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Game Info: 

Far East of Eden - Tengai Makyou 
Year of release: 1989 
Developed by RED Company 
Published by Hudson Soft 
For Super CD-ROM² System 

The Far East of Eden series was the most popular series ever made for the PC Engine. TM games never made it to the rest of the world, mostly because of their weird humour, which only opens to people who know about the traditional japanese culture and history. The first Tengai Makyou (which people usually refer as "Ziria") was an instant hit when it was released. It was the longest RPG at that time avaible thanks to CD's storage capability. Ziria was also one of the first Super CD-ROM² games available. Far East of Eden - Tengai Makyou got 3 RPG sequels: TM 2: Manjimaru, TM Gaiden: Fuun Kabuki Den and the Sega Saturn RPG: TM - Dai-Yon no Mokushiroku The Apocalypse IV. People has incorrectly stated Apocalypse IV as the fourth Tengai game, which isn't true, because Apocalypse IV is a gaiden and the "real" third Tengai game, Tengai Makyou III: Namida is on it's way for PlayStation. Hudson Soft made 3 fighting games featuring TM characters: TM Shinden (the only TM game ever released overseas, known here as Kabuki Klash) for Neo-Geo, Kabuki Ittoryodan for PCE CD Arcade Card and Karakuri Kakutoden for PC-FX. Every Tengai game tells one story of the Fire Clan's descedants, who have been banished from the Garden of Eden to build a new Eden on the world. Every Tengai except Apocalypse IV happens on the land of Jipang, which is somehow a twisted version of feudal Japan. For your information, the plot writer, P.H. Chada, doesn't exist. P.H. Chada is the whole planning team under one name. ^^  Some of the wildest rumors which floats on the net says that when the team plans a new TM game, they lock themselves to a room, then they get drunk as hell and starts to plan the game. ^^;;
After finishing Apocalypse IV, I personally started to believe in that rumour... the game was pretty crazy.. ;D

In the first TM, the main character Ziria from the Fire Clan and his friends Tsunade and Orochimaru sets out for an adventure to slay the Demon Shogun Masakado and Masakado's 13 followers of the Daimon Cult with the three Spheres of Light: Slug, Snake and Toad. The game begins in the island of Tsukuba where "Old Man" tells Ziria about Masakado. The game plays like any other 2d RPG and the battle scenes are in first-person view. Like every other Tengai game, Ziria has awesome graphics, LOTS of cut-scenes and speech. There are only 3 CD-DA tracks in the game, but all of them are beautifully composed. 99% of the musics comes out in PSG and the speech is in ADPCM. 

Track info:

Track 1: The normal warning-speech
Track 2: Data
Tracks 3-5: CD-DA
Track 6: Data

Emulation Info:

Magic Engine: Works perfectly in DOS version, Windows version shows the cut-scenes too quicly, thus going off sync with the ADPCM speech.
Hu-Go!: Crashes in the opening cut-scene.
HuDX/Hu6280: Dumped both ISO's and played from a TOC file: Crashes after the title screen.
Real PCE / TG16: Since I don't own a real TG/PCE, I can't test a CDR copy... E-Mail me your results.

Data track info:

Ziria has 2 data tracks, which are almost identical in size, except the second data track is ~656 kilobytes larger. After I dumped the data tracks I saw an interesting thing: Both of the tracks are 120 megs large, but they both have only 60 megs of data in them. First I couldn't believe this... so I decided to make a FCD out of the CD. After dumping the FCD, I wasn't seeing things: The size of the FCD was 120 megs. So why the hell did they add 60 megs of zeroed values to the end of the tracks? Only RED knows. ^_^
I don't know if the graphics, tables and the script are compressed... I'll check this out when I have time.

CD-DA info:

The audio tracks are called in separately. No toying with TOC files this time. ^^

Current progress: Finished!

The first burn came with a surprise: I couldn't hear audio at all in the title screen! I tried changing the pregaps and postgaps of the CD-DA tracks to correct the misposition, but without success. I read the original TOC file again and I couldn't see what was wrong. I decided to start again from the scratch and I changed the pregaps and postgaps back to 2. I booted the CD in Magic Engine and I saw a weird sympton: The game tried to find the song (Track #3, title screen BGM) but my CD drive couldn't access it. Then I started to figure out what was wrong... the game accessed the 2 second pregap, which was inside the data track. Then I changed track #3's pregap to zero, just in case if the game tries to access the data track again when it shouldn't. This solved the problem and the audio started to play like it should.


Released CUE file HERE
Released CDRWIN CUE file HERE