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Author Topic: John Schizomaniak (AKA Sketcz) the Menacing Malcontent Madman Strikes Yet Again!  (Read 9466 times)

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Primer: >> I wrote about Psycho John Schizomaniak, a bullying bigoted blowhard, here as well... <<

(The Ys IV Project Harasser/Heckler)
Before we begin, quick question: Would you help raise 50,000 GBP ($78,410 USD) to "send" an utter and complete a$$hole to Japan to write a book about Japanese videogame developers that you *might* want to buy from him afterwards, assuming he succeeds in writing something that'd be worth the time ?? This contemptible clown actually started a Kickstarter project for this very purpose! That's right! Basically, it's a "Hey, I'm an a$$hole, gimme your money ($78,410 USD IN TOTAL!), send me to Japan and maybe I'll write a book that you'll wanna buy from me later!!" Bwahahahaha!

Just look at his disgusting, smug photo to the left, the air of utter arrogance and pompousness is so apparent!! The really scary thing is he actually gained pledges for half the amount he feels would be "necessary" to fund his little expedition/boondoggle (read: joyride) to Japan on somebody else's dime, the good little Communist that he is!! Heh-heh. This project will only be funded if at least the full £50,000 is pledged, so hopefully that doesn't happen! However, I'm not too familiar with Kickstarter, but I think this a$$-clown could just post the project idea again with a lower asking amount so that it succeeds next time around by the allocated time frame... How sad that people would invest in this lying, lazy, incompetent hack!!

Anyhow, let's take it from the top. I have a serious tale to tell, ladies and gentlemen, an unfortunate one, and sure enough there's been no shortage of those in my line of work, lemme tell ya... I've already slightly introduced the lunatic in question, but I have to set up some context before getting to his 2nd "royal" strike. This story, this excursion of mine, mainly has to do with his harassment/heckling efforts when it came to the Ys IV Dubbing Project, twice, once in 2009, AND a recent encore "presentation" when the dub patch was finally completed (late 2012) simply because I dared to criticize him for what he did in 2009 (the hypocritical, hell-raising, heckling hack CAN'T take a taste of his own medicine and he has a REALLY SEVERE case of this!!!)...

So, his real name is John Szczepaniak (AKA "Sketcz"), but for the purposes of accuracy and entertainment, I christened him as Psycho John Schizomaniak. John's an angry hack "journalist" with very poor fact-checking skills (as will be shown) that works at a UK gaming magazine called GamesTM, and is also a staff member at among other places. He's also another one of my "satisfied customers," if you will, hence our little dust up. ;) What I mean by that is, he apparently developed a psycho hard-on for me to the point where I've been living rent-free inside his miserable malcontent mind for years (much like Spinner8, a r0mh@cking hack of hate, who's somewhat involved in this!) and yet I personally had never done anything to this man, aside from producing Ys patches for him to consume. Why is it the thankless freeloaders are always of the angriest bunch ??

Sorry. EDIT. IN. PROGRESS. I kept meaning to return and finish this, but I flamed out... :/

******** Scratch Outline to finish this article *********
* Attack post #1:
* Attack post #2:

  • Looks for my Ys IV patch late 2008, can't find it, in a paranoid fashion, concludes this was all an intentional plot to deny the Internet and hacks like him from ever possessing it...
  • While on R0mh@cking, the source of this paranoia and general douchebaggery (extortion threats, death-threats, you name it!), he reveals "totalitarian view" that unlicensed software should be cracked so he can always get it for free. Surprise surprise, an entitlement FREE-FOR-ME complex!
  • 2009, Creates giganto rant page on HardcoreGaming101 - He combines Communist Hammer & Sickle Imagery/Propaganda with Ys IV title screen images if you can believe that... The theme was "Worldwide Ys Freeloaders Unite against the big, bad, evil capitalist NightWolve!!" - He was butthurt about my criticisms for the 99% freeloading so this was his answer, etc.! You get the idea.
  • a) Accuses me of trying to make my Ys IV patch disappear (and others) from the Internet...
  • b) Accuses me of trying to stop GeeMac32bit from working on an Ys IV Dubbing project!!! Does not provide ANY quotes, ANYTHING at all to substantiate the previous claim! No quote from GeeMac to explain why, no quote from me, and yet on the same day on my website, I announce I'm working with GeeMac to get the dubbing done! It's a total fabricated LIE by a madman based on Thomas Lipschultz's trolling me in the past who was also his friend, so this was in a way to help him I suspect...
  • c) I contact Kurt Kalata, explain both accusations are COMPLETELY false and he deletes most of the page (, apologizes, though a very weak apology at that.
  • 2011, Psycho John releases parts of interviews that were cut in the editors' room of GamesTM.
    From this I learn that Psycho DeuceBag tried to libel/slander me in an interview for a UK videogame magazine. I was never notified and would have no place to respond to if that libel had actually been printed in that issue... I knew from this that Psycho DeuceBag and XSEED were going to have war on their hands.
  • 2012, Psycho John discovers that I wrote a few sentences (3-4) about what he did in 2009 in the Ys IV ReadMe. Explodes in a fit of rage, unleashes vile, venomous, vicious, verbal abuse upon BurntLasagna for what I wrote and attacks everybody in the project, a fanatical guilt by association, for not having known they were "supposed to" swoop down and censor my comments about him because the little darling can't take criticism, let alone a taste of his own medicine.

Blah, aborted from here; must remind myself to finish this op-ed on him - 4/8/2014

Well, I'm gonna have to take you back to the past, to effectively explain why Mr. Schizomaniak really sucks so much ass! The year was 2009, blah blah here >

On November 5, 2009, I sent this email to Kurt Kalata to fight back, the founder of "Hardcore Gaming 101":
Hey Kurt, I'm glad I had some contact with you earlier otherwise I wouldn't know who to go to for this. OK, very bizarre, but you apparently have a member on your staff, Sketcz, that decided to launch a wild attack with outright, intentional lies about me, my patches, and so forth. You can't write this stuff, wow... As far as I can tell, I did nothing other than offer to continue the Ys IV dubbing project with a fella that recently showed up (/forums/index.php?topic=89.msg3702#new).

First, here's the link:

He's blantantly lying, claiming that all of my patches haven't been available all this time and other wild shit. I'm going to post there in a second, but in case he just deletes me, I wanted to get you to talk some sense into him. My spider sense tells me he might've been trying to bait me into responding to him, but I'm not sure.

I made a post, but in case he never approves it, I'll add it on here for your viewing:
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