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Author Topic: Felghana Patch "Release" Anniversary! Yaay! It's been 3 years!  (Read 5503 times)

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Man, time sure flies by, doesn't it ? I neglected to come online this Jan. 29th (which was two Fridays ago) to properly commemorate the day (January 29, 2007 3:21 PM PT) that my unfinished Felghana patch was leaked... How annoying! It's become a tradition for me curiously enough and I almost didn't make time for it. *sniff* Better late than never as I always say!

Well, there she is in action, my preciousss... 3 years and counting, even despite a broken Falcom patch link, and it STILL keeps on patching nearly EVERY DAY for any warez-happy freeloading @sshole (AKA Ys "fan"), the poor thing, but it's got a little attitude problem though, eh? Wonder where it got that from... Heh-heh.

You heard right BTW, ever since it was "released" 3 years ago and continues to make its way around the world, it's installed DAILY (~5-15 installations a day!), a fun fact I'll go into more further down. So even as I'm typing this, right now, some a-hole somewhere just finished his torrent download of Felghana and got done running the patch. I do not exaggerate! Purty awesome, doncha think, it spreading like a virus nonstop ?? I suppose one can consider this a "successful" patch, *THE* most successful patch I produced in fact, that is, if your gauging is purely on the basis of daily, worldwide consumption.

Now, I know a few of you noticed my little message feature but probably weren't aware that I began randomizing different "messages" a few months back. ;) Gotta have at least a little fun with my awesomely spoiled, shitty Ys "fans," ya know ? Incidentally, if you can come up with an "entertaining" (let's say) message, feel free to send it my way - if it's good, I'll add it to the list. It'd have to be 78 characters long so that it fits on one line.

So yeah, it's been 3 years since an unfinished Felghana patch was leaked on GameFAQs in order to "end my greedy donation-ransom scheme" as it were, costing me anywhere from $1000-$1500... Didn't take you lousy fucktards long to go right back to your freeloading once it got loose the way that it did, that's for sure (you know who you are!). Looking back, I'm not sure if it was proper to consider it an ALPHA or BETA now that I think about it (always went with BETA though), but it definitely wasn't a release candidate (RC) - douchebags made that choice for me, sorry to say. Basically, it was almost finished; it needed some script updates, minor improvements for external image loading, and was simply missing some Mural images pertaining to a part of the game in the Abandoned Mine. Nothing major and it was on track to being finished up late February or early March 2007 (a few more weeks, tops), that is, until the leak of course.

Well, I never finished my thoughts here, but suffice to say, I can't believe what a horrible fanbase you turned out to be - 99% freeloading, 99% thanklessness, add in the character attacks, the lies, the extortion threats, etc. this is so utterly outrageous, a word which could never be enough to truly convey the gravity of the situation... Yet, you feel no shame for it, you don't, nothing has changed in all this time. I kind of wish I never got involved in fan translation work; if I had only known your true character beforehand I probably never would've, but oh well, it's too much apart of me now...

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Re: Felghana Patch "Release" Anniversary! Yaay! It's been 3 years!
« Reply #1 on: Feb. 19, 2010, 12:03:43 AM »
Wow, I didn't realize that the anniversary of all this had come about!

So, any progress updates on the patch? Three years is a long time... ;)

Here's a potential installation message for ya:

Extract: Identity_Thief.exe Run: Identity_Thief.exe Identity stolen!

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« Reply #2 on: Feb. 20, 2010, 12:33:57 PM »
Three years already, huh...?  My, how time flies.

If you'll excuse my bluntness for a moment, NightWolve, I've noticed a trend with the leads of every fan translation project I've worked on in the past.  In every single case (Wind, Felghana, and even my own Rosenkreuzstilette project), something "undesirable" happens (usually involving proof of ownership of the original game), the warez pirates bitch and take action (usually harassment), and the project heads quickly loses their faith in human decency.  The leads' actions from that point on, however well intended, end up making them out to be petty, vindictive pricks.

Now, if this was my first time visiting the site, I would probably think NightWolve was an @sshole with one hell of a grudge.  It's one thing to be justifiably indignant after being slighted.  It's another thing to begin a tirade at pretty much every opportunity long after the fire should have burned out (the insults below the Donate button and in the installer, for starters).  I've had to deal with similar crap with the RKS "Dramasbombe" myself (people were pissed that our patch installer checked every file on the game disc before beginning the installation - which mirror moon has done in all their major releases, I might add), and I completely sympathize with your anger.  Still, I think I should echo the words of my lead playtester:  it's time to put this crap behind us and move on.

That said, I'm amused and irked that the installer has the nerve to call someone in NightWolve's Top 15 a "cheap WAREZ fuck!" :rolleyes:.  Exactly how are you telling the donors apart from the leechers?  Whatever you're doing, it's not working...

Edit:  Come to think of it, I didn't update the game before running the English patch...  If that's the decider, that's actually a pretty clever way to do it  (seeing as only legit customers know where to find the VE patch).
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Re: Felghana Patch "Release" Anniversary! Yaay! It's been 3 years!
« Reply #3 on: Mar. 22, 2010, 08:21:14 AM »
I personally like this one I got.

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