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General / Re: What are YOU watching on Youtube at the moment?
« on: Oct. 04, 2015, 08:26:26 AM »
Guy "repurposed" his dead cat into a drone! It's some freaky shit...

"It all started in 2012, when his cat Orville got hit by a car. Jansen decided it would be a shame to simply bury his late feline friend, so he drew inspiration from his pet's namesake — Orville Wright, one of the Wright Brothers, the inventors of heavier-than-air flight. Jansen gutted Orville, preserved him, and turned him into a custom quadcopter."

Presenting test flight of air robo cat!Air Pussy Cat - Test Flight 1 X-Mode Sept 02 2012

Same team went on to bring forth the creation of "OstrichCopter..."OstrichCopter Second Test 27 July 2013

General / Re: Random Photos Thread
« on: Sep. 23, 2015, 07:46:11 PM »
It's very hard to spot, even if you have the new BluRay @ 1920x1080 resolution. That shot is more direct from the film print some how. As you might know, the BluRay resolution's only like a quarter to a sixth of the resolution from the original print or digitally shot movie, so you're still losing a lot of quality, just not as much as DVD. But yeah, that's a pretty cool find! I could make out the Ewoks, Mickey Mouse and E.T. on the DVD, but the others are far harder to discern without that particular shot I linked.

Glad to see you still drop by now and then BTW. :) You should maybe join us over @

General / Re: Falcom News Center
« on: Sep. 22, 2015, 01:38:35 AM »
Older Falcom News:

Apr. 16, 2015

Falcom is readying Ys VIII for the PS4 & PSVITA! I do hope a PC version is worked on one day, though.

General / Falcom News Center
« on: Sep. 22, 2015, 01:36:32 AM »

The next Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round DLC costumes will be the Falcom collaboration costumes. These costumes will allow players to dress the Dead Or Alive ladies as characters from popular series published by the Japanese company such as The Legend Of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, The Legend Of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and more. The costumes are already released in Japan on all console formats.

Full Costume List:

DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Kasumi & Alisa
A costume based on Alisa Reinford from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SEN NO KISEKI.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Mila & Noël
A costume based on Noël Seeker from THE LEGEND OF HEROES AO NO KISEKI.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Marie Rose & Tio
A costume based on Tio Plato from THE LEGEND OF HEROES ZERO NO KISEKI.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Leifang & Estelle
A costume based on Estelle Bright from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SORA NO KISEKI SC.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Tina & Mail
A costume based on Mail from POPFUL MAIL.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Nyotengu & Reah
A costume based on Reah from Ys ORIGIN.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Helena & Clotilde
A costume based on Vita Clotilde from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SEN NO KISEKI II.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Phase 4 & Altina
A costume based on Altina Orion from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SEN NO KISEKI II.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Honoka & Renne
A costume based on Renne from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SORA NO KISEKI SC.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Ayane & Fie
A costume based on Fie Claussell from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SEN NO KISEKI II.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Momiji & Feena
A costume based on Feena from Ys ORIGIN.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Lisa & Scherazard
A costume based on Scherazard Harvey from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SORA NO KISEKI FC.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Rachel & Dela
A costume based on Dela Delon from BRANDISH: THE DARK REVENANT.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Christie & Zava
A costume based on Zava from Ys ORIGIN.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Kokoro & Rixia
A costume based on Rixia Mao from THE LEGEND OF HEROES AO NO KISEKI.
DOA5LR Falcom® Mashup - Hitomi & Tita
A costume based on Tita Russell from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SORA NO KISEKI FC.

General / Last Movie/TV Show Watched and/or Movie/Show Picks/Reviews.
« on: Aug. 25, 2015, 10:36:15 PM »
Gotta give an enthusiastic thumbs up to "Mad Max: Road Fury!" It stars Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy as Mad Max. You might not realize it, but Tom Hardy also played the villain "Bane" in "The Dark Knight Rises (2012)," the final Batman movie in Christoper Nolan's rebooted and respectable trilogy.

Now, you know if Rotten Tomatoes gives a friggin' action movie a 98%, chances are it's worth watching!!! That immediately got my attention about this one!

I'm quite skeptical of movie critics - I take their opinion with careful review. I've gotten a sense that they develop grudges at certain directors, producers and/or actors, and so they'll shit on something if said person was involved in the movie because of it... So there's a politics at work there. It could be a great popcorn movie on the merits, but one issue here or there, and they'll poop all over it! I also find that they're usually the hardest on the action movie genre where the theme is primarily shit blowing up and what not, so when I saw a 98% review score on there, I couldn't friggin' believe it... Did hell freeze over I thought ? So I knew this one was on my to-watch list for sure and it DOES indeed deliver!!

Another aspect that is really interesting to me is that George Miller/Miliotis, the original director of all the Mad Max movies, actually got to direct this one too!!! I would not have expected that the original guy from 1979 had something to do with this, and heck, he hit it out of the ballpark, it did well, and recovered its production budget by the US sales alone, $373,374,961 worldwide! And since it succeeded, he got the greenlight for another one, so good for him on that too!

See it! Now! The End.

General / Presenting the Fighting Street PCE CD Dub Kit!
« on: Aug. 23, 2015, 05:31:24 PM »
Presenting the Fighting Street PCE CD Dub Kit! :)

The highlights:

My personal favorite laugh:
FS-22: "Barrrrr Hah hah hah hah"

The creepiest laugh ever:
FS-14: "Hahah ahahah hahaha hahaha..."

The best "OK Baby" you'll ever hear!
FS-15: "OK babbby!!!"

FS-21: "You are nooo match for me..."

FS-16: "Durrrr. Huhuhah... I'm strong..."

FS-08 Mix: Oooo yah!! OH NOOOOSSS!! BOOOO!! *clapping*

FS-07 Mix: Hadouken, and many other sound effects, grunts, etc.

FS-04 Mix: "Hey fool, you are no match for me... Daah hehahaha!"

FS-02 Mix: American speaker listing countries.

Quote from: SuperGrafx
You know the mumbly / Engrishy dude that narrates such classical lines such as "What strength, but there are many more fighters like you all ovah da world".

That line is somewhere in here among others:

The other classic in there:
"You've got a lot to learn before you beat me... Try again kid... Ahah hah hah hah heh heh..."


"After years of decline, one of Japan's publishing legends [Konami] is poised to exit the console market. ... How does a company like that end up ditching its New York Stock Exchange listing, its most famous developer [Hideo Kojima] and the eagerly awaited revival of one of its most-loved game franchises, all in the space of a month?"

Cleaning house, making way for "Konami: International Gambling Masters." ;) Well, so long Konami, for real, thanks for the memories... You will be missed... Honorable mentions go out to the Castlevania series, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Gradius/Lifeforce... And with that, I leave you with 2 great ani-GIFs that capture the situation well:

Well, you can't blame Solid Snake for turning on Hideo, I
mean, he did all the real work, risk-taking, getting shot at,
in the Metal Gear saga and probably for shitty pay, then was
left with "A Hideo Kojima game" stamped on all over
the place, Hideo trying to glory hog/take most of the credit...
You'd be pissed too, wouldn't you?? He had it coming I say! :P
Konami Kat - What a jerk!!!

General / Re: Random Photos Thread
« on: Aug. 22, 2015, 05:25:31 PM »
One of seven facts about The Neverending Story you probably didn't know: Yoda, Mickey Mouse, Chewbacca, C3PO, The Ewoks, E.T. and Gumby make cameos!!
During the first Ivory Tower scene when the group of Fantasians are gathered together, within that conclave are some very interesting attendees. If you look very closely you will see characters such as Yoda, Mickey Mouse, Chewbacca, C3PO, The Ewoks, ET and Gumby. The image only lasted a split-second. Just long enough to question your sanity.

General / Re: What are YOU watching on youtube at the moment?
« on: Aug. 15, 2015, 12:08:42 PM »
This is a facebook friend of mine that self-taught herself guitar and is a big Ys fan like me, so naturally she likes to play Ryo Yonemitsu arrangements! :)"The Boy Who Had Wings" is my favorite and the best of the Ys III soundtrack! When I'm in a bad/sour mood, occasionally listening to it still helps to cheer me up a bit. :) I keep a well-normalized MP3 of it here:

I only just noticed this post, but I guess your problem was solved over in PM.

Because Ys IV gets close to the CD capacity limits, you need good software and CD-R brands. The best freeware burning software is ImgBurn:

I believe I referred that to Drakul and that got him a working CD-R in the end, so FYI to anyone else.

Hey guys, I just went live with a new version of TurboRip v1.40 that fixed/improved several things and added new TOCs for the NEC PC-FX to coincide with the release of the Zeroigar English fan translation patch by elmer and SamIAm!! Hoping to see feedback from people with original CD-ROMs of PCE or PCFX games!

What's trippy for me is after I got it working on Windows 98SE, I went to my Winbook 7" tablet that I just upgraded to Windows 10, plugged in my USB hub, a DVD drive connected via USB, brought TurboRip over on a USB memory stick, started it, and with a Xak III CD-ROM, I always able to rip it however I wanted, ISO/WAV/CUE, or encoded to MP3 just to listen to the audio tracks, or even in ISO/APE/CUE for archival/backup purposes! :) Same behavior on Win98SE to WinVista and on to Win10, etc.! Just hard to believe it could be coded universal enough and work on all Windows flavors, past, and right up to the present! And it's coded in "C" and some Intel x86 Assembly like real men used to code, not in some slow ass Java crap!!! :P

This will be the universal download link:

And here's a look at the changelog:

Version 1.40 (8/8/2015):

 + Uses the Native NT SCSI Library for NT/2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10 platforms! No more
   dependency on an ASPI DLL and none of the problems associated with it!!!

 + Certified, tested, approved for use all the way back to Windows 98SE for the
   "retro" in you, as well as all the way to the present with the new arrival
   of Windows 10!!!! Even I find it hard to believe it works in all of them!!!

 + Improved skipping of unreadable data sectors near postgap area transition.
   If you had trouble reading some PC Engine/TG-16 discs, this should help.

 + Major Command Prompt interface enhancement: TurboRip can now be fully run by
   double-clicking it anywhere in Windows Explorer! The user no longer has to
   first open a Command Prompt window and then CD to the folder where it is
   located in order to enter parameters! User will be prompted for parameters
   if none were detected when TurboRip is executed/double-clicked!! A troll on
   the Ancient Land of Ys forums once barked, "How do you use this F#!K1NG!
   PROGRAM?!?!?!?!" having never encountered command-line programs before and
   not knowing how to first open a Command Prompt before using it... Short of
   a future Windows GUI version, this enhancement solves that issue! Of course
   you can't fix stupid nor those who couldn't bother to read instructions...

 + By request, the TOC CD-ROM data of NEC PC-FX videogames (50 out of 80) were
   added to coincide with the release of the "Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar" English
   fan translation patch on 8/8/2015!! Only games such as Zeroigar (a shooter)
   were added that "OBEY" the standard mixed-mode CD-ROM rules which can
   accurately be ripped by TurboRip (The next version will have all 80!).

 + Added CD-TEXT support! Some music audio discs can have track file names and
   other info such as artist, composer, genre, etc. burned into the "Lead-in"
   area of the disc. Unfortunately, it's rare to find discs using this feature
   because it arrived towards the end of the CD format's life, but I thought
   I'd add support for it nonetheless! You still have CDDB of course. (You can
   think of this feature as CDDB BTW, but that the album data/info is actually
   burned into the disc so you don't need a program to do a CDDB look-up over
   the Internet to obtain it.)

 + Added CD-EXTRA support! If your music audio disc carries an "Enhanced CD"
   label, then it's really a multi-session disc that comes in three possible
   forms, both with audio tracks and a MODE2 data track that can include music
   videos, interviews with the band, whatever, etc. So, I've added support for
   ripping the one format that I know of for now. I happen to have some of
   these discs, so I wanted to make TurboRip work with them. Unlike with
   CD-TEXT, music audio discs such as these are more common.

 + Various performance enhancements in interface, behavior, coding were made to
   really make this app as great as it should be!! However, index/gap detection
   by reading the "Q" subchannel failed to make it in this version. Stay tuned!

 + To reduce the size of TurboRip, all third-party components for MP3 (LAME)
   and APE are now zipped within TurboRip and extracted/unzipped on demand.

 + When using the /APE parameter for perfect CD backups, support files are now
   extracted to easily decompress APE files back to WAVE when needed! Simply
   double-clicking the "APE_TO_WAVE.bat" batch file will do the trick!

 + The default (2004) Monkey’s Audio (APE) codec no longer requires the
   Unicode layer to work on Windows 98SE, so TurboRip fully works with both its
   APE and MP3 codecs on a clean install of all Windows flavors!!! :)

 + Bug fix: I noticed on Windows XP that as TurboRip read sectors from a CD/DVD
   drive connected via USB or FireWire, it could actually lose the connection!!
   This could happen consistently when you ALT+TAB'ed to switch to another app!
   I found the solution was to raise the Process Priority of TurboRip to HIGH!
   Normally, disc burning software will raise the Process Priority to HIGH as
   well when *burning* a disc which makes sense, and so with all that, I now
   ALWAYS set TurboRip's priority to HIGH to avoid the bug with external drives
   AND speed up the ripping time - it might as well live up to its name!! :)

 + Bug fix: Fixed a drive selection bug in Windows 98SE when selecting a drive
   number from the prompt menu.

 + Fixed issue that caused "Linda ³ (J)" to be excluded from the TOC database.
   Squaresoft74's use of the fancy superscript "3" was the culprit...

 + If all CD tracks are audio, it's a music CD (not videogame!) so messages
   like "Note: No videogame CD-ROM was detected." were eliminated.

 + The track file-naming style was changed to put the track # (01-99) first.
   This is better for sorting and viewing the CD image file set I think.

 + TurboRip no longer installs its own ASPI layer for Win9X/ME, it instead just
   relies on the default Adaptec ASPI layer. Compatibility is still maintained!

 + TurboRip sets the TOP_MOST flag 'on' of the Command Prompt window so it can
   never be hidden behind other windows until it is closed or minimized.

 + Bug fix: Fixed a minor bug that caused the /name parameter to be overwritten
   when the last parameter specified was /useaspi or if any other text was
   mistakenly typed at the Command Prompt.

I PM'ed you a link to a full Ys IV ISO/WAV/CUE image file set which is prepatched. You can try burning it instead.

The problem could be due to several reasons:

* CD-R media brand, try another, make sure to burn slow in DAO mode preferably.
* The burning software perhaps, I use ImgBurn -
* Your PC Engine CD's laser is getting weak or could use potentiometer tweaking - does it work with any CD-Rs or only with real CDROMs ? Check on that.

Good luck.

Well, I'd have even less use of this site as it's mainly just here to sit for distributing patch software and is more of a blog anyway. The subject may be boring and now repetitive to say you, but for a brand new person who first discovers X.X.XSEED Games and then learns they cheated a software developer, well, for them it is important to carry on the fight to continuously cause negative PR damage against X.X.XSEED which can have both predictable (loss of sales) and unpredictable consequences for those involved down the road (Imagine future employers, contacts, etc. googling Jeff Nussbaum, Thomas Lipschultz and even Ken Berry Wrong - they'd learn they're dishonest, untrustworthy, vindictive, cheats, etc.!! May my experiences serve as warnings to others!).

It took 10 years for the developer of Donkey Kong to get justice against Nintendo (with an out-of-court settlement) who cheated them when the game's success took off! Were they supposed to "just get over it" after 2-3 years as Thomas Lipschultz, the criminal inside of X.X.XSEED Games, told me via email some time back ?? OF COURSE the criminals themselves want you to shut up and go away and not have to take corrective actions, there's no question about that! But yeah, if you're essentially asking me to talk less about X.X.XSEED cheating me, there'd be even far less to say on this site as I don't use it myself all that often, but since I have it, I might as well use it as a PR weapon occasionally against criminal cheats when time permits. It's kind of as simple as that, really.

The other point is, sure, I would've loved to have been able to have written the whole story of X.X.XSEED/Lipschultz/Psycho DeuceBag in that first year, wrote up a full 20 page article titled "The Criminal Case Against X.X.XSEED Games..." and gotten a lot of it out of the way. It was simply not possible for me to do it all the first year, it was too exhausting and so you wind up just taking breaks for many months, so I write content related to this little by little or use something recent and work off that. In actuality, I've not written enough and fast enough to build up momentum in my favor when you count this site and my boycott xseed facebook page! I'm not organized enough to do a proper boycott, so it's a slower-than-preferable learn-as-you-go process unfortunately... :/

Yeah, Falcom never dubbed their original PC version, that was Konami's idea for their PS2 port. But that brings me to an idea for both a future patch and full installer with 3 options: 1) XSEED option, installs with their script, 2) Konami option, installs their script word for word with dubbing samples taken from the PS2 port as well, and 3) B.J.Psycho DeuceBag fan option, should you want to play with his translation style back from the 2004 fan project. It's debatable though if I should even bother to further salvage Psycho DeuceBag's work (guess I mostly already did). I figure it might be interesting to some to compare, even find the errors and what not and because it was unreleased till now. Anyway, a full installer and patch with script options is an idea for something in the far off future, when/if, etc.

It's the result of the fan project that began in 2004 with me and Psycho DeuceBag. So the translation is mostly via his work hours (9X% completed) with loose ends filled in by me using Konami's script from the PS2 port. X.X.XSEED legally used Daniel Prescott, their Celceta translator, so between their GOG version and my fan patch, you get different translation styles/results for one thing. For those that have the Japanese LE or SE from Falcom and don't want to download a 1GB file, they can use the fan patch and get it going.

Honest advice: Want the best translation and editing ? That's gonna be with X.X.XSEED as Psycho DeuceBag is a WWWJDIC machine translation failure as was made clear in the Legend of Heroes 6 First Chapter debacle for the PSP, though they fixed his failures for the Steam PC version.

Here's the lowdown about LOH6 PSP, you don't have to take my word for it:

Quote from: Disgaeamad
FC's translation is such a disaster during parts that a specific person handled that it's sickening to think he actually got paid for it. Mistranslations, guesslations, you name it; it's all there, and a lot of it is stuff that even someone who just started learning the language could pick up on, too. The best part of it all is that the culprit is Deuce, the guy who the western Ys fanbase idolises as some sort of hero of translation.

Whoever he is, I don't know him nor have any connection to him (AFAIK), so he wasn't doing me some negative PR favor cause Psycho DeuceBag and X.X.XSEED are criminal sneak cheats that don't respect the IP Rights and work hours of software developers... That's all his honest opinion looks like.

The fan patch handles both of those, it'll work with it. You could do well to find the patch that upgrades it to standard edition, but yeah, it'll work. My patcher will upgrade you with Falcom's latest, but you have LE so it would be There's a 15 meg patch to update the file to make it SE if you want. Better yet, get the pirate bay link downloads -  no need to be deprived of a new script from a translator who isn't a criminal cock-flashing cheat if you can download it. You have choices. :)

I had to point this out to Psycho PruvMeRong actually but downloading XSEED games for free is just as much a boycott as far as my purposes, the criminal cheats inside this company who didn't respect the IP of my translation software let alone care about my work hours are not getting a dime as their IP and work hours need not be respected by the public either... Cheaters deserve to get cheated on, seems fair enough to me!

So no, I don't call for Ys fans to be deprived of new Ys games, but just know if you ever give them your money, you're doing so to a company that supports cheating software devolpers because Thomas Lipschultz hated one in particular and it was made possible by a criminal backstabbing translator who willingly chose to go along with it all... Bad way to run a business if you ask me... Lipschultz could've used the chance to make peace, heal, end drama, but he wanted to go with punishing, persecution, blacklisting as that's all in his disgusting ideological nature. It's clear to any decent human being they should've hired a legit translation company rather than exploit fan translated results tied to work hours of someone they didn't wanna see credited... I can't be the only one that sees this! But you're not dealing with "decent" let alone honest people here, no, not by a long shot!

Are you proud of yourself Thomas ?? Did you save/spare XSEED all that negative PR/controversy you claim your disgusting company would've suffered under had I been credited ? ... Sad fact is, the problem with a bigoted malcontent such as yourself, the answer is yes... They're willing to take all the negative PR from me by NOT crediting me, so I guess that shows yet another phony red herring argument, one of many, by Thomas Lipschultz... I've seen so much propaganda come out of his lying mouth it makes me sick!

Sorry to say in all my years of life I have never observed criminals being brought to justice via karma... Hell, even Psycho PruvMeRong (the GameFAQs leaker) is still around, the butthurt creepster that he is... He created 2 sock puppet accounts on the Ys VI PirateBay link to troll me, heh. I sure had hoped karma came around in his direction by now, but nah, he's still around to taunt and is as bigoted, vicious, hateful as ever, etc. He knows he got away with it, just as Jeff "Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum and Thomas Lipschultz did... Now that I understand far better with what I was dealing with when it comes to such disgusting people, I know they have no trouble sleeping at night. They're proud of themselves and always will be... Until there are real consequences like a lawsuit, they'll carry on just fine with a "f--k you" or "cry me a river..."

General / Re: TurboDuo caps
« on: May. 27, 2015, 07:09:25 PM »

Here's another view of it. Did you just buy a Turbo Duo ? There are plenty of modders at PCEngine-FX I can hook you up with if you want. You can get a nice YPbPr/Component output mod while you're at it as well.


Here it is timed to jump at the proper point in the video:

I haven't done sufficient updates to keep up with recent events but as many XSEED fans on Twitter know the company was BUSTED bigtime for cheating Brittany Avery after being fired with the disgraced Tom-chan "The KKK Witch" Lipschultz. This led to the fashionably flamboyant Executive Commander Sterling to produce this most excellent video lambasting XSEED for cheating people!Screenshots of my PCEngineFX thread with a Psycho DeuceBag/XSEED comment made it into a GameSack Youtube episode that's gotten 144,000+ viewing hits!!! This REALLY made my day when it kicked off!! HAH! I LOVE seeing that bastard's alias in my christened form (Psycho DeuceBag)! As for my thread, it's about Tobias/PCEWorks, a known bootlegger who secretly took my Xak III patch, pressed it onto real CD-ROMs for commercialization without consent/inclusion so he'd get to pocket 100% of the net earnings at premium pricing!!! The drama was Psycho DeuceBag/Lipschultz/X.X.XSEED Games criminal sneak/cheat shenanigans all over again! Continue reading...

Post Status: 100% (Finished, good enough)

Name: Miikka Poikela
Alias: MP83

Premise: Miikka constitutes an "enabler" of Thomas Lipschultz, the criminal employee over at XSEED Games. To understand what I mean by that, recall the old Enmund Burke quote, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." The ONLY way for Lipschultz to get away with cheating me is due to Ys fans around him NOT standing up to him or XSEED in protest!! An environment without consequences! Miikka gained a position of possible influence, but chose not to use it in any way to correct a quite visible injustice committed by Lipschultz/Psycho DeuceBag/XSEED. There is both cowardice there and self-interest at work...

See, Lipschultz figured he'd most likely be cheered by Ys fans (especially by nutjobs like Psycho Kirsten "omgfloofy" Miller) once they learned I was cheated from the script deals! He figured he'd go down in history as the "hero" that gave NightWolve EXACTLY what he deserved, NOTHING! - He was right about that to some extent... He IS considered a "hero" for cheating me in hate-mongering places such as 4chan and GameFAQs, besides the Ancient Land of Ys forums where NightWolve-bashing became a fun sport, even once led by Lipschultz himself! Miikka never once lifted a finger in protest and I later learned partly why as well, Lipschultz got him image editing work and was giving him Special Thanks crediting in their games... Aaaaaaah, so the plot thickens!

Looking back on the history of Miikka, there was a two-faced nature about him. When the admin of the Ancient Land of Ys forum, Seldane, made an extra patch to apply over my Felghana patch which XCISED the crediting I added to the title screen, Miikka cheered him on. Basically, I had added a Main Credits section where B.J.Psycho DeuceBag was clearly credited as main translator to help combat the notions people developed that I was also the translator since they were too lazy to read the ReadMe, so it was a well-meaning effort in principle. For this, Seldane, always the little bitch, emphasis on the little, and an old forum member thief, angrily announced how he had erased this crediting... He prided himself on his troll actions - So why did Miikka cheer this disgusting manchild on ?

Below is the crediting he got in the Steam version of Felghana and is no doubt what bought Lipschultz a lifetime of loyalty. He's credited right after Andrew Dice, the guy who went suicidal trying to finish the "ED6: Trails in the Sky - SC" translation, a project that Psycho DeuceBagger didn't get (good to hear!) given his failures on the first one...

Now, what if I made a patch for this Steam version or a full installer that erases his crediting ?? Do you think he would appreciate that, find it funny ?? I highly doubt it, I do... But yet, he supported a form of it when Seldane, one of the most arrogant and pompous a$$holes ever to grace the Ys scene, decided to do so... Strange...

Here's another bothersome case in the below link which I also screencapped.

When Psycho John Schizomaniak went buck wild, threatening legal action against me for 3-4 sentences in my ReadMe, Miikka chimed in how he would've deleted my comments... But look at the link, look WAY WAY above what the guy allowed that nutjob to get away with in there... It's unbelievable!!! This f--king guy John caught a REAL lawsuit for much the same bullshit he did to me, fabricating stories, and the particular one he told was out of a "retelling" desire to help his buddy Thomas Lipschultz... Anyhow, the cognitive dissonance in that thread is off the charts... John was called out in the ReadMe for libel, for harassing the 2nd Ys IV dubbing project attempt, then he goes in that thread and drops tons more of libelous personal attacks, and hardly anybody bats an eye, including Miikka... Agness Kaku took good care of that piece of shit however, so I feel justice came around his way in having had to hire a lawyer and answer the charges in French court regardless of the recent dismissal! As for Miikka, you know, whatever, right ?? Exactly, "whatever..."

On the flipside, in one of our last exchanges, he once sounded very sympathetic to my plight with XSEED Games in a PM:
Quote from: MP83
September 28, 2013
Hey Nick,
First of all, I'm very sorry to hear what has happened to you, especially since you've suffered so much already. I hate to see bad things happening to my friends, especially if they don't deserve it.

I want to be brutally honest with you, even with the risk of this changing your opinion of me in a negative way. We're talking very bothering stuff here and I understand very well if you do suspect me of any wrongdoings, because the fact is that I am in good terms with Wyrdwad and Deuce, the two people that you really hate, and probably for good reasons. That's not to say that I'm the closest friends with them or anything like that.

I am terribly sorry if this tone of mine sounds like as if I wouldn't trust you, but the truth is that I really haven't paid that much attention to this issue between you guys, and have only read random bits from ALoY and your Ys Utopia website, so it's hard for me to judge who's correct and who's not (it's like a parent trying to choose which one of their children they'd love the most). The thing is: I have my own life to worry about here in Finland. So instead of meddling into other people's affairs that doesn't directly involve me, it's much more practical, and some ways even a selfish/Finnish way, to leave myself out of other people's problems and concentrate on my own life and its issues. This is the reason why you haven't seen me making any posts in the ALoY's "Boycott XSEED" thread, for instance.

That being said, I have not told either Wyrdwad or Deuce, or anyone else for that matter, anything bad about you, let alone mentioned this link thing (which, by the way, I'm not totally sure about what you meant with that specifically). Why would I? I got nothing against you, plus I don't see what I would gain from doing such a thing. At least I can't think of anything.

If you want to play it safe and stop trusting me with your personal stuff for whatever reason, if only because I'm in good terms with Wyrdwad and Deuce, then go ahead, I'll understand. Sure, I would be a bit hurt if you'd make such a decision, but I'd understand nonetheless and not think any less of you. In the situation that you're in, it's hard to trust people or taking any slightest risks. Hell, I'd probably even do the same if I were in your shoes.

Whatever you decide to do, I'd like to wish good luck with your life. Keep fighting a good fight for what you believe is right, hopefully there being justice in the end. Hopefully I didn't offend you with anything I said, because that wasn't my intention at all. Peace, man.
That message's sincerity didn't last for all that long though. Recall this thread in late December 2013 in which I reported how Psycho DeuceBag had struck again but on Facebook and we got his "position" on cheating me which was simply 4 words, "Cry me a river.":

He sure lives up to being a Psycho DeuceBag, doesn't he ? Anyway, that interaction occurred on Miikka's Facebook post and after I made my last post to Psycho DeuceBag, Miikka deleted it all, "unfriended" me, then started giving me the ignore treatment - that's the last that I ever heard from him... Shutting me down like that when he allowed all that trashing of me to occur on the ALOY forums over the years where he's a moderator struck me as hypocritical given the complaint he made. I didn't quite understand it at the time, BUT, as I already said, I came to learn that Lipschultz was getting him credited on XSEED releases as I've shown, so his actions NOW make more sense! He got once-in-a-lifetime benefits, a chance at being apart of the videogame industry, all thanks to Lipschultz so he could never turn on him, neither Psycho DeuceBag... He's been bought!

All in all, his true colors emerged and like the meme says, he got his crediting, so why fight Lipschultz let alone give a shit about what happened in my case and risk that relationship ?? Most everybody looks out for number one when you get right down to it, Psycho DeuceBag a disgusting prime example of that... You figure he must've known a lot that was going on behind the scenes also, but he chose not to protest any of it, let alone warn me, and so ultimately, this is why I declare him to be a disappointment (in a sea of MANY others mind you!) and why I think he deserves a spot in my Hall of Shame... He's an enabler of criminality and thus is partly guilty of it.

As you might be able to tell, I do have mixed feelings on his case. It's not an ugly antagonistic feeling like say with Psycho Kirsten Miller where I made a final, firm conclusion that she's a pure vicious monster and I wish her all the worst! In his case, I used to think he was a likable bloke, but losing touch over the years, and with him mostly hanging around Lipschultz, Seldane, Kirsten, etc. it becomes understandable how he could more easily write me off and so forth, then you add the crediting Lipschultz got him...

Ultimately, it's not hate that I feel here, it's disappointment... The most serious point of all here to me is that when nobody around Lipschultz or Psycho DeuceBag calls them out for cheating me and they know what happened to some extent, they are enablers and are partly complicit in helping them get away with it by providing a stress and consequence free environment acting as if nothing wrong was done while maintaining totally friendly relations with them... I firmly believe if serious criticism was levied against them by the public, this issue could've been corrected a long time ago... Lipschultz/Psycho DeuceBag/XSEED have a deliberate strategy to simply ignore, run out the clock, hope I'll get tired, that I'll eventually give up and go away. A criticism-free environment by Ys fans or those that consume their products makes that very easy.

Conclusion: This goes back to the Enmund Burke quote on what it takes for evil to succeed [or XSEED]. There was one other person in Seldane's thread besides Miikka that cheered him on for erasing the crediting I added with my Felghana patch, it was none other than Thomas Lipschultz who goes by the alias WyrdWad. This was the response by Mr. Professional "Localization Expert" now a proud employee of the great big joke that is XSEED Games:

Let's attach his real face to that text, shall we ? What would that look like ??
  Sadly, Lipschultz's "slight evil/vengeful" side (or "dark urge") continues to prevail to this day precisely because of the lack of protest action by most Ys fans... That is the only way that his evil can continue to succeed, or, XSEED, if you will!!!

Like I said, his/XSEED's deliberate strategy at present is to run out the clock, ignore me, hope I'll tire out with enough passage of time/years and give up, move on, etc. rather than take corrective actions! Neutrality, or worse yet, outright praise by Ys fans for cheating me is the consequence-free environment that Lipschultz/XSEED predicted and it's why they continue to feel they can get away with it...

"Enablers" who either look the other way (Miikka) or conversely praise, defend, shill, etc. (e.g. Kirsten "omgfailure" Miller, Kurt Kalata, Kitsune Sniper, "Dogi WannaWhackOffRightNow," Psycho John Schizomaniak, & other crazies like AboveUp, etc.) are what make this possible and that's an advantage Lipschultz/XSEED will always have in the court of public opinion... It doesn't mean you stop fighting the good fight, but there are realities one must recognize...

My best and only shot at justice was legal action, not help via Ys fans (surprise surprise) - whether they like me or hate me, they just want more Ys games and XSEED delivers... Gotta be your own White Knight as Agness said.

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He's not the happy-go-lucky kinda ape from Donkey Kong Country... No sir, quite the opposite... He has more of a, shall we say, take-no-prisoners "approach..." He's not the type that you can buy off with bananas. Engage at your own risk. :P

Make way for the new Konami: International Gambling Masters. ;)

Nicolas "Caged" - LOL


Click for double-sized view:

And now a message from XSEED Games, employee of the month, Thomas Lipschultz!

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I know lots of folks that'd be going crazy for that! :)

YsVI Project History Log

** 4/26/2015 - Translation Station adapted to Ys VI specifics and using screenshots from PS2 Konami version to finish off translated results.

1) An inside look at my custom translation software built on AccessVBA with a screenshot from Konami's PS2 version of Ys VI next to it. I basically played the PS2 version all the way on my PC with a Composite-to-USB device, took a JPG screenshot for every screen of text as a primitive way of achieving a script dump. Was VERY tediously painful/boring, took long enough, but was needed!

Full Size:

2) Possible B.J.Psycho DeuceBag translation error caught! As some might know, the WWWJDIC software-dependent translating criminal hack, Jeff Nussbaum, botched the "Legend of Heroes VI - First Chapter (Trails in the Sky)" script for the PSP version that X.X.XSEED Games contracted him out to do. Secondary failure was thanks to the other criminal inside of XSEED, Thomas Lipschultz, who failed to catch these translation mistakes in 2nd pass editing! YAAAAAAY!! They've since fixed the errors for the Steam version though, and Psycho DeuceBag was not asked to translate the sequel, Second Chapter, so a small measure of justice I can take there; he's failing, not to mention he was denied another sneak/cheat job (for the 5th time) with X.X.XSEED commercialization via the ready-to-go Ys VI script he's been sitting on since 2004 thanks to my work hours and software/intellectual property!! ANYWAY, here's an example of an issue below, Konami text on the left, Psycho DeuceBag's on the right. So, who is wrong as to who Marve is referring to as scary ? Makes a big difference here!

Full Size:

Download Full Game or Fan Patch!!! Get it while it's hot!
Download1: >> Ys VI English Fan Patch Released <<
Thanks be to The Pirate Bay, Heroes of the Internet!!! Oh lookie here, those rascals sure DO work fast! VERY FAST!!
Download2: >> FULL GAME DOWNLOAD: Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim [XSEED/GOG] (2015) << -  Get your free Ys VI right here, if you'd prefer to play XSEED's GOG version itself!! So fire up that torrent client! :) - Updated 5/8/2015
Download3: - Updated 5/8/2015

To "honor" X.X.XSEED Games' Ys VI Steam release on this day, April 28, 2015, I resurrected a long forgotten 2004 translation project in time for a simultaneous release of my own as part of a, shall we say, "Boycott XSEED Games, Get FREE Games/Patches!!!" program! :P Consider it a free alternative (if you will) to their played-out pay-to-play "Steam Scheme" - the product of nothing more than a cynical desire to continue to profit off of poor devoted Ys fans with a ~12+ year old game this time... Why give your hard-earned money to disgusting, criminal cheats for what can be had for FREE ??

I was gonna do a quick installer, but this was way easier below, full game download! Enjoy!

So you have 2 options:

Option 1: Full Official X.X.XSEED GOG game download translated by Daniel Prescott (their Celceta translator).

Option 2: My English fan patch for those with original Japanese import copies of Ys VI LE or SE translated with the criminal cock-flashing cheat, Jeff "Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum. You could also apply it over the XSEED GOG install, but it's likely inferior both in translation and editing. Screenshots below.

Click for double-sized view:

I haven't done sufficient updates to keep up with recent events but as many XSEED fans on Twitter know the company was BUSTED bigtime for cheating Brittany Avery after being fired with the disgraced Tom-chan "The KKK Witch" Lipschultz. This led to the fashionably flamboyant Executive Commander Sterling to produce this most excellent video lambasting XSEED for cheating people!Stayed tuned for Tuesday, April 28, 2015 for a very important announcement and a special surprise for all Ys fans!
Download Full Game or Fan Patch!!! Get it while it's hot!
For those with import copies direct from Falcom, either the Limited Edition or Standard Edition
Download1: >> Ys VI English Fan Patch Released <<
Thanks be to The Pirate Bay, Heroes of the Internet!!! Oh lookie here, those rascals sure DO work fast! VERY FAST!!
Download2: >> FULL GAME DOWNLOAD: Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim [XSEED/GOG] (2015) << -  Get your free Ys VI right here, if you'd prefer to play XSEED's GOG version itself!! So fire up that torrent client! :) - Updated 5/8/2015
Download3: - Updated 5/8/2015

Synopsis: To "honor" X.X.XSEED Games' Ys VI Steam release on this day, April 28, 2015, I resurrected a long forgotten 2004 translation project in time for a simultaneous release of my own as part of a, shall we say, "Boycott XSEED Games, Get FREE Games/Patches!!!" program! :P Consider it a free alternative (if you will) to their played-out pay-to-play "Steam Scheme" - the product of nothing more than a cynical desire to continue to profit off of poor devoted Ys fans with a ~12+ year old game this time... Why give your hard-earned money to disgusting, criminal cheats for what can be had for FREE??

Great news: Psycho DeuceBag = Denied! Even though Jeff Nussbaum was also sitting on the Ys VI translated results from our 2004 project "eager" to one day "sell" them to X.X.XSEED ( and could've potentially unjustly and illegally profited off of my back for the 5th time, they rejected another criminal sneak/cheat job to have him transfer the text over for editing!! Instead, they had their Celceta translator, Daniel Prescott, do a new LEGAL/MORAL/ETHICAL one from scratch who has neither a criminal nor cock-flashing past, so a wise PR choice! Hopefully my boycott and exposing them had something to do with it, but I suspect DunceBag's translation failures in the ED6:FC PSP version also played a role in rejecting our ready-to-go work! He began to see as early as Nov. 12th, 2012 that he wouldn't work with them again on another Ys game, which is 6 months after I called Ken Berry to stop this criminality from going on any further!

Remember, the criminals of XSEED refuse to admit they did ANYTHING wrong in their divisive exploitation of fan-translated results, in sneaking around to acquire them, in perpetrating "unjust enrichment" in Psycho DeuceBag's favor, and thus damaging ALL fan-translation team relationships between the programmer and translator, whereby according to them, the translator gets to criminally run off with the results, profit 100%, get credited 100%, should genuine for-profit commercialization occur! No programmer should EVER trust ANY translator that they're working with should opportunities like this arise again! WATCH YOUR BACK! That is what the criminal "XSEED precedent" left us with whether or not such disgusting bastards ever admit to it!!! Thomas Lipschultz is as arrogant as he is bigoted, and this denial will continue!

Continue Reading... (Post Status: 100% I guess)

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Cats Gone Wild

Taylor Swift squaring off against enemy cat giving her the ole "evil eye."

AVGN reviews The Toxic Avenger, with special guest Lloyd Kaufman, founder of Troma

WayBackup: AVGNToxicAvenger.gif

** 3/25/2015

TOO damn funny and an amazing coincidence in some respects!!! BOTH psychos do website development and are very computer savvy, unstable, prone to hate obsessions, etc. The difference is the one featured here in LA is much older, but damn if I didn't really think that this was one in the same person! Talk about an amazing if not scary freaking coincidence!


Emerald Dragon / Emerald Dragon Project History Log
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ED Project History Log

** 2/28/2015 - Translation Station adapting to Emerald Dragon's specifics

An inside look at my custom translation software built on AccessVBA with an Emerald Dragon message box emulator coded properly. The march of progress continues on stomping the competition with every step! :P

** 2/14/2015 - The Great Leap Forward: First LZSS Recompressed Text Block Inserted!

The project crosses one of the greatest technical hurdles and thus it now becomes clear that it can and will be finished!!! Recompression of the first testing text block with David's superior LZSS functions back from 2004 (coded for Ys IV) were made to work here and successfully at that! BEHOLD! Project Status: Resurrected with confidence!!! :P

** 1/31/2015 - Test Insertion

Identified a compressed block/stream, sought town message, set control bytes to 0xFF to allow literal text insertion for a quick font/writing test, and voila!

Using current 8x12 font tiles (harvested from the NEC PC-FX BIOS!):

** 1/13/2015 - Font Inspection Situation

Poked around the ED ROM track with a new tile viewer (YY-CHR.NET) to see what kind of font hacking is needed, found it uses a fixed-width 8x12 1BPP font, and most importantly it is uncompressed, just like Ys IV, meaning I can handle it. Otherwise, I would need David or Bonknut's help for an advanced VW (preferably) font hack job. Had to refamiliarize myself with an old tool [feidian] by D-BOY I used for Ys IV (I am rusty), but once I did and with the precise offset, I extracted the font in a viewable format. I can now insert the same font I used for Ys IV or a more medieval looking one.

feidian.php -r 8,12,16,8,0x499D5  "Emerald Dragon (J)-02.iso"  EDOrgMainFont

feidian.php -r 8,8,21,1,0x498B1  "Emerald Dragon (J)-02.iso"  EDOrgDigitFont

** Oct 13, 2014 - Talks began with David Shadoff about taking over the project

David uploaded all project materials to me, an ISO/WAV/CUE image file set of ED (ripped with *my* TurboRip I might add O:)), including 60% of SamIAm's translated results, and gave me a briefing on where the project was at to the best of his memory, etc.

** Apr 05, 2006 - Original Project Origins. YES, that far back!

The project began in 2006, 9 years ago, with SamIAm himself looking for a programmer to extract/prepare the ED script. David Shadoff saw the thread and decided to work on the game!

David made the project official after extracting the script. 60% of it was translated judging by SamIAm's last update in the thread on Jan 22, 2007, but that's where things stalled from then on.

Emerald Dragon / The Official Emerald Dragon Translation Project
« on: Mar. 08, 2015, 11:33:15 PM »
Thread Mirror #1:
Twitter Tweets:

Intro [1/13/2015]: I had been in talks with my old friend David Shadoff about taking over one of his excess stalled projects and this was one of them. Mulled it over and decided I'll try to push this over the finish line, but no guarantees... As such, I was given all project materials, including ~60% of SamIAm's translated results from 2007. I've also been discussing it with Sam on how to proceed and think I can meet his needs, though time will tell. If successful, this'll mark 11 years since my last full PC Engine CD RPG project (Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys) got off the ground in 2004 (the dub in 2012 was just a little blip)! I had decided I wanted to stick mainly with more modern x86 Falcom Windows PC games after Ys IV, but with Emerald Dragon I am retro again, baby! :P

9/6/2019: A first-look teaser of the Emerald Dragon [PC Engine CD] English localization project has been published!!!  8) Took YEARS to get here...

Progress: The first successful insertion of a LZSS-compressed text block on 2/14/2015!!!!


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Truth is, you're damned if you, damned if you don't, when it comes to releasing some incomplete BETA...

I did that with Ys II Complete, released it with about 70% of the script completed because that's all that the translator at the time was able to finish before losing interest (Shimarisu/Rachel, not "Le B.J.Psycho DeuceBag"). Then I got Psycho DeuceBag to finish it all the way, so that's how it finally got done some time later.

For my troubles with that BETA, I had some of the hate-mongering degenerates on GameFAQs lying that there was a secret 100% complete version that was only going to donors (this was floating after the Felghana BETA leak - take one case, falsely apply it to another Psycho John style), and in other cases, there was Seldane (the europrick as I affectionately used to refer to him as), from the Ancient Land of Ys forum (, crying at the temptation to use it, but knowing that the script will go back to Japanese 70% into it, and "Hey, what's the point of releasing that ??"

So, you're gonna get attacked either way for something that usually is freeware anyways. There really is a spoiled, bratty, rotten nature out there sad to say...

The criminal's logic is sound in this case, I don't disregard truth because I hate someone like many hacks loose on the Internet do, so I agree with 'im. I don't mean to defend this bastard in any way, but the Neo Geo forumites that all got sand in their vaginas about it are just whiny for the most part... He didn't quit the project, he just put it on low priority and vowed to eventually finish it down the road and looks like that's what he's doing. And it does suck when a BETA gets loose with an incomplete ReadMe or the final touches to the product, and things can happen along the way where that'll be the only version many users will ever see... To prevent that, you try to finish version 1.00 in full and that's what you go public with... That's the simple ideal.

Unfortunately, I actually helped him in this project... :/ I spent a week's worth of work hours to produce a piece of software that would flip tiles horizontally inside one big bitmap that housed all of the alphabet character tiles. This allowed him to change the font to what he wanted to far more easily. As he turned out to be a criminal monster of epic proportions, a cheat, right next to Thomas Lipschultz of XSEED Games, I obviously won't be credited for that custom software built to his spec/needs, awkwardness aside. That's how it goes.

Well, that should serve as a fair warning to anyone that makes the mistake of ever working with Jeff Nussbaum (AKA "Le Psycho DeuceBag")... He's a liar and a cheat! He will break agreements without communication, trick you if need be, make off with your work hours and actually fight to make sure you're NOT credited for them!!! If he/Lipschultz can do it to me, he/they can do it to you too!

As I am one of his victims, I'm a highly biased party, but you need not take my word for it, you can refer to the criminal's very own words/mouth: Page 1

Quote from: Jeff Nussbaum - B.J.DeuceBad the Criminal on 11-13-2010
I'm not, in most cases, what anyone would call a "nice person." I'm severely misanthropic, and extremely arrogant. I am a self-involved asshole..., and pointing out the fact (or how much my behavior irritates others) is not going to accomplish a thing to change that. You act as though you expect me to read one of your insults and have some form of life-changing epiphany, and everything will be sunshine and rainbows. It won't happen. I know who and what I am.

He was being voted as the worst 2010 member of the forums, haha! At least, one of the nominations, but who are they kidding given their reputation ? Jeff Nussbaum was just another one of their toxic turbo trolls that should've been banned on sight!
Quote from: PMHeartlessNinny
Quote from: Taiso
People should be careful when comparing themselves to Deuce.

Because you know that's eventually going to come down to one thing.
Shit, I never thought of that. :lol:

Inside joke, a reference to Jeff being the biggest cock-flashing dick on their charming forum... Har har har...

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Yeah, looks like the bigoted criminal is gonna finish his SSRPG project after all.

He's sitting on it cause he made it clear that only until it's completely finished will it be released to the public.

'fraid I won't be playing this in light of the circumstances, but besides that I long ago lost interest in this, so no biggie.


Lipschultz: What do you mean this isn't normal ?? What's wrong with this ? Welcome to 2014, you prude!

Let's meme it up for some fun:

Here's a video of the game "in action." Objective: You must strip strip strip your vampire-like "enemies" by pounding the shit out of them! You're charged with trying to save the city from an unfortunate infestation/epidemic, and EVERY last article of clothing MUST MUST MUST come off in order for sunlight to vanquish these types of vampires. Stripping just a shirt or pants won't do! ;) No no no, ALL of it must come off in order for sunlight to destroy them!! Makes total sense! Heh-heh. It's complete with a Japanese perv screeching in excitement towards the end to boot!And the PSVita Cover.


Perverts get your wallets out cause X.X.XSEED Games delivers "games" which, according to Ken Berry Wrong, "you can't wait to get your hands on..." ;) HAHAHAHAHAHA! "Games" that are SURE to "satisfy..." hint hint wink wink

This guy...from Squaresoft on down to X.X.XSEED "Spread Your Seed!" Games bringing you perv-type adventures that are certain to bring plenty of fun in the family living room... My my, how the once mighty have truly fallen...

Hey, um, so congratulations on moving up from Director of Publishing to Executive Vice President, Mr. Ken Berry, while being reduced to "this" ya perv AND being a criminal cheat! Here's my 5-star Joker salute to you, butthole!

For added fun, I also sent an email to Ken Berry Wrong (X.X.XSEED's Executive Vice President) and Ladies' Man Lipschultz, to make sure they were made aware of my glee at this, naturally. ;)

To: "Ladies' Man Lipschultz" <>
Subject: "HuffingtonPuffingtonPost charges X.X.XSEED with localizing what 'May Be One of the Most Despicable Video Games of All Time...' HAHAHAHA!"

Quote from: NightWolve


I gotta tell ya, Tom, running into this article, seeing your disgusting, two-bit criminal cheat of a company under fire from a Far-Left hack of a rag like the HuffingtonPuffingtonPost of all publications, well, it REALLY, REALLY made my day like you can't imagine!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Oh lordy, the sweet, delicious irony of you being under attack by fellow travelers of the same Far-Left hack political bent as you, I just couldn't contain my glee at seeing this and the fact that both you AND the X.X.XSEED cock-flasher are ACTUALLY in the comments section of this article attempting to defend the game from this author's criticism... It's a full-on freakshow by pervs!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

What happened Tom, what happened ?? See, I would've understood if this was Fox News or some other right-leaning media organization, but HuffingtonPuffingtonPost of all things ????????? HOW DID THIS COME TO BE ?? HAHAHAHAHAHA! What, they let a right-winger slip in among their ranks or somethin' ?? HAHAHAHAHAHA! And yes, I realize this is their blog section and so it's not as far reaching media-wise as other articles, nonetheless, it's great to see that you'll be associated with what "may be one of the most despicable video games of all time!"

Good show, buttholes! Good show! It seems now my "X.X.XSEED Games" derision of you is more backed-up by reality given the revealing of more of your freakshow nature, not just cause of your unjust, exploitative, and criminal acquisition of the Ys fan-translations via the NeoGeo Cock-Flasher, Jeff "the Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum... No sir, you're now clearly the complete package of freakshow!

Never thought I'd find myself saying this of a RPG publisher, but I DO hope you crash'n'burn down to the ground, much like Victor Ireland did with Working Designs, something I was quite sorry to see happen...


So Mr. Ken Berry Wrong, you've come quite a long way from Squaresoft, haven't you, eh butthole ?? How's it working out for you?? Reduced to cheating fan translators and publishing perv games, eh ?? My my, how the once mighty have indeed fallen...


Headline:"AKIBA'STRIP: Undead and Undressed May Be One of the Most Despicable Video Games of All Time"

HAHAHAHA, this is so awesome and REALLY made my day! The two-bit criminal company that cheated me, X.X.XSEED Games, is getting ripped on the HuffingtonPuffingtonPost of all places for one of the latest games that they're about to publish in the US - a perv-type game!!! Yesss, indeed!

I especially get a kick out of this because these people are of a Far-Left hack political bent matching that of the particular criminal cheat at the company, Thomas Lipschultz ( ), that orchestrated the fan translation script acquisition deals for the Ys games and made an internal presentation of demonization against me, all but ensuring that his superiors would decide to cheat me out of any credit/compensation and justify it by whatever bullshit logic that they could together come up with, electing to secretly contact the translator that I worked with all those years, have him sneak into my software, port the translated results over, then play stupid about it forever more (Lipschultz and my ex-translator B.J.Psycho DeuceBag had already been conspiring against me even before Lipschultz had been hired by XSEED)...

But yeah, it's ironic that Ladies' Man Lipschultz finds himself and his disgusting, criminal company on the defensive against this Far-Left hack of a rag publication and he's ACTUALLY posting on the comments section of this article to defend the game from the criticism and accusing the author of being a total fail, having written something too far gone to salvage and so forth! Hahahaha, it's so great to have run into this!!!!!!!!!

Lipschultz, as I've mentioned a few times, is a rabid, highly animated or "passionate" defender of animated/cartoon pedo-pornography, so this kind of game having been picked for localization by his criminal cheat of a company must've given him an unbelievable hard-on to get to "work on..." For serious! Heh-heh. He even lobbied his company to have the developer redesign it to allow equally helpless and subdued cut-in portraits for all the prominent male boss characters, to "balance" out the female versions and what not... Female portraits were "fair and balanced" out by going back to the developer and demanding male versions, you get the idea. Funny enough, yeah, even B.J.Psycho DeuceBag, The X.X.XSEED Cock-Flasher, ( ) showed up to help defend against the article! It's a full-on freakshow, if you will!!!

Anyway, in light of this, here is a reposting of my Boycott XSEED FB page. Please FB 'Like' if you agree that you shouldn't get to cheat people because of bigotry. Moral support helps!

Boycott XSEED Games!

I haven't done sufficient updates to keep up with recent events but as many XSEED fans on Twitter know the company was BUSTED bigtime for cheating Brittany Avery after being fired with the disgraced Tom-chan "The KKK Witch" Lipschultz. This led to the fashionably flamboyant Executive Commander Sterling to produce this most excellent video lambasting XSEED for cheating people!** "'AKIBA'STRIP: Undead and Undressed' May Be One of the Most Despicable Video Games of All Time"
** HuffingtonPost: "...we present what has to be one of the most horrifying video games to be released this year..."
** Boycott X.X.XSEED Games Facebook Page!

Seems X.X.XSEED "Spread/Spray/Splatter/Spill Your Seed!!" Games is REALLY living up to their creepy, triple X.X.X. freakshow nature, not just cause of Thomas Lipschultz, a highly animated, almost fanatical/obsessed defender of animated/cartoon ped0phile-p0rnography, and not just cause of Jeff "Le Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum, The X.X.XSEED Cock-Flasher (p0rnostar-wannabe), no no no, not just cause of those things, but for a perv "videogame" that they're about to bring to US shores! HAHAHAHA! Go figure!

HuffingtonPost charges X.X.XSEED "Games" (*effectively* since they're not named, but are responsible for this) with, well, X.X.XCESS, that is, publishing what "may be one of the most despicable video games of all time!!!" HAHAHAHA, this is so awesome and REALLY made my day like you can't even imagine!!!! To find that the very two-bit, criminal company that cheated me is about to publish a "game" that's getting ripped apart on the HuffingtonPuffingtonPost of all places, oh lordy, I just couldn't contain expressing the glee that I feel right now!! What a gift this is, truly, a high-traffic news organization giving X.X.XSEED negative PR, and surprisingly from something like the HuffPuffPost!

Lipschultz: What do you mean this isn't normal ?? What's wrong with this ? Welcome to 2014 A.D. C.E., you prude!
X.X.XSEED: "Special Delivery" "fanservice" for our "fans" and we REALLY can’t wait for them to "get their hands on this!!"

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General / Re: Random Photos Thread
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General / Re: What are YOU watching on youtube at the moment?
« on: Apr. 28, 2014, 10:56:38 PM »
This is a wonderful AMV for "Ys II: Castle in the Heavens" I decided to share. The music track is "Endless History" that was released in 1990. The singer is Shoko Minami. Check for more details in the Youtube video description. I added this song to my site's Jukebox Player so it's available for listening there too! :)

General / Re: What are YOU watching on youtube at the moment?
« on: Apr. 20, 2014, 10:19:15 AM »
Hmmmmm, reminds me of a certain 1993 PC Engine CD game drawing influences from both an opening battle and the final one... Any NEC TG-16/PC Engine fan worth a damn can surely name this game. ;) Really love the background music!

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