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WTF is up NW?!!!! ;D
Falcom Weekly Special
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How do I buy Falcom games?  Good, I'm glad you asked that question because I'm going to answer it in full... You have two main options: The first is buying the game(s) directly from Falcom and this page will aid you in creating the proper email that's required for placing an international order with them. It'll be based on information from here, here, Gillian's Guide, as well as from REAL Falcom fans that have placed orders recently so I have the most up-to-date information. The second option US gamers NOW have besides eBay is www.yesasia.com! Games like Felghana and Ys Origin are now going for $70 bucks as of 4/12/2012 with free shipping! Search for "Falcom" to find all titles.

Quick Info: This feature is WIP so if you are gonna try to place an order for the current Falcom special, refer to this guide for how to handle Falcom's response emails to ya, etc. To make the order email, fill out most of your info below and press the 'Create Email Body' button to see the output. If ready, you would copy & paste what's in the textbox into your email client to send the mail to the addresses I listed.

  • Make sure your full name and shipping address is exactly the same as what's on your credit card! An obvious no-brainer that'll avoid verification failures!
  • Very important! Make a note of your first receipt number because you'll be able to place future orders with it and NOT have to retransmit all of your personal location and credit card information!
  • Your telephone number is now required by Falcom! If you don't provide one the first time, they will ask for it in the first response email! Also, please make sure that the number you provide is the same number on file with your credit card company.
  • This feature operates entirely on client-side javascript and your CC # is not saved nor logged. If you're worried, just type a fake one here and type the real one inside your email client when ready. Simple enough.
  • In whatever email client that you're using, make sure to switch to Plain Text mode as opposed to HTML or Rich Text!! This'll preserve the mailorder text formatting and guarantee that the way you see it is the way that the Falcom clerk will see it!