years (I have even played a few of their games). Over the years I would always hear people praise Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys as well as NightWolve's translation patch but every compliment would always end with "too bad the voices are still in Japanese." After my brother joked about dubbing the game ourselves I became a little obsessed with the idea and fantasized about it as well as pester Mike about it for almost two years. Finally the project was started in May 2012 and while Mike did almost everything himself I did help a little with editing instructions as well as sending audition invitations to several actors. In the end I wasn't able to contribute that much to the project but I was able to give the game a creepy soldier voice and a "hey, is that..." I hope everyone enjoys the dub and respects just how much blood, sweat, and sheer anger it took to make this freaking thing. Enjoy.

Duren, Slano, Miyu and Schultz - SonicShadows
Having never played a Ys game before, I came into this project without any idea of who any of the characters were, or what they were even doing. Quite honestly, I still don't. However, I do know this: lending my voice to this fan-translation was some of the most challenging, yet most enjoyable, experiences of my amateur voice acting career. Each character I voiced was significantly different from the others, allowing me to tweak my pitch and tone to create a unique sound for all of them. It isn't often that I'm given multiple roles for a single project, and I have to say that I really took pleasure in giving these characters their respective voices. I hope that everyone who plays this English dubbed fan-translation can tell that I had a blast, and appreciates my performance.

6. Relevant Links/Copyright


Ys - Nightwolve's site/blog that covers all his Ys related projects and is the main domain for this patch.
- The main hub for all NEC hardware discussion and the main discussion hot spot for this patch.

Voice Acting
- An amateur voice acting community that was used to host this projects auditions.

MagicEngine Forums
- Listed here not only for being the main site for David Michel's PC Engine emulator, Magic Engine, but also since it's the forum that holds some of the first discussions for the resurrection of this project.
(Topic that discusses the resurrection of this project "skips to the second page")

Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys Wiki Page
- The Wikipedia page for Ys IV.

RPGFan Review
- A nice review for Ys IV written by Commodore Wheeler on


The Ys series is copyright of ŠNihon Falcom Corporation.

This patch is for free and for personal use only! Unauthorized pressing/selling of this patch will not be tolerated and is strictly forbidden by law and by all creators of this patch

(Special thanks to SkyeWelse and MP83 for help with obtaining this image.)