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General / Re: About NW last big speech
« on: Feb. 11, 2007, 08:51:23 PM »
Anthing else I said you wanna use the quotes of derision on? Let's that finish that up today, please.

Lol, ok, you're really messed up ^^;
I used the quotes (" ") because I was really _quoting_ you.

Yes, I know you're using it. Like I said. Am I angry cause it's being used by you or others? That'd be the wrong question. Any anger is more properly directed at the individual that has been trying damage me financially. I can't really stop it now, but I can seek payback at that individual if I plan it correctly and obtain the support that I need.

I just didn't bother actually using the [ quote ][ /quote ] system :P
I wasn't trying to be derisive.

Yeah, you're making sense to me alright. The leaker probably just wanted to irritate you and didn't knew he would cause that kind of harm, but that's my positive thinking working. But I guess you shouldn't rely on donations for those things, since they are not something we can be so sure about.

Hm, yeah there are more important things I should spend my money on, as a student, like $100 kind of things (the price of the game). But I don't mind donating (not $100 lol). And I DID say I prefer to try first then donate... You shouldn't have deleted the post.
Anyway, whatever. Chill out.

General / Re: About NW last big speech
« on: Feb. 11, 2007, 07:53:43 PM »
Are you sure? Cause like you said... Um, there are better things to spend your money on, just as there are better things to be doing with your time other than playing video games, rrrrright? ;)

Gaaah. I told you, I'm on vacations now. This next week will be the last, tho. That's why I played the game. I don't have much free time during classes.
AND I also told you that I would only consider donation AFTER I tried the patch and saw it was worth donating. What I (also) said was that I wouldn't donate to get the patch faster.
Now I'm perfectly sure your patch made me able to play a great great game and it does look like you and Psycho DeuceBag put a lot of effort into it. AND, seeing all this drama going on and you being affected, I decided once and for all to donate some bucks. I first thought about buying some gift (makes more sense to me), but I guess you should know where to spend the money. Thing is, this is internet, and I don't know if you're just acting up, but whatever, I'll still do it.

About your first paragraph. I really don't care about the law, since I also do ilegal translations and pirate games. Thing is, they could REALLY get into trouble, because they have a wider "audience" and the word could spread, etc.
I don't agree that companies do that and trouble fantranslators. I mean, if it wasn't for those fantranslators, they wouldn't be know outside of Japan (means, more income). But it's one heck of a law so people should be careful about it.

Oh, one more thing. About the leaked patch. I don't know who leaked, but I know who did the translation. So much for his recognition. The link just spread through the net, no one really knows where it came from.
One thing I didn't got was how is he "damaging you financially"?

General / Re: About NW last big speech
« on: Feb. 11, 2007, 07:06:09 PM »
So other people do other stuff for free, and therefore everything should be free? Did I stop them from charging for their work? No. Would I? No. Would I harrass them about it? No. Would I tell them their work isn't worth a dime, even all the while I'm enjoying it? No.

I didn't say "everything should be free". I was just demonstrating that some fantranslators do it for free and with much bigger "audiences". Notice, also, the more recent case of the Policenauts translation patch and their policy about donations. Yes, you don't need to compare the "audience"/expectation of that project with the YsF one. But this is just one more example. I am NOT saying everybody should follow the some route. I was just mentioning, for some of the other posters in this topic, that some people do the "same" kind of work for free. I'm sure you are aware of all these things.
And I said I agree that they should NOT interfere with whoever's doing the fantranslation. You don't need to tell me that you would not do those things, I don't care, and that's not the point here. You don't need to say you are the good guy, we already estabelished who the bad guys are here.

Turning your hobby into a source of income is a great thing.

Like someone mentioned, ilegal translations are... well, ilegal. They could get in trouble if they sold the patches. But yeah, it could be a source of income.

"you have to pay even if it is a fan-translation"?

No, you don't have to pay. Don't want to buy something, don't buy it. Nobody said that. You don't have to pay anything to anybody, but that also doesn't mean you're entitled to something regardless. Duh!

I'm responding to people saying, "IF IT'S A FAN-TRANSLATION PATCH, IT SHOULD/MUST BE FREE!" as if there is some unwritten rule concerning the issue. Quit paraphrazing my comments into something I never said. Of course you can go find free things elsewhere in the Internet. This doesn't get us anywhere. It's a nonsensical distraction. I should feel sorry for them and not charge myself, keep things free? Where does recognizing that take me?

I was, again, for the sake of not being to long, pointing that what I said before (in the respective post) proves that not EVERYTHING that's fan-translated wants you to pay it for it.
You'r right. Like I said, there is no rule for that. I just gave _examples_ for those who might not know and to ilustrate that some people have the same amount of work and do it just for pleasure or other purposes.
Oh, and not, you should NOT feel sorry for them xD

I'm getting mixed signals from you. What do you believe now? You support my decision, you don't support my decision. Which is it? Either you can sell your work or you can't. Butt pirates claim fan translation work can't/shouldn't be sold, an argument motivated by their own self-interests to keep things free. Duh. Do you believe that or not? If you don't, well, that's all I was addressing. Then we have agreement.

I never said I don't support your decision. Don't know where you got that idea.
Now, moving on to the main topic, NW should be the one to decide how to distribute the patch (and the rest of the team (aka Psycho DeuceBag) also). If someone doesn't agree with that, they should go cry to gamefaqs where most lamers talk, and let people do their work. I agree with donating for the patch (and work involved). The _paying for the patch_ part is still something to think better, I guess, but it is not something that wouldn't work.

Again, I was just giving examples. Not for you to change your opinion/decision, but for the sake of understanding that fantranslations greatly depend on the person translating and that some of those people actually have to do a lot of work and waste a lot of time. Why they decide to not charge, only they know.
For instance, when I translate some asian movie that will _never_ be released in my country, I do it because I want to share it with someone. I liked it so much, that I just wish to share. Even if I buy the movie and I spent money with it. What motivates me is being able to give it to another person so she can also enjoy it. That's my position.
HOWEVER, like I said a million times, it's your patch, you made it, I agree with the way you chose to "distribute" it. Again, in my case, if someone sold my translation, I would not be very happy. It was me who had the work and I don't wish it to be profitable. And it was you who had the work with the YsF patch, so your decision should be respected.
Gah, this really looks like the million time I said this. Please tell me you understood xD

You're right, I don't really like your comments, and I know you're using a leaked patch. Now, why doesn't the argument make sense to you? That's not really my argument anyway; it's your extreme paraphrasing of it. But yeah, I don't think I've seen a better game fan translation patch out there. I wouldn't speak about anime or anything unrelated. And I don't think that's just pride talking. But the problem is I'm listening to individuals claim it's not worth a dime. Of course I can't "make everyone donate." I don't need someone to tell me that. What I can say is that it's well worth a $5.

You're going back to your previous argument about, "Hey, go look at other people who do free work and don't get a dime for it." What's your point? I was one of those people with my past translation projects and tools I've done over the years. Is your point that they should wisen up and set up a system so they can be compensated for their work? If so, great, they should go do that.


"Add to the fact that when I honestly looked at the Felghana patch I had created, in all my amazement and astonishment of it, it felt utterly stupid to just hand it out for free. It is that valuable and professional - which you'll agree with when it goes public..."

"With that said, my point is simply that I think the work in this patch has moved beyond the working-out-of-the-garage level, and given that I've sacrificed an untold amount of time, research, work, etc. for it, I wanted to arrange some kind of way to encourage more donations."

Maybe I understood wrong.
Anyway, you say people complain that your work is shit and isn't worth a dime. WHY do you even care about those people? I bet that even if they said it was pure perfectness, they wouldn't pay a dime. I don't know, but I feel you are taking those people in consideration a lot more than they deserve.
Like I said, I, too, really like some of my work and some people despise it. That happens all the time, to many people. So I think you should just tell those people to fuck off.
I feel like your missing some of the main points of my posts, lol.

Anyway, I already used the leaked patch. Not because I was searching for it, some friend just told me it was leaked and gave me a link with it. What should I have done? "OH NO! Imma gonna wait and pretend I didn't saw that!"
And you feel angry because people used a leaked version? That's over-reacting, for me. Thousands and thousands of things get leaked everyday :S And I didn't just "got what I want and disappeared". I'm still here. I'm still seeing how things develop and hoping that everything turns ok.

I honestly don't know what the hell you're talking about. The work speaks for itself and yeah I can't make anyone like it "just because of that" or whatever it is you think I'm saying.

This isn't an issue. I'm actually talking about people that are using the patch and enjoying it, then making arguments to justify not having to pay for it. "Eh, he's an @sshole anyway. haha. Eh, I've seen better. Eh, $5 is a scam, etc."

It's not "me making them like my work" when they're fucking using it. It's already a given! They're Ys fans, a portion of the fanbase, and they're going as far as to boast their enjoyment of it and not having to pay a dime for it. Do you get that or no?

You bet I got that. That was one of the things I was unaware of. I saw some drama at gamefaqs and some in Plight's forums, but didn't knew it grew to those porpotions. But again, the lamers who say that are probably jealous or something. Really, I don't give a shit about them. The people who matter and understand these things will see that this (fan)work looks like a professional work, even if some lamers tell them that it's shit. It's jealousy and some need to flame, I don't know (nor care).

Gee, ummmm, thanks, I guess? Oh, and uh how's that Felghana patch working for ya, BTW? It's not that great, right? You've seen much better video game fan translations, right?

Honestly, I never played a PC fantranslation. Ok, some short Visual Novels, but that's all. But if there's better than this, I really can't see how. Everything is translated (besides the mural, but I guess the final version will have that) and you can't spot a place where it looks like you just cleaned the original and replaced. It looks like the original was ALREADY in english. What could be better than 100% bug-free translations? 200%?
AND the patch disables the need to run AppLocale, installs itself with just 3 or 4 clicks. It's very pratical.
I know this, you know this. And you still listen to those lamers saying it's a bad patch?

Just FYI, I was planing to donate (and still am), after I see how everything turns. This project took some unfortunate proportions and now I'm watching how it unfolds. Again, I hope everything turns for the best.

No matter how some lamers react, I think you should try to chill out because you're looking clearly angry and that won't help. And I'm surprised Psycho DeuceBag, who's a part of the team, hasn't pronounced yet (at least here). Maybe he doesn't care about the lamer attacks?

General / Re: About NW last big speech
« on: Feb. 11, 2007, 04:12:05 PM »
Ok, I now NW doesn't really like my comments, but I'm interested in this matter.

First of all, I think people should also consider other positions taken by fantranslators, mainly the anime fantranslators. If you don't know, these teams (sometimes it's one-man-job) do 2 or 3 episodes _a week_. They have to translate, time, encode, quality-check and distro the eps. Yes, they do this without getting a penny, most of the times. They have a Donate this Site PayPal button in their sites, most of the time, but do not enforce it to downloaders. Just to compare, altough NW has _hard times_ dealing with the code/reprograming/etc of the game, translation-wise, he has the kanji/kana + timing, so it saves some work (if only a bit). Either way, each case is a case: this is a game translation, the other is anime translation, and each has it's different problems to deal with.
I wouldn't want to compare reverse-engineering with doing video translations. That would be _very_ dumb.

The point is, these anime fantranslators aka fansubbers do what they do because their purpose is to spread anime, make it known to more people, they commit to that job (ok, I know, these days things have changed a bit... *cof cof*). They are aware of the difficulties of giving their fantranslations only to selected few. What I guess is that maybe NW wasn't aware of this or never had to deal with it in the past.
But anyway, this was just to answer those "you have to pay even if it is a fan-translation" comments. There are other fantranslators who do it for free despite having butt-pirates all around.

Now, moving on to the main topic, NW should be the one to decide how to distribute the patch (and the rest of the team (aka Psycho DeuceBag) also). If someone doesn't agree with that, they should go cry to gamefaqs where most lamers talk, and let people do their work. I agree with donating for the patch (and work involved). The _paying for the patch_ part is still something to think better, I guess, but it is not something that wouldn't work.
I actually didn't knew there was so much drama going on with this patch and it is really getting annoying. People should know their place, instead of just complaining. They should admit to themselves that they don't want to donate or buy the game, so they have no right to argue with people that bought the game and had the trouble to translate it. But alas, this is internet.

However, seeing NW say things like "this is probably the best friggin translation out there, I outdid myself, this is perfection" so "everyone should donate", doesn't make much sense to me (the argument, not that fact that you deserve donations). I mean, what's more out there is people doing great works of art and not getting anything in return. Not having their work praised or seen by anyone.
I mean, yeah, it's natural for you to be impressed by your work. But c'mon, you can't make someone like your work just because of that.
This is not an insult/offense/wise-butt comment. I'm saying this because I also have to deal with things like these: admiring my work and see others despise it.

All I wish is best of luck to this wonderful team (Psycho DeuceBag and his speed-of-light translations should be praised more) and PLEASE someone make this internet drama stop.

General / Re: stumbled onto a nice little regedit for AppLocale
« on: Jan. 28, 2007, 03:14:13 PM »
You do have the proper language packs installed, right?

Yep. Well, doesn't matter. It's just a neat shortcut I'm missing, not much, lol.
But I'll still give it a try at my laptop when I have the chance.

General / Re: stumbled onto a nice little regedit for AppLocale
« on: Jan. 28, 2007, 10:40:47 AM »
By the way, you guys should know that Applocale doesn't work everytime.
Rebooting with japanese regional settings does.
It's important especially with programs that deals with files written with japanese characters.
And you don't have to install Applocale if you just reboot with japanese regional settings.

Yes, I know that. However, If I use AppLocale the normal way it works just fine. The thing is, using the context menu shortcut, it doesn't. So I guess it must be some problem with my installation. Which is weird, since basically I only had to apply the regedit, lol.

General / Re: stumbled onto a nice little regedit for AppLocale
« on: Jan. 28, 2007, 10:24:25 AM »
Thanks for the link, I didn't knew this.
However... I must have done something wrong cause I can't get it to work :P
I installed the .reg, then applied the AppLocale patch (to avoid the annoying message), rebooted, and everytime I choose Locale Japanese from the context menu, a dialog box appears and says the specified route does not exist. Anyone knows how to get this to work? The page doesn't go into much detail.

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