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Title: XXXSEED Games Defaced the Ys I Script with Lame/Illegal Pop-Culture Reference.
Post by: NightWolve on Apr. 21, 2016, 12:46:35 AM
So...I fired up a cracked copy of Ys Chronicles+ by the RELOADED pirates for the 1st time to see how Falcom upgraded the Ys Complete DirectX5 game engine, been curious, and never saw it till today... Surely Tom-chan Lipschultz (https://www.facebook.com/thomas.lipschultz) doesn't mind, after all, he happily violated the licensing terms of my English fan patches before being hired by X.X.XSEED Games (http://www.xseedgames.com) AND again violated my IP Rights AT the company given my translation software -- all in conspiracy with Jeff Nussbaum -- having shamefully ensured I was criminally cheated (hence the boycott campaign), so what's good for the goose is good for the gander!


To the point, observe his characteristic lameness above having defaced the Ys I PC script by inserting a pop-culture reference which you'll see right from the start, a line from an old 80's song "ManEater" by Hall & Oates... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRYFKcMa_Ek&t=1m25s) I honestly can't believe he started the game off like that thinking that he's in ANY way, shape or form "funny!" What a pathetic deucebag/duncebag I thought to myself seeing it with my own eyes for the very 1st time (only heard it rumored before now)... I can almost imagine the smirk on that disgusting vindictive face of his (https://s5.postimg.cc/hhotez8fb/Lipschultz_Smiles_At_XCISING.jpg) when he wrote it thinking it's a "plus" when nothing could be further from the truth, he just defaced the script... I felt it worth ridiculing, so I immortalized it proper with an ani-GIF.

P.S. This is yet another technical criminal copyright violation as I'm sure the X.X.XSEED gang did NOT license permission from the copyright owner to use a famous line as this verbatim in plagiaristic fashion for monetary gain in a for-profit commercial product... Let's call it what it is, it's PLAGIARISM without the licensing/permission, so write your OWN jokes you cheating, bigoted, arrogant f*cking aholes!!!! Once again, F*CK YOU and your disgusting excuse of a company!!!!!! You NEVER should've snuck around and illegally acquired those fan-translated results if it meant cheating one party over another, and objectively allowing for revenge given your disgusting employee started a public, nasty feud with said party BEFORE being hired!! You're Grade-A DISGUSTING and you tainted Falcom and ALL of Ys history with your unjust, bigoted, discriminatory actions!

Now "ManEater" was released on the H2O album (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H2O_(Hall_%26_Oates_album)) in 1982, and the record label is RCA Records (https://www.rcarecords.com/), who for the purposes of copyright would legally own the song, that is if the Hall & Oates (http://www.hallandoates.com/) group didn't work a deal to retain ownership of their songs. One party or the other is who you'd have to contact to legally use that line! So anybody surprised they ripped off yet another party besides me to publish their game ? :rolleyes: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this company is a disgusting embarrassment, a blight in the videogame publishing world... Lipschultz lectured, demonized, and attempted to extort me based on respect of copyright law, but he and his company need quite a bit of education on the subject as it turns out...

Update #1: I'm gonna contact the legal department of RCA Records, show them the GIF, report XSEED's info, and hopefully they show interest in pursuing legal action which would REALLY make my day! Sure, the odds are .0000000001% they'd give a damn, but I'm gonna give it a shot, what the hell, there's nothing to lose other than a few minutes of my day!

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Title: Re: X.X.XSEED Games Defaced the Ys I Script with Lame/Illegal Pop-Culture Reference.
Post by: NightWolve on Apr. 27, 2016, 09:25:28 AM
Update #2: Got a reply back from the Hall & Oates Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/hallandoates/) 3 days later!


OK, so I'm gonna forward my attempt to inform their management on XSEED Games unlicensed plagiaristic use of that ManEater line. Any chance to ding the bastards is a chance I gotta take! Wish me luck!

See, the reason that Jeff Nussbaum, Thomas Lipschultz and Ken Berry Wrong could confidently step on me is because I'm just little ole me, Joe Smoe, and I had no "legal department" to represent and defend thousands of my free fan work hours and translation software! "You were just fans" as Ken Berry said to me, so sneaking around, doing "business" in a way where you only had to pay one guy, instead of two, and credit only one guy, instead of two, etc. offers obvious more benefit and preference (most especially to the vengeful/vindictive Lipschultz)...

Now the only chance at true justice to correct this situation is if I bring the funds to bear to hire a lawyer and take legal action. But that has not come to pass as of yet, so if somebody else's legal department were to take interest, that's at least a consolation prize! I only got to watch with glee as one of Lipschultz' buddies, Psycho John Schizomaniak, caught a libel lawsuit for heckling Agness Kaku, the Metal Gear Solid 2 translator, so at least I got the satisfaction of seeing a related criminal in all of this suffer some legal heat! So you know, goes around comes around, you can only hope the criminals that have wronged you make some mistakes with the wrong people in the future and it catches up with them!

The thing is, when Victor Ireland under Working Designs stuffed his games with pop-culture references, which is what X.X.XSEED/Lipschultz is trying to pay homage to in a sense, videogames weren't on the radar as much, but the fact is, Victor got away with copyright violations in many cases, using copyrighted and likely even trademarked phrases from popular movies and so forth, all without licensing for commercial use in commercial products!

X.X.XSEED Games/Lipschultz are profiting here from Hall & Oates' writing which allows them in the scene depicted in the GIF to add some sexual humor. You can't perhaps claim "fair use" to hide behind because they're not the press attempting to report/comment on the song and what have you... I know it's an innocent enough use which is why they did it, but since it's a commercial product and they're profiting from it, THEY WERE technically supposed to talk business with the copyright holders of that line!!! Just like they were supposed to talk business with me also when they snuck around to acquire the 4 fan translated Ys scripts and had Jeff use my translation software one last time for commercial purposes without licensing/inclusion! They exploited both the paperless nature of our fan partnership along with Jeff's personal contempt for me in a "Too bad sucka!" fashion and they *need* to be held accountable in some way, shape or form for this injustice!!!! This is a lesson these disgusting criminal cheats need to be taught one way or another!

X.X.XSEED Games *needs* to be brought to justice one way or another!
Title: Re: X.X.XSEED Games Defaced the Ys I Script with Lame/Illegal Pop-Culture Reference.
Post by: JoeQuaker on May. 02, 2016, 02:18:15 PM
This is just beyond tacky and lame. Hall & Oates? In Ys?!?!
Title: Re: X.X.XSEED Games Defaced the Ys I Script with Lame/Illegal Pop-Culture Reference.
Post by: NightWolve on May. 03, 2016, 05:51:05 PM
Heya Jiza, heh, I still get surprised when I see a new post here now and then. I technically was supposed to end the "forum" gig after "Retro ISO Gaming Guild" as activity/membership dried up when I stopped producing PCE archives and the Ys stuff alone never was enough by itself (given competitors)... When it all stopped being fun, and instead became a responsibility, a chore, plus an unwanted association, it was time to move on, so I shut it down.

Using a forum model is still technically wrong for me, I still trapped myself with "ysutopia.net" while Facebook and Twitter are better suited to me, but I wanted some kind of engine to continue to distribute my software given my legacy and have something of my own to occasionally blog on, rare as it is. I figured the forum aspect could just be informative sections on the Ys and other patches, and one general section just in case, and that could justify a "forum/blog" of sorts. But yeah, that I get a posting visitor now and then surprises me. ;)

Anyway, back to the subject. Yeah, there's something lame about this line in the Ys world. I didn't consider "tacky" but that's an interesting choice word for it. Now the really funny thing is if these bozos didn't get licensed permission since it's a word-for-word line plagiarized from the song, unlicensed usage for a commercial product is technically illegal, regardless if you find it "innocent" enough... It would be great if the copyright holder gave a shit after it gets reported to the right email address, but it's a long shot as I mentioned.

To be clear, I wouldn't care about this under normal circumstances, neither would most people, but this is the company that exploited my translation software, recruitment of a translator, Japanese script/image extraction techniques, marketing, general IT work, in other words, all of the thousands of my work hours that were done for free as a fan under fan circumstances that NEVER would've been done for their commercial operation had I known they'd get to cheat me down the road the way that they did in conspiracy with a backstabbing ex-translator/partner and the warring ahole bigot who the company hired and who pitched the idea, etc. It was an unjust enrichment, exploitation, and technically illegal given my translation software, all of these things, whether examined morally, ethically, or legally, etc.

So yeah, you can't just use other people's writing material like that to put jokes in your game or whatever other entertainment media that it is without licensing the usage... How many work hours did the Hall & Oates song writers spend to come up with that iconic line, to make it popular, only for it to one day wind up in a videogame localized by X.X.XSEED Games without proper permission and payoff if permission was not given freely ? ALL that work so that a dumb, petty, pedo-pandering degenerate like Tom-chan "Keep the KKK, man!" Lipschultz could one day stuff in it his plagiarized, vandalized edited hack script... F#cking pathetic!

You're supposed to f#cking ask for permission in these cases, which could be given for free, but usually you gotta talk business and pay the copyright holder for it... Of course XSEED did NOT bother, but I'd have to eat my words and delete this thread if there's mention of licensing in the ending credits of the game, like a special thanks to Hall & Oates to indicate they licensed proper use... But yeah, extremely doubtful cause they likely think this usage was "innocent enough" to make a dumb joke about how a nurse is overly strict/anal/controlling/nagging/etc.
Title: Re: X.X.XSEED Games Defaced the Ys I Script with Lame/Illegal Pop-Culture Reference.
Post by: NightWolve on Aug. 04, 2016, 06:32:00 PM
Copyright Violation Report Filed Today.

Alright, I got around to reporting XSEED to the proper people who are actually located near Torrance, California, so if they care about protecting their IP and dinging XSEED, they could easily do it! Inter-state legal jurisdiction issues are NOT a problem! It's still a .0000001% chance, but baby steps, you have to try instead of not trying at all... Persistence, determination, etc. are key even when the odds are stacked against you and the disgusting, criminal profiteering cheats will always have the upper hand!

XSEED thinks they can step on people with impunity, i.e. get away with it, so you have to make them regret their callousness, arrogance, stubbornness, cruelty, etc. I have no regard for this "company" whatsoever, ZERO, they deserve the same fate as Working Designs, and BTW they actually burned bridges with Victor Ireland some time back on a Lunar localization, so if you look closely, you'll find they make enemies and burn bridges left and right, etc. with their unprofessional behavior (e.g. John Sears, the 1st Legend of Heroes translator). They're a bunch of embarrassing clowns and there are more cases to prove it beyond taking my word for it or looking at just my situation with them!

To: info@wolfsonent.com

I'd like to report a copyright violation to your legal department. For the purposes of copyright, I understand that you are the legal owner of the 1982 song "ManEater" by your client "Hall & Oates" ? I was directed by the official Hall & Oates Facebook account to here.

So to begin:

* The copyright violation was perpetrated by a company called XSEED Games, located near you in Torrance, California. Here is the full address info:

3655 Torrance Blvd, Suite 140
Torrance, CA 90503

* This animated screenshot below by me captures the copyright violation involving a line from your client's iconic song, "ManEater." The plagiarized text verbatim is: "Uh-oh, here she comes... Watch out, boy, she'll chew you up!"


* The videogame in question titled "Ys I & II Chronicles+" that uses your copyrighted material is purchased on the Steam platform here, selling for $14.99:


So, I think that concludes my report unless you have further questions. I'd like to see them prosecuted if you take your IP seriously as they criminally cheated me when it came to thousands of my work hours, translation software, etc. but I don't feel I can justify the financial costs in addition to the tricky circumstances to have pursued legal action. In seeing what they did here, I took an interest in reporting it to you in the hope that justice comes around their way for other illegal actions, however "innocent enough" that they thought it was.

* For reference, this was my original public report when I discovered their violation:

Nick Livaditis