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Title: Fightin' the good fight, one person at a time! Boycott XXXSEED Games!!!
Post by: NightWolve on Jan. 18, 2016, 06:00:56 AM
Thomas Lipschultz and Ken Berry Very Wrong (https://www.facebook.com/ken.berry.9) of the shameful X.X.XSEED Games (http://www.xseedgames.com) made a bet... They bet that they could simply ignore me away... They bet that there'd never be any consequences for publicly and deliberately cheating a prominent Ys fan out of a lifetime of work and dedication that spanned across 5+ years (on the contrary, they thought that like-minded bigots in the Ys fanbase would *reward* them for cheating me!!)... They -- including Jeff "Call me DeuceBag!" Nussbaum -- bet that after enough time, I'd simply give up, disappear, etc. as all criminals hope in that their victims simply shut up, "move on," go away (think Bill Cosby) and no longer cause them any PR consequences/damage, further or otherwise... THEY BET WRONG!

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Title: Re: Fightin' the good fight, one person at a time! Boycott X.X.XSEED Games!!!
Post by: NightWolve on Jan. 20, 2016, 03:19:27 AM
The battle must be fought, one person at a time if need be, for whatever PR consequences/losses in sales that can be caused! That makes it worthwhile regardless or not if Lipschultz'n'company ultimately succeed in preserving the historical excising of me from Ys history!

That right there is money that won't be going in Thomas Lipschultz's pocket who once demonized me as "greedy" before being hired by the company... "You wanna profit off of poor Ys fans," he said... And yet, assuming an average salary of $30k-40k/year at XSEED Games, he has profited off of Ys fans handsomely I'd say! He's made at least six figures working there since 2010, in part, off the wallets of Ys fans... Before, they didn't have to feel guilty downloading an import Japanese game, but his work to pick it up for localization changed that...

Question: Who is the greatest profiteer of Ys fans then ? Yep, that'd be you, ahole! Thomas "wyrdwad" Lipschultz! Interesting how history worked out the real answer to that question... And who turned out to be the greatest criminal cheat ? Psycho PruvMeRong, the GameFAQs leaker of the Felghana patch ? HELL NO!! That would be you once again ahole in conspiracy and in partnership with Jeff "DeuceBag" Nussbaum... NOTHING that PruvMeRong ever did or said could top what you duo of deucebags did or said in the aftermath of these shameful, disgusting script acquisition deals! NOTHING! You two are far bigger monsters than what Psycho PruvMeRong could EVER come close to being! BELIEVE THAT!

So, for the record, the *one month* that the Felghana patch wasn't free in 2007 which certain Ys trolls STILL obsess about even to this day doesn't f--king compare to the amount of money that this bigoted criminal has made by now, yet he sought to destroy me in the court of public opinion because I tried to recover some of my financial losses in those ~5 years where I sacrificed a salaried job that would've amounted to $350,000 in that total time period... Few, if any, would've sacrificed what I did for Ys fan translation projects, but this disgusting, arrogant, bigoted criminal worked behind the scenes to organize a double-cross, to demonize me for years, in part on the basis that I was a "greedy profiteer..."

And THEN! He does it again after being hired by XSEED having established a relationship with DeuceBag as they hid what they were up to for years in a double-cross on the Ys Origin project where DeuceBag tricked me into doing the step 1 labor to extract the script, but then he redirected the translated results to Lipschultz's programmer buddy! Lipschultz manages to accomplish the same thing with XSEED, first with the older Ys scripts, and again with Ys Origin, the translated results he's in possession of thanks to thousands of my work hours and my software, are redirected to XSEED and he pockets 100% of the credit, and 100% of the profit, whatever it was...

Lipschultz's demonization was selectively at times based on general anti-profit, anti-capitalist "commie speak," at other times, it was based on profiting without a license, but yet, it was awesome for DeuceBag to profit off of my software one last time with a commercial, for-profit company such as XSEED, without a license. I never licensed Translation Station for full commercial use. I would have been a fool to do so... DeuceBag simply did it on the basis of being behind a computer, me having given him scripts/software years ago under fan circumstances and well, f--k the other guy, that's it, I can just do it!

Notice how unprincipled Lipschultz as well as other bigoted XSEED shills reveal themselves to be now! They screamed about how evil I was for daring to profit off of Falcom, but now celebrate as DeuceBag in conspiracy clearly profited off of my back, my work hours, my software, all without any permission/licensing and that's just f--king super duper awesome for it to have happened that way! When they hate the target, cheating is great! No principles whatsoever because the shills I'm speaking of are typically corrupt, Far Left bigoted hacks who discovered I'm just some "right-winger with a website..."

This is what you need to understand about nutjobs like Psycho Kirsten "omgfailure" Miller, Psycho John Schizomaniak, Psycho PruvMeRong (the leaker), Kitsune Sniper, Spinner8-Romhacking-Hack-of-Hate, Erpy, etc. And yes, even DeuceBag - how else do you think he justified what he did ? I live rent-free in these bigots' minds because I dared to talk right-leaning politics on my own blog...

No matter what they tell you, their type of hatred stems from detecting "a right-winger on the web," that's just how bigoted Far Left hacks are, so everything is justifiable: cheating, heckling, libeling the target, anything, extortion threats, doxing even, crank calls, etc. Anything that can bring their bigoted malcontent minds some gleeful satisfaction that somebody who doesn't share their worldview was somehow punished, persecuted, blacklisted, blackballed, etc. You might think I'm way off here in analyzing these bigots this way, but I assure you I've thought about this long and hard and this understanding took years... I stand by it!

Anyway, I'm happy to say I've had others respond as the person in this Facebook exchange did, so little by little XSEED needs to be taken down a notch. They currently will not apologize and correct the situation because the consequences have not been brought to bear in enough of a significant impact; it will take a lawsuit for that to happen unfortunately, but I will continue to do what I can for free until I can make remotely hiring a lawyer in their jurisdiction possible to really give the bastards something to remember me by, win or lose, won't matter, as long as I can one day make it happen!