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Author Topic: Felghana Patch "Release" Anniversary! A 5 year milestone reached after 10 years!  (Read 4667 times)

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** Part I: The Leaker Review/Recap (Part II below deals with YOU, Ys F.A.N.s)

[tag: The milestone I'm referring to is essentially this: 5 years of productivity (2002-2007), a SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING equation, and then after the Felghana leak (2007-2012), it's been 5 years of giving you NOTHING BUT the middle finger (what you were giving me all along), a NOTHING-FOR-NOTHING equation! Things evened out I'd say, eh @ssholes? Well, half, to be accurate. You @ssholes have 10 years of flipping me the bird, I only got 5 years on ya... Tsk.]

I edited this post, removing the leaker suspect #2's ID... I portrayed certainty hoping to garner a response, I got one, but from my original suspect! Unfortunately, I never had 100% certainty in my investigation because I emailed a trap accusatory message to 8 suspects at the SAME TIME a few years ago! That was a mistake; I should've done one per day, but I was frustrated and didn't even think it would lead to any discoveries. Instead, 2 of 'em responded back to me within 2 hours AND the GF_Alt leaker account was reactivated over at GameFAQs, so I knew I had filtered it down to the right 8 emails!! Jack responded first, telling me that he had just returned from the new thread the leaker account created, "I just read you're harrassing ALL of your donors, wow, that's pretty weird!" So after getting my trap email, the GF_Alt account is reactivated, he knows to goto GameFAQs and he emails me back with an accusation that the leaker account was making, then there was other suspicious behavior down the road, hence suspect #2. He likely was friends with the guy and informed GF_Alt that he too received an email, giving him ammunition - he totally went silent after that.

Now PruvMeRong was the other person to respond that day, hence back to suspect #1. He played up the false accusation outrage bit real good (even demanded an apology!), then started posting in the thread the leaker account had created, trying to set up a narrative that my false accusation sent him over the edge, that he didn't have an opinion about the whole thing prior to that, etc. (Kinda like FrayedHoped, crying that I "falsely" accused him of pirating Felghana and that he didn't own it, hadn't pirated it, that it was just a game that he was interested in, then the NEXT DAY, over at GameFAQs, he posted to everyone that he was playing Felghana JUST FINE in Japanese and was boycotting my patch! Did his copy of Felghana arrive the next day via EMS after spending $100 bucks or via TES (Torrent Express Service) after spending, $0.00 with SAME DAY DELIVERY depending on your ISP? Ys F.A.N.s, God love 'em, ya know?? ;)) Long story short, I became convinced Mr. Pruv was the perpetrator and treated him as such, some nasty emails were exchanged, but then things went quiet. Since he wouldn't outright confess, I could never be 100% sure. There were signs that it was likely him, like in his first post pointing out, "I'm glad nightwolve showed me this thread" which was designed to provide me with an explanation as to why he knew of the new thread in the first place, to throw me off the scent, but little things like that were simply not enough. That led me back to Jack, suspect #2 which was evident in the previous version of this post. No longer however.

Leaker's GameFAQs account: PruvMeRong
Ideology: Rabid Hate-Filled, Bigoted, Christian-phobic Atheist (Like B.J.Psycho DeuceBag)
Comment: His actions likely were in fact fueled by his bigoted, malcontent, fanatical ideology!

After seeing the original post here, PruvMeRong decided to "confess." It would appear it was him all along, and boy, the pack of lies that he told was long! I'm happy to say though that if he's telling the truth this time, the right bastard was punished: I got his website shut down since right after that email he starting fighting further with me, using his site also. I contacted the site's administrator and told him what Mr. Pruv had done, criminally leaking my patch to cost me money, anywhere from ~$1000-$1500, and now harassing me with his site, so the admin booted him off! Payback was dealt to the right @sshole, though minor as it was compared to what he did. It was one of the rare times I ever get any form of justice... (Kinda tricky though because I wasn't 100% sure he was the leaker, but given the harassment, posting my IP address, etc. it was still morally justifiable!)

** Part II: Ys F.A.N.s (Freeloading. A$$hole. Nerds.) - A 10 Year look at the cheapest, most disgusting fanbase that there ever was in sharp/stark contrast to one of the greatest videogame series that there ever was!

First Public Exposure of Donation Stats by Year - The Cheapest, Stingiest, Pirate-Happy Fanbase that there ever was!

After 10 Years of entering into the fan translation fray and making history with 60,000+ patch consumers, WHAT did I get in return? Let's see, shall we ?

| 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 |
|  0   |  18  |  42  | 240  |  91  |  53  |  25  |  12  |

************ Totals ************

10 Years = 414 unique people out of 60,000+ patch consumers!  ( ~ 00.7% donation frequency! )

414 Unique Donators/People
481 Acts of donations - 45 people donated 2 or more times
60,000+ people around the world using my patchware

Release Timeline
10/09/2002 "Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence" is released
 2/10/2003 "Ys I Complete" is released
12/25/2004 "Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys" is released
 3/19/2005 "Ys I Complete" is re-released in NSIS patch format
 8/24/2005 "Ys II Complete" v1.00 full version is released
 1/29/2007 "Ys: The Oath in Felghana" leaked by a malicious malcontent

-Some more noteworthy History:

WHO was the first person to ever open their wallet for once and actually support my work??

1st Donation: on 2/27/2005
Amount: $20.00
Name: Ferri Precheur (AKA adol1976)

A French guy... How about that, the first donation ever...
The first show of a French guy! GEE THANKS 'MERICA!!!

You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend!

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I know I probably don't have the right to tell you this, but I wish you'd just let it go and stop with the rage-posts. D: You've got to remember that while you're an adult, most of those freeloaders are children who have little sense of responsibility when it comes to piracy due to 1) not being mature, and 2) growing up with the 'net, with the expectation that things should naturally be free and available whenever, wherever they want. Not much we can do about that, other than hoping that the government will be able to put the brakes on mass-piracy eventually.

As for Felghana, it's been released on Steam now.
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Well i sure can understand for working crazy like that for a patch for fans...and
not getting a single penny out of something you put so much time.

I still believe you did a wonderfull job and send you back a donation a while ago
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