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Title: If someone wants to write up an "Overview" for this game, lemme know.
Post by: NightWolve on Apr. 04, 2006, 06:17:40 PM
I ported most of the page over now to:




Anyway, I need to fill in an Overview section. Here's a sample one from the Ys I Complete page:

Once upon a time there was an island Kingdom known as Esteria. In millennia past, it had been called the prosperous Kingdom of Ys. Esteria was known far and wide for the quality and purity of the silver which came from her mines. But when the silver mines began to run dry and foreign ships failed to return to their home ports, Esteria became a forgotten place.

It was to this land that Adol Christin came, a swordsman washed ashore by the might and fury of a hurricane known as the Storm Barrier. When he awoke, he found himself in Barbado Port. The local doctor had nursed him back to health after he was found half-dead lying on the nearby beach. Adol was impressed with the kindness of these villagers. But he quickly grew restless for adventure because that was his nature. This once prosperous port, now just a mere fishing village, sat at the edge of a great plain. Rising in the distance was a small mountain range with an ominous tower at its peak. "That is the Tower of The Doomed," they told Adol as they made the sign of the evil eye. "It is the place where the troubles of our land began." As Adol watched the tower, he knew that his destiny awaited there.

In the town of Minea he heard the legend of the Goddesses of Ys. In times past they had saved the Kingdom from great evil. Their feats had been written down in six magical books and then hidden from the greed of mortal man. If someone were to find all six books, they would have the power to do immense good... or incredible evil!

The wise fortune teller Sarah was desperately looking for a swordsman with the courage to save the Kingdom. In order to return peace and prosperity to Esteria, you must find and unite the six magical Books of Ys. But the evil sorcerer Dark Fact also wants the books. He has the sixth book of Ys in his possession and will use all of his evil powers to keep you from finding the other five!

If anyone who knows the story well and can write up something similar like that for Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys, lemme know and I'll add it to my project page.
Title: Re: If someone wants to write up an "Overview" for this game, lemme know.
Post by: NightWolve on Mar. 16, 2007, 06:14:57 AM
Oh right, I forgot to mention it. Ranzor answered the call for this, and thus his Overview write up has been used ever since.