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Author Topic: Does XSEED pander to animated ped0philia-loving perverts? This father thinks so.  (Read 6113 times)

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I haven't done sufficient updates to keep up with recent events but as many XSEED fans on Twitter know the company was BUSTED bigtime for cheating Brittany Avery after being fired with the disgraced Tom-chan "The KKK Witch" Lipschultz. This led to the fashionably flamboyant Executive Commander Sterling to produce this most excellent video lambasting XSEED for cheating people!** Boycott X.X.XSEED Games Facebook Page!
Is X.X.XSEED [Lame] Games waging a "war on women" of all ages, from underage teens and up ? Hmmmm...Does X.X.XSEED Games pander to animated ped0philia-loving pedo-perverts ?  :-\Did XSEED really "cheat" that NightWolve guy or is he just "crazy" ? I'm undecided. They seem like such friendly people, like Tom...I guess it all just depends on what the meaning of "cheat" is... Sigh, so confusing, who to believe here...
Is XSEED waging a "war on women" of all ages, from underage teens and up ? Recall the Huffington-Puffington Post article on their stripping game whereby some in the feminist camp would say yes... Do they pander to pedo-pervs at some level, however small or not ? We'll have a bit of a look at what one of their customers said.

First, let's recap, (1) we know that Thomas "WyrdWad" Lipschultz used his company for revenge against another Falcom/Ys fan that he was feuding with before being hired by the company, (2) that they're criminal cheats who'll exploit the fan community and the free work hours that were done in the past for fan purposes so they can save some time and a buck or two in localization costs! (3) We also know Tom was a highly animated animated-child p0rn0gr@phy defender way before working for XSEED Games... You can find his activist posts trying to get people to lobby the Japanese government not to pass restrictions against cartoon pedo-p0rn0gr@phy back when such legislation came up. Recall his quote, "And yes, I do defend animated child p0rn0gr@phy under freedom of expression and am PROUD to do so!" So yes, you could say he is "highly animated" on such subjects with that big mouth of his... ;)

Now as people know, I'm staging a boycott because this is a bigoted, arrogant, stubborn company that refuses to apologize and correct the injustices they perpetrated against me in their shameful, illegal Ys script acquisition deals that led to my lying, conniving, thieving, scheming, criminal translator, Jeff "Call-me-Psycho DeuceBag!" Nussbaum, pocketing 100% corporate profit/credit for 4 translated results he was in possession of given our paperless fan partnership/organization, that is, due to thousands of my IT/tech work hours for Japanese text and image extraction/preparation and translation software/etc... They actually broke the law in their commercialization efforts, but literally DO NOT CARE so long as NightWolve "got exactly what he deserved, NOTHING," it's all good! They think cheating me is BETTER PR/public relations than not... That's STILL the malicious mentality that you're dealing with here, monsters without ANY remorse/empathy for the hurt they caused, disgusting as it is!! It's ironic how Lipschultz became part of the "evil corporation" and used it for evil being he was a bigoted anti-capitalist commie decrying the evils of capitalism once upon a time...

Per my boycott, I can't judge these "games" of theirs since I don't buy their products, am NOT a fan, and I advocate said boycott until (1) they publicly apologize for cheating me and (2) properly credit me in the Ys games in question! How hard is that ?? HOW HARD IS THAT ?? To the shills that pretend this is crying over spilled milk, that's a LIE - they could make peace with me tomorrow and correct the crediting in the Steam releases in a day or two! Instead they choose defiance daily, thus I do too! That's how it goes! If it was too late to fix this, THEN you could bark at me to "get over it" and demand I cease negative comments about them... But, they continue to refuse on a daily basis, which means they do not learn from their past and if they truly believe they did nothing wrong, we should worry they could do this again to somebody else in the future! I believe in accountability, even with a pathetic videogame company such as this one!

To the point, it's great when I can find other people that have no connection to my grievances and are willing to point out that this is a disgusting company in their opinion for other reasons. Enter Sean of Minnesota, a father of a 4 year-old daughter who was willing to criticize XSEED, tell them what he thinks of this "Senran Kagura 2" game they recently localized! I, ladies and gentlemen, on the other hand have officially been blocked from posting on their main Facebook page even though I never posted there since 2010 (I think)... The troll behind the XSEED account answering him back is none other than Thomas Lipschultz. I recognize his writing and line of thinking anywhere - he likely blocked me. However, I can still post in the FB page of the pedo-perv Senran Kagura 2 game (my post is still not deleted, am surprised)! Wonder why ?

I love how Lipschultz reminds him that it's simply "his opinion..." Well duh, to quote Maddox, who else's would it be ?? Hahahaha!!!!

"That we cheated you, NightWolve, is simply your opinion (hint hint, it has no weight, we don't care, it's mostly limited to, you know, just YOU!), you didn't translate a single word!! You were just a text delivery boy, you will NEVER, NEVER be credited, mwahahahaha!!! You delivered text from point A to point B which constitutes a 'service' at best! As for IP Rights violations, your software being used for commercial purposes to export the translations, GIVE ME A BREAK, it was just a poor man's Microsoft Notepad/Word equivalent, NOBODY had to respect your copyright/IP on it, NOBODY, least of all Jeff or us, mwahahahahaha!!!!! Who cares, cry me a river, just suck it up, move on, get over it, get over it, GET OVER IT!!! We won, you lost!!!!!"

The rest speaks for itself. So yeah, it's good to see more people speaking up about this disgusting criminal cheat of a company for their own reasons. It does seem there's an intersection with their criminal/immoral/unethical behavior in how they criminally cheated me and the type of games they choose to localize. There's a disconnect that's there... They're, in their mind, "above" our common social mores, values, good taste, and even laws if they can get away with it...

Can you think of other companies that would make enemies of fans of their products such as what they did ?? I cannot... I don't understand their continued defiance in providing a remedy, that is, what they gain by it... I can only guess it's vindictive satisfaction because the other possibilities don't make much sense...

X.X.XSEED Games, ladies and gentlemen, living up to their rip-off of a name... ;) Give 'em a round of applause, especially to Lipschultz! Ain't he a great guy, that Tom ??

Wow, the embarrassment and shame he's brought to this company, I've never seen anything comparable like it elsewhere in all honesty and yet he STILL has a job there! His behavior is rewarded/tolerated! How this lying, cheating criminal monster pulled this all off (same goes for Jeff) I'll never really know!!!!

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