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Boycott XXXSEED Games!!!
XXXSEED Games Defaced the Ys I Script with Lame/Illegal Pop-Culture Reference.

So...I fired up a cracked copy of Ys Chronicles+ by the RELOADED pirates for the 1st time to see how Falcom upgraded the Ys Complete DirectX5 game engine, been curious, and never saw it till today... Surely Tom-chan Lipschultz doesn't mind, after all, he happily violated the licensing terms of my English fan patches before being hired by X.X.XSEED Games AND again violated my IP Rights AT the company given my translation software -- all in conspiracy with Jeff Nussbaum -- having shamefully ensured I was criminally cheated (hence the boycott campaign), so what's good for the goose is good for the gander!

To the point, observe his characteristic lameness above having defaced the Ys I PC script by inserting a pop-culture reference which you'll see right from the start, a line from an old 80's song "ManEater" by Hall & Oates... I honestly can't believe he started the game off like that thinking that he's in ANY way, shape or form "funny!" What a pathetic deucebag/duncebag I thought to myself seeing it with my own eyes for the very 1st time (only heard it rumored before now)... I can almost imagine the smirk on that disgusting vindictive face of his when he wrote it thinking it's a "plus" when nothing could be further from the truth, he just defaced the script... I felt it worth ridiculing, so I immortalized it proper with an ani-GIF.

P.S. This is yet another technical criminal copyright violation as I'm sure the X.X.XSEED gang did NOT license permission from the copyright owner to use a famous line as this verbatim in plagiaristic fashion for monetary gain in a for-profit commercial product... Let's call it what it is, it's PLAGIARISM without the licensing/permission, so write your OWN jokes you cheating, bigoted, arrogant f*cking aholes!!!! Once again, F*CK YOU and your disgusting excuse of a company!!!!!! You NEVER should've snuck around and illegally acquired those fan-translated results if it meant cheating one party over another, and objectively allowing for revenge given your disgusting employee started a public, nasty feud with said party BEFORE being hired!! You're Grade-A DISGUSTING and you tainted Falcom and ALL of Ys history with your unjust, bigoted, discriminatory actions!

Now "ManEater" was released on the H2O album in 1982, and the record label is RCA Records, who for the purposes of copyright would legally own the song, that is if the Hall & Oates group didn't work a deal to retain ownership of their songs. One party or the other is who you'd have to contact to legally use that line! So anybody surprised they ripped off yet another party besides me to publish their game ? :rolleyes: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this company is a disgusting embarrassment, a blight in the videogame publishing world... Lipschultz lectured, demonized, and attempted to extort me based on respect of copyright law, but he and his company need quite a bit of education on the subject as it turns out...

Update #1: I'm gonna contact the legal department of RCA Records, show them the GIF, report XSEED's info, and hopefully they show interest in pursuing legal action which would REALLY make my day! Sure, the odds are .0000000001% they'd give a damn, but I'm gonna give it a shot, what the hell, there's nothing to lose other than a few minutes of my day!

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Falcom Specials
Now the Proud Owner of the Original 2001 Ys I & II Complete Limited Edition Set!

 ;DJust happened moments ago, an Ys buddy of mine (a big "fan" of X.X.XSEED's Thomas "WyrdWad" Lipschultz and an ex-forum moderator of ALOY whose final act they're quite familiar with, heh) PM'ed me that an original Ys I & II Complete Limited Edition set had just gone up on eBay by HitJapan. He knew I wanted one after he showed me the one he bought and he kept an eye out for the next sale to pop up on my behalf. I should've bought my homie GillianSeed's copy when I had a chance during his great sell off of his Falcom collection many moons ago, but good ole MP83 scored that copy instead...

So HitJapan wanted $50 + $20 for shipping, BUT, they had a Make Offer option, so my initial haggle attempt was based on subtracting that $20 for shipping, to keep it at $50, my absolute max, so I offered $30... To my surprise and disappointment, the operator was online and accepted my offer a few minutes later... I wonder much lower I could've gone, but oh well, $50 it is!!! :)

It's a bit collectard to want this for my shelf basically since I played out the game and already have the Falcom Popular Edition which is the mini-me version of this full Limited Edition set. For the most part, it'll admittedly just be a shiny trophy of some of my Ys past. Always liked how they fashioned the box in the style of an ancient book of Ys. :) But yeah, oh well, I have a bit of collectard in me.

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Boycott XXXSEED Games!!!
Fightin' the good fight, one person at a time! Boycott XXXSEED Games!!!

Thomas Lipschultz and Ken Berry Very Wrong of the shameful X.X.XSEED Games made a bet... They bet that they could simply ignore me away... They bet that there'd never be any consequences for publicly and deliberately cheating a prominent Ys fan out of a lifetime of work and dedication that spanned across 5+ years (on the contrary, they thought that like-minded bigots in the Ys fanbase would *reward* them for cheating me!!)... They -- including Jeff "Call me DeuceBag!" Nussbaum -- bet that after enough time, I'd simply give up, disappear, etc. as all criminals hope in that their victims simply shut up, "move on," go away (think Bill Cosby) and no longer cause them any PR consequences/damage, further or otherwise... THEY BET WRONG!

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Random Factoid: "Ys Book I & II" Voice-Acting features a Hollywood star!

While Alan Oppenheimer is fairly famous for all his voice-acting work in 80's cartoons (He-Man, The Smurfs, The Transformers, Scooby-Doo, etc.) and did a great job voicing Darm and the opening narrator for Ys Book I & II, there's somebody else that worked on the game who achieved far greater fame that's worth mentioning when one fondly looks back at a great classic such as this for the NEC TurboGrafx-CD system!

Something I once learned from a Game Sack episode (thanks to Joe Redifer) and never was the wiser till it was explicitly pointed out: See that Thomas H. Church credit for Goban Toba ? Yep, that's one in the same as Thomas Haden Church, the Hollywood actor last known for playing SandMan in Spider-Man 3! The Ys Book I & II dub was well-funded after all and still is one of the best that I know of in a videogame!
As SandMan
As Goban Toba
How about that ? I was pretty surprised when I first learned of this. In addition to a high-quality dub, Ys Book I & II sports one of the greatest soundtracks in videogame history, right along with the sequels for the NEC CD consoles, and that is a big reason why I and many others became such devout Ys fans!!!! :) The magic of when I first fired up Ys Book I & II on my brand new Turbo Duo in the 90's still remains with me to this day. The partnership of Hudson Soft and Falcom led to some great things in gaming console history, and it's too bad Hudson is no longer with us...

Ys Book I & II Reviews:

For a recently translated interview of the Ys IV: Dawn of Ys staff (both from Hudson & Falcom), check this out as well:
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The Konami Special - Saying Goodbye to the Konami as You Once Knew it... :(
"After years of decline, one of Japan's publishing legends [Konami] is poised to exit the console market. ... How does a company like that end up ditching its New York Stock Exchange listing, its most famous developer [Hideo Kojima] and the eagerly awaited revival of one of its most-loved game franchises, all in the space of a month?"

Cleaning house, making way for "Konami: International Gambling Masters." ;) Well, so long Konami, for real, thanks for the memories... You will be missed... Honorable mentions go out to the Castlevania series, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Gradius/Lifeforce... And with that, I leave you with 2 great ani-GIFs that capture the situation well:

Well, you can't blame Solid Snake for turning on Hideo, I
mean, he did all the real work, risk-taking, getting shot at,
in the Metal Gear saga and probably for shitty pay, then was
left with "A Hideo Kojima game" stamped on all over
the place, Hideo trying to glory hog/take most of the credit...
You'd be pissed too, wouldn't you?? He had it coming I say! :P
Konami Kat - What a jerk!!!
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Negative DeuceBag/XSEED comment made it into 144,000+ hit Youtube video!! YAAAY!

Screenshots of my PCEngineFX thread with a DeuceBag/XSEED comment made it into a GameSack Youtube episode that's gotten 144,000+ viewing hits!!! This REALLY made my day when it kicked off!! HAH! I LOVE seeing that bastard's alias in my christened form (DeuceBag)! As for my thread, it's about Tobias/PCEWorks, a known bootlegger who secretly took my Xak III patch, pressed it onto real CD-ROMs for commercialization without consent/inclusion so he'd get to pocket 100% of the net earnings at premium pricing!!! The drama was DeuceBag/Lipschultz/X.X.XSEED Games criminal sneak/cheat shenanigans all over again! Continue reading...
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Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim News/Downloads/More... Boycott XSEED Games!!!

Stayed tuned for Tuesday, April 28, 2015 for a very important announcement and a special surprise for all Ys fans!
Download Full Game or Fan Patch!!! Get it while it's hot!
For those with import copies direct from Falcom, either the Limited Edition or Standard Edition
Download1: >> Ys VI English Fan Patch Released <<
Thanks be to The Pirate Bay, Heroes of the Internet!!! Oh lookie here, those rascals sure DO work fast! VERY FAST!!
Download2: >> FULL GAME DOWNLOAD: Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim [XSEED/GOG] (2015) << -  Get your free Ys VI right here, if you'd prefer to play XSEED's GOG version itself!! So fire up that torrent client! :) - Updated 5/8/2015
Download3: - Updated 5/8/2015

Synopsis: To "honor" X.X.XSEED Games' Ys VI Steam release on this day, April 28, 2015, I resurrected a long forgotten 2004 translation project in time for a simultaneous release of my own as part of a, shall we say, "Boycott XSEED Games, Get FREE Games/Patches!!!" program! :P Consider it a free alternative (if you will) to their played-out pay-to-play "Steam Scheme" - the product of nothing more than a cynical desire to continue to profit off of poor devoted Ys fans with a ~12+ year old game this time... Why give your hard-earned money to disgusting, criminal cheats for what can be had for FREE??

Great news: DeuceBag = Denied! Even though Jeff Nussbaum was also sitting on the Ys VI translated results from our 2004 project "eager" to one day "sell" them to X.X.XSEED ( and could've potentially unjustly and illegally profited off of my back for the 5th time, they rejected another criminal sneak/cheat job to have him transfer the text over for editing!! Instead, they had their Celceta translator, Daniel Prescott, do a new LEGAL/MORAL/ETHICAL one from scratch who has neither a criminal nor cock-flashing past, so a wise PR choice! Hopefully my boycott and exposing them had something to do with it, but I suspect DunceBag's translation failures in the ED6:FC PSP version also played a role in rejecting our ready-to-go work! He began to see as early as Nov. 12th, 2012 that he wouldn't work with them again on another Ys game, which is 6 months after I called Ken Berry to stop this criminality from going on any further!

Remember, the criminals of XSEED refuse to admit they did ANYTHING wrong in their divisive exploitation of fan-translated results, in sneaking around to acquire them, in perpetrating "unjust enrichment" in DeuceBag's favor, and thus damaging ALL fan-translation team relationships between the programmer and translator, whereby according to them, the translator gets to criminally run off with the results, profit 100%, get credited 100%, should genuine for-profit commercialization occur! No programmer should EVER trust ANY translator that they're working with should opportunities like this arise again! WATCH YOUR BACK! That is what the criminal "XSEED precedent" left us with whether or not such disgusting bastards ever admit to it!!! Thomas Lipschultz is as arrogant as he is bigoted, and this denial will continue!

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