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Ys II Complete English Patch v1.02
Name Ys II Complete English Patch v1.02
Description Version 1.02 (01/05/2007):

+ 1-2 minor script corrections thanks to Agent_K64 & wyrdwad, and a rare
untranslated string was fixed thanks to ranzor & zaratus.

+ Removed the last vestiges of "YS ETERNAL" in favor of "YS COMPLETE" for
the title screen and ending, all thanks to johnnybleu, who recently came
onboard the team to help out starting with the Felghana project.

+ If you bought the new Ys I&II Complete bundle from Falcom recently and
received a "Version is unknown... This patch cannot help you..."
error message preventing you from patching, that has now been fixed. You no
longer need to use the "YsII(US)HotFixV100.exe" file I released a while back
as a temporary measure to get passed this error.

+ The AVI link for our translated opening video was updated. The old link was
broken after the site that hosted it was shut down. Unfortunately, as a
result, the patcher would delete your original AVI, leaving it at size zero.
This would result in crashes when starting a new game. Needless to say, that
behavior was altered. The patcher will make sure it has completely
downloaded the new AVI by checking its file size, and it'll rename the old
AVI to something else to save it. Also, it'll check my server to see if
there's an updated link available should the current one compiled within the
patch fail.

+ Added version checking. The patcher will check the server for newer versions
and prompt you to download if present. Won't be terribly useful as I don't
expect very many updates after this, but you never know. In the quest for
perfection to "COMPLETE" the Ys experience, there's no reason to rule out
any worthwhile future updates. ;)

+ Added a RTF ReadMe file that's viewable within the patcher pre-installation.

+ Removed all references to the now defunct RIGG/"Retro ISO Gaming Guild" in
the game's ending and in the ReadMe.

+ Recompiled installation script with the latest NSIS 2.22 version.
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