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I just have to say wow! First, where the heck did you get that awesome T-shirt?! Man, you really represent, I just love that damn T-shirt! Second, you are the man, and your video is brave and deserves recognition, it's the way allot of us feel about the series, and your passion for it is as strong as mine :)  I am exactly like you, I also loved the music from the TG16 and Chronicles version, they are my favorite!

I first fell in love with Ys when I saw the TG16 cdrom version for the very first time when that system was BRAND NEW. I saw it at a Radio Shack being demoed and the first thing I remember feeling was I had friggin chills! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and hearing. When I first saw the game I witnessed the scene just after Adol beats Darm tower, man I was totally hooked after that!

I wanted you to know that there are people like me out there that appreciate people like you and your love for the series and just like you the series opened my eyes up to many other games and titles I would have rather just overlooked. I made it my mission to play and collect all the Ys games as they brought a light into my life in an otherwise dark and sad world I was in at the time.

I remember the day I finally got Ys IV for the TG16. To actually hold the game in my hands and actually play it after so many years not being able to do so because it was in Japanese and hard to obtain at the time, and what an amazing day it was when I found the english patch for the TG16 version of Ys IV :)  Ys IV wasn't my favorite but was one that I still NEEDED to play and for so long simply couldn't because it was out of reach for a teenager in the 90's :P

After watching your video it just made me think of all the times the Ys series and especially the original TG16 version (I played to death) changed my life. The game(s) opened up my imagination and set me free in ways I didn't expect, Ys was there when I needed it most and I will never forget that. I still love all the Ys games to this day, and I hope to show my children these games some day :)

I have made a re-arrangement to the music for Ys Complete (XSEED Version) and included my favorite tracks from the TG16 version and a few from Chronicles in there, it may be exactly what you are looking for if you feel like giving it a try ;)  Here's the link: Ys Complete Music Arrangement by rEd2k

If you like it let me know what you think, and stay awesome Ryudo ;)
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