Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – Will it be back for season 3?

Well, the rumor on the street is that FOX has terminated TSCC, a TV series that I recently have come to enjoy… I really hope the pessimists come out wrong, but the truth is that the ratings haven’t been good, at least the ones that count: Nielsen. It’s apparently done well when it comes to online viewership with sites like hulu.com, which is where I watched all of season 2, but unfortunately, this doesn’t count much as far as the bottom line is concerned. While typing this up, however, I did find an article that offered up some kind of hope: a scoop claiming that Halcyon and Warner Brothers have been quietly shopping TSCC around since the consensus, pretty much, is that FOX will be wiping its hands clean of this show… Negotiations are supposedly taking place with the SciFi channel so the show may continue on there, assuming ANY of this is accurate…

Anyway, I put up a pretty cool fan trailer if you’re unfamiliar with the series and some links where you can watch the season 2 finale, or what likely might be more accurately referred to as the series finale. Season 2, Episode 21’s “Born to Run” finale was pretty damn good and I wanted to direct some hits either to FOX’s site or hulu.com just in case it helps avoid the cancellation many of the chattering classes believe is coming. We’ll know for sure on May 18 though, when FOX announces its Fall schedule… (C’mon FOX, don’t forget the new Terminator 4: Salvation movie starring Christian Bale is due out this summer! If that’s a blockbuster and likely will be, surely it’d help the ratings of this series next time around, no?)

In this final episode, we learned for sure whose side the advanced, liquid metal, shape-shifting T-1001 model was on (played by Shirley Manson, of the Scottish band ‘Garbage’)… Her true agenda, motives, etc. was kept slightly ambiguous throughout the series by way of the fact that, well, she killed a lot of humans, and in some cases, rather creatively… Bottom line, it was a hell of a finale with plenty of action, and it left open many questions and possibilities; it definitely wasn’t written to be a series finale, that’s for sure. Anyhow, I invite you to watch it, if you would; it can’t hurt the chances of the show being saved.

(Unfortunately, you only get to watch these streamed episodes if your IP is of US origin; you’ll be blocked otherwise.)

http://www.fox.com/fod/play.php?sh=tscc – Season 2 Finale: “Born to Run”

http://www.hulu.com/watch/67385/terminator-the-sarah-connor-chronicles-born-to-run#x-0,vepisode,1 – Season 2 Finale: “Born to Run”




Summer Glau

This is the lovely Summer Glau of “Firefly” fame as well as the “Serenity” movie which was based on the same short-lived series. In TSCC, she plays a female terminator sent back to protect John Connor. Awwwww, isn’t she so cute there??

3 Responses to “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – Will it be back for season 3?”

  1. NightWolve says:

    Update: 5/15/2009
    Excerpt from interview with T:SCC’s FX Master: Robert Hall

    iF: Is SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES officially dead, or have you heard grumblings that there might be a last minute reprieve?
    Robert Hall: Anyone who says it’s officially over at this point is full of it. Nobody knows definitively till mid-May. From what I understand, Fox is running all of the DVR, Hulu and iTunes numbers and are deciding. Would be a shame as the show (like most) is getting better and really going somewhere amazing.

  2. John says:

    This is such a great series and cant wait for Season 3. Lets hope we get our wishes.