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Didn't see that one coming, did ya Kirsten ? We having fun yet ?? Seeing as how your "reward" is moderator status in the aftermath, I guess you owe us a thanks ?? You're welcome. Well, think of it as your record having been expunged and you're now off to a fresh start, a second chance, with all the new and exciting possibilities, etc. Heh-heh. There's no longer any searchable evidence of the vicious troll that you are.

Aaaah, Ladies' Man Lipschultz. It's almost criminal how handsome this SOB is, no ? The ladies just gravitate to this bastard without much of any effort. I must admit, I find myself envious/jealous, admittedly a weakness on my part... Some people just have all the luck and it's not fair I tells ya, it's not fair! Look at his smile there, he's a modest bastard to boot. Heh.

Lipschultz could be reached for comment: "I'm innocent! INNOCENT! XSEED Games is innocent! You didn't type the English text, Jeff did, that's it, no further analysis of 'work' is necessary, you lose!!! You were just some "text delivery boy..." TOO BAD, SUCKA!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!"

Post Status: 40% (Quick Intro for Now, Unfinished)
Updated: 1/30/2016

Name: Kirsten Miller
Aliases: Vorfeed, omgfloofy, omgfailure
Web: "Endless History Misery" :P
Twitters: ,
Profile: - Made private now it appears... ^_^

  • Someone called FalcomFan who lives in Japan and coincidentally was responsible for contacting me when Psycho DeuceBag struck deals with XSEED Games in secret to cheat me, once remarked that Kirsten is a "cyber-bully..." This, after she took an interest in him, conducted "investigations" to try to discover his identity, his reasons for being critical of XSEED and what have you, etc. I must admit, at first, I didn't think it was quite appropriate, but after reexamining the idea of someone like her being considered a "cyber-bully," I came to realize, you know, the guy was right! Maybe because she's female, I don't typically associate bullying behavior with the gender, but I came to realize it IS in fact appropriate!
  • Her endless bigoted hate obsession with me is NOT due to her generally stated reasons, it's not what you might think! In a nutshell, it's actually because she's a Far Left political hack and can't stand "right-wingers" being on the Internet... Yes, I expect someone reading this might find such an assessment very questionable, and I respect that, but it's my humble opinion of what lies beneath that bigoted, relentless surface of hers...

Summary: I once made a terrible mistake and worked with a creep in 2006... That creep's alias was omgfloofy (AKA omgfailure!)... What I didn't know at the time was that this very brief encounter would gain me a lasting, twisted, obsessed nemesis for all time by the looks of it! The Wicked Witch of the Warez can hold a grudge, lemme tell ya! The year is f--king 2015 for God's sake, 7+ years and counting, but NOTHING has ever changed; this psycho creep continues her mass demonization campaign of me over the Internet! When I was minding my own business, the same shit, so it didn't really matter what I was or wasn't doing. The coward continued to find places I wasn't present all over the Internet and use opportunities for her "I REALLY HATE TEH NightWolve and so should YOU!!! Listen to me, please! You must hate him with me! It's very important to me!!!" hate campaign. That's how cowards prefer it.

I've come to realize that ignoring her and hoping that she'd finally f--k the hell off wasn't gonna do it... No no no, this psychotic creep wants, needs, no CRAVES, perpetual warfare and needs to get flamed down over and over before she finally decides it's in her interest to f--k off. But, you'd have to be a pretty damn good flamer to achieve something of Mission Impossible status I fear. Thus, a permanent place for her in some kind of Hall of Shame is necessary to track her antics, hold her accountable, when possible, to even serve as a warning to other fan translators not to work with her for fear of this happening to them, etc. This is a mentally unstable person and you do NOT want her developing a creepy and eternal hate obsession with you! Believe me!

I've tried to think, well, what exactly does this psycho witch want from me ? There must be essentially some type of demand(s), right ? At the basic level it's some kind of revenge, but for what ? What exactly did I do to her to justify this perpetual pursuit, in her twisted mind ? I must've cheated her somehow for her to be shadow-boxing me all these years, right ? I must've stolen something from her ? Or, I must've burned her trailer down, right ? Something SERIOUS, right ?? Poisoned her pets or something ?? Nope... Not at all... Understand, with a sociopath, it could be anything, small, petty, or serious, etc.; recall Vision-Z, the worst of the worst, who cyber-stalked me for years with direct aggressive harassment because I banned him from a chatroom, a simple ban. These type of people make a good case for the need for cyber-restraining orders, seriously!

Anyhow, I suspect her "demands" are essentially similar to the infamous swindler Psycho John Schizomaniak, Thomas Lipschultz's crazed, wild-eyed, rottweiler from HG101 who disseminates libel/slander under the guise of "journalism" there and elsewhere who even caught a libel lawsuit from Agness Kaku, the MGS2 translator! Psycho John, in a fine display of what validates his bigotry, said, "I wish that guy would just drop off the face of the translation community." Basically, that's wishing for shutting somebody up. "Waaaaaa, boo hoo! Why can't he just disappear!!!!" That's what it is! He wants to take somebody's microphone away [mine]. That's his inclination towards opposing viewpoints, hence bigot.

So, I would theorize Kirsten's creepy actions across 7 years and counting, shadow-boxing me, keeping tabs on me, etc. they're meant as a form of extortion. In essence, "Shut up and go away, stop criticizing the 99% freeloading, submit to the fan credo ideology that you were wrong to think of DRM disc checks for Falcom games and payware patch models, REPENT REPENT REPENT, and then maybe I'll go away, etc. Well, maybe, hehehehehehehe." That would be my best guess as to what this creep-freak-geek wants from me. Of course, "Leave X.X.XSEED alone!" would be an updated item in her demands. It's not a clear issue, by no means, maybe she's a sadist and it's for sport, mix of all of the above, but this would be my best theory based on my experiences with her publicly and privately.


Post Status: 99% - Good enough I guess.

RHDN Profile:;u=331
Name: Guadozoku
Profession: "Teacher" (And an extortionist on the side in videogame forums)
Comments: Typical FREE-FOR-ME Ys F.A.N. with the whole shebang of an entitlement complex but with the added "Hand it over for free... OR ELSE! Raaaawr!!!!" extortionist kick to it.

Home of Extortionists and Death-Threat Floating Hacks, NightCrawler's (The Dark A$$hole of Romhacking) very own:

Introduction: Some time after the Felghana patch was leaked on January, 29 2007, I had announced that as a consequence of the temporary early-access donation program (which was a compromise, an idea from ccleaner) for a BETA copy of a Felghana patch being rejected by warez freeloading Ys patch consumers, the worst freeloading fanbase in history (they went back to their 99% freeloading after learning the patch was leaked and freely available), I would thus try to come up with a more permanent payware model for a possible Ys Origin patch to filter out freeloaders and also a disc check system to filter out pirates and just try to deal with *real* Falcom fans, not warez videogame thieves...

Now, what I didn't understand or was prepared for at the time was that the fan-translation movement has these bigoted, totalitarian, fan credo fanatics floating around and there is no compromising with such fanatics... Examples included PruvMeRong, the criminal leaker of the patch from GameFAQs. Thomas Lipschultz (wyrdwad) is another one, now an XSEED Games employee responsible for cheating me when it came to the script deals, well, a great deal of his hatred for me stems from this type of ideology. Kirsten Miller (omgfloofy/omgfailure), "The Wicked Witch of the Warez," this bat-shit crazy, psycho shadow-boxer of mine, where once again, a case where the driving hatred results from this fan credo fanaticism and demanding every last man, woman and child think exactly the way that you do or else!! Kitsune Sniper, (David Silva García) another character-assassin that caught my attention recently who had been shadow-boxing me for years without my knowledge, the two-faced coward that he is...

Anyway, you get the idea, there are plenty of these malcontents around (the latest, TruHellRazer). Essentially, in my conclusion, these type of fanatical, bigoted ideologues seek to use the fan-translation movement as a vehicle to advance anti-capitalist, anti-profit, free-for-all, utopian ideals and anyone that presents a threat to that, that doesn't conform to this thought-process 100%, is the focus of modern evil in the world, this person is an "infidel" in their tyrannical eyes, etc. Typically, they have certain key things in common, they think they're in charge of other people in some way, that they have a say... The other feature is hiding behind a computer, demanding stuff for free and engaging in mass-demonization as a form of extortion/punishment for not being in compliance with their view...

So, let's get to Guadozoku finally having gotten that background information out of the way. In his own words, here he goes:

Archived Source:
Quote from: Guadozoku, July 17, 2007, 01:09:27 pm
[Let's] E-mail Falcom. Maybe later, I'll do a rough Japanese translation of that, so we can all tell Falcom what he's doing.

Being of this mindset, Guadozoku effectively floated an extortion threat in the form of "Hand over the patches for $0.00, my FAVORITE pricepoint, or I will email Falcom to report you!!!" Now, never mind the hypocrisy of a lying, scheming, videogame thief who never ONCE lifted a finger to threaten, let alone criticize, ANY pirating network, never mind him temporarily and laughably pretending to care about a publisher in this case! Heh. Truth is, his ilk doesn't give a shit about anybody but themselves and their self-serving interests! Make no mistake about that! That's who and what these warez pieces of garbage are! I said it before and I stand by it.

After Guadozoku's extortion threat, I demanded romhacking stop linking to me, remove all my patches from their website, etc. They initially complied... But then, I dunno, maybe a year later, the bigot NightCrawler couldn't stand by his website's original policy of "Patches will be removed for any reason if requested by the creator..." so he actually changed a long-standing policy from the site's inception just because of little ole me, and he forcibly grabbed all of my patches and uploaded them back! WOW! And then, he created an attack entry profile for me which he maintains to this day to f--k with me, permanently maintaining his hate-on for me, never f--king off, never willing to move on and just leave me be, which is what I asked for all along!

These people LITERALLY DO NOT understand how creepy they appear, most especially when the other person simply tells them that they want nothing to do with them and that they just need to move on and f--k off, but they can't, they won't... That's how it is! The guy has to be in his late 30's now, but STILL an immature manchild that can't bury a grudge when the other person simply isn't bothering him and wants NOTHING to do with him!

So that's where the situation is at... Guadozoku got away with his extortion threat anyway, and romhacking forced a continued association with me against my will, cause, yeah, just because, they can f--k with people, the bigoted butthurt bullies that they are, so why not ? I guess really, that's about it for this entry...

General / Re: What are YOU watching on youtube at the moment?
« on: Feb. 10, 2014, 08:44:04 AM »
Ha, Black Nerd was awesome in this performing Ninja Rap in front of Vanilla Ice himself! He's not bad at all, I can't believe it! :lol:

Ladies' Man Lipschultz (AKA "The XSEED XCISER")
Full Name: Thomas Lipschultz
Employer: XSEED Games
Alias: wyrdwad
(Gotta have it all repetitiously spelled out for the Google bots; wanna make sure whenever his name is searched, it eventually leads here!  >:D)

After "congratulating" Lipschultz on getting hired by XSEED to get his guard down, I got honest information from him about what happened with that first deal back in 2010, this via private email:
Quote from: Ladies' Man Lipschultz on Saturday, August 21, 2010 3:59 AM
Deuce would've been a great choice for the company as well, indeed... and that's why we're using his translations for Felghana and I & II. I was the one who convinced the higher-ups at the company to hire him on as a contracted freelancer, because I think he deserves recognition for his excellent work, and I also think it would be kind of a shame to retranslate something that's already been translated so well in the first place (though I did edit Felghana's script pretty heavily for flow, and to correct various minor mistranslations... but ultimately, it's still Deuce's work at its core, and I think series newcomers are going to be blown away by how dynamic a translation it really is).

This is important because Lipschultz is now, 3 years later, in CYA mode and disseminating propaganda to create ambiguity, insinuating that the translated script results handed over to XSEED were practically "retranslations" as a means to better defend a justification in having cheated me... Does not explain their secrecy, and can not take away from the fact that this man hated me before he was hired by the company and had every reason to influence these deals where I'd be totally excluded!

Even in playing his debating game about what is or isn't work, what counts or doesn't count, if I was the translator myself, Lipschultz NEVER would've contacted me. That was the state of our feuding and his level of hatred and bigotry. That's all you need to understand... And yeah, I'd bet my life on that assertion! He never would've raised the idea with his boss, Ken Berry, that there were fan translations already out, he would've done it himself as that's what he was hired by the company to do after all, translate *internally* so that they DON'T have to outsource such work as they had being doing so in the past to a company called 8-4 Studios (located in Shinjuku)!

I didn't respond to that email right away, I did so in Jan 2011. Here's part of what I sent back:

Quote from: NightWolve on Fri, January 7, 2011 at 4:21 PM
That is very impressive, anyone would have to admit. If it was me, as a higher-up, I can't say I would've gone along with the idea - I would've looked at you funny, worse yet, would've thought the idea to be utterly preposterous and you an idiot (although my bias may be influencing throwing that comment in there, hehe).

I hypothetically just hired *you* as my in-house translator (or "localization expert" - to give you some pride there, heh - e.g. garbageman/janitor --> "sanitation engineer") and soon after you point to some guy on the Internet named "Deuce" who already translated the target product without legal authorization and say, "Hey boss, I gots me a bright idea: let's use *his* translation!! What do ya think, huh??" My response would be, um, I just hired *your* ass for that purpose, brought you on board the team, gave you a full benefits package (respectable salary, healthcare plan, 401k, etc. etc., the works), and now you're pointing to another guy that I'll have to pay on top of what I'm already paying you for the very same job...?

I see a parallel with in-house programmers calling on high-priced consultants when the going gets too tough for 'em. Well, not exactly since you are more than capable, but yeah, the point is that it strikes me as a very tough sell and risky for you as a relatively new employee, not that I'm complaining - It achieved something unexpected and historic to say the least. I can't help but think of poor Xeph who got handed a cease & desist back in the Ys VI days... I should see if I can still get in touch with him some day and tell him about this when I get my home Internet connection back. He'd flip. Talk about getting the short end of the stick on something...

And his response reveals more details:

Quote from: Ladies' Man Lipschultz on Friday, January 7, 2011 11:52 PM
Regarding the hiring of Deuce, that WAS a bit of an uphill battle on my part, but circumstances worked very much in favor of that outcome. XSEED is... a much, much smaller company than you'd probably expect it to be. It's actually pretty astounding how many games we publish, considering the paltry number of people who work here! And the reason for that is, we have lots of help. We hire trusted third-party contractors for everything from translation to advertising to QA, as needed, and have a very good repoire with other game companies as well (us little guys have to stick together!). And with this Falcom partnership came a very, very time-consuming project: Sora no Kiseki, a.k.a. Trails in the Sky. By the time that game gets released in a few months, we'll have been working on it for A FULL YEAR (which is damned near forever in localization and publication terms!)... with pretty much every one of us pulling TONS of overtime to get it done and make sure it's up to standard. (And this is just game one... of three! With a sequel series that just announced its second title, currently being advertised as the largest and most expansive game Falcom has ever produced!)

With Sora no Kiseki on our plate, we were left a bit short-handed for our other titles... and that's the situation I was hired into. So given the state of affairs, I suggested hiring Deuce as a third-party freelance translator for the titles he'd already translated. After all, it's not a whole lot different than hiring, say, 8-4 Studios in Shinjuku, with whom XSEED's worked many times in the past... except in Deuce's case, the translation was done from the get-go, meaning the turnaround time for his work consisted of like... the time it took to format his translations for editing, and that's it. (: It was pretty much a win-win situation for everyone involved: saved us precious time, got Deuce recognition and publication, and ensured that our products were released with top-notch translations, as everyone was expecting them to be.

And of course, as a result of this, Deuce is now on our list of trusted third-party contractors, and will likely be called upon for future projects as well. It's been a pleasure working with him.

Prime Directive: If you're gonna say something controversial, serious, call someone's character into question, etc., back it up or shut the f--k up! That's something I had learned hanging out at The Next Level years ago.

E.g. Did Psycho DeuceBag post a photo of his manhood ?? Sure, links to various things he's said/done are all provided. I've typically tried to operate under that principle. If I am confident on a position, I will defend/promote it with tenacity. I accuse Psycho DeuceBag and Lipschultz of many things and I will back them up as best I can in time! You know how to contact me, at any time, for any reason if you want further info, detail on this, that or the other, etc.
Psycho DeuceBag's "Yay Me" post: "I have a solo screen credit in Felghana."

Youtube video where the US Credits roll begin for the Felghana US PSP release, the result of the first XSEED deal that occurred in secret and started off this criminality:

He was nominated for Worst Member Award 2010.
And here's a great quote which I wish I really had known before ever working with him:
Quote from: B.J.DeuceBad the Criminal on 11-13-2010
I'm not, in most cases, what anyone would call a "nice person." I'm severely misanthropic, and extremely arrogant. I am a self-involved asshole...

He's telling the truth and he really means it! Same goes with Ladies' Man Lipschultz as far as I'm concerned!

Here he is seriously smack-talking his own mother for the public (real class act!) and his sister:
Quote from: B.J.Psycho DeuceBag on 10-13-2010
It's only been the past two years, however, that I've come to realize that I really just can't stand my mother as a person. Same goes for my sister.
My sister, I dislike primarily because she's such a carbon copy of my mother: petty, spiteful, self-righteous, passive-aggressive as all hell, etc. Only she's not as good at it, so it's just more blatant.

Is that right, a$$hole ?? Yeah, well, I wonder if the feeling is mutual and perhaps she sometimes wonders why oh why didn't she get an abortion that time with you or just sucked your dad off that night...

On immortalizing himself on the NeoGeo Forums as "The X.X.XSEED Flasher":
Quote from: Mr. Jeff "I have a big, bisexual d1ck, a lawyer AND both are ready to a$$-rape you!" Nussbaum on 06-14-2011
Yes. I posted a picture of my dick. Odds are good that you viewed it deliberately, which speaks more to your character than to mine. You'll never get me to feel shame at anything I've done here [NeoGeoForums]. I'm still the same smug, amoral, self-important a$$hole I've ever been.
The best NeoGeo counterpoint:
You were goaded into showing a picture of your dick, much like you were goaded into replying in this thread again, right after you said you weren't coming back.

You're easily manipulated, which speaks more to your character than to anybody who saw your hairy schlong.

Oh man did I get a kick out of that shit right there, for real! He makes an argument on potentiality as to a defense and yet ZERO people could've clicked on his photo... NO, the whole act speaks to HIS character FIRST, not 0-n amount of people that could've clicked the photo (you can't just project "odds are good" - you don't know); HE's the guy (or creep) that pulled his pants down, jerked/fluffed himself up a bit, took a camera down there, snapped a photo and uploaded it to the Internet, by extension, the world!!!!! Hahaha! But no, it's like he saying, "Well, YOU guys are the ones (0-n) that clicked on it! So yeah, uh, don't look at me!!!" Good one, Jeff!! :P

AOL IM Logs over the years

Quote from: Ys Origin Project Talks - Feb 06 2007
DeuceMUGEN: Well, here's my basic thought.  I'm really eager to get my hands on this one... more so, even, than I was with Oath.  ...  But basically, what I'm asking for is just the bare-bones work to dump the script out to HTML, so I can complete my end of things on the translation side.  Ideally, you'll have the time/will to make the English text and edited DDS files show up ingame, but if not, I won't cry too terribly much.  But when you do, I can take the existing work and just put it into place, and voila.  Finished patch.  You can then play it at your leisure, completely unspoiled by having to edit or anything.


Sef1roth: On Origins: Yeah, I'll see.
Sef1roth: Ideally the editor should be enhanced to give you instant testing.
Sef1roth: Which would mean you could have it all English and playable.
Sef1roth: It wouldn't be a back'n'forth wait where I get the database and compile a DLL with the updated script.
Sef1roth: I have to trust you more with that though, which I do.
DeuceMUGEN: Well, I'd hope I've never given you reason not to.
Sef1roth: But yeah, that'll be some time. I'm just not in the mood right now at this second to start on it. After I get things ready the YsF patch though, I'll give it a shot.
DeuceMUGEN: Sounds good to me.
DeuceMUGEN: Well, Chantel and I are gonna go watch Crank, I think.  I saw the first ten minutes and was hugely entertained.  If you're into action movies at all, I think you'd enjoy it.
That serves as a historical joke about trust with this demented, delusional, lying cheat...

Quote from: Ys Origin Project Talks - Feb 23 2007
Sef1roth: Let's get all this out of the way cause I'm not gonna be online as much.
Sef1roth: Wanna make sure you're squared away.
DeuceMUGEN: I hear ya.
DeuceMUGEN: Well, get the DDS replacement in place and a dynamic testing setup, and I'll be out of your hair for quite a while, barring any major issues.
DeuceMUGEN: And/or another Ys game. ;)
Sef1roth: I betcha Gideon Zhi never provided a good a dump as this, am I right???
Sef1roth: Rrrrright?
DeuceMUGEN: Nothing so straightforward, no.
DeuceMUGEN: But in his defense, I had to work with control codes galore.
Sef1roth: You were supposed to say, "Yeah, yeah, it is great NightWolve."
DeuceMUGEN: Oh, sorry.
DeuceMUGEN: Better? ;)
Sef1roth: Yup.

Post Status: 100% (finished)

1) So, I wrote the following upon learning of this new Ys V SNES patch on Miikka "MP83" Poikela's Facebook post:
Quote from: NightWolve, on November 28, 2013
Did I read correctly ?? Ys 5 (SNES) was successfully translated ?? Well, props to Gideon Zhi for finally getting this done!

Unfortunately, I do have mixed feelings on this. I don't think I'll ever play it on account of the criminal that translated it, Psycho DeuceBag... Knowing what a callous criminal a$$hole that he is, his "playing stupid" behavior after that first Felghana deal with XSEED Games back in 2010, and his recent deucebaggery of coming out of hiding 3 years later to threaten me with a libel lawsuit (making a fool of himself in the process), I don't think I could just sit there and play a game translated by him, not after all that, not after how he cheated me and the manner in which he did it together with Ladies' Man Lipschultz... Sitting there having to read his writing would just trigger too much personal disgust... Another reason I can easily boycott XSEED, not just cause of Lipschultz.

Anyway, no disrespect is meant towards Gideon. It's still a great achievement in terms of a technical challenge and finally overcoming it! I wondered if he would ever be able to finish it so hat-tip to him for not giving up. Nonetheless, Psycho DeuceBag and Lipschultz/XSEED destroyed, at some level, my love of the Ys series, so yeah, I probably won't bother with this patch. It's tempting, sure, even to me, but yeah...

2) The criminal Psycho DeuceBag was quickly alerted to my post by someone or it came up in his feed and he came out of hiding once again to respond (~5 months after his 3 years of silence were broken since the first sneak/cheat job on Felghana to threaten me with "his lawyer..."). His response was merely 4 words:
Quote from: B.J.Psycho DeuceBag, on November 28, 2013
Cry me a river.

Cute, isn't it ? Thus, in totality, that's ALL the criminal has ever had to say to me after all these years, THAT and "STFU, I have a lawyer!!!" Hence why "callous criminal" is so applicable to this disgusting man!

3) ...Afterwards, a warning was issued by Miikka that all posts will be deleted in about a week, but after maybe Lipschultz also got a chance to respond, to which Psycho DeuceBag replied again:
Quote from: B.J.Psycho DeuceBag, on November 28, 2013
Won't hurt my feelings.

4) I decided to respond back making me break a prohibition on direct responses to him, but I felt it needed to be done. I just couldn't resist out of shear disgust...
Quote from: NightWolve, on November 28, 2013: "My Direct Demands to Jeff 'Psycho DeuceBag' Nussbaum"
Well now, if it isn't Jeff "I got a lawyer!" Nussbum... Heh. Or, better yet, Jeff "I got a big d1ck!" Nussbum. Yesss, as I revealed, he apparently took a photo to prove the latter... He pulled his pants down, omgfluffed/jerked himself up a bit, brought a camera down to his spotlight-loving penis, snapped a photo and shared it with the Internet, by extension, the world... Well, I guess you can respect the fact that Big Jeff Psycho DeuceBag (what they call 'im) was willing to "back up" his claim of being well-endowed. The lawyer was imaginary though.

So, if I understand this correctly, the same callous criminal cunt that perjured himself by indicating that he hired a lawyer in order to intimidate me with an extortionist demand to delete any and all references to him on my website, that very same bigoted, butt-hurt butt-hole is indicating his feelings won't get hurt if his mere 8 words here get deleted along with everything that I wrote ?? Well, that's cute.

Your extortionist demands and cheering for deletion of negative comments towards you is widely known. You didn't have to tell him your feelings won't get hurt if this was all deleted... Your approval goes without saying so it's kind of a joke...

Listen criminal, you made your demands over email, now here are mine in case it wasn't already obvious to you:

1) I want my $550 dollars back!!! That was probably the second greatest mistake in my lifetime in later realizing what a criminal you turned out to be... No, scratch that, A MONSTER! You're a f--king monster and I genuinely wish that I had never met you, m0therf--ker! So yeah, I want this mistake undone. Period!

2) You criminally profited off of my back, my sacrifices, my tools/software, my time, my technical ideas, my work hours as it were, IN the face of a once-in-a-lifetime commercial opportunity with a commercial entity landing your name credited on 3 Sony PSP and 4 Steam PC official releases!!! You profited off of our de facto partnership in this situation and chose to treat it as an individual affair in a self-serving and selective manner and because of the criminal at XSEED who made the deal - you're beyond disgusting and the world should know just how much... You were morally/ethically obligated to contact me and include me in negotiations but instead engaged in silence which continued on for 3 years... You are behind another computer in another state and could get away with it after all, right ??

You were paid certain amounts for the translated results. You pocketed 100% of the payments and credit all for yourself! These were ill-gotten gains off my back in the "step 1" phase of the translation process and EVERY last work hour spent on such tasks becomes billable to you given this unexpected opportunity to commercialize the results! Or, my work hours become billable to XSEED Games in place of you since they knew of the partnership but deliberately chose to cheat me... One or the other, but since we all know what happened here, both of you are morally/ethically on the hook as far as I'm concerned, something you criminals avoided and played stupid about ever since.

To the point: In addition to the $550, you are to provide proof of what was paid in total and negotiate a split of such earnings plus penalty for your years of playing stupid and avoidance!!! That spell it out for you proper, M0THERF--KER ?!?! Or, you wanna play selective "typing logic games" with me whereby he who typed the English text wins, collects 100% credit, 100% profit, passes go, and the other guy, well, F--K THE OTHER GUY, huh ?? Huh, m0therf--ker ?? How stupid do you, Lipschultz, Ken Berry take me and the public for in understanding this issue ??

In the end, criminal, I know that only with successful legal action would the injustice that you perpetrated against me be corrected, that or with vigilante action so this is all moot... You are the most disgusting thing that ever happened to me and you will pay a price, at the very least, in the court of public opinion!! This isn't over by a long shot, you disgusting m0therf--ker! - I have a special surprise for XSEED eventually, so whatever the case, the both of you will undergo a maximum negative PR war in the meantime! No imaginary lawyer that you hired is gonna stop that!!

To put it in anachronistic terms, "I curse you," that's right you disgusting f--king criminal, I curse you and I wish nothing but the very worst for you and your disgusting life, a life you once tried to end yourself! Burn in hell! And you thought what, you were just gonna keep taking snipes in videogame magazine interviews or elsewhere and I would just continue to sit there in silence, let the both of you a$$holes get away with it ?? You thought WAY WRONG m0therf--ker!!!!!!

5) Miikka immediately deleted everything right after and that's how the exchange abruptly ended...

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. I laid it out pretty well for the m0therf--ker though if he never got to read it given Miikka's quick deletion, the posting of it here I imagine will have gotten around to his attention. Either way, I preserve it here for the general public...

You know, back in 2010, I often wondered did B.J.Psycho DeuceBag in ANY way fight for me and say that I shouldn't be excluded, that it'd be wrong, that it'd be cheating me, that I should be credited, or even if he ever thought to put his foot down with an "All or Nothing" demand/ultimatum, that is, either NightWolve is included in this deal or I reject it, in order to force Lipschultz/XSEED to do business the right/moral way... Well, obviously, with the 3 years of silence, his answer to this all (a "cry me a river" response), and everything that I learned about him ever since, I was a f--king fool to have EVER thought for ONE F--KING SECOND that he might've tried to stand up for me!! This man is a callous monster! I gave him the benefit of the doubt in that Lipschultz/XSEED probably forced his hand, but yeah, Lipschultz didn't have to do any such thing, I see that now, this f--king criminal a$$hole had no problem "going along" with exactly what Lipschultz/XSEED wanted!!! He and Lipschultz were already conspiring together on the Ys Origin project before this XSEED deal came along after all!

One other thought I had is that I was so struck by the contrast in behavior: I know that if I had been contacted first, he would've been the first person to contact and celebrate with (if the work roles were reversed or even if it was for a PSP programming job, etc.), so I was really stunned by it in the beginning. But, a few months after May 2010 when I learned that Lipschultz was the man behind XSEED Games that had orchestrated the deal, a BIG light bulb went off in my head and I was like, "Oooooohhh, so that's why the m0therf--ker is playing stupid with me, not saying anything, etc. Now his behavior makes more sense!" The fact that it was Thomas Lipschultz that had been hired by XSEED, the man behind the "Dogi breaks walls" t-shirt, that told me EVERYTHING I needed to know about why "business" was conducted the way that it was and why B.J.Psycho DeuceBag was playing stupid!

Anyway, I guess if the Psycho DeuceBagger ever gets butt-hurt enough to threaten you with a lawyer demanding total deletion of "any and all references" of talking bad about him, you know the appropriate response to provide him with: "Cry me a river!" Heh.

I haven't done sufficient updates to keep up with recent events but as many XSEED fans on Twitter know the company was BUSTED bigtime for cheating Brittany Avery after being fired with the disgraced Tom-chan "The KKK Witch" Lipschultz. This led to the fashionably flamboyant Executive Commander Sterling to produce this most excellent video lambasting XSEED for cheating people!First off, ladies and gentlemen, we here at Ys are STILL patiently awaiting to hear from B.J. Psycho DeuceBag's "lieyer" given the legal action that he promised... It's been 6 months since he broke his 3 years of direct silence towards me (read: "playing stupid" after the first Felghana May 2010 deal with XSEED Games) to threaten legal action and I am still in full violation of his "demands." :P Anyway, I shall keep you posted on that front as soon as I hear from "his lawyer..."

Intro: Now, as indicated, Jeff "I got a big d1ck!" Nussbaum struck again, but this time on Facebook! Basically, I learned that a new Ys patch was released and I posted that I'd have to boycott it on account of him, a disgusting, bigoted, callous criminal having translated it. Suffice to say, that got the criminal's attention and once again prompted a direct response...

Continue Reading... (Post Status: 100% - Done.)

Quicki Insert: Presenting a newer version of the Ys Typing Tutor for later release to honor XSEED, its personnel + others >:D:

P.S. Tom, you're not the only one that knows how to wage a PR war, buddy! You will come to regret ever meeting me m0therf--ker, the way I have come to regret ever meeting you AND the c0ck-flasher! I hope that's already the case for the both of you and your two-bit, exploitative, divisive, criminal company...

Rants / Re: Big-D1cked DeuceBag "Not Interested" in "Vendettas"
« on: Sep. 18, 2013, 03:16:44 AM »
Quote from: Big-D1cked Psycho DeuceBag (AKA Jeff Nussbaum)
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 1:53 AM
I'm not interested in your vendetta against "provmerong" or whoever.

I didn't ask for your interest, you disgusting, bigoted, criminal motherfucker! It was simply a reflection of thinking that I got punked or something by him or someone else - I thought it was you at first, but then your use of different email accounts threw me off. Any mention of him was entirely the result of your identity having been in question and him having played sock-puppets in the past!!

WHY did you switch emails on me when Tom-chan confirmed you only ever used the MoriyaMug one with him also ?? WHY did you hide for 3 YEARS pocketing 100% of the XSEED money, playing stupid ever since ?? Those are FAR more important issues/questions than a case of mistaken identity you disgusting motherfucker but of course you exploit ANY tangential issue that presented itself in those few seconds of text even harping on them 3 years later!

Quote from: Jeff Deuce Nussbaum
And to help answer my own question here [Am I an Asshole?]... to anyone who has a problem with how I choose to spend my own free time, do the rest of the world a favor. Go mix up a paint stripper and bleach cocktail, and down it. Ideally, feed some to any progeny you've made the mistake of siring beforehand. Yes, I am suggesting you off yourself and your misbegotten family, and keep your bloodline from further polluting the gene pool. (That's the general, non-specific "you," for those who never paid attention in English class.)

Some of you folks are cool and would be welcome in my home. Most of you, I'm completely indifferent toward, mostly out of simply not knowing you. A handful, witnessing, and perhaps contributing to, your agonizing demise would raise a dry smile. And if you think I'm exaggerating, you really don't know the first thing about me. Then again, if you did, you wouldn't make such idiotic assumptions about my intentions to begin with. I don't mince words, tell lies, or play nice if I don't genuinely wish to.

And with that, I'm off to bed. The asshole has work to do

Don't lecture me you vile murderous lunatic!!!! You tried to act "professional" with me all those years, but meanwhile you were writing threads about wanting to kill numerous fans after asking AND confirming that you're an asshole, telling them to also kill their children so as not to pollute the gene pool! You double-downed to remove any doubt if it was sarcasm or not! NOW I understand ALL that judgmentalism you threw at my direction, it was deflection given what a disgusting, pathetic piece of shit that you are! Given ALL your views, murderous rants about wanting to see Neo-Geo fans die after drinking paint stripper and bleach cocktail and your self-serving Facebook Mark Zuckerberg "views" on screwing over partners, I would've banned you ON SIGHT!!! ON SIGHT YOU FUCKING SOB! ONCE A PIECE OF SHIT, ALWAYS A PIECE OF SHIT!

I don't care about what you are or are not interested in you sociopath; you are pure scum of the earth, you are nothing to me but an ugly monster! What I care about is justice, what I'm "interested" in is bringing YOU to justice (And Lipschultz)! And really, how dare you! You don't get to pop out of the blue after ~3 years of hiding, playing stupid, and then get to make demands of me after what you did, you f--king criminal! You have yet to be held accountable for your deucebaggery!!

Yesss, you need not worry about my "vendetta" against him OR anybody else! Worry about my vendetta against YOU, you f--king sack of shit! You've superseded ANY other "vendetta" with anybody else... Well, you and Lipschultz that is, a deserving duo of deucebags! PruvMeRong is SMALL, insignificant potatoes compared to the likes of you and your criminality!! Who the f--k are you kidding ?? Like I said, the biggest monster of them all was right next to me all along. I only wish you had been successful in that suicide attempt of yours, you well-medicated, callous, disgusting bigot! I would've gone on to translate with Shimarisu, translations wouldn't have been as good, but at least it wouldn't have been you getting the opportunity with XSEED. Why oh why couldn't you have been successful in that "attempt," eh Jeff ?? Didn't truly have the guts to go through with it ?? What'd you do, swallow a whole bottle of pills or what ? It should've been a sword as you like to tell Ys fans to do...

Now I know why (especially after learning of your escapades on the Neo Geo forums) you once said to me that fan translation work is one of the only things in your life that you are proud of... You once tried to end that miserable, disgusting life of yours so you didn't have many things to be proud of or enough of to continue existence on the planet. If you had, well, one less person would've been victimized by your criminality, right ?? How many others have you gotten the opportunity to hurt or cheat in your lifetime so far, any others besides me ?? Maybe that "attempt" was the right decision all along, what do you think ??

Well, by your pathetic, extortionist threat and you perjuring yourself in the process, I'd say my "vendetta" has gotten your attention. You're not laughing now, are you, you m0therf--ker ?? You know, even now, I can't believe how disgusting you turned out to be, but then again, there were some small signs that this was possible, still, it was hard to believe for a while. I guess I am just a bad judge of character and couldn't see what a truly evil monster was lurking underneath. LIKE I SAY: BURN IN HELL YOU SORRY BASTARD!

P. S. Did you know that PruvMeRong was a good little bigoted, angry, arrogant, atheist a$$hole just like you, besides being a criminal malcontent ?? Yeap, that's right, you have much in common with the guy and didn't even know it! Before I managed to get his website shutdown (it was just a forum to bash Christians and he was proud he did NOT have a PayPal icon on it for this "service" that he bragged to me like Tom-chan), I found that he had that Spaghetti Monster rant that you atheist bigots like to promote which you think is somehow funny, clever, and witty, etc. Interesting, eh ? Well, I think so. OH WAIT, OOPS, I'M SORRY, I FORGOT, BIG-D1CKED DEUCEBAG IS IN CHARGE! Yesss, yesss, he's not interested in my "vendettas" against others, well, just the one against him hence his deletion demand. Heh.

Big-D1cked Psycho DeuceBag, now just reduced to an extortionist, thinks it should be illegal to "talk bad" about him AFTER he monumentally f--ks you over in a once-in-a-lifetime commercial opportunity... Poor little darling... How about that, eh ?? He's even got a "lieyer" to act as enforcer in this regard, ladies and gentlemen... Better watch out!


Why were you and/or Tom-chan constantly stalking this dead website/forum to even instantly learn I said anything about you, XSEED, etc ? ? And yes, where's your lawyer you miserable psychotic defamation liar ?? I tell you where: You can't afford jack shit with your 10 YEARS of bankruptcy/drug addictions/ambulance crashes/condo loss/health problems both mental/physical and your hatred kill obsessions rolling in the mud with fans!!!

Source: on Jun 20, 2013
UserName: Sara (Sara "the Shill" Leen, XSEED's Steam Programmer)
Post Status: 100% - Good enough, fully edited, ready for a full read.

Quote from: Sara Leen
In a way, I'm surprised he hasn't found some way to drag me into all this, too. It drives me insane seeing all this and I can't help but wonder... how NightWolve works.

So to start it off, Sara, an XSEED contractor who decided to shill for a company that she has worked for, slanders me as being somehow reckless, that I would recklessly drag someone into this that didn't have anything to do with it... First off, YOU dragged yourself into this, Sara, not me! Nobody strapped you to a chair, forced you to read that "Boycott XSEED" thread word for word, nor did they force you to actually post in it! So, I really dunno what the hell you're talking about and I certainly resent it... You're "surprised" I didn't manage to drag you into this ?? On what factual basis do you make this scurrilous charge ? How were you relevant to what Psycho DeuceBag and Lipschultz did or the conversations I had with Ken Berry ?? Those are the people I have been talking about, last I checked...

Well, in trying to figure out who she was, what the hell she was talking about, I realized that back when I tried to contact Ken Berry (XSEED's Director of Publishing), on May 5th, 2012, I sent 2 emails, one to XSEED's PR representative and one to her asking for Ken's phone number. None of them ever replied, but I found Ken's phone # anyway. So, that's the only connection I have to her (an email that she ignored) along with the one that begins now in answering her posts... Pretty sure she doesn't know that it was me that asked the question, so her false charge is based on who knows what, but whatever...

Quote from: Sara Leen
I just want to say that I have no disrespect for NightWolve's work. Just the way he's lashing out. Things should really be settled in more gentle and amicable or at least calm ways, and this seems more like a "kill it all with fire" approach. I don't have any input to give on the situation itself, really, and not sure I could if I did.

Well, you see Sara, I already tried to "settle" this back on 5/6/2012 when I called Ken, which is all about why I emailed you asking for his phone number... I found it anyway, no thanks to you, but needless to say, while it sounded like he was gonna cooperate after the 2nd call, with the 3rd and final call, his whole tone changed, he fed me a bunch of disingenuous bullshit (e.g. "Do you have a paypal icon on your site?" - as did Psycho DeuceBag once!), basically, it was a polite "Too bad and bye bye!"

See, the problem only had a chance to be solved with Ken, if ever... "Ladies' Man LipschultzTM" was the cause of the problem and it was never going to be solved with him, not then, not now, not EVER! I had to speak to someone above him, that was the whole point, not just to embarrass the bastard, that was only ever a side benefit. I wanted justice for what had happened, a correction to the XSEED XCISE, at least for the Steam releases (too late for printed PSP carts), to not allow this to continue any longer! Funny thing, the day that I called Ken, "Ladies' Man LipschultzTM" threatened me with this,
Quote from: Ladies' Man Lipschultz
"Just to let you know, BTW, anything you write to me in email is fair game to be shared publicly."
and my response was this,
Quote from: NightWolve, 5/6/2012
"I too can make threats... Just to let you know, BTW, anything you write back to me in email is "fair game" to be CC'ed to Ken Berry who I spoke to over the phone about 2 hours ago... He's gonna wanna talk to you about our brief discussion..."
- Boy, I sure do wish I could've been a fly on the wall and listened in on that Monday when the bastard came into work!

Anyhow, XSEED has no intention of "settling" this matter and yet you would expect gentle, amicable, calm, etc. approaches by me after all that I went through with Lipschultz before he was hired by XSEED and Psycho DeuceBag's 3 years of silence and playing stupid ?? XSEED decided that I could be ignored and that I'd eventually "go away..." Well, I am going to show them that that was a mistake. Hopefully, I have already done that! In this situation, the only recourse is a public boycott, telling the story of what happened. There isn't much else... And don't you DARE lecture me about civility! This isn't the real Lipschultz... I remember him when he was just a fanboy with his fan credo fanaticism and wanting to demonize me all over the Internet after fallout with the Ys Origin parallel project dispute, similar to Kirsten Miller, except that she's far worse mentally and has been doing it for years (mass demonization at every opportunity my name comes up!)!

>> This right here is the Lipschultz that I remember! << Not the Lipschultz that you see now that has to force himself to act professionally to protect his job, to get people to believe that his personal grudge for me didn't in ANY way affect how business was conducted with that first Felghana deal, when 2 months right before it happened he had threatened that he had reported me to my ISP and the FBI crime center!! Total secrecy at the time against EVERYBODY else in the translation project doesn't show an attempt to have been fair, open, willing to hear all sides on the issue, one way or another... That shows arrogance, unilateralism, and spite, frankly etc.! Deliberate desire to avoid one person in favor of another! As project manager, I was in a far better position to know how everyone's work was reflected in what and I could provide an export far faster than having Psycho DeuceBag sneak and fumble around in my Access database to learn how to do it on the spot, but yet they made sure to bypass me and made it so that I'd be the last to know anything... Psycho DeuceBag continued with this silence 3 years on, as mentioned!

Source: on Jun 22, 2013

Quote from: Sara Leen
Honestly? At this point, he should just get over this stuff with Tom and Psycho DeuceBag or go ahead and marry them.

Oh wow, looky here, we got a comedian! "Durrr, you should go marry them! Ha ha ha!" So a gender-neutral polygamous marriage supporter to boot, huh ?? Is the 2-and-only-2 marriage rule/restriction also unfair, arbitrary, discriminatory, etc. ?? Heh-heh.

You know, one of the most arrogant things is for somebody else to tell a victim of something to "Get over it!" This is not something you could ever fully get over, mam! You're not in my shoes, you never made all the sacrifices that I did, so it's nothing but pure arrogance for you as an outsider looking in to claim it's time for me to "get over it!" When I have justice, then maybe I'll "get over" some aspects of it, but this is not something you could ever fully forget! This was criminality, backstabbing, persecution, vindictiveness at its finest! This was a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; there'll never be another Ys series and this never really happened to a fan translation team before, yet Psycho DeuceBag stole unprecedented benefits all for himself, the honor, recognition, the credit, and the profit from an official corporation for work/labor he wasn't 100% responsible for, and he never had a single thing to say to me for 3 years... When he finally did, it basically was, "STFU, I have a lawyer! Remove ANY and ALL references to me on your website or legal action shall be brought down upon you!!! RRRRRRRRAAAAWWWWWRRRR!!!!!" - Paraphrased a bit, but I capture his deucebaggery perfectly accurately.

At least "Ladies' Man LipschultzTM" can craft a well-written apology, but given he's manipulative, deceptive, dishonest, you can't do much with it, especially when it's basically just a "I'm sorry, I can't fix this, but please don't hate us, etc.!" This is what happens when you have some leverage over him, and he has to act with some level of professionalism as an XSEED employee and cannot act the way that he did in the good ole days as a fanboy where trashing/bashing El NightWolve was a fun sport to pander to freeloaders/pirates!! Nice thing is, now that he's having to walk in the shoes of an official producer (and go beyond his fanboy consumer level-based shoes, thus gain more perspective) and is (as in XSEED) getting "pirated on" by the very a$$holes that he once pandered to, he actually once admitted that I "may" have a point on these matters, heaven forbid, cause you know, teh NightWolve is always supposed to be wrong!! I'm glad his arrogance caught up with him there.

Quote from: Sara Leen
It drives me insane seeing all this and I can't help but wonder... how NightWolve works. .... I just want this to be over. ...  just hope for all of this to finally be over, preferrably sometime soon. However that may be.

Ah, poor Sara... It can always be "over," Sara... Just don't click back in any thread that causes you such distress, you poor thing! But see, your mere "want" of this to be over (which translates to, "Please shut up and go away!"), your apparent inability to look away (so to speak), and your dismissal, mocking of my grievances with the cheapskate, criminal company that you work for is not going to be a deciding factor on me not continuing to speak my mind about what happened! Sorry Sara! This was a genuine injustice perpetrated by 2 genuine, bigoted, criminal a$$holes and since it's not going to be corrected, I'm gonna let loose like I should've done a long time ago! It's that simple.

Quote from: Sara Leen
Edit: I'm also going to say, about that remark that Falcom probably owns any script derived from the original... That's almost certainly right. I don't say this as a representative of anyone, especially not XSEED, though. But think about it: No altering of the work was authorized, so there's no reason the altered work belongs to anyone at all, but if it does, it would probably be the original author. Otherwise, you could just change a word in a book and say it's yours now. It doesn't work that way. Copying it all via character recognition wouldn't make it yours, either; the source is irrelevant to your rights, I think. I am Not An Expert, but I'm pretty sure of this.

This means that, realistically, if I'm correct, none of the work NightWolve AND DEUCEBAG actually has real rights to (which logically probably isn't much of it, really just his tools and such) was used in the final product. That being said, I can't see why it would be wrong to credit him in respect for what he's done for the community, if not for the fact he's always yelling at everyone.

That's right Sara. She actually said something intellectually honest and factual here, well, almost. There are no legal rights here as far as the script, but you left out Psycho DeuceBag's name after mine. You limited your comment to just me, when it was also applicable to him. So, it's not about legal ownership and a transfer of it from one party to another. That wasn't possible. So, logically, this was about paying somebody for their time/labor, for services rendered, and only one party was paid and credited for that while another party was deliberately ignored in a deal all orchestrated by an employee that had a provable grudge for said ignored/excluded party, etc.

Even if we played the legal ownership game, and that's all it is, a game, Psycho DeuceBag was still in possession of translated results thanks to my step 1 labor for script extraction/preparation and along with software to facilitate the translation process. That does NOT count for 0.00000000% as YOUR M0THERF--KING CRIMINAL COMPANY DECIDED THAT IT DOES IN SECRET! SO F--K YOU ALL TO HELL!! At best that is "co-ownership" NOT 100% for him, and 0% for everybody else, or more like F--K EVERBODY else which is how he/you all operated on! He got the benefit of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity precisely because of the time that I sacrificed in running and marketing these fan projects, which also attracted "Ladies' Man LipschultzTM" to the table, who worked on 2 projects with me, and who would go on to be hired by XSEED and make this possible, etc. Fact is, they never should've touched these fan translated results if they were gonna bungle this up to such a disgusting degree!

I'm gonna reuse this from Ken Berry, but here:
Question: "Can XSEED comment on working with Psycho DeuceBag to bring about the official localisation of Oath in Felghana and Ys I&II?"
Quote from: Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at XSEED Games
As we were getting ready to start on the translations for these projects, our newly hired Falcom fanboy, Tom, stated that there were already some great English translations created by another Falcom fan that went by the name “Deuce” on message boards. Since Tom knew Deuce he reached out to him about us using his translations and Deuce was immediately onboard. A lot of companies, including us when there’s too many projects for our in-house staff, outsource their translation so we figured why not outsource it to someone that’s intimately familiar with the material while also saving us the time of taking a couple months to do it since it’s already done? We always have our internal team proof and edit any translated scripts, but this saved us some time in our localization process to be able to allocate any time usually reserved for the translation process to the editing side for a more polished final product.

If using a ready-to-go fan translation saved XSEED time, then my time + Psycho DeuceBag's time is what saved XSEED time! MY TIME WAS NOT F--KING WORTHLESS AS SOME AHOY ALOY, CRIMINAL, BIGOTED MALCONTENTS SAY THAT IT IS LIKE THIS, "Truner Razer"! My "time" is precisely what put my bigoted, criminal ex-partner, Psycho DeuceBag, in this position and that is what makes it "unjust enrichment!" I did the labor under different circumstances and not for a for-profit corporation at the time! If the bastard combined with XSEED was going to cheat me, I never would've done the labor for him at the time! I can't believe I have to spell out what utter bullshit this is, how disgusting it is!

And this by Psycho DeuceBag:!&p=2987212&viewfull=1#post2987212
Quote from: Psycho DeuceBag
Well, the translation was originally done purely for love of the series. I was expecting no money from it at all. I just wanted people to be able to play the games in English. The amount I received was less than it might have been as a full-time staffer, but as this is essentially found money, a big point on my resume, and a permanent, official mark on my favorite game series of all time, I was willing to accept the deal, particularly since the work had already been done.

Note he says, "I was willing to accept the deal, particularly since the work had already been done."  It was NOT a "retranslation" which would defeat the time-saving purpose of wanting a ready-to-go fan translation! The work was already done, as stated by his own criminal mouth! As an aside, it almost looks to me that he's indicating that he was possibly willing to hold out for more money! This was a once-in-a-lifetime deal, and he's trying to sound like he was playing it all cool to the people reading that, at least, in my opinion.... Pffffft. Meanwhile, he's f--king over the other man responsible for the "step 1" labor that got him there and this opportunity without a care in the world, like the callous, criminal sociopath that he has proclaimed himself to be! Good looking out Psycho DeuceBag! Thanks m0therf--ker! Like I said: BURN! IN! HELL!!!!

Finally, one from "Ladies' Man LipschultzTM" himself, from a private email, previously unreleased:
Quote from: Ladies' Man Lipschultz, Jan 7, 2011
With Sora no Kiseki on our plate, we were left a bit short-handed for our other titles... and that's the situation I was hired into. So given the state of affairs, I suggested hiring Deuce as a third-party freelance translator for the titles he'd already translated. After all, it's not a whole lot different than hiring, say, 8-4 Studios in Shinjuku, with whom XSEED's worked many times in the past... except in Deuce's case, the translation was done from the get-go, meaning the turnaround time for his work consisted of like... the time it took to format his translations for editing, and that's it. (: It was pretty much a win-win situation for everyone involved: saved us precious time, got Deuce recognition and publication, and ensured that our products were released with top-notch translations, as everyone was expecting them to be.

See, I played nice with him, congratulated him at the time to fish for some information. I wanted to make sure these weren't "retranslations" before ever saying anything publicly. Obviously with Psycho DeuceBag having played stupid with me for 6-7 months at this point, I didn't need further verification that I got screwed over, but it's always good to have evidence, to get intellectually honest answers from people at the right time, because at other times, they might not be so willing to be as honest or as accurate, etc. Definitely something I'm seeing right now.

Quote from: Sara "the Shill" Leen
if not for the fact he's always yelling at everyone.

Once again, for the ignorant and uninformed, I tried to correct this privately back in May of 2012 with Ken Berry. But, XSEED ultimately decided I could be ignored, politely told me, "Too bad, we owe you nothing, bye bye!" and that I'd eventually just go away... She's trying to use the "yelling" that's occurring right now, a year later, as an explanation for why I'm not or won't be properly credited, as if there would be a chance to correct this, if not for the yelling that's occurring right now, if that makes sense... You get the idea. It's blaming the victim's reaction to the injustice and saying, "Well see, why would they correct it now ??" THEY WEREN'T GOING TO, CHIEF, THAT'S WHY YOU'RE GETTING THE REACTION THAT YOU'RE GETTING, DUH!!

Source: on July 1, 2013

Quote from: Sara "the Shill" Leen
I'm kind of confused at the point NW tries to make about Deuce being credited before XSEED. As far as I can tell, it's just how XSEED have been handling things for non-employees. ... I dunno, I just find it weird the things he focuses on so much, sometimes.

Confused, huh ? Weird ?? Totally missed the point ?? I can't help you if you're not going to pay attention yet you blame me for it cause you evidently missed the point or it went over your head, etc... Lemme spell it out for you with some context first:

1) The bigoted, hateful, heckling, hatemonger, Kirsten Miller (AKA omgfailure!), believes in blackballing, blacklisting her enemies and finds a Credit XCISE an appropriate form of punishment/persecution much like Hollywood use to do to Communists by removing them from the Credits roll of films, etc. You get the idea. She stated that when you credit someone, you objectively acknowledge everything that person represents, so she thinks, in this case, even if you benefited from somebody's work, you should be entitled to stiff him/her on a credit and get away with it! It would make her happy, you see! If I had been credited, she would've been very butt-hurt about that and would've acted like I was say the moral equivalent to Michael Vick (the dog killer) as Lipschultz brought up previously...

2) The lying, wannabe "lieyer," gyakutenkyle, stated that, somehow, XSEED couldn't "legally" credit me without putting their business partnership at risk with Falcom because I'm an unlicensed fan translator, essentially... I extracted the Japanese text without licensing... So if some guy at Falcom saw me being credited in an official US release by XSEED (after he beat it and was watching the Credits roll), and if he made the connection that I was the same guy responsible for all those unlicensed Ys patches, he would complain to XSEED, IF THAT ALL MAKES SENSE TO YOU! That was the ridiculous argument/hypothetical that he was trying to pass off!

3) The pure a$$hole "Dogi Wannabe" and character assassin stated that if you're going to credit somebody, you wouldn't want a batshit crazy raving loon in there... Hypocritical heckling hacks like him don't ever back up their slanderous/libelous assertions about "batshit crazy loon" but anyway, let's get to the point.

So, given this line of argument by at least 3 people there about why I shouldn't be credited, I pointed out that XSEED went to the trouble to credit an unlicensed fan translator first, before ANY full-time staff member there!! If crediting me puts XSEED's relationship at risk with Falcom, why wouldn't that be also true of Psycho DeuceBag ?? There would be NO unlicensed fan translation patches without that criminal's "step 2" labor and I would be just a guy with the Japanese text and the software to help translate it which would be of no consequence to Falcom... Yet, Psycho DeuceBag was credited first on an official release, etc.

Do you see my point yet on their hypocritical, selective logic ?? Or is it still "weird," still going over your head ?? No effort was made to downplay the fact that this was an unlicensed translator whose work was being used, he's credited first, not tucked away in some Special Thanks section!

Based on all their hypocritical, selective arguments on an immoral, unethical Credit XCISE, I raise the following:

1) Psycho DeuceBag is an unlicensed fan translator credited in unlicensed fan translation patches that are distributed and installed ALL OVER the world EVERY DAY! No chance of risking offense to Falcom in having credited him first and someone noticing that he's the same guy that helped create those unlicensed patches ??

2) Psycho DeuceBag posted a link to a photo of his d1ck on the Neo Geo forums, this was the "climax" prior to bragging to people about how big it is, etc. To quote Miller-time again: "If you credit somebody, you acknowledge everything that person represents." - So, is it troubling or embarrassing to XSEED that the guy that's credited before any full-time staff member immortalized himself as "The FlasherTM" ??

3) Psycho DeuceBag admitted that he "partnered up" with another man in the same room for some, shall we say, sexual relief - A genuine nerd circle jerk, or a mutual, private, dual masturbation ritual, if you will. ;) So, is that a little embarrassing for XSEED now that I'm making it known beyond the Neo Geo forums ??

4) Psycho DeuceBag also self-proclaimed himself a sociopath who could coldly murder someone if he was ever so inclined... Is this a man that should be credited, that should be endorsed ??

So Sara, do you get the point yet or not ?? If the 3 hateful hacks mentioned wanna play this game of digging up dirt, using past incidents to justify f--king somebody over (the leak of my Felghana patch), bad moments in one's life, etc. and forever be representing that person by them to cheat them out of crediting, it works BOTH WAYS and we could be here all day playing that game, couldn't we ??

They wanna make the argument that it would be embarrassing if I was credited, even in a "back of the bus" Special Thanks mention. Get it ?? That crediting me would potentially risk the business partnership with Falcom even... Get it ?? My point all along was, what did I do exactly that's comparable and as embarrassing to what Psycho DeuceBag has done and said in the past, someone who is CREDITED FIRST BEFORE ANY STAFF MEMBER THEN ?? I ASK THE QUESTION! His fan translating actions were just as much unlicensed as mine!! Why would that which disqualifies me for crediting not disqualify him as well ?? Selective outrage doesn't get past my bullshit detector, sorry!

Let's play some more: "Ladies' Man LipschultzTM" *PROUDLY* defends animated/cartoon child p0rn0gr@phy under "principles of Freedom of Speech..." Alright, well, I see he's credited just fine regardless of such views. Wouldn't such a man offend a % of the population if they knew (as they now do having read this) ?? He's a hypocrite anyway, I mean, when Psycho John Schizomaniak ran crying to my Ys IV dubbing partner about 3-4 sentences that I wrote in our project ReadMe, threatening to "contact the authorities" if those lines weren't censored, "Ladies' Man LipschultzTM" self-elected himself to a committee on Official ReadMe Guidelines and Standards and conveniently defined what should or should NOT be in somebody else's ReadMe, and of course, what El NightWolve had to say didn't fit his "standards" and therefore should be censored, etc. Hahaha! Gotta love it!

The perverts sitting around in a room, realizing, hey, we can work around not being legally able to use children in p0rn0s by, well, drawing/animating the content, for them, "Ladies' Man LipschultzTM" runs to their defense to protect their content from censorship, but a few lines, 3-4, of me calling Psycho John a hack journalist and criticizing him for printing the provable lies that he wrote about me on the 2nd attempt to complete the dubs for the Ys IV project, for that, well...that needed to be censored!!! El NightWolve managed to find something that Lipschultz would wanna censor whereas pedo-fiend perverts cannot!! Moreover, if I had come to AHOY ALOY and bitched about nasty comments about me, just like he told me last time, he'd say, "Get off the Internet!" and that I'm "thin-skinned!" What can I say, sometimes I remember peoples' bullshit pretty damn good...

Anyhow, is that a man that should be credited ?? I humbly ask the question...

Well, I've had enough fun for this point, you should be able to understand it if you read through it. I did my best.

Quote from: Sara
Even watching all of this is getting tiring, and the constant arguing is getting absolutely none of us anywhere.

Heh-heh. I'm picturing that imaginary image of her strapped to a chair again! I'm gonna just post a link to a friend's post on this as it sums it up well:
A lot of bitching and crap.
Not really here to entertain you. Its a take it or leave it situation. Tune in, or tune out. You know where the door is at. It's a klik away.
I might as well, have fun...
Well lets face it. You get people who get on here and complain about all sorts of shit like this, like someone is literally strapping you down to a chair, pried your eyes open, and keeps dropping drops into them while a laptop is forced in front of your face, forcing you to read all these post you can tell two lines in that you wont approve of. Instead of typing up how much you hate it all, just browse a different thread. Your activity in some squabble, or lulz of any type, is not mandatory. There are plenty of threads here you can enjoy that are conflict\lulz free. I see threads I don't care to read all the time. Instead of bitching about the content every time, usually I just don't read or reply in them. Like I said, it is not mandatory.

Thanks Waverider, and I appreciate that you still hang around here once in a blue moon. No, I don't need anything as far as what you offered (the evidence for everything is fully available), this is mainly about getting this whole incident off of my chest finally and some kind of retribution for an injustice... I kept quiet for far too long!

General / Re: "Boycott XSEED!" thread on AHOY ALOY >> gyakutenkyle
« on: Jun. 30, 2013, 10:55:17 PM »
Source: on 6/30/2013
UserName: gyakutenkyle
Post Status: 100%, I think the response is good enough.
Round: 2

Let's help this aspiring, misinformed "lieyer" out some more, shall we ?? He still needs it apparently. But first, I have to facepalm a blatant lie (or strawman) that this lying lieyer told! I quoted it earlier and responded in another way, but I missed the lie about me. Check this quote out again:
Quote from: gyakutenkyle
NightWolve claims that Deuce's translation is owned by Falcom just as the original Japanese text is.
See, here's the thing, I made NO such claim, no such statement. He set up a strawman, and constructed all his spin down from that. This is why hacks don't provide source quotes. They state your position for you, and falsely/wrongly at that, and then they argue a counterpoint based on it. Here's what I actually said,
Quote from: NightWolve
"He does not own it [Japanese text], Falcom does and just cause he typed the English text, he doesn't "own" that either!"
I DID NOT go on to claim that Falcom also legally owns the English text that he typed, I just didn't grant legal ownership to ANY party! I simply stated that Psycho DeuceBag doesn't legally own the English text, and my actual position is that it's an illegal "product." Copyright law was originally violated which is why he's in possession of it! A genuine legal owner of a legal product can legally sell it to ANY other party (legal transfer of ownership), publicly display/distribute/reproduce it, license out derivative works of it, etc.!! That's NOT the case here!

Poor example, but take an illegal drug like "crack," say you want to make, sell, distribute it, well, that's an illegal product, you CAN'T, not without great legal risk! You could NEVER be a "legal owner" of this substance [well, under current drug laws]! But, unlike my example, there IS actually a way for Psycho DeuceBag to become a legal owner: he could make a deal with Falcom, either pay licensing fees for translation rights (limited rights) or buy the whole copyright of the story from Falcom, hence initiate a full legal transfer of ownership from Falcom to him, etc.! THAT'S THE ONLY WAY for him to ever become a legal owner! The LAW is the LAW, as the hack says, and that would be the procedure!

Anyhow, the lying hack went on to indicate that an illegal translator *might* have legal recourse, that is, he *might* be able to win a lawsuit if Falcom took the unlicensed translation that he was illegally, publicly distributing, and then used it for an official product without permission!!! A hypocritical lawsuit : one party translated without permission, hence illegally, then the copyright holder took it without permission, so said party sues for using it without permission! The plaintiff demands copyright protection for something they created by violating the copyright protection of the defendant in the first place! A little ridiculous, isn't it ??

An intellectually honest, fair judge should legally neutralize BOTH parties if that ever happened (a dual dismissal of the case)! Falcom would counter-sue for right-of-translation infringement because permission wasn't obtained in the first place and both parties should be denied legal recourse because Falcom benefited from it (objectively, since they chose to use it), and the illegal translator broke the law to do it (for the benefit of fame or whatever), so therefore, nobody should be entitled to any legal recourse/benefits!

Of course, in his 2nd post, which we'll get to in full, he raises the point that a burglar who broke into your house and hurt himself in the process can successfully sue you for damages, yeah, I agree, with a hack/corrupt judge and a good lieyer it's possible!!!! A moral and legal outrage, a societal injustice, but yes, it has happened (thanks to judicial greed, corruption, dishonesty, etc.)! Judges are human, they can be criminals themselves and/or rule in favor of criminals! And a "good lieyer" keeps a list of these judges, like the ACLU (American Criminal Liberties Union) does, the ones that they know are the most likely to rule in their favor so they try to get their cases brought before them to maximize the chances of winning, etc.

On the flip side to his burglar example though, and the mentioning of illegal drugs, I was reminded of a Judge Judy Court TV-type episode some time back. A renter was sued by the landlady for back-rent. But, the renter escaped accountability by informing the judge that the apartment lost legal rental use, so the landlady lost her case and the deadbeat renter escaped having to pay a few months of back-rent that he owed her before moving out! Because the apartment had been denied legal rental use by the city, and she did it anyway, she couldn't seek legal recourse against a renter for back-rent, since the situation was illegal in the first place!! The judge gave this hypothetical to the landlady to help her understand why she had no legal recourse: Say if a drug user bought $1000 worth of cocaine from a drug dealer, but about 30% of it was diluted with an inactive powder, the drug user couldn't sue the drug dealer for being ripped off!! A legal court of law couldn't provide you with legal recourse since you were dealing with illegal products or situations in the first place, so you're shit out of luck, etc.! That was the message! Of course, you might also wind up with an arrest on that one, too! ;)

Anyway, the point is this, you are NOT, in principle, entitled to legal recourse for illegal activity and/or products, etc.! And just because it *might* be possible to win a lawsuit (with the right lieyer and judge ANYTHING is possible!), that doesn't make you a legal owner of an unlicensed translation! Thus, I stand by what I have to say, gyakutenkyle IS wrong! This whole attempt to frame the issue in terms of legal ownership is an intentional strategy to make a seemingly convincing argument out of a desire to ultimately cheat one person out of credit/compensation and post-rationalize the original decision that XSEED made as having been entirely proper, even legal (which is ridiculous)! Notice also that he totally ignores all the particulars between Lipschultz and myself, and the behavior of Psycho DeuceBag in the aftermath, etc...

OK, to help stop you from spreading misinformation in the future, I put these 3 quotes together for ya! Least I could do for ya AND for the good of the Internet!!

1) Copyright law protects original, creative works of authorship such as books, manuscripts, music, film and video productions, computer code and works of art such as paintings and photos—among other things. Authors of these works have exclusive rights to do the following with their work:
**Distribute copies of the work to the public
**Display the copyrighted work publicly
**Prepare derivative works based upon the work

2) So What Is a Derivative Work?
Example: Translating an English novel into Spanish

3) Who Can Produce Derivative Works?
Only copyright owners have the exclusive right to produce derivative works based on their original, copyrighted works. Copyright on original works of authorship is automatic, and registration—while it does carry significant benefits, like the right to sue for infringement—is not required for a work to be protected; protection attaches immediately when the work is completed. However, a copyright owner can grant permission to someone else to make a derivative work based on his or her original—if permission is granted (in the form of a license or assignment), then creation of the derivative work is not infringement. But if the original isn’t yours and you don’t get permission to use the original from its creator, then you’re infringing that author’s copyright.

Quote from: Article 8 of the Berne Convention
Authors of literary and artistic works protected by this Convention shall enjoy the exclusive right of making and of authorizing the translation of their works throughout the term of protection of their rights in the original works.

See Exclusive Rights Section:
Section 106 granted five exclusive rights to copyright holders:
   2) the right to create derivative works of the original work,
(Even under US Copyright law (not international), you're a miserable failure in having claimed he's a "legal owner" of his translated results!)

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
Though I still maintain he is misinformed, it is not for the reasons I may have implied.

A good example of you being misinformed, and spreading misinformation:
Quote from: gyakutenkyle
...but American copyright law clearly indicates that the translation would fall under the umbrella of derivative work ... In other words, Deuce does not own the original text, but he does (or did) own his English translation of it. If Nihon Falcom or any other company had used it without his permission (and, by extension, without giving him due credit), he would be within his rights to seek legal recourse.

Remember this ?? Your misinformation is STILL there, uncorrected, implying that a derivative work like a translation gains you your own copyright on it and the ability to sue others for infringement!!! Just on the face of it, how the hell could somebody that illegally infringed upon on copyrighted material be entitled, in principle, to legal recourse, that is, going around and suing for some kind of infringement in a legal court of law ?? In the US, at least, you have to register your copyrighted material with the US Copyright office to be able to sue (according to legalzoom)! How you gonna get away with that when you aren't the original owner of the work, and right-of-translation is protected under national and international copyright laws as I made clear to you above ?? Pfffft. You're such a mess! You gotta love the utter, shear arrogance of this guy! Won't admit he got things wrong, but presses on ahead and repeats calling me misinformed. What a weasel/twerp...

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
Essentially, he is misinformed solely because the facts in question have no true legal precedent, as there has never been a case in court in which an unauthorised derivative work was alleged to have been used by the rights-holder of the original publication.

Why is the lack of a precedent that YOU bring up, about something that has never happened in a court of law, the source of my misinformation ?? Stupid dumbf#ck, unbelievable!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
The answer to this question is not quite as clear cut as NightWolve would lead you to believe, nor as clear cut as I implied in my previous posting.

Stop using my name and applying everything that I have said to this new hypothetical of yours, as if I was specifically responding to this particular hypothetical that you suddenly presented!! That is dishonest, ya f#cking hack!

Psycho DeuceBag did a straight translation on Japanese text that I provided him, PERIOD! He is NOT NOR WILL HE EVER BE the "legal owner" of the English text that he typed! Derivative works are protected under copyright law for the original copyright holder as you recently had to learn, Mr. Misinformed!!! XSEED could've credited whoever the hell that they wanted, that wouldn't have broken any laws! And they could've paid whoever the hell that they wanted, that wouldn't have broken any laws either! Why ? It's essentially a retro-active legalization/endorsement, forgiving the fact that our work was done without prior permission, an ability that they gained as a legal license holder!

I've already provided the best hypothetical to this situation of outside contractors. XSEED buys a license for Felghana, but Falcom lost some source code and the script, so XSEED needs a team just like the one Psycho DeuceBag and I were. I would extract the Japanese text out of the game's binaries, prepare it, convert, maybe go the distance and even build translation software to speed up the translation process, then I would give that software to Psycho DeuceBag to convert the Japanese text to English, etc. When we finish all the work that is requested, we announce it, await payment and turn over the results to XSEED, etc. Would my work not count in this scenario ?? Would Psycho DeuceBag's work not count in this scenario ?? NOPE! You and other hacks like you instead have attached yourselves to this "legal ownership" argument because you seek an immoral/unethical outcome (the desired one), to have some way to rationally, logically, justify my exclusion, "The XCISE," the lack of crediting/compensation in the face of 100% crediting/compensation of my criminal ex-partner all the while provide cover for your hate of me and glee that this is how it happened! That's inescapable! But this "bullshit mountain" that you built up falls apart when properly scrutinized, because yeah, it's built on boatloads of bullshit!!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
he does (or again, did) still own the English text itself due to its very nature as a derivative creation.

Once again, this menace does not learn! That's right, I'm calling you a menace too cause that's what you are, talking out of your a$$ the whole time like this and trying to recover from some of your whoopsies while not really admitting to them!!

* Only copyright owners have the exclusive right to produce derivative works based on their original, copyrighted works.

Psycho DeuceBag is not a legal owner of the English text under the letter of the law! SO STOP LYING OR MISINFORMING!!! It was a straight translation! That constitutes a derivative work, and the original copyright holder is the ONLY one that is authorized to do that, or give permission to others!


Quote from: NightWolve
There IS actually a way for Psycho DeuceBag to become a legal owner: he could make a deal with Falcom, either pay licensing fees for translation rights (limited rights) or buy the whole copyright of the story from Falcom, hence initiate a full legal transfer of ownership from Falcom to him!!! THAT'S THE ONLY WAY for him to ever become a legal owner! The LAW is the LAW, as the hack says, and that would be the procedure!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
In the case of this fan translation, Deuce was not within his legal rights to distribute the translated text he produced ..., nor was he within his legal rights to produce it in the first place. ... though Deuce cannot distribute his translated work without express permission from Nihon Falcom

Listen to your nonsense as a whole: He wasn't within his legal rights to produce it, to publicly distribute it, to sell it to anyone in the world, basically, it's something that, according to the letter of the law, shouldn't exist, something that can only safely exist on JUST HIS COMPUTER and not leave it except to go to Falcom or XSEED after proper legal dealings!! Even after stating and realizing all that, you still keep calling him a [legal] owner! That is NOT a legal owner with a copyright on his translated results!! Sure as hell doesn't sound like one to me and I doubt to anybody else except for you! Well, you and Miller-the-Menace of course, let's not forget her!

I'll tell you what that is, that is someone that performed translation labor, the results of which are now sitting on his computer's hard drive!! He isn't the legal owner of the copyrighted story that was originally in Japanese and neither did he gain a copyright, hence legal ownership, on the translated English text JUST BECAUSE OF THE MERE FACT THAT HE TYPED IT! NO! That's not how it works!

Therefore, this should be judged as a matter of a service being provided. Back to the contractor example. Falcom/XSEED asked him to translate the text, offered a flat fee, he performed the needed labor, and upon payment, handed over the results! He sold HIS TIME ON THIS EARTH in this scenario, not an "object" that was legally (via copyright) his, ya F#CKING MORON! So sick of you!!! That was not a legal transfer of ownership from one party to another! Just as if Psycho DeuceBag was INSIDE of Falcom as an employee and was asked to translate, he is selling HIS TIME for whatever tasks that are asked of him! He doesn't get to claim he becomes the legal owner of translated results every time he does it!!

Anyhow, of course, to make that more apt, think of it as 2 outside contractors who both wound up with translated results on their computers because of their fan translation activities. SO I ASK A SIMPLE QUESTION: WHAT ACTUAL FUCKING HARM WOULD THERE BE IF I WAS CREDITED AS WELL ?? The answer appears to be whatever BULLSHIT your a$$ can manufacture, come up with! WHAT HARM WOULD THERE BE IF I HAD BEEN SENT A CHECK FOR MY TROUBLES, FOR MY FUCKING TIME ?? WHAT HARM, YOU LYING, A$$HOLE ?? NONE WHATSOEVER! WHAT, BECAUSE A$$HOLES LIKE YOU, MILLER-TIME MIGHT'VE FELT BUTT-HURT, JEALOUS, ETC. ??

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
I trust that they made the only decision they could've.

Yes, let's take this arrogant hack's word for it... From the top, what else do we have to look at when analyzing this outcome ??

1) Um, a policy of total secrecy towards everyone else in the project starting with Felghana, an arrogant policy for something fairly unprecedented that allowed no other input from potentially relevant parties,

2) the fact that Lipschultz, an XSEED employee, had threatened to report me to the FBI (Lipschultz on Mar 8, 2010: "Be advised, I've reported you to your ISP and filed an Internet Crime Complaint Center report on you through the FBI's website" - 2 months before the Felghana deal) at the height of our feuding and bad blood before he was hired by XSEED,

3) the fact that this conveniently only results in having to pay one person, instead of two,

4) the fact that this same employee thought it was funny when somebody (Seldane, the Admin of AHOY ALOY) XCISED me from the title screen credits of my own Felghana patch...

5) Then there's B.J.Psycho DeuceBag playing stupid with me (continued secrecy/silence) for years after this Felghana deal (May 15, 2010), that is, until I went public about everything just recently, thus 3 years! He only comes out of years of hiding to simply threaten a SHUT UP lawsuit with his magically imaginary lawyer on standby...

So yeah, let's NOT look at ANY of these other details, let's just play this game about legal ownership over unlicensed translated text and see how far we can go with that!!! Right on!! Face it, you're a shill and a hack!! - Right there, take a good look at him a$$hole! That's the guy that orchestrated the deal, a manchild! You think I got a fair shake given all the history and bad blood with this guy with him being the one that orchestrated the deal, who completely bypassed me, asked for no input whatsoever, etc. ?? And because it just happened to be the case that I hadn't protected the databases or the Japanese text in particular, which allowed Psycho DeuceBag to export the needed data totally in secret, I made it EASY for the bastards to boot!!!

Anyway, just WHO THE HELL are you to come in and say you "trust" that they made the ONLY decision that they could've ?? BULL F#CKING SHIT!! You couldn't even get your facts straight on copyright laws!!

Addendum: I think a VERY interesting question is this: If Psycho DeuceBag was unavailable for months back in May 2010, say in a coma in a hospital or whatever, just totally unavailable/unreachable, what would Lipschultz have done then ?? Would he have contacted me to export an Excel file of the Felghana script or would XSEED have translated it themselves ?? Only Lipschultz knows for sure, but I have my guess!

UPDATE: Based on Lipschultz's recently confessed (via email) "presentation" of me to XSEED in 2010, a) defining me by the Felghana leak, b) the Ys Origin feuding, thus two drama shit-storms, and c) sending his coworkers to my website knowing they'd find a photo of my middle finger, the answer is clear, XSEED would NOT have ever contacted me. He presented me to his boss Ken Berry as a "monster," as "radioactive" and he managed to get the overall result that he wanted, still getting to use the translations these fan projects produced, but snub/ignore/bypass me and pretend there was no reason whatsoever to have EVER contacted, let alone, included me!

Lipschultz is a vicious, bigoted criminal that essentially used his company for vindictive revenge! Given such a "presentation," it's somewhat understandable albeit incompetent why Ken Berry conducted "business" the way that he did, but at the end of the day, he/they should've translated internally if they were hellbent on cheating me!!!!! That's the historical message here, you should've f--ked off and translated internally if you weren't gonna be fair about this, you disgusting f--king criminals! BURN IN HELL!

General / Re: The "Boycott XSEED!" thread on AHOY ALOY!
« on: Jun. 29, 2013, 08:54:35 PM »
Alright, I decided to make a separate thread *properly titled* to respond to some hacks/posters from another forum. It's necessary to keep myself engaged and combat their spin, deception, shilling for XSEED, etc. on things. Gotta see if I can organize it better this time.

Source: on 6/29/2013
UserName: gyakutenkyle
Post Status: 100% Finished/Proofread! I'm satisfied in fully answering this man!
Quote from: gyakutenkyle
I feel compelled to present my perspective here since no one else has analysed this situation from the viewpoint of copyright standards (save for NightWolve himself, briefly, but his analysis is misinformed).

Actually, it is your analysis that is misinformed, as I feel compelled to show. Arrogance does not win the argument, facts do.

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
NightWolve continues to mention his step one labor. However, I think the real issue here isn't labor at all, but the fruits of that labor. Think about the output NightWolve provided versus the output Deuce provided: One delivered Japanese text that already existed and did not belong to him, whereas the other delivered English text that he produced himself.

Actually, the issue IS labor or time spent on needed services rendered. And yes, the fruits of the labor were a 2 column Excel file, Japanese text in column A, English text in column B, and without my step 1 labor, he wouldn't have been in possession of such a file when XSEED came around. He wouldn't have had ANYTHING in his criminal hands to give to XSEED, ready-to-go, without all of my prior labor, etc. BOTH columns were needed by XSEED for the translated results to be useful. There's also a peripheral kind of argument that I see that makes it all the more disgusting for me; I ran these projects, I attracted him to translate with me over another translator eventually, and running these projects also attracted yet another translator, Lipschultz, who wound up getting a job at XSEED and orchestrating these deals! He was mostly put into this position, the ultimate success that a fan translation team could ever enjoy, via all my major labor, from patch development, script management software, marketing efforts, to maintaining a website, etc. and he stole this honor, this piece of videogame history, all entirely for himself, and never had a single word to say to me directly for 3 years, up until I went public with this story, and that was all just to clearly threaten a lawsuit with a lawyer supposedly on standby!!!!

Ultimately, what I intend to demonstrate is that Psycho DeuceBag (AKA "The FlasherTM") was paid and credited for his time/labor (while he conspired with Lipschultz to cheat me), and that he did NOT legally sell an "object" that was in his possession at the time. There was no legal transfer of ownership from one party to another here of something ("an object") that was legally his property! Just as if we were both inside the company, XSEED, and I was doing programming work, and he was doing translation work, we would be paid by the hour or by salary, for our TIME ON THIS EARTH, NOT because the results of our work would legally belong to us! We're selling our time to the company, not the actual things that get produced! Of course, this situation is more that of outside contractors getting hired to perform needed tasks. You make a deal with them, pay them for their time to do something that you want, and they hand over the results after they're paid, etc.! (If say the deal went bad for whatever reason, like it took 'em longer than they thought so they wanted more money and the other party refused, yet work was already started/mostly completed, these contractors wouldn't get to *legally* sell some translated movie or videogame script to any other company unless it obtained licensing and another deal was struck to hand over the results upon payment!)

So, Psycho DeuceBag couldn't produce the English text without the Japanese text first being made visible to him, which was my job. If he had done everything himself, it wouldn't be any of my business, but as it stands, my time is reflected in what he handed over to XSEED and he was paid and credited 100% for that time! Secondly, the fact that he "produced" English text himself (of course, he used WWWJDIC, since he can't read it) does not grant him legal ownership, your major mistake in understanding copyright law. ALL of this work was done without prior licensing, permission, authorization, etc. from the copyright holder of the source story/script hence it was illegal! There's no ambiguity about that! How the hell could someone gain legal ownership of some result and legally be able to sell that result to anyone in the world if it came about without prior licensing/authorization/permission as required under copyright law ??

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
One delivered Japanese text that already existed and did not belong to him, whereas the other delivered English text that he produced himself.

As I've argued elsewhere, this is the selective restriction of labor/work to "typing." I didn't type the Japanese text, but Psycho DeuceBag typed all the English text, so 100% credit, 100% profit for him, which on paper, is how things went! It also blurs the lines of legal ownership over some kind of moral ownership/claim (I typed it, it's mine!). There is no legal ownership of either column in this situation! If you wanna talk morally, then since I labored to make the Japanese text visible, I had the moral right to make it invisible again (to destroy it), and let him run off, the criminal that he is, just with the English text that he typed, and see how useful that would've been to XSEED. As it stands, they asked for and received a 2 column file, Japanese text next to English text to facilitate find/replace procedures to achieve the result of inserting the English into the target game, etc.!

Quote from: Article 8 of the Berne Convention
Authors of literary and artistic works protected by this Convention shall enjoy the exclusive right of making and of authorizing the translation of their works throughout the term of protection of their rights in the original works.

You can't go around, just cause you feel like it on a whim, translating books, movies, games, etc. without prior licensing/permission/authorization from the copyright holder then yell "derivative work" and claim legal ownership as a defense! That is engaging in right-of-translation infringement! That same international copyright law (Berne Convention) which protects against piracy, unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, also grants the owner of the material protection against unauthorized attempts of translation - Falcom being a Japanese company, international law applies as well. At any rate, NEITHER of us could ever be the "legal" owner of ANYTHING here! You don't seem to get that and you're not arguing anything all that different than Kirsten Miller or this Sara, in trying to falsely frame the debate in terms of legal ownership.

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
NightWolve claims that Deuce's translation is owned by Nihon Falcom just as the original Japanese text is, but American copyright law clearly indicates that the translation would fall under the umbrella of derivative work, as described here.

If you're actually an aspiring student of law, you've got a long way to go! As mentioned, our work constitutes a right-of-translation infringement to begin with, and you jumped way forward to essentially classify his English column as a protected derivative work when the law says this shouldn't have happened in the first place, not without first contacting the copyright holder or a licensee of the copyrighted material! With your statement there, you just neutralized protection that copyright holders are entitled to, that is, getting to choose who or who DOES NOT translate their work and additionally profiting from it!!! Pffffft. You don't even realize how stupid you sound; according to you, we could've gone around stating that our unlicensed English patches were legal cause they only store derivative work! You didn't even deserve all the time that I took to respond to your bullshit, but it should be checkmated lest somebody falls for it!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
In other words, Deuce does not own the original text, but he does (or did) own his English translation of it. If Nihon Falcom or any other company had used it without his permission (and, by extension, without giving him due credit), he would be within his rights to seek legal recourse.

Wrong! He does NOT legally own ANYTHING! And he NEVER will! He didn't get permission to translate it in the first place, he didn't pay licensing fees to Falcom to gain some kind of legal ownership or rights, neither did I, so the copyright holder or a licensee (like XSEED) IS the one that was in a position to seek legal recourse at unlicensed translation work that is in technical violation of international copyright law and national laws as well!

The ONLY company that could use it legally is Falcom OR a licensee of Falcom, which wound up being XSEED in this case, by essentially forgiving the fact that it was originally done without permission/licensing and ask that it be handed over. In 2010, both XSEED/Falcom legally had a right to send a cease and desist, and ask that ALL unauthorized work be DESTROYED, public distribution stop, etc. as ACTUALLY happened in South Korea to a fan translation team that was working on "Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim" after a company obtained licensing for said game! The facts and even a past precedent like that don't back up what it is you have to say! I wouldn't take ANY legal advice from your a$$, I know that much! "DON'T WORRY, AS LONG AS IT'S FREE-FOR-ME, THEY CAN'T DO NOTHING!!!!!! IT'S YOUR DERIVATIVE WORK NOW!" WRONG, VERY WRONG on numerous levels!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
Because the output NightWolve produced is not substantially different from the content Nihon Falcom created, however, he has no right to ownership of that work whatsoever, and XSEED Games legally would not be able to credit him for it (and certainly not remunerate him for it, save for under-the-table dealings that could create a whole new set of problems) without putting their business partnership at risk. The best they would be able to do within the bounds of the law is to give NightWolve a special thanks credit, and it seems Wyrdwad may have already addressed why they've elected not to (though he claims it has no relation to the matter at hand, so this is only a theory).

Really, just all nonsense! As explained, it's NOT a matter of ownership (NOBODY LEGALLY OWNS ANYTHING HERE!), it's a matter of paying and crediting someone for the time/work that was performed! Simply morally and ethically doing the right thing, crediting and compensating relevant parties that performed the needed work that saved you time, that you wanted, etc.! And XSEED Games could credit WHOEVER the hell they wanted! They're the license holder and they objectively, retro-actively endorsed/approved of/legitimized/legalized EVERYTHING that was necessary for the production of those Excel files that they obtained! You're just talking bullshit the rest of the way! They worked with a guy that didn't follow the law, but OH NOOOES, now when it comes to crediting they TOTALLY gotta do it by the book, to the very letter, according to you (assuming your premise has validity) ?? What a boatload of horseshit!!!

If you wanna talk about "putting their business partnership at risk," they hired Lipschultz, someone who engaged in unlicensed/unauthorized translations himself (hence illegally!); his fingerprints are on the leaked, unlicensed Felghana patch (he translated the 12 Manual images for me because DunceBag can't read Japanese text visually). Also, this is a company that took the extraordinary step of making sure that Jeff "I have a lawyer" Nussbaum was the FIRST to be credited at the top of the English translation staff Credits roll BEFORE ANY actual full-time employees!!! Again, an unlicensed/unauthorized translator who helped make many of Falcom's games playable in English without permission that potentially reduced the chances of official publishers wanting to buy a license from Falcom in the first place since the public was given the FREE-FOR-ME option by him (me too)!! How many lost sales can be attributed to the free, unlicensed patches, percentage wise because of this when it comes to the Steam versions?? I'd be just the guy with Japanese text and tools to translate it without his step 2 labor!! Observe (from Ys I&II Chronicles, the Credits Roll):

This guy, gyakutenkyle, whoever he is, he's doing another variation of Ken Berry's argument to me, that somehow, my step 1 labor is worse, and more wrong, etc. and that's somehow why I can't be credited, let alone compensated... But objective facts and an intellectually honest analysis expose the disingenuous bullshit for what it is, a runaround, etc. You're starting with the agenda, "He should NOT be credited, so what can I come up with to advance this position?" and working your way towards it! It's not an honest, wherever-the-facts-may-lead-you type of analysis. Like Kirsten Miller, a hateful hack, she wants the outcome of an XCISE given her blackballer/blacklisting punishment mentality (and she would've been very butt-hurt if I HAD been credited), so whatever arguments she can find that almost sound convincing, that's what she'll do!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
All parties involved with these original fan translations, and with fan translations in general, are supposedly working "for love of the game", with no intent or expectation to receive monetary compensation or legal recognition.

Quote from: Xalphenos
1. XSEED used the fan translated script for the basis of their translation.
2. Deuce received full credit, and compensation for said translated script.
3. The fan translation used by XSEED was the product of a joint venture between, at the very least, Deuce and Nightwolve.
4. Nightwolve received no credit, compensation, or thanks.

Refer to the objective facts above! If he got credited, I too should've been credited. If he got paid, I too should've been paid! I'm not into corporate welfare, maybe you are, but I'm not. I didn't perform this labor at the time for a for-profit corporation. If Psycho DeuceBag was a corporation, I wouldn't have done the labor for him for free, and if I was a corporation, he wouldn't have done his labor for free to me either! We both did free labor because it went into free patches. With a corporation coming into the picture, that changes the circumstances completely and that should've triggered a contacting of all relevant parties to have had this debate BACK THEN, the 2010 Felghana deal! Instead, XSEED and Psycho DeuceBag chose a policy of secrecy against everybody else in the project and unilaterally, arrogantly made a decision with no other form of input by anyone else, a decision that would lead to only having to pay one guy, instead of two, and only having to credit one guy, instead of two!!!! Convenient... That's one response.

The other response is, you don't get to tell somebody else what they should supposedly "feel." This bizarre demand for conformity, that ALL fan translators are supposed to be doing it TOTALLY for the love of the games because they don't have licensing, that it all should be a non-profit or anti-profit humanitarian mission, etc. I find totalitarian, self-serving, and fanatical given the behavior of those that promote it! If somebody wants to charge for their unlicensed software or product, that's their decision and concern! Hiding behind a computer and yelling, demanding that it's supposed to be 100% free, that you're supposed to get your hands on the patch for free always struck me as a "stick up!" and/or a "bribe." If you care about copyright law, your only position should be that an unlicensed translation patch should NOT exist, not hypocritically have it both ways, ignore copyright law if you're given it for free, but then scream about copyright law, to run and fetch a license, should the idea of a charge (AKA a pay-to-play "scheme") come into the picture...

There's NOTHING "evil" about doing something that you both love and generating money/revenue for it at the SAME TIME! That's the best kind of work! Projecting that, under these circumstances, unlicensed fan translators are ONLY supposed to be doing this for the love of the games and not anything else is YOUR PERSONAL projection of an expectation or demand being placed on somebody else and it's, in my view, an entirely self-serving notion! I didn't need your permission to start fan translating and I don't need your exact reasons for why or why not I should be doing it, etc.! If you wanna make unlicensed fan patches, have a total no-donation policy and no other revenue generating ideas in place, that's your business, GO AHEAD! NOT MY PROBLEM! But, that's never enough for fan credo ideologues like yourself, you gotta try to impose it on other people, let your anti-capitalist/anti-profit fanaticism seep into it and demonize them when they step out of your self-serving line!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
Within a fan translation group, the translator is really the lucky one since his work is legally allowed to exist and has some measure of copyright protection. This is a luxury possessed by no other member,

That's IF your faulty and arrogant analysis is to be believed and were it factual, which it isn't (as already shown)! Once again, if your nonsense was true, you could run around and translate whatever you wanted without licensing and thus neutralize the copyright protection of the owner of the original work!!! You neutralize the copyright protection of the source copyright holder, one party, all the while claiming that another party, an unauthorized/unlicensed translator, would have some kind of copyright protection for that which they didn't get permission to do in the first place and were required by law to do so!!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
and I think if any fan translations are ever to be purchased by video game publishers in the future, this same issue has a good chance of popping up again.

I doubt it, I think given all the evidence, this was Lipschultz's "NightWolve sucks!" rule/exception! A blackballing/blacklisting punishment/persecution decision/mindset for our past feud, mutual hatred, etc. What he's doing now is all about trying to post-rationalize it in a logical way to avoid admitting it was personal, and retaliatory (cause that doesn't look too good for any company), etc. And Psycho DeuceBag was given an offer he couldn't refuse, turning out to be a callous criminal backstabber, so he obviously didn't give a fuck, and it all happened the way that it happened!

The policy of secrecy, backstabbing, backtalking, etc. making sure no other relevant parties were contacted was most certainly due to Lipschultz - that was his M.O. before being hired by XSEED! He had already conspired with Psycho DeuceBag, Miller the Menace, etc. to redirect the Ys Origin results to his Italian buddy before he was hired by XSEED, a project that I had started with Psycho DeuceBag in 2007. Then came the first Felghana XSEED deal, and the same policy of secrecy applied, letting me be the last to know about anything, letting me find out from strangers, etc.!

>Fun Historical Fact: How did Lipschultz and my criminal ex-partner/pseudo-friend, Jeff "Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum (AKA "The C*ck-FlasherTM"), of ~9 years at the time, let me find out about the first Felghana deal that was publicized on May-15-2010 ??

Answer: From a complete stranger, someone from Tokushima, Japan! That's how!

Update: Thanks to Psycho Kirsten "omgfloofy" Miller and her creepy "detective's report" which happened to be on the same person, I learned his real name is John Sears who did a Lunar translation in the past, and was beginning work with XSEED for "Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky." He felt XSEED was lowballing him as it is a criminal cheapskate company, and that's why he wanted inside info from me on how much XSEED offered for the Felghana fan translation. John BTW now represents yet another burned bridge for XSEED, just like Victor Ireland, they keep racking up enemies left and right...

So, I checked my Inbox on May 30, 2010, I would only come online once every month or two months at the time since I was busy, and THIS is what I found:

Quote from: Falcom Fan (John Sears), Saturday, May 29, 2010
Subject: How much did you guys get paid for the Felghana translation?

How did How much did you guys get paid for the Felghana translation? I know it was Deuce and NightWolve's translation and so I hope this is the right e-mail address. Anyway, I am curious to find out what you were paid so I know if what I'm getting offered a fair price or not for my translation work.

He sent it to multiple addresses of mine, here's another form:

Quote from: Falcom Fan, Saturday, May 29, 2010
Dear NightWolve,

How much did you guys get paid for the Felghana translation from XSEED?
I know it was Deuce and your translation so I hope this is the right e-mail address.
Anyway, I am curious to find out what you were paid so I know if what I'm getting offered a fair price or not for my translation work.

The reason is, my job is a lot bigger than Felghana, maybe 6-8 times larger than Felghana, in fact, so I am a little skeptical at the offering price. Please hit me up as soon as possible if you can. Also, if you have Deuce's e-mail address, that would be great, too.
And the last one:
Quote from: Falcom Fan, Sunday, May 30, 2010
I have actually been working on another game and have been approached by a company offering a couple grand for the translation and somehow I think it's not worth my time to deal with them considering that there is potential millions in revenue to me made on their side while I get bent over backwards.

I heard that you and Deuce had sold the translation to Ys: The Oath in Felghana and I was wondering if you had received more than that or just a few measly grand for your years of work? I'm debating what to do considering all the time I've put in to this work and a few grand just doesn't seem worth it or maybe I should ask for a better deal or something.

If you could let me know, I would appreciate it.


I almost snapped at him; I was writing up the email and had saved it as a draft where I was gonna basically, in frustration, accuse him of a MASSIVE failure in fact-checking!!! It was so ridiculous, so unbelievable!!!

But THEN, something stopped me from replying back to him with such an email... I tried to think, where the hell is he getting this info ?? Why does he believe that this actually happened ?? So I turned to google search, and at first, all I could find was an XSEED press release stating that they had bought the U.S. licensing rights to localize Felghana for the PSP. It said NOTHING about some use of a fan translation... So I kept looking and looking, and eventually, I ran into the Thieves' Den, the sewer of the Internet, GameFAQs, etc. and somebody there had said that Psycho DeuceBag announced the deal in some NeoGeo Forum. I knew what he was talking about, so I went to that forum and alas, I found the thread in question... My jaw dropped, I figured he must've emailed me but I missed it somehow... So I searched the hell out of my Inbox, but nothing!!! WHO KNOWS WHEN I WOULD'VE FOUND OUT! I would've been offline for another month or so after that!

Anyhow, THAT'S HOW THESE CRIMINALS CONDUCTED BUSINESS!!! THAT'S HOW THEY TREATED ME! DEUCEBAG WOULD GO ON WITH THIS SILENCE FOR 3 YEARS! That's how he played the game, until now, where I managed to get him butt-hurt enough to threaten a lawsuit! So yeah, the deal was already done at that point, he had already got paid, and I was the last to know anything! I only know because some random guy emailed me about it and assumed XSEED Games had done business fairly, morally, ethically, etc. Well, he was mistaken about that!!! And I almost chewed his head off for incompetence in thinking that a corporation would've done something unprecedented like this! I was wrong, as I found!

Long story short, I eventually learned (in November 2010 I think) that Lipschultz was the man behind XSEED that orchestrated this XSEEDINGLY DISTURBING XCISE and I immediately thought to myself, "UH-OH, so THAT'S why!!!" He and I were each others' nemesis at that point, we had some phony truce going, but the hatred was still there... So yeah, it all now made sense, the questions that haunted me for a few months there, "Why wouldn't Jeff contact me ?? What the HELL is going on here ?? Why is he playing stupid with me ??"

Alright, continuing on with the rest of gyakutenkyle's bullshit and manipulative type posts/appeals to me. Sigh, in the end, I find him to be just a not-so-good spin doctor... What a waste of time, but oh well!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
and it speaks poorly of NightWolve's character that he would not only create such a rant, but also suggest that people boycott a company responsible for bringing the games he loves into the public eye.

Essentially, he's demonizing me for fighting back. As mentioned elsewhere, I tried to solve this with Ken Berry, Director of Publishing, last summer (2012) but by the 3rd and final call, he fed me disingenuous bullshit (like, do you have a paypal icon on your website??) and effectively was basically telling me to go away [quietly] and too bad!

So, ultimately, trying to solve this civilly was never going to happen. And if this doesn't either, well, so be it, the world will know the full story at the very least! And yess, I'm well aware that this puts me in a difficult position, a rock and a hard place, simultaneously loving the Ys series and yet pitting me against a company that cheated me, but that has been localizing many games in the series!

I didn't actually need you to point this out in a manipulative tone, I already thought about it. Ultimately, the choice is walk away, keep quiet and forget about it, or fight back! I'm choosing the latter! I recognize the objective consequences, but that's also on XSEED's/Lipschultz's/Psycho DeuceBag's hands and how they conducted themselves with that first Felghana deal and thereafter! They too bear responsibility for this negative outcome given their moral/ethical conduct, etc. NOT JUST ME! So don't just shove all the blame down on me, you f--king prick!

What does this whole thing indicate about the character, the morality/ethics of B.J.Psycho DeuceBag and Lipschultz ?? Ah, right, you're a bigoted shill and you're not gonna bother to ask the question in the other/opposite direction, are you ? Of course not.

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
NightWolve had previously been upset with the rampant piracy he'd seen, so it seems reasonable to assume he'd be pleased that so many people are now legitimately enjoying Nihon Falcom games in English, and have spent money on them in direct support of the developer. By staging a boycott, however, he can only bring harm to a game studio he claims to defend.

Here, he sets up a straw man to create some kind of hypocrisy argument. 1) XSEED already paid the licensing fees to Falcom, so as a company, Falcom already got their money/support! 2) This is a boycott of XSEED, not Falcom! You're deceptively using the connection of the two interchangeably. Falcom isn't responsible for this injustice, XSEED/Psycho DeuceBag are!

Quote from: gyakutenkyle
Certainly, that is not an act of one who operates "for love of the game", and it calls into question NightWolve's intentions in ever having assisted with these projects in the first place.

I don't need to prove my love of Ys games to the likes of some random douchebag! It's self-evident! The thousands of hours that I spent that made these projects possible already does that! What's your proof of support, any games you own to speak of ?? What kind of help have YOU ever given to ANYONE on the matter ?? I think manipulative cunts like you that make these kinds of arguments should be the ones asked to "prove" something! After ALL the proving that I've done, I STILL gotta "prove" something ?? Also, I didn't "assist" these projects, I fought for them, managed them, did the most amount of work to make them possible! He's minimizing my work/sacrifices down to "project assistant," just like any other ignorant and arrogant hack eventually does.

"YOU'RE NOT A REAL YS FAN, YOU JUST CARE ABOUT MONEY!!!! A REAL Ys fan would walk away!!" - That IS what this cunt is telling me in a way!

And yesss, calling for a boycott of a company that cheated me means hurting it, but that's only if they choose to never correct the injustice at issue! You simply want my love of Ys and Falcom to be held hostage, held over me, etc., if I don't simply ignore the fact that I was cheated, and walk away quietly. That's ultimately the 2 options that your manipulative post suggests for me! Option 1) If you boycott XSEED, then you're not a "REAL" Ys Fan, etc. (by your standards) and Option 2) If you walk away and stop this, well, then that's that... All can be well again in the Ys community...

So no, to be clear, the "act" here is of someone who wants to correct an injustice. That's what it is! You, and others like you, well, you only ever think in self-serving terms on the consumer level. It's supposed to be 100% FREE-FOR-ME when it comes to the patches, and now, well, I was supposed to just continue to keep quiet about what happened and walk away because this will hurt XSEED and there might be people that sympathize with what happened and possibly avoid them, etc. I know I denied Lipschultz/XSEED at least one $15 Felghana Steam sale so far (a donor offered to buy it for me if I registered with Steam, but I declined and told him what Lipschultz/Psycho DeuceBag/XSEED did instead!), but that was a while back and YEAH, I was/AM happy about that!! A % of that would've went into Lipschultz's pocket and the facts of what he did, how he handled approaching that first deal are there, along with our VERY hostile/negative past! This is not something you just walk away from, I have concluded. Simple as that...

The other aspect to this and why it needs to be told is that programmers/project managers of fan translations need to watch their back!!! Period! Clear agreements need to be made before accepting somebody's work and letting them join your team!! ALL fan translation teams SHOULD KNOW how XSEED Games handled themselves here and how a project member in their ranks could potentially behave by running off with all the work were he/she entrusted with it totally should a RARE opportunity like this ever occur again!!!! I would NOT want this to happen to somebody else! It was criminal, vindictive, disgusting, a historical snub/punishment, a denial of a piece of videogame history and I had sacrificed so much to make these projects happen, I just wouldn't want somebody else to be stuck with a lifetime memory of such a betrayal, a backstab of this enormous magnitude!!!! B.J.Psycho DeuceBag is a callous, criminal a$$hole, a monumental monster (as is Lipschultz!), and I don't exaggerate my feelings about him and his behavior in the aftermath!!!

Finally, I've almost reached the end of what I have to say to you. Early on I told you that'd I'd demonstrate that this is not about "ownership" and I did, somewhat, but I wanna complete the rest of my thoughts on that. I view the "ownership" argument as a false framing of the debate in order to try to intentionally seek out a way to exclude the programming labor/time of another party and effectively reduce relevant labor down to "typing" as the only type that matters. I leave you with the most apt hypothetical, I think, to get away from this type of nonsense.

It's like this: Take a situation with Working Designs (formerly known as). For their last game for Saturn, I believe, Victor Ireland stated that the copyright holder lost source code and that his programmers had to do reverse engineering from the binaries to help get this game translated! So, I'm gonna work off of that scenario to make this point. That's the set up!

OK, now, if I was inside the company, and working on this job, I would be paid by the hour or by salary to do whatever I can! When I successfully recover the Japanese text out of the binaries because the source was lost (let's assume that's the case for this hypothetical), I don't get to say it's "mine" in a legal sense. I am responsible for making it visible again, recovering that which was lost, but it's not "mine."

Then, the Japanese text would be handed over to the translator in the company, and would thus get converted to English. I made the Japanese text visible as the programmer, and the translator then looked at the Japanese text and made English text visible next to it, etc. Does the translator now "own" the English text that they typed or BOTH columns ?? No, it's work that was done inside the company, the licensed company owns it anyway. But it's also a copyrighted story, and a translation of it is a derivative work (see link below) which in an exclusive right of the copyright holder, so that translator can't run off with it and legally sell it elsewhere!!!

See Exclusive Rights Section:
Section 106 granted five exclusive rights to copyright holders:
   2) the right to create derivative works of the original work,
(Even under US Copyright law (not international), you're a miserable f#cking failure having claimed he's a "legal owner" of his translated results!)

To the point: In this scenario, both the programmer and translator are paid for THEIR TIME ON THIS EARTH that they spent performing the necessary tasks to achieve translated results!!! Now, switch back to us; our work was done OUTSIDE a company, unlicensed, but XSEED forgave that fact in 2010. Psycho DeuceBag snuck into my databases, and exported a 2 column file, agreed to hand it over to XSEED, but that file represented the labor of 2 main people in terms of TIME ON THIS EARTH (JUST LIKE YOU'RE PAID AT YOUR JOB!), it was a 2 man job!!!!

Psycho DeuceBag did not legally sell an "object" that was "his." He was PAID FOR HIS TIME AND CREDITED, BUT NOT ME!!! So, this was retro-actively the selling of services, of time, not of an object that was legally his OR mine, this 2 column Excel file!! If I am the legal owner of a car, I get to sell the car, the object, because it is legally mine! That thinking is not applicable here! The Japanese text that I made visible, by decoding, converting, etc. that is not legally mine (it's Falcom's), and the English text that he made visible by processing it in WWWJDIC and deriving meaning, etc. in English, that is not legally his either (it's a right-of-translation infringement or was till it was essentially "blessed" by a license holder, XSEED)!!

So in the end, objectively, Psycho DeuceBag was paid for his time spent translating and because he was in possession of source text and software that I spent time on prior to that, etc. But, XSEED did not pay me for my time, neither did they credit me for my time either as a programmer or under say an unusual category like, "English Translation services by" or "English Translation Provided By the Efforts Of", etc. which they could've done considering how far they went with what they already did...

They want me to believe that they didn't act unethically, but these folks went around secretly and my criminal partner never had anything to say to me ever since, not for 3 years, and that was just for a SHUT UP lawsuit threat!! So yeah, this is all criminality to me! Purty simple! I didn't protect the databases, I didn't encrypt the Japanese column of text as I should've, which would've forced him to communicate with me about what was happening, etc. So I didn't do a lot of things to watch my back for an a$$hole that turned out to be a backstabber-in-waiting of an UNBELIEVABLE magnitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conclusion About You: You're a hack and YOU WOULD make a good "lieyer" because that's part of the job, coming up with a lot bullshit, trying to sell it, and hope that a judge or jury "buys it" to get your client off the hook (this case, XSEED)!!! I'm not even gonna say your attempt was a "nice try" because it wasn't, far from it!

General / Re: What are YOU watching on youtube at the moment?
« on: Jun. 26, 2013, 02:29:32 AM »
I really like/kinda love this dance video here. It's from a Bollywood movie called "Ra One" that on a whim I rented from my local library a few days ago. The movie itself was pretty terrible, but I thought this dance number redeemed it quite a bit. The song got pretty popular in India for a while actually.

Anyhow, you gotta give it a chance; it's at the 42 second mark when the music/song gets pretty good and the dancing is very fun - I like the choreography match to the song! Some parts of the song are in English too, not all Hindi/Indian, so you can understand some of it. But yeah, this is good stuff I think, what Bollywood is known for! A little campy at parts, maybe corny, but "fun." Oh, and plenty of hot dancing babes thrown in to boot!!! ;)Song is called "Chammak Challo" (likely "My sizzling siren") and the movie stars one of India's most popular actors, ShahRukh Khan. I had a "phase" in the past where I watched quite a bit of Indian/Bollywood import movies, etc. ;)

Yeah, the English translation for the name, as far as the English subtitles say from the movie, is: "My sizzling siren." It's slang, has more meanings.

** Update: Sunday "Lawsuit" Funday, June 23, 2013! History in the making! 3 years of mutual silence broken!
** XSEED's "FlasherTM," Psycho DeuceBag, vows to essentially "deucebag" me again, but this time with an anti-free speech lawsuit!!
** Psycho DeuceBag's War on Freedom of Speech: Demands TOTAL DELETION from this site to escape accountability for what he did!!
** A chill wind is blowing across the Ys community... A "message" is being sent... If you dissent, if you speak out against injustices, even if they were perpetrated by XSEED and the likes of "The FlasherTM," there can and will be ramifications... /end Tim Robbins

** Update: Sunday "Legal Threat" Funday, June 23, 2013!
XSEED's "FlasherTM," Jeff "Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum, vows an anti-free speech lawsuit!!!!! Read all about it!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, HISTORY was made yesterday! After having read this, Jeff "I have a lawyer" Nussbaum, AKA Psycho DeuceBag, (XSEED's credited "FlasherTM" since he once posted his c-ck shot on the NeoGeo forums) finally broke his now 3 year long "vow of silence" towards me (a mutual de-facto state all the while he unloaded all scripts we produced to XSEED, taking full credit/full profit, right up to Ys Origin!) WITH another vow, that of a lawsuit!!!!!

Mission Accomplished! Actually got him butt-hurt enough to come out of hiding! So, after 3 years, 1 month, 1 week, (Saturday, 6/22/2013 - Saturday, 5/15/2010) from when he announced the first XSEED deal with Felghana and celebrated as if he got there all by himself, pretending as if my "step 1" work hours/labor had nothing to do with it and need not be counted (and basically, played stupid with me ever since), ultimately taking 100% credit/100% profit from a for-profit commercial entity (XSEED Games) for work hours/labor that he wasn't 100% responsible for, here is what this disgusting criminal had to say to the other man that made it possible that he COMPLETELY cheated with NO guilty conscience whatsoever (again, the first DIRECT communication to me after 3 years!):
Quote from: Jeff "I got a lawyer!" Nussbaum
From: Jeff Nussbaum <>
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2013 2:28 PM
Subject: Hello.

Hello, Nick. I strongly suggest you back off, lest you get sued for libel. And unlike you, I actually do have a solid case.

Any correspondence from you will be forwarded to my lawyer, along with your existing libelous remarks on your website.

Final Email, with him pathetically reduced to nothing more than a low-life extortionist:
Quote from: Jeff "I got a big d1ck!" Nussbaum
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 1:53 AM
Blah blah... My original statement stands. Remove any and all reference to me ... from your web site, or I will bring legal action against you. "RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR!!!!"

   Sorry criminal, but we both have the same problem: we're in different states and "your lawyer" has no jurisdiction here. For my "unjust enrichment" claim regarding your criminality with XSEED, I'd have to remotely hire a lawyer IN your state who would file the lawsuit for me with the small claims clerk in your county. Professional representation in small claims court is not necessary but it would spare me the trip to start the lawsuit. Anyhow, one of the many obstacles to justice when the enemy is in another state... And make no mistake about it, you're a monstrous criminal that needed to be brought to justice a LONG LONG time ago, you and Lipschultz!!! That is your legacy!

Translation: "*MY* lawsuit would actually stand a chance as opposed to yours! Neener Neener Neener!! Yesss, yesss, that's right, I already gots me a lawyer (sounds like you don't) who has experience with libel and can magically handle cases across state lines OR maybe I found one in your state, you don't know, so ya better watch out, chump!!! Neener Neener Neener!!! You know, you should've just gone away quietly like many of us at XSEED were hoping... So you got chumped, deal with it! Move on!! GET OVER IT!! Boohoo, cry me a river!"

If I didn't know any better, I'd say ole Psycho DeuceBag is calling me a liar. It takes lies to win such cases. He actually did post a photo of his d1ck on the NeoGeo forums immortalizing himself there as "The FlasherTM". He is an a$$hole, not hard to prove that! Funny though, after all these years, Psycho DeuceBag turns out to be an Enemy of Free Speech given this kind of threat! Same deal recently with Psycho John threatening to "contact the authorities" because I called him the hack journalist that he is for his 2009 actions of posting provable lies about me that Kurt Kalata deleted from HardcoreGaming101.
Well, I hope "your lawyer" will relieve you of $550 or more to get started, but the fact that you were butt-hurt enough to make this kind of threat already provides me with some feeling of justice, however small! BTW, were you well-medicated when you sent that email ?? Anyway, the mystery of what his first direct email/response to me would look like is solved... 3 years I waited to see it and, well, I feel very gyped... So there you have it, the criminal that cheated me starting in 2010, that got his name credited on several official XSEED releases of Ys games off of my back/sacrifices, my time, my tools, my labor, etc. now feels HE'S the victim, you see... The cruel/callous victimizer that went all "gangsta" on me now claims victimhood... Pfffft. Funny how that works!

P.S. History shows us interesting things now looking back. Part of the reason Seldane excised us from the Felghana title screen credits was because of your final post on AHOY ALOY where you equated him to PruvMeRong, the vile, bigoted, criminal menace that leaked the Felghana patch and he got butt-hurt about that... Well, the fact is, YOU turned out to be FAR WORSE than the leaker could EVER hope to be!! YOU ARE FAR, FAR WORSE THAN HIM! And Seldane was just an arrogant, lame, little bitch, emphasis on the little. Real small potatoes in comparison! Anyhow, don't EVER again try to use PruvMeRong in an argument and objectively/essentially indicate that you're better than him... Your betrayal was far worse! Your handling of the situation, after you were contacted by XSEED, just plain horrible and unforgivable! Bottomline, YOU turned out to be the biggest monster of them all, and for that, like I said, BURN IN HELL!!!!

P.S.2. This disgusting, lying a$$hole actually insinuated that I said something negative about his kids! I didn't say ANYTHING about your kids!! Paranoid much ? Seeing things that aren't there or what ?? Is your sight getting a little worse with age ?? Might have to rename ya again, this time to DunceBag! No, I called YOU a "child abuser" which was a criticism of YOU and that was all that I said!! Attacking your kids would've been something that your bigoted, low-class-no-class, atheist, Christophobic idol, Bill Maher, would do, who deliberately seeks out to insult everyone in Sarah Palin's family for example! "Trig Palin = retarded!! Ha ha, I'm funny!" - cause, yeah, it's all cool to pick on her family and you get away with it! So yeah, don't put me in the same class as your bigoted, hate-mongering hero/idol to score some moral points, you lying a$$hole!! That's what you bigoted hacks on the Far Left do, so go f--k yourself!! If you're gonna roll up in my direction 3 years later, you ought not make false accusations/insinuations! The only problem I have is with YOU, nobody else around you! And no, 2 sentences of asking if your wife divorced you and stating that she deserves better than you, is not in ANY way an attack on her! It's entirely a criticism of YOU, Mr. p0rn0star-wannabe!

BTW, I have some demands of you too, you wanna hear them ?? Yeah, thought so!! I don't care about what YOU want (part of which was based on manufactured outrage), I care about the state of injustice that continues on for its 3rd year, that which you perpetrated against me with Lipschultz and the fact that you tried to conserve it last summer with your lying to Ken Berry, your "Nick's work wasn't used! I swear!!" line... Gee, how did you manage to export a 2 column Excel file for Felghana when you were asked then ?? How was it that you had anything in your criminal hands to give to them that they wanted then ?? So my time spent on step 1 tasks (script extraction, translation software, etc.) doesn't count as "work" according to you but ANY time that you spent on step 2 labor (conversion to English) does ?? That's REAL cute... They should've asked your lying a$$ to define "work..." Impression: "But, but, I swear, I used old database copies, hence my rough drafts were exported, so I got rid of his edits on the English text, and the Japanese text, well, that TOO belongs to me, so yeah, his *work* wasn't used!! WHAT THE HELL ? He shouldn't get any credit for his time in extracting it, HE DIDN'T TYPE IT!!!! "WORK" SHOULD ONLY BE SELECTIVELY DEFINED AS "TYPING" HERE BECAUSE IT SERVES OUR NEEDS IN HIS EXCLUSION!!!" Like I said, you're a criminal, and your "logic" immoral, unethical, self-serving, etc. God's honest truth, you really DO need to be prosecuted! Understand the great extent to which I hate you, how disgusting and monstrous I find you, more so now than ever given the contents of your first email in 3 years! You need to be brought to justice, far worse than the leaker!!!

Important Addendum: Yes, there were a few more emails after that; I believed it was him at first, but then saw that his email address was new, thought I got "punked" and then I tried to verify who he was. Well, it IS him! And the demand changed from "Back off or else!" to a demand for a TOTAL XCISE/DELETION off of my site (remove ANY and ALL references) or "legal action shall be brought against you, etc." I've only ever dreamed and consulted about paying a lawyer in South Carolina one day to start the process, but he's "indicating" he already has and is ready to "pull the trigger" because now, somehow, he became the bigger "victim" in his twisted mind. Insulting, really. Of course, there's the classic bluff (likely, given the jurisdictional issue), to see how much intimidation can be achieved by that alone but you never know. Whatever the case, I'll need to find multiple free web hosts to have handy for when I finish the whole story of "The XSEED XCISE" so I can upload it to many targets; I will not let him keep the public from knowing about what happened! This indicates that he's embarrassed, perhaps recognizes some kind of wrong that he did, on some level, as did XSEED, and doesn't want you to know about it (XCISING everything about him, his behavior, all references, etc. means that the story can't get told)! I also know he isn't gloating anymore as he likely was in 2010 as was Lipschultz...

I haven't done sufficient updates to keep up with recent events but as many XSEED fans on Twitter know the company was BUSTED bigtime for cheating Brittany Avery after being fired with the disgraced Tom-chan "The KKK Witch" Lipschultz. This led to the fashionably flamboyant Executive Commander Sterling to produce this most excellent video lambasting XSEED for cheating people!
Alternate Title: "Ladies' Man Lipschultz" :P

Triumph: Insult Comic Dog's "Hear some spoilers?" joke.
(Wouldn't want a hack to misconstrue the meaning of
the joke and falsely characterize it as a "thre@t..."
   "I hate teh NightWolve and so should you! RAAAWWWR!"

Heh, is it me or do both of these a$$holes above look rather similar ? Strange coincidence there. Man, I hadn't even finished with the rant on Psycho John (on the right) before detouring to this subject, that's terrible.

Anyway, I'm taking an on-the-fly excursion on something that's been on my mind for years now and that should've been handled some time ago. Click below if you must. WARNING: SERIOUS INTERNET DRAMA!!! EDIT: It's gotten a little uglier than before, but hey, who gives a f--k at this point!

General / Re: Thomas Lipschultz - The XCEED XCISER, A HERO TO ALL!
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Alternate Title: Ladies' Man Lipschultz... :P

Triumph: Insult Comic Dog's "Hear some spoilers?" joke.
(Wouldn't want a hack to misconstrue the meaning
of the joke and characterize it as a threat...)
  What's wrong Lipschultz, you don't wanna talk now ? You don't wanna join in with that heckling menace, Miss Kirsten Miller to help explain to the peoples how my labor was worth 0.00% because, well, IT'S TEH NIGHTWOLVE and that you did NOTHING wrong morally/ethically, that ALL that bad blood of feuding between you and myself IN NO WAY AFFECTED how business was conducted ?? There was no further sense of "Ha ha!" in knowing that you'd exclude me entirely from the process ?? That slight evil vengeful side to ya didn't play ANY ROLE, eh ?? You derived no sense of satisfaction that you had effectively dispatched me, along with your conspiring further to have him redirect the YsO results to your Italian buddy ?? (VERY STUPID thing to do BTW considering your Steam release followed soon after!)

You'd be asking me to believe a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT there! I should put the blame entirely on Psycho DeuceBag then with his "Your work wasn't used!" fantasy ?? If he actually believes in his own nonsense, he really is off in fantasy land!! And your hack friends call ME the lunatic! You only wish that I really was "crazy" which would make it far easier to discredit what I actually have to say and hope as few as possible read all the way through it. Anger or rage at an injustice does not make you a "crazy man" or a lunatic!

Question to you: Why would Psycho DeuceBag not contact me to "celebrate" this perfectly moral/ethical result where no wrongdoing occurred ?? Why would I never hear from the bastard ever again ??

E.g. Psycho DeuceBag: "NightWolve, dude, you're not gonna believe what happened! Remember your 'buddy' Lipschultz? Well, he was hired by XSEED and convinced them to use the Felghana translation!! Isn't this wonderful, amazing news ?? Did you ever think that something like this would ever happen ??"
>>>>My affectionate answer now: NO A$$$$HOLE, I DIDN'T!! BUT YOUR ACTIONS ARE FAR MORE UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

See, I dunno, that's what I and MOST would've done, you know, after knowing someone for 9 F--K1NG YEARS AND WORKING WITH THEM FOR 4-5 OF THOSE ON THESE PROJECTS!!! Then again, he said in the NeoGeo Forums that he's somehow "cold" or "callous" enough to kill somebody and not care, etc. The same place where he immortalized himself as a Flasher by posting photos of his "manhood" (AKA his d1ck, fitting since he REALLY is a great big one, too!). So maybe the answer lies totally with him and not you, eh ??

From my understanding of what you told Ken, you think he ended our friendship with some kind of scolding or made it overt. That's not how he played this game, not at all! I didn't suspect anything and I was the LAST to know anything! His last words to me on AIM were "Take care man."

Well, why don't you ask him for me because I'd never speak with this criminal again (other than with 3 words direct: BURN IN HELL!) unless it was with a lawyer! Which, for that, it'd take paying him a visit down in South Carolina to obtain jurisdiction, one of many obstacles when it comes to a lawsuit. I am quite curious though. Since you're bosom buddies now, I'd appreciate ya doing that little favor for me for old times sake!

so I know you contacted him on or a little before Jan of 2010 for the Felghana translation.
Retraction: The XCISER indicates he contacted Psycho DeuceBag much later than I thought in 2010 given the timing of how he got the job at XSEED which actually was in May. Thus, this question by Psycho DeuceBag to me about syncing the script databases would be unrelated. No reason to doubt this. A certain fact: May-15-2010 is when Psycho DeuceBag went public on the NeoGeo Forums about the Felghana translation!

This news is interesting then... It means Psycho DeuceBag never told me *anything* that could've been thought of as a clue, hint, preview, etc. nothing. It happened quickly. Still, Lipschultz and Psycho DeuceBag had already secretly conspired to redirect the Ys Origin script results. That secrecy and backstabbing approach to things only continued when Lipschultz came up with the idea of using the Felghana script for XSEED.

Quote from: Psycho DeuceBag, 05-15-2010, 01:35 PM
Well, the translation was originally done purely for love of the series. I was expecting no money from it at all. I just wanted people to be able to play the games in English. The amount I received was less than it might have been as a full-time staffer, but as this is essentially found money, a big point on my resume, and a permanent, official mark on my favorite game series of all time, I was willing to accept the deal, particularly since the work had already been done.

Given how quickly I did the game, certainly (it was purely script work, as I didn't have to do any of the hacking). It happened during a time that my previous job afforded me ridiculous amounts of free time, plus I was single and had no kids and only a single cat sharing my residence. That, combined with my enthusiasm, enabled me to translate about 5000 strings of Japanese text in seven days.

>But hacking work doesn't count, right, you piece of garbage ?? Right, right, I only did labor to put the script IN the game (let's pretend that's all I did and decide this in secret)! BURN IN HELL YOU DISGUSTING CRIMINAL M0THERF--KER!!!!! YOU F--KING CHILD ABUSER!! Yeah, that's right, a$$hole, might as well get the dirty laundry out there! It'll all catch up with you callous m0therf--ker! Did Chantel divorce your p0rno-star wannabe a$$ yet ??

YOU HAD NO MORAL RIGHT TO TAKE OUT OF THE DATABASES THAT WHICH YOU DID NOT PUT IN THEM WITHOUT MY INCLUSION, YOU F--K1NG CRIMINAL! The only thing you put into the databases was English text in the English column, THAT IS ALL THAT YOU WERE ENTITLED TO SNATCH in such a situation of a for-profit corporation coming into the picture down the road!!! NOT the Japanese column too! Since this was deliberately about setting out to cheat me, neither would I let you use the FileID/Address fields to sort a DAMN THING because those fields also represent something that I put into the database, NOT YOU MOTH3RF--KER! But as we know, your typed English text by itself wouldn't have gone very far!!! But hey, since I didn't protect anything, why NOT sneak around and f--k me over and get full credit, right ?? Words can't describe how despicable you REALLY turned out to be!

(Note: This is all being generous and giving you a 100% moral right for the sake of the argument on the English column; you are STILL in possession of it because, at some point, I labored to reveal the Japanese text to you so how the hell could you think you could ever disconnect my labor, MY TIME ON THIS EARTH, from it, morally, factually, honestly ?? You a$$holes just did it in secret and counted on me to ignore it, which I did for FAR too long!! Having been so disgusted with your criminality, you've been getting away with it for 3 years now, for the most part!)

The fields that I put into the databases represent the time/labor that I used/performed, you bastard! Only YOU knew at the time the sacrifices that I had made! The personal details! It is by my sacrifices of six figures in salary and the damage that I did to my career as a Software Engineer working as an Ys hacker that YOUR DISGUSTING NAME is credited on several official releases!!!!!!!!! YOU STOLE THAT HONOR FOR YOURSELF, THAT PIECE OF VIDEOGAME HISTORY, AND NEVER HAD THE NERVE TO SAY A DAMN THING TO ME EVER AGAIN! NOT SO MUCH AS A THANK YOU! YOU'RE A GODDAMN MONSTER AND IT'S ABOUT TIME I SAID IT SOMEWHERE AND IN PUBLIC!!!!


Anyway, the tangent that I wanna go into here is with Tom's boss, Ken Berry, and our last phone call. It was a much different conversation from the previous one. I thought there was a very good chance he was gonna cooperate and properly credit me based on that call, he said he'd get back to me by the end of the week, but anyhow, this time the tone was much, much different with the final call. He was asking me disingenuous questions and making disingenuous points that didn't have anything to do with the matter, etc. It was a shoo-shoo go-away conversation. Let's see if I can recap some things.

Note: My answers below are NOT what I said on the phone. They're being rationalized on-the-fly as I'm writing this. I'm listing the questions and points that Ken actually asked me. Some parts may have been conveyed, but most of this is how I think the full response should be. I kept it professional all the way on the phone, though I wanted to go off... Obviously, you're not gonna shout down and cause the other person to hang up when they were willing to engage the matter with you!

Quote from: Ken Berry, XSEED's Director of Publishing
* Question: [NightWolve], do you have a PayPal icon on your website ??

* Answer: Um, yeah, I happen to have one, yes, but what's that got to do with anything ?? Jeff "Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum used to have a website and it too had a Paypal icon on it, so what's your point ?? If this argument is to disqualify me for credit, why wouldn't it too disqualify Psycho DeuceBag ?? Lipschultz didn't tell you that Psycho DeuceBag had a website and it had a Paypal icon on it too, did he ?? We call that a half-truth, because if he told you that was the case, it would render that question to me entirely irrelevant. And that's what it was, an entirely irrelevant, disingenuous question on the matter! We also refer to that as selective outrage:

Paypal Icon on Psycho DeuceBag's former website and Lipschultz's Italian buddy's = A-OK!!
Paypal Icon on NightWolve's website = GGGRRRRRRRR!!

Tom Lipschultz Logic at ITS FINEST ladies and gentlemen! Give him another round of applause!! Yessss, true story, that was the question he forwarded to his boss to ask me over the phone!! He either withheld or was ignorant of Psycho DeuceBag's former website. If you're gonna call someone an ignoranus, back it up! There ya go!

Quote from: Ken Berry
* Comment: [Psycho DeuceBag] was adamant that "your worked wasn't used..." He was "adamant" about that.

* Answer: Um, HUH ?? He would have NOTHING in his criminal hands to give you if that was somehow true... I extracted the Japanese text, and I even gave it to him in a custom application that I built called Translation Station that helped speed up the translation process. Without it, you'd have to translate hundreds of separate files by hand. That was what allowed a record translation time of Felghana in a mere 22 days! As I already said, it was a 2-man job! Consider the whole process as 3 steps: step 1, script extraction/preparation (MY TIME), step 2, script conversion to English (his time), step 3, script insertion of English back into the game (my time again). Obviously, the time/labor for step 3 is irrelevant, but NOT step 1!! That's what left him and myself with something valuable to you on both of our computers, ready-to-go translated results! To pretend that my time/labor/work isn't reflected in the Excel files is pure dishonesty and NOTHING else!! You saved time using a fan translation because of my time in step 1 labor, and his time in step 2 labor, yet you secretly contacted just him and fully credited and paid him only for his time! That's an injustice, pure and simple!

You factor everything else in, the secrecy when the Felghana deal occured, his complete silence for 2 years now, Lipschultz's grudge for me at the time, how exactly could anyone honest believe that this was all done fairly/ethically ??

Quote from: Ken Berry
* Comment: [Um, see], "reverse engineering" is against copyright law...
My interpretation of his angle: "and a little "worse" than unauthorized/unlicensed translating... If we credited you, we'd be endorsing that..."

* Answer: HUH ?? You objectively endorsed EVERYTHING necessary to produce a fan translation! It wouldn't exist otherwise without the means of inspecting the game's binary code to extract the very Japanese text to fan translate it! Your own words in other interviews are "We licensed out a fan translation." You retro-actively endorsed/approved of/legitimized/licensed/legalized the actions of EVERYTHING necessary from step 1 to step 2!

Furthermore, I would just be a guy sitting with Japanese text and software to translate it on my computer which would be of no concern or consequence to Falcom or to a potential license purchaser in the future such as yourself! If you wanna talk about what's "worse," it occurs to me that when the translator comes along, converts that Japanese text that I give him to English and agrees on unlicensed public distribution, THAT is when potential damage is done to Falcom!! My labor is somehow "worse" than say what your own employee did, a fan translator himself who happens to have his criminal fingerprints on the unlicensed Felghana patch having translated the Manual images ??

Either way, MY TIME SAVED YOU TIME AS NOTHING WOULD'VE EXISTED IN JEFF "DEUCEBAG" NUSSBUAM'S HANDS WITHOUT MY LABOR!!! Those Excel exports that he gave you reflect mutual labor/time by NOT one, but TWO people!!! TWO PEOPLE!

Quote from: Ken Berry
* Comment: [Let's alter reality/history temporarily] WHEREVER Mr. Nussbum got the Japanese text...

* Answer: Um, yeah, he got it from me... I thought that was what I've been trying to tell you.

Funny thing about that technique was that menace Kirsten Miller (AKA omgfailure) tried it.

Quote from: Kirsten Miller/omgfailure/omgfloofy
All else fails, Falcom could have given XSEED an extracted script, which Deuce could have translated as well.


Deuce could have easily gone through the game and translated it line by line while playing through it.

See ?? They're telling me my labor counts for 0.000% because IT COULD have been done without me [even though it wasn't]... Temporarily altering history/reality to distract/deceive with a bizarre argument.

Can you believe this ?? To those of you that have intellectual honesty left, I mean, the few of you that are left in the world!! I'm speaking to you!

>Dear Miss Miller, yess, Falcom could have given XSEED an extracted script to pass on to Psycho DeuceBag, OR, Psycho DeuceBag could've even forced his fist up your a$$hole and pulled the Japanese text out of there, BUT that's not where he actually got it, though I'm sure you would've enjoyed such an attempt!! No, he got the "job" because both of us were already in possession of translated results and a retranslation would defeat the time-saving purpose of using a ready-to-go fan translation, wouldn't it ?? Also, because Tom worked with us on Felghana and the Ys Typing Tutor!

So, see if you can understand this, my step 1 labor that left Psycho DeuceBag with translated results after his step 2 labor DOES NOT COUNT because Falcom *could've* done step 1 even though they did not, get it ?? Just WHO is the lunatic here ?? Ladies and gentlemen, you're dealing with logic lunacy/madness by these hacks trying to temporarily twist reality/history to achieve the desired outcome: "Your work wasn't used!!!! 0.0000000%" It's a hack post-rationalization trying to justify the original decision. I'm gonna use my favorite word: Disgusting! It's disgusting!

P.S. Do you think that I would speak publicly at all if I hadn't made sure it was the case that he snuck into my databases to export translated results let alone call Ken Berry ?? His posts on the NeoGeo forums verified things. It was not a "retranslation!" I also pretended to fully support XSEED the first year and made contact with Tom to get needed information, which I did! Finally, altering scenarios where Psycho DeuceBag "could've" gotten the Japanese text from, be it while playing the game, from Falcom, from XSEED, your a$$hole, Tom's a$$hole, etc. that is not a serious argument! You're not helping, but KEEP TALKING! PLEASE!

P.S.x2 Yes, Kirsten, stop crying, I fixed your name. Unfortunately, what I can't fix is your hack nature and break through that brick wall that is your brain, Dogi-style... (Hope you appreciated that one, I aim to please! What can I say, I'm a charmer!)

P.S.x3: Miller-time is falsely accusing me of editing something out. There she goes again!!

I didn't edit anything out with Psycho DeuceBag, f--kf@ce! And yess, I can tell you're having a real "good time," like I said, I aim to please! BTW, you're f--king annoying filling up threads with large ani-gifs all the time. It should've gotten old already, even for you.

Quote from: Ken Berry
We only cared about the labor xxxxx


Quote from: Thomas Lipschultz
"And yes, I do defend animated child p0rn0gr@phy under freedom of expression and am PROUD to do so!"

OK, so that IS your position! Stop saying that when I state your position as an "Animated Child P0rn0gr@phy Defender" that it is "slander!" You've been doing that for years! It's your position, so live with it!


Quote from: Laying it F@ck1ing Down for the Hacks!
Labor is f##k1ng labor!! I didn't type the Japanese text, but I spent time/energy in delivering it to him, and building software around it to translate it. He does not own it, Falcom does and just cause he typed the English text, he doesn't "own" that either, the story is still copyrighted so neither of us could legally "sell" those results, so like I said, he was paid and credited for his time, but they all denied me the same honor and recognition. XSEED saved time in the translation process because of my time (step 1 labor), and Psycho DeuceBag's time (step 2 labor), which left us both with ready-to-go translated results on our computers... Psycho DeuceBag had to give them a 2 column file, Japanese Text in Column A, English Text in Column B. His typed English Text by itself is worthless because you need the source Japanese Text next to it to match it up in order to perform replacements when it's time to insert it into the game. Since I labored to obtain/convert/reveal the Japanese Text, I could've had Column A encrypted so when you sneak into the database and do a raw export to Excel you'd have garbage - I would've been more than in my moral right to do so... I didn't, he stabbed me in the back and was never heard from again. He is a criminal, what he did (with Lipschultz at the helm) was unforgivable and his criminality cries out for justice!!! If you ever read this, Psycho DeuceBag, the 3 words that I have to say to you in total response is: BURN IN HELL! Those are the MAIN words that I want you to remember me by! You are dead to me and are nothing but a monster in my eyes! BURN IN HELL!

EDIT: P.S. If you and Lipschultz had a real good laugh about what you did early on, as in Nelson's "Ha ha," also with how you redirected the Ys Origin results, you're not gonna be laughing too much in the future... I promise you that! I got nothing to lose! I don't think Lipschultz or his boss have been amused for some time now! If I'm XCISED today, tomorrow and forever, you criminals will at least be embarrassed; Lipschultz's stunts need to become known far and wide as a totally embarrassing debacle! You know, you're a "dynamic duo" that deserved each other all along: a 40+ year old p0rn0-star wanna-be posting photos of his "manhood" on a forum and a cartoon ped0-p0rn defender! Just a perfect marriage of two criminals! I salute you both! BTW, hope you spent the $550 I gave you and whatever XSEED gave you well! You poor darling, you, you deserve it all, I mean, you did ALL that heavy lifting while I was in the back washing the dishes... My labor was the equivalent of say the shoe-shiner boy, right a$$hole ?? Yeeaah... Remember your 60%/40% speech, m0th3rf#cker ?? How one labor cannot happen without the other ?? But, in an interesting turn of events, you went all "gangsta" on me, though, didn't ya, when XSEED came along and you changed your 40% split demand/rationale to 100% and mine to 0.00000% all in secret, eh ?? Do you remember that speech ?? Well, I DO, a$$$hole! I DO! Your intent, the both of you was to embarrass, isolate, persecute, punish, etc. Don't worry, I picked up on it! I got your message loud and clear, but now it's gonna be MY turn!

>>> To help the hateful, dishonest hack, Kirsten Miller (AKA omgfailure/omgfloofy) out, (with logic that is, cause she's always had a problem with that) I'm repasting the above paragraph and I'm emphasizing something I said above: Falcom legally owns the Japanese text and Psycho DeuceBag doesn't legally "own" the English text even though he typed it, THAT'S RIGHT, and no, neither do I, nor do I claim to, you lying, incompetent, disgusting hack!

Key point: The false framing of the debate in terms of [legal] "ownership" is an attempt to deceive and prevent an intellectually honest analysis on the matter.

There was no "sale" here of a script. He was paid for his time!! There was no legal "ownership" of anything! Furthermore, I should've morally had the choice to exclude the Japanese text from the query that Psycho DeuceBag created in secret to export a 2 column file to Excel. Let him have the English text that he typed, but then, you know what that means, right? It'd be worthless to XSEED because they wouldn't be able to match up his English text to the Japanese text that he saw when he translated it, so that would make insertion back into another game rather difficult, wouldn't it ?

Why was Psycho DeuceBag "entitled" to the Japanese text that I extracted (located, unzipped), converted (from S-JIS encoding to Unicode via WinAPI), prepared (from hundreds of raw files to 1 column in a database), etc., why was he "entitled" to all that in a 2 column file right next to the English text that he typed ?? The one column of English text that he typed would be worthless by itself, that's why!!!!

FOR THE RECORD AGAIN: HE WOULD NOT HAVE ANYTHING IN HIS CRIMINAL, DISGUSTING HANDS TO GIVE TO XSEED WITHOUT MY STEP 1 LABOR! WHY DOES MY LABOR NOT COUNT AND HIS TOTALLY (100%-wise) DOES ?? Why is this not an injustice ?? Well, if you H@TE H@TE H@TE TEH NIGHTWOLVE, then obviously this WAS "justice" and Lipschultz/Psycho DeuceBag are heroes! Riiiight a$$holes ?? It occurs to me and ANYONE that STILL RESPECTS FACTS/TRUTH, that whatever % my labor was worth in the matter, it is NONZERO, and NOT 0.0000% as XSEED/Psycho DeuceBag/Lipschultz decided unilaterally, IN SECRET with NO communication to ANYBODY else!

I made the Japanese text visible, I had the moral right to make it invisible again and he had the moral right to keep the English text that he typed! So, since you wanted to screw over the other person, take JUST the English text that you typed and F#CK OFF! CHOKE ON A SWORD, OLD BUDDY! PROBLEM: He needed both columns otherwise the English text that he typed by itself would be worthless/useless to XSEED! As worthless as omgfailure is in an intellectually honest debate!!! Yes indeed!!!!

This lying, incompetent hack is one of the worst debaters I ever had the displeasure of running into!

Quote from: omgfailure/omgfloofy
That's ridiculous that Nightwolve thinks he owns a translator's work.

Quoted to immortalize her stupidity and dishonesty. She lies and has been lying about me all over the Internet for years. Where do I say that I "own" the translator's work ?? Nowhere, that's what it is to be a miserable failure of a hack! You don't provide a source quote RIGHT BEFORE to back up your serious conclusion, you just make a wild and false accusation! If there is no exact quote, provide SOME KIND of quote to back up how such an inference/accusation could be reasonable!! Hacks do NOT do that, they put their propaganda out there to control public opinion!

In actuality, IN REALITY, ON PAPER, Psycho DeuceBag exercised full 100% "ownership" of EVERYTHING and made off with 100% profit, 100% credit from a for-profit corporation!! She's accusing me of what Psycho DeuceBag ACTUALLY DID!!!!! The Japanese text that I gave him, that I labored for, he *needed* to have it in the 2 column file that he gave to XSEED! Why, WHY would I let him still have that if I was gonna be cheated out of credit/compensation for the time that I spent to extract/convert/prepare it, etc. ?? Psycho DeuceBagger went "rogue," ladies and gentlemen! "The NeoGeo Forums Flasher" went rogue on me is what happened! Bottomline, I got "deucebagged..."

Even the English text, he's still in possession of it because at one point, I revealed the source Japanese text to him, so my time/labor is still connected to it! But, just for the sake of the argument, give him 100% a moral right to do with the English text that he typed whatever he wants! OK, fine, but then why was he entitled to have the Japanese text right next to each string that he translated that he got from ME ?? I did not do this labor for a corporation! The circumstances of that happening down the road should've triggered a contacting of all relevant parties, NOT SECRECY, DAMMIT, JUST CAUSE THE DATABASES WERE NOT PROTECTED!

omgfailure is not somebody you can EVER, EVER convince of anything, like a rottweiler, once she sinks her teeth into a position, that's it!! IT'S OVER! Her arrogance of "I'm right, and TEH NIGHTWOLVE IS ALWAYS WRONG!!" reminds me of the debates I've had in the past with Thomas Lipschultz himself! They're fellow travelers in that regard! And they'll NEVER EVER retract something when/if they actually ever realize that they were in the f#ck1ing wrong cause of their damn pride! Other than that, her bias and hate for me and long time friendship for Lipschultz and fanboyism with XSEED means that she will happily lie and make whatever disingenuous arguments that she can to create ambiguity at the very least, if not to totally try to discredit my grievances at what happened, etc.

It is YOU Miss Miller that has no empathy, you're a criminal!! WHY ?? You just revealed your support for XCISING when you hate somebody! GO BACK to the 1950's where you belong when Hollywood used to XCISE Communists from the Credit Rolls of movies because, like you said, if you credit somebody,
Quote from: omgfailure/omgfloofy/Kirsten Miller
[By crediting someone:] "You are also acknowledging everything a person represents."
Hint hint: We don't want that when it comes to TEH NIGHTWOLVE! I HATE HATE HATE TEH NIGHTWOLVE AND SO SHOULD YOU!!!! RRRAAAWWWRRRR!!!!!!!!

Quote from: omgfailure/omgfloofy/Kirsten Miller
Should Nightwolve have been added to the special thanks?
Frankly? No.
My name should've been credited right after his, not tucked far away off in some Special Thanks section, a$$hole! It's YOU that belongs in the back of the bus, in life and in general! You're a rabid ideological bigot that held your friendship hostage to your fan credo fanaticism and were an utter failure regardless when it came to that ED6 project attempt years ago that you're still butt-hurt about! Thanks for the memories a$$hole, and I know I'm repeating myself here, but REALLY, REALLY wish I had NEVER met you either! You, Psycho DeuceBag and Lipschultz are a trio of deucebags that I certainly could've done without!


Note to self: I can't help but feel she stole my "batshit crazy" insult. That's one of my favorite insults that I've used on my blog and elsewhere. I can't remember if I called her that in the past, though.

Quote from: omgfailure/omgfloofy/Kirsten Miller
Nightwolve is a programmer and a hacker. His job is to reverse engineer the code so that the text can be inserted.

Pay VERY close attention to what the criminal did here in her in describing my role. It's very instructive. She deliberately minimized my work as being just about inserting the translated text back INTO the game. She skipped a step: Step 1 labor which is about getting all the Japanese text OUT of the game first and preparing it for translation. Even if I didn't go as far as building software like Translation Station, my labor is ALWAYS gonna be reflected in the FINAL, "FINISHED PRODUCT" when it comes to the visibility of Column A, the Japanese text, because it wouldn't be in the translator's possession were it not for that programming labor! THIS IS SEPARATE FROM THE LABOR TO PUT THE SCRIPT BACK INTO THE GAME! Correct, that would not be applicable! But, the only way to make his labor applicable in that Excel File, and disqualify my labor in obtaining the Japanese text, you have to restrict the definition of labor to just typing and like a hack say, "You didn't type the Japanese text, and he typed the English text, so TOO BAD SUCKA!!! CYA!!!! ALL HIS!! BYE BYE!" No, nothing is legally his nor mine. It's about being credited/compensated for the time/labor that you spent and only HE was and he's been hiding from me ever since!! They, XSEED and him, conducted business in the worst possible way with nothing but suspicious behavior after the fact. You cannot tell me this is how you do business normally and there was no precedent for this, so you'd think you'd wanna cover all your bases and do it right: contacting the main project members, working it out, debating what labor is applicable, what isn't... They totally made sure to avoid me and counted on me to just deal with it, go away quietly! There is no other interpretation.

This was some evidence I wanted to email Ken Berry but never did, (as mentioned, Tom LipsOnShit's boss at XSEED). Thank God the criminal didn't delete this because of our phony truce back in 2009 - I made a mistake and I asked him to delete things, all of which was evidence of his h@te, and to kinda help show/prove conspiracy that he DID h@te you enough to make sure that you were cheated when it came to something like this, it may have been useful, at least morally to help prove that's likely what happened. Thankfully, he left this nugget, and it shows us what he really thinks on a certain matter as I'll explain.

The context is the this (which he deleted, the OP is edited/deleted down): Seld@ne, the administrator of that board, a criminal piece of shit himself I nicknamed europrick, came up with a little "plan" of his which was to finish the missing images in the leaked Felghana patch. But, the vindictive little f@ckf@ce that he is, he wanted to be malicious about it so he also showed people in his supplemental 'patch' (essentially) how to XCISE the Credits I added to the Felghana title screen. Ironically, I had done this to make sure more people knew that Psycho DeuceBag was the translator because people are lazy and don't bother reading the ReadMes very much. It was to help correct public perception that there are 2 main people behind our fan translation team, etc. But this europrick, the founder of AHOY ALOY, decided to XCISE this Main Credits section I had added to the title screen, was gleefully showing people how (bragging in a nasty tone how he got rid of it), and THIS is how Tom Lipschultz (now an employee at XSEED) responded:

Note: Part of the reason Seld@ne did this was because Psycho DeuceBag equated him to the criminal Felghana patch leaker, PruvMeRong, in a final post before deleting his account at AHOY ALOY in complete disgust, so Seld@ne was taking malicious action against the both of us at the time. He always h@ted me, but Psycho DeuceBag also earned his h@te with that final action, so XCISING the both of us was seen as "fun" in his malicious eyes.

So you read correctly, XSEED's resident XCISER thinks it's funny when somebody is XCISED from the Credits... Put all the evidence together: we had a feud in 2008 which HE took public because he wanted to flame rally people (while I kept it private), he's later hired by XSEED, he brings his h@tred for me to the company, he secretly contacts my translator, gets the scripts, they all play stupid afterwards, Psycho DeuceBag winds up with 100% of the credit, walks away with 100% of the profit for labor that he was NOT 100% responsible for (FAR FROM IT!), and yeah, is never seen or heard from again, etc... Nothing to say to me ever since after ~9 years. I'm essentially left "XCISED" in videogame history. Putting two and two together, it's not all that hard to make a sound conclusion what happened here...

So yeah, Tom here thinks it is an appropriate form of persecution/punishment to remove, to "XCISE" somebody from the Credits that he h@tes... Quote: "I too have a slight evil/vengeful side to me!!!" THE CRIMINAL SAID IT RIGHT THERE!! That was a "Ha ha!" moment for him! So taking what he said there on that situation, it's fair to conclude with that type of thinking AND with all the particulars here, he liked Seld@ne's idea and repeated it in his own way, I can't be 100% sure about it, but if the shoe fits! Yet, this company wants me to believe that this criminal did NOTHING wrong, our past and his h@te for me did not affect how business was conducted and that they REALLY looked into the matter, no wrong doing, etc... Yet, they knew NOTHING about my software, Translation Station, nothing at all about the process, etc. as if Psycho DeuceBag would've volunteered a damn thing about the behind the scenes details. I didn't know him as well as I thought I did obviously. Prime other example would be him posting a photo of his "manhood" on the Neo Geo forums - I've only ever found him more unrecognizable with the passing of time... Anyhow, he simply took the deal Tom offered and never looked back! Because I was a damn fool and didn't encrypt the databases, Psycho DeuceBag didn't need, let's say, any further "technical support" so he figured things out well enough in secret and did the export to MS Excel by himself or perhaps he asked somebody else for help, who the hell knows, not me that's for sure...

It's funny how things came full circle: I didn't protect the Felghana patch with encryption/remote control and I got screwed over by the criminal, PruvMeRong of GameFAQs, and I didn't protect the databases with encryption or something and I got screwed over by my own translator and "pretend friend" for 9-10 years, etc. Though my 2nd thought, it's kind of iffy. Even if I had protected the databases, it's questionable. He did almost trick me into giving him updated copies of the databases in January of 2010 and he did it in a totally non-suspicious way... But he chose not to remind me to obtain them and so he used the old copies already on his computer which only contained his error-filled rough drafts, etc. I would wager this was so he could hide behind the selective restriction of the definition of labor to "typing" if I later protested what happened. This tells me there was an intentional/conscious effort to exclude me and have a better rationale for it, but you'd have to be pretty stupid to fall for something like that (that is, limiting labor to "typing" in a selective, self-serving manner, pretending that's all that counts AND deciding this in secret with no debate to the other relevant party like a F##CKING CRIMINAL!).

Labor is f##k1ng labor!! I didn't type the Japanese text, but I spent time/energy in delivering it to him, and building software around it to translate it. He does not own it, Falcom does and just cause he typed the English text, he doesn't "own" that either, the story is still copyrighted so neither of us could legally "sell" those results, so like I said, he was paid and credited for his time, but they all denied me the same honor and recognition. XSEED saved time in the translation process because of my time (step 1 labor), and Psycho DeuceBag's time (step 2 labor), which left us both with ready-to-go translated results on our computers... Psycho DeuceBag had to give them a 2 column file, Japanese Text in Column A, English Text in Column B. His typed English Text by itself is worthless because you need the source Japanese Text next to it to match it up in order to perform replacements when it's time to insert it into the game. Since I labored to obtain/convert/reveal the Japanese Text, I could've had Column A encrypted so when you sneak into the database and do a raw export to Excel you'd have garbage - I would've been more than in my moral right to do so... I didn't, he stabbed me in the back and was never heard from again.

You know the rest of the story... That's how it goes when you were dealing with moral criminals all along and I guess legally too, but I fall in that category as well given the unlicensed nature here. Of course, legality is irrelevant since XSEED, as the license holder, endorsed everything that was necessary to produce our translated results by taking and using them. It was retro-active legalization, but the moral decisions to cheat somebody is the issue and the false nature or arrogance of pretending that somebody's labor wasn't relevant without so much as a single word! There are clear, unambiguous cases of course like image editors such as MP83; unless they used the same exact images that he did for us, for example, that understandably wouldn't count, etc. At any rate, I have never been more disgusted with anyone more in my life than with Psycho DeuceBag! It took quite a while to process it all and to believe it...

Random thought: Something I also find ironic in that Tommy boy can find many things about the evil NightWolve that he would prefer be censored: he wants to dictate ReadMe policies if I write something negative about his friends (Psycho John) and the XSEED XCISE when it came to fair crediting for the translation work, but this clown actually sent an email, (and encouraged others to do the same), to the Japanese government pleading with it not to pass some kind of restrictions on animated child p0rn0-gr@phy... No no, one must fight censorship when it comes to that!! He was so animated about it that he chose to be an activist for the "cause" and involved himself in the affairs of another country!!! Yeah, I know, one stupid email by him is meaningless, but just the fact that THIS was something he chose to occupy his time with and spam others with, I mean, unbelievable! This is the guy that wants to set ReadMe standards for what should or should NOT belong in them, and he KNOWS if NightWolve calls old Psycho John a hack journalist in a ReadMe, that never should've made it into it! Heh.

General / Re: Boycott XSEED Games - This is a criminal company!
« on: Jun. 15, 2013, 03:58:27 AM »
No, you did nothing wrong. Nothing at all to be sorry about. I tried to ignore everything that happened for more than a year, feeling completely demoralized, dis-spirited. There was about 6-8 months after May 2010 (when Psycho DeuceBag announced and celebrated that he was "getting published" by XSEED on the NeoGeo Forums) that I spent researching what happened, on and off of course, just trying to make sense what the hell was going on, why wouldn't he contact me to first and foremost celebrate something like this happening...

Well, I eventually learned that Thomas Lipschultz (AKA wyrdwad), an old enemy, was the one who was hired by XSEED and who arranged the deal, so then everything all made sense of course! It was a VERY bad case of making an enemy of the wrong man at the wrong time like you wouldn't believe...

Anyway, you didn't do anything wrong, I've taken way way too long to finally stand up for myself and do something about it, at the very least, try the issue in the court of public opinion and give XSEED/Lipschultz hell for as long as I have breath in my body! And that is what I eventually intend to do in full force!

On a whim, last summer (2012), I did finally get the nerve and I called Ken Berry, Director of Publishing and I explained the situation to him. I figured that Tom withheld facts, filtered information and that more than likely, the boss, Ken Berry, didn't really know the feud between us, and the nature of the work, etc. I was right about that!! It looked like Ken was gonna cooperate at first and properly credit me at least in the Steam releases.. But, by the 3rd and final phone call, Tom forwarded Psycho DeuceBag's false claim that quote "My work wasn't used" to Ken Berry which he repeated to me. They LIED to cover their asses and they also made disingenuous arguments to basically shoo-shoo me away, etc.

I wanna prosecute Psycho DeuceBag so damn badly, VERY few days go by where I don't think about it... I gave the m0therf#ck3r $550 dollars back in the summer of 2007, I want that back, plus whatever he was paid by XSEED with interest, penalty, etc. I would bankrupt this utter piece of shit if I could! He's been playing stupid with me now for 3 years... I didn't have a clue of what was coming. He allowed me to find out from others, etc. I was the last to know anything, like 2 weeks after he went public about the XSEED deal, and that was only because somebody emailed me asking me how much *we* got paid by XSEED!

Anyhow, they need to pay a price, the both of them!

Yeah, you saw his name in the videogame alright, he got 100% of the credit and 100% of the profit, whatever was paid to him. He snuck in the databases of my Translation Station software, for Felghana, Ys I & II Complete, and Ys Origin, and exported the translated results to Excel format as XSEED asked, he handed the results over, and they edited them before going into the official games. That's roughly how it happened. I should've encrypted the Japanese text that I had extracted or the whole damn database for that matter!

The criminal Psycho DeuceBag apparently thinks that by having excluded my "typing" or editing labor (the databases on his PC were never updated with my context fixes, edits, spell/grammar checks, etc., just his typing in the English column), that it somehow totally excludes my labor in the matter and gives him a 100% stake in the scripts that he was paid and credited for! Thus, my technical/programming labor for script extraction of the Japanese text and the building of software, Translation Station, to facilitate the translation process counts for absolutely 0.00%!!! Yet, without my step 1 labor, the criminal wouldn't have had ANYTHING in his miserable, disgusting hands to give to XSEED!!!!!

Ironically and hypocritically, when he wanted to pressure me into a 40%/60% split on earnings with a future Ys Origin patch back in 2007, his argument was "one cannot happen without the other" which was meant to nearly equalize the value/worth of programming-labor versus translating-labor, etc. We agreed to a 25%/75% split, 75% in my favor. But, down the road, in secrecy, when nobody was looking, he put me down for 0.00%, himself 100% when it came to the XSEED situation... Something happened to his "one cannot happen without the other" logic a few years later when Tom presented him with the deal, funny eh ??? His 40%/60% figure turned to 100%/0%... Sure, a lot of my labor is about putting a translated script back into the game, building a patch, etc. which isn't relevant to the matter, but the labor for extracting the Japanese script, obtaining it and for "Translation Station" was all about translating as quickly and as effectively as possible and that most certainly DOES count!!!

Just who the hell does he or Tom think that they are to get to selectively restrict the definition of labor to just typing, and pretend the programming doesn't count ?? This is just false, deceptive, hack logic to hide behind the real reasons for cheating me. It translates to, "You didn't type the Japanese text, I typed all the English text, so hah-hah, it's all mine!!! See ya!!! Thanks for the memories!!!" No, NONE of it is "yours" a$$hole, you were paid and credited for the time/labor spent (and because I trusted you with software that I shouldn't have!), just that you thug criminals decided, in secret, that my time/labor spent for extracting the Japanese text and building proprietary software to translate it was worth ZERO and that you could get away with this!! This history needs to be told and shall be!

Take this hypothetical to understand what happened: Say I'm the translator and you are the programmer. Now, if you worked a ~year, you extracted Japanese text, you prepared it for easy viewing and use (from thousands of separate script files down TO ONE!), you built a fully interactive software/editor for the translator to convert the text to English (step 1), you then give ME the software with the script, I translate it to English (step 2), but then, OH BUT THEN, down the road, I secretly hand off the translated results in a 2 column file (the Japanese text that you gave me, and the English text that I typed), so I get 100% of the credit, 100% of the profit from a commercial corporation (step 3), did I not in this instance just F@CKING CHEAT YOU ?? Wouldn't you say I cluster-f@cked you over ?? Moreover, would you have done this damn labor for me for free, if you weren't gonna even be credited ?? Am I to assume you believe in corporate welfare in this instance ?? OF COURSE NOT!

These criminals did this unilaterally and in secret with Felghana!! This conversation should've been had in 2010 from the get-go! If I was a corporation, Psycho DeuceBag wouldn't have translated for me for free, and if Psycho DeuceBag was a corporation, I sure as hell wouldn't have done programming labor for him for free either! We both did free labor towards translation work because, together, it was going into a free, unlicensed patch!! The fact that there was an unexpected step 4 down the road, after the patches, him redirecting the translated results to a corporation, THAT changes the circumstances and you cannot have morally/ethically considered my labor free and as well as denied me f@cking credit for it! This event should've triggered a contacting of all relevant parties, not secrecy which was what happened.

Lipschultz obviously didn't wanna have to pay nor credit me cause of his h@tred and bigotry per our 2008 feud (that's what happens when a manchild is left in charge of a business transaction), Ken Berry doesn't wanna admit there was ANY wrongdoing, so they came up with whatever bullshit arguments that they could! This is the level of criminality and injustice that we are talking about here!!!! Psycho DeuceBag's credited in several official videogames now off of my back, my sacrifices, my programming time (not just his labor, mine too!), and not a single word from this callous criminal lowlife m0therf#ck3r ever since!

I sacrificed 6 figures worth in salary in my years of productivity, from '02 to early '07, was basically a full-time Ys hacker some of those years, and one of the reasons I got into fan translation work in the first place was because I loved videogames and though I figured I'd never get a job in the industry as a programmer, this type of work was one way to pay my respects to the industry and to a medium that I grew up loving, etc. so you can bet your a$$ I'm beyond angry. I want anyone reading this to genuinely understand the rage that I have at this injustice! Psycho DeuceBag stole the honor and the recognition that came with all those sacrifices, took it all for himself, and never had the nerve to explain himself! He totally "lost" my email address after ~8 years! I often wondered what the bastard's first sentence to me would ever be, but he's still holding strong from sending me a direct message (AKA playing stupid with me)... Heh.

Anyway, that's the story, roughly put and on short notice. I didn't proofread all this very well, needs editing, but yeah, there you have it! I have about 8 pages worth written in a DOC file so far and I wanted to go fully public with all of it at after I fully finished and proofread everything, etc. But I've been sick of waiting, I promised Mr. Ken Berry a video as well to blow Psycho DeuceBag's/Tom's f#cking lying out of the water, but I found recording the video harder than I thought, then I procrastinated. I should've had the video ready before I first called him. They wouldn't have been able to try to bullshit me with their nonsense!

XSEED, with Thomas Lipschultz as an employee, can go to F#CK!NG HELL! The lying, disgusting, disingenuous, bigoted, manipulative cunt told Ken to tell me how long it takes Falcom to do something for them, one month, to discredit my year spent on Translation Station and script extraction time, like I am comparable to a corporation with a team of programmers, being mostly by myself and AS IF THAT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE MATTER! Whether my step 1 labor also took me a damn month, a week, these criminals still cheated me AND INTENTIONALLY cause Lipschultz brought his petty grudge into a business transaction!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

Lipschultz also instructed him to use my PayPal icon on my website against me, when Psycho DeuceBag used to have a PayPal icon on his damn website as well! Of course Lipschultz didn't tell him Psycho DeuceBag had his own PayPal icon, nor did he care to mention his Italian buddy in that regard! I SO H@TE THIS MAN! I can't decide between Psycho DeuceBag and him, who I h@te more, it's kind of a hard call actually! I want justice so badly, and yet, I may never have it, but at the very least, I can do something to make sure Lipschultz will remember me for VERY long time! I will embarrass him and the company that he used vindictively on my behalf! All of the patches, this site, etc. whatever resources I can bring to the table, I shall, on his behalf! He is NOT gonna get away with it without at least a scratch and hopefully more than that!

You hear me you disgusting bastard ?? I'm sure you got somebody floating around taking a peek at this! You're disgusting! FYI, I haven't forgotten ANYTHING, you a$$hole, especially the phone calls and all the disingenuous arguments I was fed!

Retraction/Correction: In the main conversation with Ken Berry, I was told Jun Iwasaki (XSEED's CEO at the time) was in the room and that I would be on speakerphone. I thought it suspicious or unusual that he never spoke throughout the conversation, and I wondered if it was actually Lipschultz in the room... He corrected this suspicion, stating he was not in the room. I figured Ken wanted Lipschultz to hear what I have to say, but didn't want us to erupt into a screaming match given our mutual hatred for each other.


The fact is, if you weren't gonna properly conduct business, honestly and fairly, and would allow your grudge to enter into the matter to exclude a relevant party, then you shouldn't have done it at all in the first place! That is, Lipschultz should've translated everything himself! That's what this bigoted, butt-ugly a$$hole was hired to do in the first place!!! Not point to some guys on the Internet and say, "Hey, let's grab the fan translation from over there! It'll be mostly translated, we'll save time and can spend a little more on editing it to our preferences, etc.!" He had ulterior motives in contacting Psycho DeuceBag, and just Psycho DeuceBag alone, in doing so, at least, that's what I feel given the particulars.

Translation: He could kill 2 birds with one stone... He would get the credit that he was the first to get a company to positively endorse the fan translation movement, which was an objectively positive thing to do, BUT, the other bird was of course me, he would get to make sure that I was excluded, a form of persecution/punishment for the feud and bad feelings that happened back in 2008. He was also pandering to my w@rez h@ters as well, not just for his own satisfaction but for that of many others as well. He would be seen as a hero in their eyes and I've come across some threads where they interpreted the XCISE as for that reason...

Should've done this a lot earlier, like back in 2010, but essentially I'm going to be publicly calling for a boycott of XSEED! This is a criminal company and one of its employees, I feel, used it for vindictive purposes against me. I have never bought a single game from them and I NEVER will! The injustice of what occurred will not be corrected (thanks to the lying by Psycho DeuceBag and Tom that took place last summer 2012 to Ken Berry, Tom's boss) so it has come to this, a formal, antagonistic and public boycott message against this company...

I'm not gonna let both Thomas Lipschultz (XSEED employee) and my p0rn0-st@r wanna-be, ex-translator, Jeff "Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbum (AKA "The Neo-Geo Forums Flasher") get away with cluster-f#cking me over the way that they did! They're both criminals and they can burn in hell as far as I'm concerned! They certainly make a fitting duo; one is a 40+ year old porno-star wanna-be that posted a photo of his pen1s on the Neo Geo forums taking the "my ePen1s is bigger than yours" joke a bit too far, while Lipschultz is a cartoon ped0-p0rn defender having taken the time to defend the animated work-around that avoids the criminal use/abuse of real children/underage victims. Frankly, these two disgusting criminals deserve each other!!

I've let a few details slip over time, but I've been writing up the whole story of what happened and eventually will go public with it, but basically, the both of them conspired to cheat me out of both credit and compensation when it came to 4 translated scripts in our possession starting with Felghana back in 2010 that XSEED paid for and obtained. The scripts were translated because of my step 1 labor, extraction time, and the building of software (Translation Station) to facilitate the translation process. But I was never contacted at any stage of when the first transaction occurred for Felghana back in 2010 - in fact, was never contacted period, he's been playing stupid with me for 3 years now, not a word, an explanation, an apology, etc.

So basically, my criminal ex-translator took 100% of the credit and 100% of the profit when it came to the scripts for Felghana, Ys I & II Complete/Chronicles and the last one that we worked on, Ys Origin. He got his name credited in 2 official PSP games and 3 PC Steam releases off my back and sacrifices because he happened to be in possession of translated results thanks to the PC projects I ran. To date, I have not been credited for anything just as Thomas Lipschultz, the disgusting, bigoted piece of excrement wanted! I am certain he had more to do with making sure that I was excluded than Psycho DeuceBag, but I'll never know the full details of what secretly transpired when the first transaction occurred in 2010 for the Felghana script when Psycho DeuceBag snuck into the database of my software and exported an Excel file of the script to provide XSEED, etc.

I'll explain things better when I fully go public, but anyhow, I'm not gonna allow positive marketing of their games here, which is why I am responding to your thread here this way. This company needs to be boycotted, not supported and that is going to be my official and public position. I am eventually going to use all available resources at my disposal to call for this boycott. I'm gonna make sure Thomas Lipschultz remembers me for a lifetime, that is after all what he sought to do on my behalf, he wanted to give me a lifetime memory via his cluster-f#cking me over. The least I could do is return the favor! I spoke to his boss, Ken Berry, XSEED's Director of Publishing, so I at least got the ball rolling in payback for what he did!

You're not gonna get away with it, Tom! You're not! At the very least, I'm gonna try the issue in the court of public opinion like I should've done a HELL of a long time ago! I can do this for free, at the very least. Certainly would love to afford a rottweiler of an ambulance-chasing lawyer and prosecute both of you bastards to the fullest extent of the law, but obviously, the work was unlicensed to begin with, so rationally, I couldn't achieve justice with you (on the flipside, you're legally neutralized so I ain't scared of you in the slightest bit! You retro-actively endorsed, approved of, legitimized, legalized, etc. *EVERYTHING* that was necessary to produce those script files, and you got your fingerprints on the Felghana Manual images too, not to mention the Ys Typing Tutor.), but certainly I could with Psycho DeuceBag though I'd have to go to the state of South Carolina for the jurisdiction! What he did constitutes "unjust enrichment" off of my back per what one of the lawyers I spoke to told me! I never would've done technical/programming labor for free much less to go uncredited in order to extract Japanese text, build software to translate it, hand it off to a criminal, backstabbing partner, who then would get to translate it in record time, then hand it off to a for-profit corporation for 100% credit and 100% profit, never to be seen or heard from again! The both of you are disgusting! DISGUSTING! And I wish I had never met either of you f#cks! Anyhow, I ain't going away quietly like you thought, like you would've preferred m0th3rf#ck3r! You're a criminal in every sense! The both of you! F#CK YOU!

General / Re: Ys IV: Woodlands of Celceta
« on: Jun. 05, 2013, 07:45:58 PM »
Surprisingly, they got a PC publisher for China or something. I mean, many versions of Ys 7 for the PC/Windows were released in China...

General / Re: Random Photos Thread
« on: Jun. 05, 2013, 02:10:19 PM »

That's the Turbo Everdrive, let's you play all PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 HuCard ROM files on real NEC videogame hardware.

General / Random Photos Thread
« on: May. 24, 2013, 11:53:47 AM »
Borrowed idea from the PCEngineFX forums. It's just to have a place to dump a funny or interesting photo now and then, etc.

Thanks to Tatsujin for this one! Was the Laugh of the Day.

Ya know, I'm gonna need to buy a PS3 eventually. I bought Metal Gear Solid 4 for $20 some time ago, so it's on my play list for some day when I can get the system on the cheap (meaning many years away)... ;)

Hey man, loooonng time! Finally got the first post out of ya! ;) So it took the completion of the Ys IV project, huh ?

That's pretty fucking cool, seeing it on a portable!!!

Ys: The Oath In Felghana / Re: Background music will not loop
« on: Dec. 31, 2012, 07:34:23 PM »
So FYI, this problem was solved for Blackpin... The naughty archive that she downloaded included an alternate soundtrack, but the hacks that made it didn't know how to set the loop variables in each OGG file that was replaced... Thus, switching back to the original soundtrack OGG files solved this problem or using the alternate soundtrack I offered her works too.

Ys: The Oath In Felghana / Re: Background music will not loop
« on: Dec. 26, 2012, 04:11:38 PM »
By the way, I'm uploading the Alternate Felghana soundtrack to mediafire at the moment. Basically, like the Alternate Soundtracks for Ys I & II Complete, it takes the amazing arranged music from the Hudson games for the old NEC console systems and works them into these PC games! As good as the Felghana soundtrack is by Falcom, the Ys III one from Husdon and Ryo Yonemitsu is FAR FAR AMAZING and resulted in one of the greatest videogame soundtracks in history!

Well, all you would have to do is unzip the archive into the MUSIC subfolder and overwrite the OGG music files. To go back to the originals, just save a copy of the whole folder or copy it over again from the CD, pretty simple. But yeah, lemme know if you want it!

Ys: The Oath In Felghana / Re: Background music will not loop
« on: Dec. 26, 2012, 12:37:00 PM »
I remember that with the current Felghana patch, the download link to Falcom's VE fix patch was broken so try this:

1) Download this file:

2) Copy it in the same folder as the YSF executable in the YSF_WIN folder.

3) Download my Felghana patch and run it again (it will find the zip file and use it!). - (The first link to mediafire is to my patch).
Eh, here, this :

(I never got around to organizing all my downloads, I still use mediafire for that leaked patch when I had my single free webpage and no website or domain).

Anyhow, that's your best bet. I've never heard of this problem before to be honest, so I'm at a loss as to what the solution would be at present.

News/Info / Smug Cats and Ys IV... The Audacity!
« on: Dec. 17, 2012, 05:43:53 AM »
Look at what I found today on teh Internets... Yesss, I know it's a shame that teh Internet has too few images or videos of cats doin' somethin' (/end sarcasm), but there is some context here to post this. Look at what he's stepping on !! This, not soon after the Ys IV Dubbing project had finally been completed after 8 years!

The outrage, the audacity, the disrespect! It looks like this cat bastard even has a smug look on his face to boot... And I *know* he didn't donate either!!!! Yet another fucking freeloader WITH attitude, 99% strong and proud!! Heh-heh. ;)

Heya duke, glad ya stopped by and you're welcome! =)

This wasn't important obviously, if one just clicks through, you'll get the game installed just fine so no biggie, but anyhow, it seems to be telling you that when you uninstall/install without Administrator privileges, there is a risk of difficulty in successfully installing/uninstalling the game, something to that effect. Can't get clear answers from online translation software.

The first button is Yes, the 2nd button is No, and the 3rd is Exit. This is the full text that was being displayed:


So basically, making sure that you have administrator privileges and clicking the first button 'yes' would be the proper way to handle this. The thing is, installing this game is a matter of copying the YSF_WIN folder to some folder on your disk drive, minus that big "" 3 GB file. After running my patch and pointing it to the EXE, it'll make the proper registry entry that the installer normally makes. So in the end, as you probably already figured out, this was much ado about nothing. ;)

There we are:

It's been translated. ;)

Primer: >> I wrote about Psycho John Schizomaniak, a bullying bigoted blowhard, here as well... <<

(The Ys IV Project Harasser/Heckler)
Before we begin, quick question: Would you help raise 50,000 GBP ($78,410 USD) to "send" an utter and complete a$$hole to Japan to write a book about Japanese videogame developers that you *might* want to buy from him afterwards, assuming he succeeds in writing something that'd be worth the time ?? This contemptible clown actually started a Kickstarter project for this very purpose! That's right! Basically, it's a "Hey, I'm an a$$hole, gimme your money ($78,410 USD IN TOTAL!), send me to Japan and maybe I'll write a book that you'll wanna buy from me later!!" Bwahahahaha!

Just look at his disgusting, smug photo to the left, the air of utter arrogance and pompousness is so apparent!! The really scary thing is he actually gained pledges for half the amount he feels would be "necessary" to fund his little expedition/boondoggle (read: joyride) to Japan on somebody else's dime, the good little Communist that he is!! Heh-heh. This project will only be funded if at least the full £50,000 is pledged, so hopefully that doesn't happen! However, I'm not too familiar with Kickstarter, but I think this a$$-clown could just post the project idea again with a lower asking amount so that it succeeds next time around by the allocated time frame... How sad that people would invest in this lying, lazy, incompetent hack!!

Anyhow, let's take it from the top. I have a serious tale to tell, ladies and gentlemen, an unfortunate one, and sure enough there's been no shortage of those in my line of work, lemme tell ya... I've already slightly introduced the lunatic in question, but I have to set up some context before getting to his 2nd "royal" strike. This story, this excursion of mine, mainly has to do with his harassment/heckling efforts when it came to the Ys IV Dubbing Project, twice, once in 2009, AND a recent encore "presentation" when the dub patch was finally completed (late 2012) simply because I dared to criticize him for what he did in 2009 (the hypocritical, hell-raising, heckling hack CAN'T take a taste of his own medicine and he has a REALLY SEVERE case of this!!!)...

So, his real name is John Szczepaniak (AKA "Sketcz"), but for the purposes of accuracy and entertainment, I christened him as Psycho John Schizomaniak. John's an angry hack "journalist" with very poor fact-checking skills (as will be shown) that works at a UK gaming magazine called GamesTM, and is also a staff member at among other places. He's also another one of my "satisfied customers," if you will, hence our little dust up. ;) What I mean by that is, he apparently developed a psycho hard-on for me to the point where I've been living rent-free inside his miserable malcontent mind for years (much like Spinner8, a r0mh@cking hack of hate, who's somewhat involved in this!) and yet I personally had never done anything to this man, aside from producing Ys patches for him to consume. Why is it the thankless freeloaders are always of the angriest bunch ??

Sorry. EDIT. IN. PROGRESS. I kept meaning to return and finish this, but I flamed out... :/

******** Scratch Outline to finish this article *********
* Attack post #1:
* Attack post #2:

  • Looks for my Ys IV patch late 2008, can't find it, in a paranoid fashion, concludes this was all an intentional plot to deny the Internet and hacks like him from ever possessing it...
  • While on R0mh@cking, the source of this paranoia and general douchebaggery (extortion threats, death-threats, you name it!), he reveals "totalitarian view" that unlicensed software should be cracked so he can always get it for free. Surprise surprise, an entitlement FREE-FOR-ME complex!
  • 2009, Creates giganto rant page on HardcoreGaming101 - He combines Communist Hammer & Sickle Imagery/Propaganda with Ys IV title screen images if you can believe that... The theme was "Worldwide Ys Freeloaders Unite against the big, bad, evil capitalist NightWolve!!" - He was butthurt about my criticisms for the 99% freeloading so this was his answer, etc.! You get the idea.
  • a) Accuses me of trying to make my Ys IV patch disappear (and others) from the Internet...
  • b) Accuses me of trying to stop GeeMac32bit from working on an Ys IV Dubbing project!!! Does not provide ANY quotes, ANYTHING at all to substantiate the previous claim! No quote from GeeMac to explain why, no quote from me, and yet on the same day on my website, I announce I'm working with GeeMac to get the dubbing done! It's a total fabricated LIE by a madman based on Thomas Lipschultz's trolling me in the past who was also his friend, so this was in a way to help him I suspect...
  • c) I contact Kurt Kalata, explain both accusations are COMPLETELY false and he deletes most of the page (, apologizes, though a very weak apology at that.
  • 2011, Psycho John releases parts of interviews that were cut in the editors' room of GamesTM.
    From this I learn that Psycho DeuceBag tried to libel/slander me in an interview for a UK videogame magazine. I was never notified and would have no place to respond to if that libel had actually been printed in that issue... I knew from this that Psycho DeuceBag and XSEED were going to have war on their hands.
  • 2012, Psycho John discovers that I wrote a few sentences (3-4) about what he did in 2009 in the Ys IV ReadMe. Explodes in a fit of rage, unleashes vile, venomous, vicious, verbal abuse upon BurntLasagna for what I wrote and attacks everybody in the project, a fanatical guilt by association, for not having known they were "supposed to" swoop down and censor my comments about him because the little darling can't take criticism, let alone a taste of his own medicine.

Blah, aborted from here; must remind myself to finish this op-ed on him - 4/8/2014

Well, I'm gonna have to take you back to the past, to effectively explain why Mr. Schizomaniak really sucks so much ass! The year was 2009, blah blah here >

On November 5, 2009, I sent this email to Kurt Kalata to fight back, the founder of "Hardcore Gaming 101":
Hey Kurt, I'm glad I had some contact with you earlier otherwise I wouldn't know who to go to for this. OK, very bizarre, but you apparently have a member on your staff, Sketcz, that decided to launch a wild attack with outright, intentional lies about me, my patches, and so forth. You can't write this stuff, wow... As far as I can tell, I did nothing other than offer to continue the Ys IV dubbing project with a fella that recently showed up (/forums/index.php?topic=89.msg3702#new).

First, here's the link:

He's blantantly lying, claiming that all of my patches haven't been available all this time and other wild shit. I'm going to post there in a second, but in case he just deletes me, I wanted to get you to talk some sense into him. My spider sense tells me he might've been trying to bait me into responding to him, but I'm not sure.

I made a post, but in case he never approves it, I'll add it on here for your viewing:

News/Info / Bet some of you retrofans would like one of these... ;)
« on: Sep. 27, 2012, 08:13:16 PM »

Happy Console Gamer (Johnny), a big Ys fan, marks the 25th Anniversary of the Ys series given how influential it was to him! He sports a nice original collection to boot and a "I love Ys" t-shirt that I didn't even notice the first time around! Heh. ;) I've chatted with him on youtube in the past, he's a pretty cool guy with a decent retro gaming-related channel. He once said that, quote, "75% of the reason I started a show up on youtube was to talk about Ys and other underground games like it, as nobody was talking about Ys on youtube and I couldn't understand why??"I got an honorable mention 6:30 into this one for the Ys IV translation patch! An actual appreciative Ys fan, very hard to come by and only number in the 400-500 range out of a 10-year pool going way past >60,000 these days!I had a few more thoughts on this here.

Thanks, it was a fun little project, although now I'm a little upset about not knowing about the tantalum capacitors. If I had bought those instead, I would've gotten rid of the standard hum that you hear in the audio (which is more apparent when using headphones), so the NEC tech guys tell me. I would have to replace all the power related caps and the 2 sound related caps if I still wanted to get this benefit, but given that I already spent $20 bucks on this, it's not worth it... :( But oh well, it was successfully resurrected so it's all good!

The full saga/details can be found here:

Victoly!>> Of Interest: Check out this 3.5" LCD Mod Here << - If you like this Mod and have an Express, you can send it to him and he'll do it for a respectable fee.

Announcements / Hexecute 3.10 Crash Fix Version (Download Here)
« on: May. 16, 2012, 11:22:21 PM »
While PSPad is the greatest freeware hex editor that I know of, it still doesn't do the one simple thing that Hexecute does for finding Japanese text :

Hexecute seems to have been abandoned by its creator, Mike Walston, and is about 10 years old since this release. It used to work well enough for doing quick searches of Japanese text (when you wanna find an offset), but I couldn't open anything in S-JIS/932 mode without it crashing, so given that the source was always included, I did the following:

1) I first had to convert the source code to Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition! (Not so easy, many syntax changes going from the ole VC++ 6.0). BTW, DO NOT upgrade it to VC++ 201X! 2005 is the last version that compiles an EXE that'll work on Win98/ME/NT/2K, that's why I didn't use a newer version!

2) Debugged for a day and managed to fix a couple of crash points manifested by the hex view not being loaded when anything other than the Unicode code page was selected. So, I think I fixed most crashes and a buffer overflow condition, lemme know if not.

3) Commandline opening of a file: if you put a shortcut in the 'Send To' folder and whenever you right click a file and select Send To, it will now open the file successfully.

>> Download it here <<

Download Section

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