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Ys: The Oath in Felghana


I will likely finish this patch and provide an option to switch to X.X.XSEED's edited script for added benefit. In the meantime, you can continue to use the old leaked BETA.

>>>> The leaked Ys: The Oath in Felghana BETA patch <<<<<

Ys: The Oath in Felghana! Yes, indeed, you read correctly. Did your jaw just drop? An English patch for this Falcom masterpiece seems like a dream, doesn't it? Well, that dream will soon become reality... Patience.

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After the complete liberation of Esteria and Ys (as observed in Ys Books I and II), Adol and Dogi decide to visit the Town of Redmont, Dogi’s hometown. Upon their arrival, they realize that, gasp, the land has been overrun by monsters. The two heroes meet up with Elena Stoddart, a childhood friend, who eagerly explains the recent events. To further complicate the situation, the local mayor has been kidnapped, and Elena’s brother, Chester Stoddart, has abandoned the town. Since becoming knighted in the service of King McGuire and Valestine Castle, his demeanor has changed, and the general public suspects that he’s become involved in something sinister. And, naturally, what could be more sinister than the resurrection of an ancient god of destruction?



  • YsF Prologue Demo in English - Gillian Seed made this video a while back using early patches when I started the project. Nice teaser for ya.
  • RPGFan Review - A suitable review for this blindingly awesome Falcom masterpiece.


Project Progress as of Version 1.00:
DDS Images (200/200):100%
String Translation (4356/4356 [204,318 byte script]):~100%
Assembly Hacking:100%
NSIS Patcher (v2.23):80%
Remaining work: industrial strength anti-piracy measures, patch activation, some script issues reported in feedback to deal with, writing up the ReadMe, touch ups to the patcher, last minute checks for issues, etc.

Project Suspended Version 1.00 (Release Date TBA):
  • Project Suspended - The last BETA build that I was able to produce however is still being made available to donators for closed testing or otherwise. You'll be emailed the patch the next time I'm able to check my inbox after notification from paypal is received.

    Since I have haulted all fan translation work until further notice for various reasons, mainly personal, but also due to having attracted various degenerates over the years that managed to undercut what would've been a relatively short donation period, I suggest you don't bother holding off for a final patch whose release date has grown more uncertain. The BETA isn't that bad; it's perfectly playable and I'm afraid that there won't anything better for a long time... Too many changes to make, too much anger on my part after what certain a-holes did and a changing schedule leaving me with much less free time.