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Author Topic: Did Falcom completely sell out of Ys I&II Complete [Popular Edition] copies??  (Read 2630 times)

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I was updating the ReadMe for the Ys I Complete patch and I tried to update the "Where to buy this game" link, BUT, I was surprised to find that nobody sells new copies anymore! The Falcom Order page linked above says sales for it are closed! I used to link to HimeyaShop, an expensive Japanese retailer (English shopping cart, but still high S/H rates), but that was completely shutdown some time ago and the domain expired (they were alive as of 04/02/2010)! Now there's at least YesAsia located in the USA, which recently began stocking lots of newer Falcom games, but they don't have it...

The first release of the Ys I patch was 9 years ago in 2003, so I guess this means that we did some good in opening up the English speaking world via unlicensed patches (besides making the general, cheapass, warez gaming public happy)! Well, good job to everyone that supported Falcom over the years and helped make this possible! They're 31 years old BTW as of April and still kicking strong, so pretty cool! Anyone wanting an original copy of this will now have to deal with the eBays and whatnot. Oh, you know what else this means? If it really is sold out, it has reached abandonware status, thus morally/ethically, pirating this particular game/sharing among friends comes down more along the lines of "preservation" so it can be totally guilt-free. ;)

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