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Author Topic: XSEED's Tom Lipschultz Caught Pushing Unlicensed/Illegal Bootleg/Repro Business!  (Read 8161 times)

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I haven't done sufficient updates to keep up with recent events but as many XSEED fans on Twitter know the company was BUSTED bigtime for cheating Brittany Avery after being fired with the disgraced Tom-chan "The KKK Witch" Lipschultz. This led to the fashionably flamboyant Executive Commander Sterling to produce this most excellent video lambasting XSEED for cheating people!** Boycott X.X.XSEED Games Facebook Page!
XSEED's resident bozo, Thomas "WyrdWad" Lipschultz, pushing an unlicensed/illegal/untaxed repro/bootleg "business" on his Youtube account... SHOCK!!
Thomas "WyrdWad" Lipschultz, the disgusting, hypocritical, bigoted criminal cheat of X.X.XSEED Games uploaded this recent video with his 'WyrdWad' Youtube account where he openly promotes a for-profit unlicensed/illegal/untaxed bootleg/repro "business" for the retro MSX2 platform!!! For reference, their pay-to-play "business" websites are:,, or

While the particular game he's pimping is indie, made by for-profit fans (which normally is considered "evil" in his fanatical fan credo anti-capitalist commie mindset), it has a copyright violation issue: The pay-to-play profiteers didn't get a license from the band Depeche Mode, thusly stole the melody of one of their hit songs, "Just Can't Get Enough" for use in a for-profit/commercial cart product... Compare the melody with his uploaded video... Also, do you think proper sales taxes are collected and reported by this gang ?? ARE THEY PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE ?? ARE THEY SQUARE WITH ALL TAX/COMMERCE LAWS ?? YOU KNOW, JUST ASKIN'!!!

I realize the game is homebrew by fans and it'd probably be square with the law if they hadn't ripped off Depeche Mode, but if you also look at the website's blogspot, you'll find old Konami games that are being repro'ed... A few of the front and center games on the main site are fan ports of professional games which also would've been done without a license, now packaged up in nice pretty plastic ready for fans to fork over cash in an unlicensed/untaxed pay-to-play scheme! So yeah, upon further examination, it is a repro-selling outfit per its name, not all the games are innocent indie fan creations and the one he pimped would earn a copyright strike for ripping off Depeche Mode...

Alternate Title: "Ladies' Man Lipschultz" :P
Random XSEED customer getting "charmed" by him:

To be clear, MY personal position is irrelevant, I act as the reporter here! I wouldn't give a rat's ass normally, and there are some nice bootlegs out there, I own some that were donated to me, but THIS MONSTER right here tried to viciously incite the public against me before he was hired by XSEED Games on similar grounds! His hypocrisy and criminality are the issue here!

Tom and "power trolls" like Psycho Kirsten "omgfloofy" Miller attempted to hypocritically torment and browbeat me down for thought crimes in "violation" of their fanatical "fan credo" ideology! "Get a license if you wanna sell, cooperate with the fan community, it's supposed to ALWAYS be free!!! COOPERATE OR RAWWWRRRR!!!" You know the fanatical types out there with their insufferable self-serving moralizing, hypocritical lectures, and worst case they come in certifiable lunatic flavors like the patch leaker, Pyscho PruvMeRong from GameFAQs/4chan! It's all partly why the bigot used his pathetic company to punish me! And now, now you find the corrupt bastard promoting an illegal/unlicensed/untaxed business that HE likes and gosh golly that makes it all A-OK, so it's newsworthy in my book!

Conclusion: F*CK THIS GUY!!!! Seriously, F*CK THIS AHOLE!!!!! Nothing but an arrogant, petty, small-time dirtbag that used his disgusting company for revenge to make his vengeful self feel good in life... That's right, I said it, a petty ass dirtbag, just like Jeff! And the fact is, XSEED really is a disgrace in the videogame publishing world, I genuinely am disgusted it tied Falcom and the Ys series in the same house that publishes weird, questionable, violent stripping and pedo-pandering underage-big-boob girl games, along with their 4 petty criminal sneak/cheat operations on Ys fan translations that they STILL refuse to admit was divisively, criminally cheating one party over another, the lying hacks that they are!! You have NO decency sir, I award you NO points, and may God have mercy on your soul!

You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend!