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Hello,NightWolve! It's been a long time since i've been here so how you doing? I'm also very happy to see Ys VIII being localized for us westerners and to see it being made by another company,although one i don't know well,makes me even happier.Those xx people were only able to release those Ys localizations thanks to your work and that guy together,I realize when it comes to make an original game or something they suck big! Worse,their latest "releases" and their handling of those great Falcom games left a lot of people disappointed and angry and it seems even Falcom guys can't stand them anymore.You see,big lies have short legs! September 12 is the date for the Steam release which is the one i'm targetting now.Can't wait to play this game,Foliage Ocean of Celceta was great and something tells me Ys VIII will be even better.Cheers! Be well,"Mr.President" NightWolve! :D
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"As far as I'm concerned, we just elected NightWolve to office. And that prospect absolutely terrifies me..." - Tom "WyrdWad" Lipschultz, xXxSEED Games (Nov. 8th, 2016, D.J. Trump Election Victory)Are republican customers "irredeemable" or "deplorable" to X.X.XSEED Games? Should they take their money elsewhere, are they unwanted, especially if they voted Trump??Has Tom-chan "The KKK Witch!" Lipschultz unwisely politicized his petty, criminal, unAmerican company, divisively pitting democrats against republicans in the Falcom fanbase? Will he ever be held accountable for all the times he has embarrassed XXXSEED?Hypothetical: Does a potential job applicant at XXXSEED face bigoted, political discrimination if he/she can be outed as republican? Is this out of the realm of possibilities considering Comrade Tom-chan's clear California blacklisting/blackballing/bigoted mentality? I honestly don't think so, and FYI, it's illegal under federal law, though I doubt he and most of his coworkers understand that...
Quote from: Tom "WyrdWad" Lipschultz of xXxXxSeed Games
"As far as I'm concerned, we just elected NightWolve to office. And that prospect absolutely terrifies me...'s impossible not to draw parallels between the Trump of today and the Adolf Hitler of the 1930s.
XXXSEED XXXCESS: Tom-chan plays the libelous Hitler card on Donald J. Trump! SHOCK!!!! A "cute" NightWolve=Trump=Hitler "equation" to boot, an "exceptional" election gift, all for yours truly! Thanks Tom!!! Love ya ole buddy!
Source: xXxSEED_Tom_Lipschultz_NightWolveTrumpHitler_Libel.jpg

Today, the unhinged meltdown by the criminal X.X.XSEED Games employee, Tom-chan "The XXXSEED Henchman" Lipschultz, is now complete! "President NightWolve" has officially been sworn in! History has been made! Let us move forward in the business of making America great again, no, GREATER than it has ever been and for ALL Americans! Let Love Trump ALL Hate! I am truly humbled, thank you and God bless you, God bless America!!!!!!! :P

Note: This lying, libelous Facebook post was never meant for your eyes... Comrade Tom-chan locked it for Friends-only, asked that nobody share it, but somebody betrayed him yet again (e.g. his deletion from Seldane's forum) by leaking a screenshot. Also, I've been assured by Wikileaks that the leaker is NOT Russian, NO government is responsible for this leak! We can't reveal our sources for their protection, especially now that XSEED has a psycho-stalker-doxer helping them, but we really don't want XSEED running around stoking Russia-phobia or blaming "Nazis" under their beds, etc... ;)

Background: Upon Donald Trump's Nov. 8th election victory, in one of the most diabolical defamatory tactics I've seen, the criminal employee at xXxSeed Games -- who criminally cheated/exploited/abused 4 Ys fan translation projects (by fans FOR fans, NOT corporations!) to unfairly, unjustly hijack 24,891 pre-translated strings -- took to his Facebook account to equate me/NightWolve to Donald Trump, before then equating Trump to Adolf Hitler, the WWII genocidal dictator who went on a world conquest and extermination spree!!! How original, right ? Everybody I hate is Hitler! SHOCK!

Realize the full diabolical nature of what this libelous criminal did... He's trying to exploit/harness all the ultra-partisan and divisive hatred for Trump (which has led to vandalism/violence/arson!) and redirect it right at my doorstep, and it worked, a psycho-stalker-doxer answered the call with a dox job after reading it, one of XXXSEED's Senran Kagura customers who in bizarre fashion also spammed me on Twitter with his pedophilia fantasies and an anime porn GIF, all to creep me out... He's a kindred spirit with Tom-chan who also recognizes the "importance" of protecting animated pedo porn to, you know, "protect real children..."

However, despite this whole unfortunate ordeal, in the spirit of unity, bipartisanship, building bridges, coming together after a tough election battle, I decided in magnanimous fashion to assure X.X.XSEED Games on Twitter that I, ladies and gentlemen, intend to be a president for ALL Americans! ALL Americans, whether in red states OR in blue states as there is ONLY the United States of America!!! :P

Quote from: Tom "WyrdWad" Lipschultz of xXxXxSeed Games
"As far as I'm concerned, we just elected NightWolve to office. And that prospect absolutely terrifies me...'s impossible not to draw parallels between the Trump of today and the Adolf Hitler of the 1930s...

...And for the love of all that is holy, please stop calling Hillary Clinton 'Crooked Hillary.' Set an example for the American people: don't use derogatory nicknames just because you don't like someone. if nothing else, it's rude and disrespectful.

Expert Analysis: Tom-chan equates NightWolve to Trump, then Trump to Hitler, a NightWolve<=Trump<=Hitler "equation" if you will... "Calling" your target Hitler versus "equating" is a distinction without a difference! He played the libelous fearmongering Hitler card! AND THEN!!! Seconds later, he demands YOU stop calling Hillary Rotten Nixon "Crooked Hillary" to set a good example for manners... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! How about Tom-chan first stop equating the republican targets of his political Far Left hack wrath to "Hitler" because he doesn't like them ? If nothing else, it's not only rude and disrespectful, it's libelous character assassination/defamation on a FAR GREATER scale than something like "crooked..." MASSIVE cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy 101, brought to you by XXXSEED Games!

If manchild Tom-chan wants to levy *rational* criticism on Trump's policies, he can do so without invoking Hitler but he wants to spread fear, hysteria, panic, paranoia, and hatred for the president (AND FOR ME)... If he feels Trump is a demagogue, say so, but why become a demagogue yourself to "expose it" and skirt libel laws in the process by invoking a WWII genocidal monster ?? These and MANY MORE questions he'll never have to answer for... He also tried to hide behind acknowledging Godwin's Law, the weasel that he is, which is about stopping reckless/perpetual Hitler libel/insults - we call that having it both ways!!! Comrade Tom-chan...he's a special, exceptional breed, that's for sure! THE "exceptional testicle" of the localization industry... Quite interesting he was thinking of me on election night and donated this unhinged rant to Facebook, heh...

2020 - What does Brittany Avery (Hero Hatsuu) have to say about Tom-chan "the KKK Witch," her former co-worker, after both were fired in late 2018 ? Well, we have the Falcom discord to thank for these revelations:

1) Brittany says Tom Lipschultz is a "top tier moron" that "should've been fired years ago..." OH MY GOD, YESSS! I know I've been saying it for years, but to actually get confirmation someone INSIDE XSEED felt the same is incredible!!!

2) Brittany says she called Tom "an asshole" to his butt-ugly disgusting face, said never to speak to her again being very furious with his protest warrior stunt of leaking the "KKK Witches" joke that unintentionally references a US terrorist group but was merely meant as a word play on "NKK Switches," a company in Japan, with no idea by the developer what KKK can mean outside of Japan!

Rebuttal Forthcoming. I hate to spread his libel before defending myself, but I'll eventually address his lying and distortions when mood and time permit me. I have decided to conclude Tom-chan is just as much a sociopath as Jeffrey the Cocky Cock-Flasher is given the same delusional denials and pathological lying liar behavior that this manchild engages in.
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« Last post by NightWolve on Sep. 29, 2016, 12:17:12 PM »
Hi Shakku, glad to hear my promo post might've led to a purchase, the $10 sale price is over though (back to $15). I also purchased the SNES30 Gamepad made by a few days ago for Shovel Knight, and it seems good (is very close to the original SNES version), though I had trouble booting it in keyboard mode which offers the most compatibility with games as opposed to standard USB joystick mode.
Hello NightWolve! Shovel Knight seems interesting,i think i'm gonna try it.Since was so nice to add PT-BR language and BRL to the site,buying games from them has become much easier.Easily a good pick for a 1st buy! Thanks for posting the vídeo and the pics.

Prepare to taste justice...SHOVEL JUSTICE that is!! :) For only $9.99 at while on sale ($5 off from the regular price), why not ??

I had been wanting to buy this game for some time now after playing it at Best Buy many months ago and found myself actually! It's more than just a nod to classic retro gaming goodness like Megaman, Zelda II, etc. it actually had help from the original Megaman composer, Manami Matsumae, who wrote 2 tracks for it!!! This heavily influenced my decision to buy it, even though I'm very backlogged and rarely make time to play a game in full (barely one per year).

Can you dig it ? I SAY AGAIN, CAN YOU DIG IT ?? You know, the last knight that made fun of his shovel, well, he's not laughing anymore, let's just put it that way... :P

So, funny enough, while visiting my GOG account to actually make the purchase, I noticed I had Inbox notifications and I found 2 people had messaged me about "good ole" XSEED->XGREED Games... Hah!! You can read what I wrote in full at my special donation to XSEED, my boycott page:

The unjust criminality of Tom Lipschultz, Jeff Nussbaum, Ken Berry Wrong, etc. under the banner of this "X.X.XSEED Games" outfit has NOT gone unnoticed folks! You can't fool all of the people ALL of the time, most especially with the mountain of bullshit "excuses" that Tom has concocted and showered the Internet with to defend all the shenanigans that transpired! These people really are petty, disgusting and I've never seen anything like this embarrassing company before...
General / Re: What is Pokemon Go ??
« Last post by NightWolve on Aug. 26, 2016, 01:40:21 PM »
Well, if people find enjoyment with it, it's all good! It's just a little teasing for fun. ;)
General / Re: What is Pokemon Go ??
« Last post by Shakku on Aug. 14, 2016, 06:22:21 PM »
Hello,NightWolve! I love the Pokémon games on GB/GBC,GBA and NDS but i don't think i'm gonna ever get into this Pokémon GO thing.It's silly and that app doesn't appeal to me.I'd rather stick to the old games and not spend any money on this 'trendy bullshit' that is Pokémon GO.
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XSEED's resident bozo, Thomas "WyrdWad" Lipschultz, pushing an unlicensed/illegal/untaxed repro/bootleg "business" on his Youtube account... SHOCK!!
Thomas "WyrdWad" Lipschultz, the disgusting, hypocritical, bigoted criminal cheat of X.X.XSEED Games uploaded this recent video with his 'WyrdWad' Youtube account where he openly promotes a for-profit unlicensed/illegal/untaxed bootleg/repro "business" for the retro MSX2 platform!!! For reference, their pay-to-play "business" websites are:,, or

While the particular game he's pimping is indie, made by for-profit fans (which normally is considered "evil" in his fanatical fan credo anti-capitalist commie mindset), it has a copyright violation issue: The pay-to-play profiteers didn't get a license from the band Depeche Mode, thusly stole the melody of one of their hit songs, "Just Can't Get Enough" for use in a for-profit/commercial cart product... Compare the melody with his uploaded video... Also, do you think proper sales taxes are collected and reported by this gang ?? ARE THEY PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE ?? ARE THEY SQUARE WITH ALL TAX/COMMERCE LAWS ?? YOU KNOW, JUST ASKIN'!!!

I realize the game is homebrew by fans and it'd probably be square with the law if they hadn't ripped off Depeche Mode, but if you also look at the website's blogspot, you'll find old Konami games that are being repro'ed... A few of the front and center games on the main site are fan ports of professional games which also would've been done without a license, now packaged up in nice pretty plastic ready for fans to fork over cash in an unlicensed/untaxed pay-to-play scheme! So yeah, upon further examination, it is a repro-selling outfit per its name, not all the games are innocent indie fan creations and the one he pimped would earn a copyright strike for ripping off Depeche Mode...

Alternate Title: "Ladies' Man Lipschultz" :P
Random XSEED customer getting "charmed" by him:

To be clear, MY personal position is irrelevant, I act as the reporter here! I wouldn't give a rat's ass normally, and there are some nice bootlegs out there, I own some that were donated to me, but THIS MONSTER right here tried to viciously incite the public against me before he was hired by XSEED Games on similar grounds! His hypocrisy and criminality are the issue here!

Tom and "power trolls" like Psycho Kirsten "omgfloofy" Miller attempted to hypocritically torment and browbeat me down for thought crimes in "violation" of their fanatical "fan credo" ideology! "Get a license if you wanna sell, cooperate with the fan community, it's supposed to ALWAYS be free!!! COOPERATE OR RAWWWRRRR!!!" You know the fanatical types out there with their insufferable self-serving moralizing, hypocritical lectures, and worst case they come in certifiable lunatic flavors like the patch leaker, Pyscho PruvMeRong from GameFAQs/4chan! It's all partly why the bigot used his pathetic company to punish me! And now, now you find the corrupt bastard promoting an illegal/unlicensed/untaxed business that HE likes and gosh golly that makes it all A-OK, so it's newsworthy in my book!

Conclusion: F*CK THIS GUY!!!! Seriously, F*CK THIS AHOLE!!!!! Nothing but an arrogant, petty, small-time dirtbag that used his disgusting company for revenge to make his vengeful self feel good in life... That's right, I said it, a petty ass dirtbag, just like Jeff! And the fact is, XSEED really is a disgrace in the videogame publishing world, I genuinely am disgusted it tied Falcom and the Ys series in the same house that publishes weird, questionable, violent stripping and pedo-pandering underage-big-boob girl games, along with their 4 petty criminal sneak/cheat operations on Ys fan translations that they STILL refuse to admit was divisively, criminally cheating one party over another, the lying hacks that they are!! You have NO decency sir, I award you NO points, and may God have mercy on your soul!

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