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Author Topic: NightWolve's Gaming Backloggery  (Read 2760 times)

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NightWolve's Gaming Backloggery
« on: Nov. 13, 2015, 07:28:35 PM »

OH MY GAWWD! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! I beat a game today!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!! It is Popful Mail for the Sega CD, the product of the former Falcom Sega alliance which was later localized for the US by good ole Victor Ireland/Working Designs! Last game I beat was in August, 2013 (Kingdom Hearts [PS2]), so yeah, it doesn't happen very often if at all...

Random Notes/Thoughts:

* ProTip: In order to play this game with the Kega Fusion emulator, YOU MUST enable the "Perfect Sync" option or it will not boot past the BIOS logo. Also, for Sega CD BIOS, I used the "Sega-CD Model 2 BIOS V2.11 (U) [!].gen" file.

(Thanks to FantasyAnime's Alej for this important tip as I couldn't get the image working at first because of it:

* Dislike: The camera is somewhat slow and doesn't center on your moving character. The latter allows for cheap enemy surprise hits given the desire to progress in a game very often outweighs cautious movement. Annoying!

* HOLY MOLY, but I can't recall a game with this many pop culture references quite honestly!

+ Opening Anime Sequence = "Get ready for-a big surprise" by Nuts Cracker decapitated head, total reference to "Total Recall" scene!+ Donald Trump!! Hah!
+"Win one for the Slickster" - A reference to Reagan's "Win one for the Gipper"
+ Robin Leech
+ Southern drawl character - "What in tarnation do you want from me now ? Leave me be!"
+ Sven = The Ahnold/Terminator/Pump you up/ - Sven was the steroid bodyguard's name in Ahnold's "The Running Man." Behold, the ultimate performance:+ French joke in a game world that has no concept of France, much less earth...

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