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Ys I Complete English Patch v1.27
Name Ys I Complete English Patch v1.27
Description Alrighty, it's ready! Have at it and lemme know if you find any problems.

Here's roughly what the changes are between this polished release versus the prior 1.26 version:

Version 1.27 (2/22/2006):

+ Removed the last vestiges of "ETERNAL" in favor of "COMPLETE." The game is
officially "Ys I COMPLETE" darnet! Falcom should've removed the "ETERNAL"
references themselves! Anyway, I always wanted to edit those bitmaps and
with Deuce's help, I finally got it done.

+ Somehow, I lost the work that I did with the joicon.exe file that launches
Ys II seamlessly right after you beat Ys I. It was included with the
previous version, but it turned out it wasn't working, so that's fixed now.

+ Minor fix to make the status info of a save file fit within the save/load
screens. If you started a game on NIGHTMARE, in many cases, the LVL info
would clip off to the right.

+ Recompiled installation script with the latest NSIS 2.15 version.

+ Added version checking. The patcher will check the server for newer versions
and prompt you to download if present. Won't be terribly useful as I don't
expect very many updates after this, but you never know. In the quest for
perfection to "COMPLETE" the Ys experience, there's no reason to rule out
any worthwhile future updates. ;)

+ ReadMe file was reformatted to match the newer Ys II style for consistency.

+ Added a RTF ReadMe file that's viewable within the patcher pre-installation.
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Mar. 01, 2006, 03:41:16 PM
Very simple to install, does everything for you including getting the latest Ys patch and installing the indeo codec. A must for English-only readers.

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