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PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 ADPCM Codec
Name PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 ADPCM Codec
Description This file contains adpcm_get.exe and adpcm_put.exe (now with source code!) which were breakthroughs written by David Shadoff used in the Ys IV translation project for the purposes of extracting ADPCM clips as well as reinsertion. I also shared them with the Dracula X translation project team and have now made them available to the public. Obviously, they're only useful if you're willing to do the grunt work to find ADPCM clips in PCE/DUO ISO tracks and if you're even bolder to reinsert newly recorded dubs in wave format. Included are batch files to extract all ADPCM clips from Capcom's infamous Fighting Street CD-ROM along with Ys IV. No better examples for learning purposes. You just need to get the data track ISO file in MODE1/2048 format. Use TurboRip for that.


"ADPCM_GET YS4.ISO 0x206E000 0x003E98 16000 16000 YS4_023_206E000.WAV 15"
"ADPCM_PUT YS4_023_206E000.WAV YS4.ISO 0x206E000 0x003E98 15780 15"
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