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General / Re: New Ys Announced by Falcom
« on: Sep. 06, 2006, 01:19:19 AM »
Yay, FINALLY news of a new Ys game!  I just can't imagine Falcom making a Ys game without Adol though, I am sure he will be the main player character.  I currently have the PSP LoHVI on pre-order at amazon JP but I might just have to order from Falcom directly instead as I am dying to see the promo movie for the game and amazon mention nothing about the game coming with a demo disc so I am guessing that like Gurumin, it is exclusive to Falcom's mail order site.  Nontheless, I am excitted about a new Ys game, now the gonising wait begins, as like when Felghana was announced  ;D

Actually Riot was one of the Nihon Telenet subsidaries,  I think it was LaserSoft and later changed it's name to Riot as the original Cosmic Fantasy games were by LaserSoft and the Mega-CD compilation is Riot, same as the Valis series, the CD-ROMROM versions were LaserSoft and the remake of the original is Riot. 

I own the original's of Xak III and Fray CD but as they are at home in Australia and I am in Japan, I can't double check the Xak III game case to see if there is any indication of Microcabin working on the PC Engine version although it seems highly likely as it and the 68000 versions are so identical.  As far as I remember though (maybe someone else with the game can check), it said "1994 Microcabin, 1994 NEC Home Electronics"

Good luck with finding GG Fray, I can't even find a damn rom of the game and the site that I mentioned before that listed it as in stock is charging about 25,000 yen for it....

I remember seeing a screen shot or 2 of Fray in an old Sega mag I used to buy and a mailorder site I am using here in Japan does indeed list Fray for the GG but as can be expected it has a huge "premium" price  :-[ 

I love the Xak site you have (shame there are no FM Towns versions for Dl though, DAMN that system's games are hard to find!) but just 2 notes.  You have listed all versions of Xak games for the PC-E as being made by Riot which is incorrect.  Xak III was made by NEC Home Electronics (I am not sure if it was co-developed by Microcabin or not though) and Fray CD was made and published by Microcabin themselves.

I think it is a great shame that Microcabin never made remakes for the Saturn and I think it's a shame they aren't really around anymore as I really enjoyed their games, especially Sword & Sorcery on the Saturn.

General / Anearth Fantasy Stories - Saturn
« on: Jun. 26, 2006, 09:33:46 AM »
I bought the Saturn version of Seiya Monogatari years ago on ebay sealed (but cheap) and never opened it and I am wondering how it compares to the PCE original?  I recently got said PCE version off yahoo Japan auctions rather cheaply but I have no PCE here in Japan to play it on and will have to wait till I get home next year so I have been thinking about buying the Saturn version again cause it is so cheap.  Is it a direct port with the voices etc or were they left out?  I remember the pics in Saturn Fan looked very PCE'ish, kinda like Saturn Guliver Boy, not much if any inhancement.  I know hey revised the character designs (for the worst in my opinion) but I dont know anything else about it so any info would be appreciated, thanks.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim / Re: Translation?
« on: Jun. 25, 2006, 11:41:20 PM »
Has anyone though of doing a voice patch for Ys I&II and Ys VI ala Kanon and AIR?  I haven't played my Ys I&II for the PS2 for a long time so I dont remember what the acting was like and I dont own the PS2 version (yet, I am planning on getting the JP LE box set eventually) so I also have no idea what the PS2 voices are like.  Then again are the voices 100% compatible?  Or did Digi Cube/Konami dick around with the script when porting them?

EDIT: Anyone ordered from this place before? I can get BOTH titles zork I and RTZ (my copy of Zork 1 is a CDR :| ) very cheap used from Japan.

I have used Yamatoku MANY times both through evilbay and their website, they are great sellers and very reliable.

General / Re: How and when did you discover Ys? and...
« on: Jun. 25, 2006, 07:26:44 AM »
I first played Ys on my Master System back in 1991 and then bought Ys III (with that godawful cover "art" that Renovation always used).  I have now bought Ys games more times than I care to think about, I have Ys I&II in no less than 4 versions (SMS, PCE, PS2 and LE DVD PC version) not to mention Ys III (PC LE DVD remake, MD, Genesis, PCE and PS2), Ys IV on the PCE and SFC, Ys V SFC, and of course Ys IV (PC DVD LE and PSP).  I really hope Falcom release a new Ys game game soon or give Ys IV the Oath in Felghana treatment!  I LOVE FALCOM and YS!

Some time later, I find a cool website called Hardcore Gaming 101. As I browsed through the articles, I noticed one for Popful Mail, which I was somewhat interested in. After hearing that it was made by Falcom (As far as I knew at the time, Working Designs made it),

That's priceless, dont people know that those morons did nothing but (badly) translate and screw up games?  I saw a review of Lunar 2 Saturn the other day and the person was complaining about the story (idiot in other words) and saying "working designs could have done better".

Speaking of rare Saturn games, has anyone come accross an original or ISO of "The Return To Zork" for Japense Sega Saturn  ;D Too bad I lost a lot of work I did on a translation FAQ of "Zork I - The Underground Empire" for Saturn that was on my laptop that died, but I may still have my hand written notes on it... somewhere.

Well RETURN TO ZORK on the saturn isn't really a rare title as such.  An internet shop I have been using here in Japan has it for 990yen so if you find it dont pay too much for it!

Nope, same result  :(  It says "Read Error: Unrecovered read error"

Stupid piece of crap drive  >:(

Sorry for taking so long to reply but I got Snatcher yesterday (wow the music really sucks after playing the M-CD version for so many years  :P ) and it too did the same thing so I am least relieved to know that it was not my Seiya Monogatari disc.  I will try the 99 retry count and see what happens.  Also, with the pre-gap problem, should it mention it in the error message?  Because all it says is that there is an unreadable error.  Thanks again.

I have tried to rip Seiya Monogatari a few times but it when the data track gets to 99.9%, it always says that there is an read error and closes yet there is not a singlt scrath on the disc. Any advice?

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim / Re: Should I get Ys VI for PC?
« on: May. 29, 2006, 07:14:54 AM »
You should sell your PS2 version and get the PC one, with its cute sprites instead of the ugly 3d models.  ;D

Haha, too right Gillian!!  The PS2 characters SUCK!!!!

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim / Re: Cheats for PAL Ys:Ark of Napishtim
« on: May. 14, 2006, 09:44:39 AM »
If you are trying to get the Japanese voices etc in the PAL version you are wasting your time.  As always, PAL owners got screwed and Konami Europe decidd to take OUT the Japanese voices and add German voices instead.  Just another reason I hate the PAL market and haven't bought a PAL games since the MD/SNES days.

General / Re: New Ziria
« on: Mar. 19, 2006, 10:58:07 AM »
You may be able to use the PCE walkthrough, it depends on how much was changed/added to the new version.  I would be interested to know how compatible they are.

General / Re: New Ziria
« on: Mar. 18, 2006, 11:50:27 PM »
I wonder if Hudson or RED found the original documentation of Ziria or if it is just completly remade?  Hudson stated back when the PS2 and GC TGII came out that it was not possible to remake Ziria as all the PCE version's documentation was lost.  Ziria and DoA4 are the sole reasons I am very slightly interested in the crapbox 360.

I bought the PS2 remake of Tengai Makyo II and it is OK, but the cheap 3D graphics suck and the anime scenes are not enhanced over the PCE version which is also extremely cheap to say the least.  I wish they had beefed up the graphics 2D style, like an enhanced version of SS Tengai Makyo but with the original style battle scenes, not the Saturn version's.  Another thing about the remakes is they are dead easy compared with the difficulty of the PCE versions. 

Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys / Re: Vote for your favorite version of Ys IV!
« on: Mar. 18, 2006, 11:44:01 PM »
Oh yea I forgot about Super Brandish, I dont know why they didn't make Ys IV and Super Brandish for the Saturn instead. Now THAT would have been good!   Maybe if they do ever get around to a remake of IV it will be what they intended Ys IV to be in the first place.  After the incredible Oath in Felghana I dont think anyone would really protest another remake of that quality, at least I know I wouldn't.

General / Re: XANADU Next "Legend Of Xanadu I&II" disc
« on: Mar. 18, 2006, 11:38:34 PM »
Ahhh I figured that's all they would be, I already own both PCE games so I guess it wont be anything special.  Thanks for the reply.

Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys / Re: Vote for your favorite version of Ys IV!
« on: Mar. 18, 2006, 07:50:41 AM »
I think Dawn of Ys is by far the best game, but I can't help wonder how the Mega-CD version of Mask of the Sun would have turned out if "Segafalcom" had finished it.  Their only game on the M-CD was the magnificent Popful Mail so I know that they could have achieved great things with Ys IV, imagine Popful's animation technique used for Mask of the Sun...  The only other games they produced where Dragon Slayer I&II and Lord Monarch on the MD, they should have been CD  >:(  Was there ever ANYTHING shown for the M-CD version or was it canceled so early that nothing was ever prgrammed?  I guess if Falcom decide to continue with the Ys remakes, it will be MotS that they remake which is a shame, maybe Hudson will make re-make DoYs one day though (they own it, correct?).  Then again, after their remakes of the Tengai Makyo games, I think i'd rather them not  :rolleyes:

General / XANADU Next "Legend Of Xanadu I&II" disc
« on: Mar. 18, 2006, 07:41:37 AM »
To anyone that owns the LE version of XANADU Next, I was wondering what the LoX I&II disc is like?  Is it simply a emulated version of the PC-E versions or is there some improvments?  I noticed in the specs on Falcom's site it says "65,XXX colour display", did they improve the colour or is this just because XP doesn't like 256colour display?  Also, it shows some frames of animation on the site, did they add full animated intros or anything yo the game or is it the same?  Is the music an speech quality improved?

Sorry for all the questions, I will be buying XANADU Next in a little under 2 weeks and am just curious about these things.  Thanks in advance.

Ys: The Oath In Felghana / Re: so...
« on: Mar. 18, 2006, 07:36:10 AM »
Ohhh, I am really looking forward to this patch, I pre-ordered YsF from Falcom last year and absolutely loved every second of it.  Only thing that sucked is that I played it on my laptop and when I got to the final boss the frame rate was about 6-8FPS so I never got to finish it  :(  I will certainly play through it again when the patch comes out though!  Thank you for all the hard work put into the Ys I&II Complete patch as well, it made all that money I spent on the Ys I&II DVD LE version well worth it.

Oh one more thing, I vote for "Felghana" to be used as well!

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