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Kickstarter-triumph "Battle Princess Madelyn" Released - Inspired by the NEC SuperGrafx (December 6, 2018)!

Classic retro gameplay for a whole new era!

* Trü NEC SuperGrafx Origin Story: [Developer] Chris' daughter Madelyn loved to watch him play Daimakaimura/Ghouls ‘n Ghosts on his SuperGrafx which led to her wanting to be IN the game! So eureka, dad's solution was to make her the star of her own!!!

* With the retro feel of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Wonder Boy 3, this will conjure up memories of the arcade era with its Unity driven hand-drawn pixel art

* 10 levels with five stages each, they're replayable with no starting over (that is unless you want to)

* Two modes including story (by a professional children's author) and arcade (for the experts)

* Hidden collectibles with extra rewards, weapons are upgradeable depending on your armour, which you can find through the blacksmith in story mode

* Madelyn's pet ghost dog "Fritzy" acts as both a weapon and a way to solve puzzles, allowing the player to tackle boss fights and maneuver puzzles.

* Weapons are specific to certain areas, providing access to secret locations

>> Kickstarter History/Game Discussion thread.  <<

General / Re: Last Movie/TV Show Watched and/or Movie/Show Picks/Reviews.
« Last post by NightWolve on Feb. 12, 2018, 08:37:28 PM »

Watched season one of a new NetFlix show, Altered Carbon, which may or may not be renewed. It has SciFi elements of Blade Runner, Matrix, Fifth Element, and some Zardoz given it explores quasi immortality if you're rich enough to keep clones around, periodically "back up" your brain contents to an implanted storage device, etc.

Season one is only 10 episodes so you can watch the whole thing over the weekend. I enjoyed it well enough although the plot could've used some more work. It's mostly a hardboiled detective/cop kind of show.

There are some SciFi cameos like the Max Headroom actor who plays a weird host of an underground fightclub ring, and Daniel Bernhardt who plays a type of relentless space cop/soldier - he's the cheap Jean Claude Van Damme knockoff who did "Bloodsport 2," and the main sunglass-wearing Matrix agent in "Matrix: Reloaded" since "Mr. Smith" went rogue.

Anyway, you won't be blown away or anything, I don't think, but it kept me very interested all the way through so definitely worth checking out for the casual SciFi movie fan. I give it a thumbs up!
General / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero English translation is out
« Last post by Shakku on Oct. 23, 2017, 05:05:03 PM »
Thanks,NightWolve! I'd also like to have Ziria translated too.That game and that music are in my memories since i first saw it running so many years ago.But i'm kinda happy to see Tengai Makyou Zero translated,i always wanted to know what happens after that epic opening.Tengai games always fascinated me besides the fact i can't read almost nothing of Japanese.Be well too!
General / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero English translation is out
« Last post by NightWolve on Oct. 23, 2017, 04:44:37 PM »
Heya Shakku, yeah, cool, thanks for marketing it here! 100% approved! While I would've preferred the PC Engine Ziria CD was targeted first, so be it!

Anyway, good to see you stop by again, take care! :)
General / Tengai Makyou Zero English translation is out
« Last post by Shakku on Oct. 23, 2017, 02:52:01 PM »
After all those years a translation is finally out for this legendary and rather obscure game outside of Asia:
Tom's twitter.I think all you need to know about the project is there.Patch is working fine on real carts and bsnes emulator.Game looks so great! A big Thank You to all involved in the translation.Playing this classic in English is like a dream came true!

General / Re: PCE to TG-16 HuCard converters
« Last post by Waverider on Oct. 21, 2017, 05:30:47 PM »
Hey NW. Yeah, I have the EverDrive for the SNES and Genesis. I was planning to get a TG-16 version when I return home. I have a PCEFX account but never posted there since I registered years ago. I have a few questions that I'll ask since I've been out of the game for a while now.
General / Re: PCE to TG-16 HuCard converters
« Last post by NightWolve on Oct. 21, 2017, 12:53:13 PM »
Hi WaveRider, surprised to see you wander about here again, heh heh. :)

Well, the first thing I'd say is to register on, that's one of the last hangouts for us PC Engine fans besides the Facebook groups and where you'll find some modders and other options.

Second, a guy called chop5 there used to make and sell these ribbon cable adapters that you slip on a PCE HuCard to circumvent the region lock. I dunno if these are still available but it's the cheapest option.

Third, you can find a modder to send your system to mod a US/Japan region switch. Steven Hanley, Shawn, BlueBMW, Keith Kourage are all good guys that can do that.

Finally there is the Turbo Everdrive flash cart, the one that rules them all! This is also my solution as I own one. You load the whole NEC library on a 2GB micro SD card, you got a US/PCE region switch, everything works, you can even patch some PCE games to English and try other fan creations, end of the story!

If you were registered years back on PCEFX, we had group buy efforts to buy Turbo Everdrives on wholesale if you can get 10+ people to join. It's $60 bucks for 10+, so the manager would collect all the money from the buyers, make the order with krik, and after receiving the bulk shipment, he'd ship each out individually. That's how we avoided the $79 retail or other mark ups like at game cave or whatever.

And that's all I got for a thorough answer... :) If I procrastinated I might never have responded to ya so I try to reply within days of seeing something if time permits.
He looks like an older John Cena.
General / PCE to TG-16 HuCard converters
« Last post by Waverider on Oct. 20, 2017, 07:59:31 PM »
Any good recommended place where to buy one at a decent price? I had one but I have no idea where it's at.

Have anyone seen the ones on that they're selling on ebay? Holy crap! The price! I can buy a PC Engine cheaper than what these guys are asking for. And the one I used to have had a purple outer casing. The ones that are on sale is one long exposed PCB.
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