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17 Necstasy PC Engine & PC-FX TOC database

This is sort of similar to, but for PC Engine/TG-16/PC-FX CD-ROMs. Since my TocFixer utility is compiled with this data, you don't need this site so much if you wanna verify an image's authenticity and fix it if not.
1764 2.23
6 Falcom of Japan

A Japanese videogame developer responsible for our beloved Ys series among other quality titles.
1552 3
4 MagicEngine PC Engine/TG-16 Emulator

Arguably the best PC-Engine emulator available, courtesy of David Michel in France.
1676 3.25
4 3 PC Engine Catalog Project

PC Engine Catalog Project is an online database that represents a successful attempt at cataloging and documenting every known PC-Engine/TG-16 & PC-FX game!
Credits: Bt Garner and Dave Shadoff.
1828 2.67
5 2 Fantasy Anime

Dedicated to select fantasy RPG video games, select anime, & other related areas of interest.
2989 1
6 1

Extensive RPG Coverage Since 1998. Before joining the staff of, Stephen Harris (Tenchi-no-ryu) had introduced me to Falcom RPG imports such as Ys I & II Complete which is what led to my fan translation project of it!!!
1782 1
7 1 MyDevil

Doom3 Full Conversion RPG MOD Development
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