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Software Developer/Game Artist
I'm a dude just getting along with my life. Heading off to University for a Software Engineering Degree at the University of Calgary next year. I occupy my time building a family home out in British Columbia, programming my current game project, practicing Kendo and Karate, and last but not least, spending time hanging with all muh buds. I'm also saved up and prepping to move to Japan after I finish University.
Game Development, Gaming, Programming (C, C++, C#, Java, XML, HTML, the list goes on...), Drawing, Painting, Martial Arts (Specifically Kendo and Karate), Construction and Carpentry (building things), Archery, Kayaking, Camping, Hiking, a really good workout.
Favorite Books:
Musashi (Eiji Yoshikawa), LoTR, Otherland (Tad Williams).

I'll go into more detail later... just don't have the time to fill out the list.
Favorite Films/Shows:
3:10 to Yuma, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Dish (I think thats just what I watched recently...)

I watch ALOT of movies, I have alot of favorites...
Favorite Music:
Let me get out my Zune...

Akeboshi, Alan Parsons, Apocalyptica, Aqua Timez, ATB, Chris De Burgh, Crash Test Dummies, Daft Punk, Dido, Enigma, Enya, Foo Fighters, Jack Wall, Joe Hisaishi, Bach, Loreena McKennit, Lou Bega, Matt Costa, Men at Work, Mizuki Nana, Nightwish, Nirgilis, ON/OFF, Orang Range, The Police, Rin', Shania Twain, SID, Snow Patrol, Sting, Sunset Swish, Supertramp, Veltpunch, YUI

(Those are just a few of the artists I listen to... I think I have too much music...)
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