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Author Topic: "The XSEED XCISE" Random Notes/Logs... Boycott XSEED Games!!!!!  (Read 4665 times)

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Prime Directive: If you're gonna say something controversial, serious, call someone's character into question, etc., back it up or shut the f--k up! That's something I had learned hanging out at The Next Level years ago.

E.g. Did Psycho DeuceBag post a photo of his manhood ?? Sure, links to various things he's said/done are all provided. I've typically tried to operate under that principle. If I am confident on a position, I will defend/promote it with tenacity. I accuse Psycho DeuceBag and Lipschultz of many things and I will back them up as best I can in time! You know how to contact me, at any time, for any reason if you want further info, detail on this, that or the other, etc.
Psycho DeuceBag's "Yay Me" post: "I have a solo screen credit in Felghana."

Youtube video where the US Credits roll begin for the Felghana US PSP release, the result of the first XSEED deal that occurred in secret and started off this criminality:

He was nominated for Worst Member Award 2010.
And here's a great quote which I wish I really had known before ever working with him:
Quote from: B.J.DeuceBad the Criminal on 11-13-2010
I'm not, in most cases, what anyone would call a "nice person." I'm severely misanthropic, and extremely arrogant. I am a self-involved asshole...

He's telling the truth and he really means it! Same goes with Ladies' Man Lipschultz as far as I'm concerned!

Here he is seriously smack-talking his own mother for the public (real class act!) and his sister:
Quote from: B.J.Psycho DeuceBag on 10-13-2010
It's only been the past two years, however, that I've come to realize that I really just can't stand my mother as a person. Same goes for my sister.
My sister, I dislike primarily because she's such a carbon copy of my mother: petty, spiteful, self-righteous, passive-aggressive as all hell, etc. Only she's not as good at it, so it's just more blatant.

Is that right, a$$hole ?? Yeah, well, I wonder if the feeling is mutual and perhaps she sometimes wonders why oh why didn't she get an abortion that time with you or just sucked your dad off that night...

On immortalizing himself on the NeoGeo Forums as "The X.X.XSEED Flasher":
Quote from: Mr. Jeff "I have a big, bisexual d1ck, a lawyer AND both are ready to a$$-rape you!" Nussbaum on 06-14-2011
Yes. I posted a picture of my dick. Odds are good that you viewed it deliberately, which speaks more to your character than to mine. You'll never get me to feel shame at anything I've done here [NeoGeoForums]. I'm still the same smug, amoral, self-important a$$hole I've ever been.
The best NeoGeo counterpoint:
You were goaded into showing a picture of your dick, much like you were goaded into replying in this thread again, right after you said you weren't coming back.

You're easily manipulated, which speaks more to your character than to anybody who saw your hairy schlong.

Oh man did I get a kick out of that shit right there, for real! He makes an argument on potentiality as to a defense and yet ZERO people could've clicked on his photo... NO, the whole act speaks to HIS character FIRST, not 0-n amount of people that could've clicked the photo (you can't just project "odds are good" - you don't know); HE's the guy (or creep) that pulled his pants down, jerked/fluffed himself up a bit, took a camera down there, snapped a photo and uploaded it to the Internet, by extension, the world!!!!! Hahaha! But no, it's like he saying, "Well, YOU guys are the ones (0-n) that clicked on it! So yeah, uh, don't look at me!!!" Good one, Jeff!! :P

AOL IM Logs over the years

Quote from: Ys Origin Project Talks - Feb 06 2007
DeuceMUGEN: Well, here's my basic thought.  I'm really eager to get my hands on this one... more so, even, than I was with Oath.  ...  But basically, what I'm asking for is just the bare-bones work to dump the script out to HTML, so I can complete my end of things on the translation side.  Ideally, you'll have the time/will to make the English text and edited DDS files show up ingame, but if not, I won't cry too terribly much.  But when you do, I can take the existing work and just put it into place, and voila.  Finished patch.  You can then play it at your leisure, completely unspoiled by having to edit or anything.


Sef1roth: On Origins: Yeah, I'll see.
Sef1roth: Ideally the editor should be enhanced to give you instant testing.
Sef1roth: Which would mean you could have it all English and playable.
Sef1roth: It wouldn't be a back'n'forth wait where I get the database and compile a DLL with the updated script.
Sef1roth: I have to trust you more with that though, which I do.
DeuceMUGEN: Well, I'd hope I've never given you reason not to.
Sef1roth: But yeah, that'll be some time. I'm just not in the mood right now at this second to start on it. After I get things ready the YsF patch though, I'll give it a shot.
DeuceMUGEN: Sounds good to me.
DeuceMUGEN: Well, Chantel and I are gonna go watch Crank, I think.  I saw the first ten minutes and was hugely entertained.  If you're into action movies at all, I think you'd enjoy it.
That serves as a historical joke about trust with this demented, delusional, lying cheat...

Quote from: Ys Origin Project Talks - Feb 23 2007
Sef1roth: Let's get all this out of the way cause I'm not gonna be online as much.
Sef1roth: Wanna make sure you're squared away.
DeuceMUGEN: I hear ya.
DeuceMUGEN: Well, get the DDS replacement in place and a dynamic testing setup, and I'll be out of your hair for quite a while, barring any major issues.
DeuceMUGEN: And/or another Ys game. ;)
Sef1roth: I betcha Gideon Zhi never provided a good a dump as this, am I right???
Sef1roth: Rrrrright?
DeuceMUGEN: Nothing so straightforward, no.
DeuceMUGEN: But in his defense, I had to work with control codes galore.
Sef1roth: You were supposed to say, "Yeah, yeah, it is great NightWolve."
DeuceMUGEN: Oh, sorry.
DeuceMUGEN: Better? ;)
Sef1roth: Yup.

You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend!

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"The XSEED XCISE" Random Notes/Logs... Boycott XSEED Games!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: Jan. 03, 2014, 05:52:43 PM »
Ladies' Man Lipschultz (AKA "The XSEED XCISER")
Full Name: Thomas Lipschultz
Employer: XSEED Games
Alias: wyrdwad
(Gotta have it all repetitiously spelled out for the Google bots; wanna make sure whenever his name is searched, it eventually leads here!  >:D)

After "congratulating" Lipschultz on getting hired by XSEED to get his guard down, I got honest information from him about what happened with that first deal back in 2010, this via private email:
Quote from: Ladies' Man Lipschultz on Saturday, August 21, 2010 3:59 AM
Deuce would've been a great choice for the company as well, indeed... and that's why we're using his translations for Felghana and I & II. I was the one who convinced the higher-ups at the company to hire him on as a contracted freelancer, because I think he deserves recognition for his excellent work, and I also think it would be kind of a shame to retranslate something that's already been translated so well in the first place (though I did edit Felghana's script pretty heavily for flow, and to correct various minor mistranslations... but ultimately, it's still Deuce's work at its core, and I think series newcomers are going to be blown away by how dynamic a translation it really is).

This is important because Lipschultz is now, 3 years later, in CYA mode and disseminating propaganda to create ambiguity, insinuating that the translated script results handed over to XSEED were practically "retranslations" as a means to better defend a justification in having cheated me... Does not explain their secrecy, and can not take away from the fact that this man hated me before he was hired by the company and had every reason to influence these deals where I'd be totally excluded!

Even in playing his debating game about what is or isn't work, what counts or doesn't count, if I was the translator myself, Lipschultz NEVER would've contacted me. That was the state of our feuding and his level of hatred and bigotry. That's all you need to understand... And yeah, I'd bet my life on that assertion! He never would've raised the idea with his boss, Ken Berry, that there were fan translations already out, he would've done it himself as that's what he was hired by the company to do after all, translate *internally* so that they DON'T have to outsource such work as they had being doing so in the past to a company called 8-4 Studios (located in Shinjuku)!

I didn't respond to that email right away, I did so in Jan 2011. Here's part of what I sent back:

Quote from: NightWolve on Fri, January 7, 2011 at 4:21 PM
That is very impressive, anyone would have to admit. If it was me, as a higher-up, I can't say I would've gone along with the idea - I would've looked at you funny, worse yet, would've thought the idea to be utterly preposterous and you an idiot (although my bias may be influencing throwing that comment in there, hehe).

I hypothetically just hired *you* as my in-house translator (or "localization expert" - to give you some pride there, heh - e.g. garbageman/janitor --> "sanitation engineer") and soon after you point to some guy on the Internet named "Deuce" who already translated the target product without legal authorization and say, "Hey boss, I gots me a bright idea: let's use *his* translation!! What do ya think, huh??" My response would be, um, I just hired *your* ass for that purpose, brought you on board the team, gave you a full benefits package (respectable salary, healthcare plan, 401k, etc. etc., the works), and now you're pointing to another guy that I'll have to pay on top of what I'm already paying you for the very same job...?

I see a parallel with in-house programmers calling on high-priced consultants when the going gets too tough for 'em. Well, not exactly since you are more than capable, but yeah, the point is that it strikes me as a very tough sell and risky for you as a relatively new employee, not that I'm complaining - It achieved something unexpected and historic to say the least. I can't help but think of poor Xeph who got handed a cease & desist back in the Ys VI days... I should see if I can still get in touch with him some day and tell him about this when I get my home Internet connection back. He'd flip. Talk about getting the short end of the stick on something...

And his response reveals more details:

Quote from: Ladies' Man Lipschultz on Friday, January 7, 2011 11:52 PM
Regarding the hiring of Deuce, that WAS a bit of an uphill battle on my part, but circumstances worked very much in favor of that outcome. XSEED is... a much, much smaller company than you'd probably expect it to be. It's actually pretty astounding how many games we publish, considering the paltry number of people who work here! And the reason for that is, we have lots of help. We hire trusted third-party contractors for everything from translation to advertising to QA, as needed, and have a very good repoire with other game companies as well (us little guys have to stick together!). And with this Falcom partnership came a very, very time-consuming project: Sora no Kiseki, a.k.a. Trails in the Sky. By the time that game gets released in a few months, we'll have been working on it for A FULL YEAR (which is damned near forever in localization and publication terms!)... with pretty much every one of us pulling TONS of overtime to get it done and make sure it's up to standard. (And this is just game one... of three! With a sequel series that just announced its second title, currently being advertised as the largest and most expansive game Falcom has ever produced!)

With Sora no Kiseki on our plate, we were left a bit short-handed for our other titles... and that's the situation I was hired into. So given the state of affairs, I suggested hiring Deuce as a third-party freelance translator for the titles he'd already translated. After all, it's not a whole lot different than hiring, say, 8-4 Studios in Shinjuku, with whom XSEED's worked many times in the past... except in Deuce's case, the translation was done from the get-go, meaning the turnaround time for his work consisted of like... the time it took to format his translations for editing, and that's it. (: It was pretty much a win-win situation for everyone involved: saved us precious time, got Deuce recognition and publication, and ensured that our products were released with top-notch translations, as everyone was expecting them to be.

And of course, as a result of this, Deuce is now on our list of trusted third-party contractors, and will likely be called upon for future projects as well. It's been a pleasure working with him.

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Re: "The XSEED XCISE" Random Notes/Logs... Boycott XSEED Games!!!!!
« Reply #2 on: Jan. 06, 2014, 06:39:29 PM »
After reading all the threads on these Xseed people, I find it a bit surreal even looking at their website and other related stuff after a web search. This is a real company actually selling stuff? Seems so unrealistic.