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Ys Typing Tutor Game


The Ys Typing Tutor game (referred to by Falcom as "Typing of Ys") is a normally hidden mini-game included with the full Zwei!! PC game that can be unlocked provided certain conditions are met. It is based mostly around Ys II Complete (not Ys II Eternal), both in sprites and text related material.

Around May 8, 2005, some Ys fans were inquiring about the existence of this mini-game. That gave me the idea of perhaps trying to separate it out of Zwei!! and make it available for everyone since I had known about it after trying to hack Zwei!! itself long before. After about 7 hours of hacking and investigating such a task, I made a working separate copy by creating a launcher, extracting/obtaining all needed support files as well as making a few minor changes to the actual game executable component (DLL). I had given the text files over to my criminal ex-translator B.J.DeuceBag for translation, and the hope was for quick release right after he finished. Well, he never cared about it, wouldn't bother on my behalf, so the project sat idle.

Come August 14, 2006, I had a day or two to burn on the PC so I started doing my usual rounds of forum visits. While doing so, I noticed that old "Typing of Ys" thread that started this whole thing. A member named WrydWad had asked about the project status. Well, before I even responded, it got me thinking... I always lamented that this project stalled so I decided right then and there to just, at least, package the whole game in a nice installer, release it, and then maybe, just maybe, some other Ys fan might be willing to translate it. I knew Thomas Lipschultz / Wyrdwad (a known cartoon p3do-p0rn defender now employed by the criminal company XSEED) mentioned he has Japanese knowledge and wanted to use it for fan translation purposes, so I asked in passing for him to take a crack at it if he wanted, no commitment required. Sure enough he agreed and translated most of the strings fairly well, not DeuceBag-quality, but good enough, so then I edited all his work and released the fully English version now available for your downloading pleasure. Having everything translated also motivated me to finish the necessary font hacking that was needed to make it a fully English application despite expressing a desire to just quit given time constraints since I wanted to do other things.

Fast forward to April 2010, Thomas Lipschultz was hired by a criminal outfit called XSEED Games. Right before going to work for them, our feud had started up again. Thomas grew to hate me and brought his grudge to the company. He lobbied for script acquisition deals but he got me cheated by demonizing me to his boss Ken Berry, and my former main translator went along with the plan and made sure I was cheated also, not once, but again in 2012 when I called the company and tried to set things right! This is why you're seeing all the boycott messages of the company and I hope you'll avoid giving 'em your hard-earned money! Think if you had sacrificed thousands of work hours in software development and script extraction work to produce the translated scripts that they took, but they made sure you got zero recognition for it because they knew they could get away with it and because your working partner across ~5 years stabbed you in the back... Both Jeff Nussbaum and Thomas Lipschultz are disgusting, hateful, arrogant bigots who took it to a criminal level and I'm disgusted that I ever had anything to do with them!

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It's a typing tutor... you know, except it's based on words related mostly from Ys II Complete, get it?? Don't worry, you will.


Version 0.85 (8/19/2006):
  • Fixed a bug with the font not showing up in the HISCORE screen.
  • Adjusted the font for the text bubbles that bosses fire at you to be smaller and made certain characters center better for easier viewing.
  • An edit or two to make sure text boxes are sized to fit their text nicely.
  • The application icon for Ys Typing Tutor now shows up instead of a DOS icon when using ALT+TAB.
  • The game window's TOP_MOST flag has been set, so even if you click on other windows, Ys Typing Tutor will always remain the top most visible window.

  • Version 0.80 (8/17/2006):
  • Psycho Liar & Criminal Cheat, Tom-chan "WyrdWad" Lipshcultz, having been the catalyst to cause me to release this, went and translated all the strings, so I've now included his work.
  • I decided to spend another day now that I had the strings translated into fixing the font and I succeeded.

  • Version 0.60 (8/15/2006):
  • The first public release... It's quite incomplete and needs some behavior altered since it's been switched from Japanese to English, but since I don't know when if ever I'll even bother to complete this project, I made whatever work was done available so you can at least enjoy the game for now.
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