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Author Topic: Jeff "DeuceBag" Nussbaum, the Greatest Criminal Cheat in Localization History!!!  (Read 2007 times)

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Status: Oh, have I got A LOT to one day finish writing up about this disgusting m0therf--ker right here, you have no idea!!! There is a demented level of delusions in his recent lying denials of wrongdoing when it comes to X.X.XSEED Games, it's breathtaking... He's apparently been running on a reality distortion field for years and years as hard as it is to believe! W.I.P.

Entry #12-21-2009: Jeff Nussbaum is an unhinged Homicidal Psycho Lunatic who wants to kill numerous fans! True or False?

It appears he doesn't have to apologize or answer for ANY of his murderous rage rants, while I was supposed to be permanently erased from Ys history for my "sins" of criticizing freeloading and a handful of other "charges" that are always trumped up by the WyrdWad pedo-predator, Tom-chan Lipschultz, and his crew of angry misfits, which of course I can NEVER be forgiven for...

Evidence: (Click, then find "bleach"!)
Notes: I can confirm, his "Am I An Asshole?" thread WAS deleted! I'm 1000% certain it was the mod EvilWasabi who showed some sympathy towards him and laughed at me being doxxed to protect him! Nothing had been deleted prior to this to my knowledge, so very lucky WayBack still hosts it!!
Screenshots (In case he deletes): JeffNussbaumDeathForTheeDeuceBag1.png  PsychoJeffDeuceBag2.png

Repeated, just his main kill fantasy of fans:

Quote from: Psycho Jeff "Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum
And to help answer my own question here... to anyone who has a problem with how I choose to spend my own free time, do the rest of the world a favor.  Go mix up a paint stripper and bleach cocktail, and down it.  Ideally, feed some to any progeny you've made the mistake of siring beforehand. Yes, I am suggesting you off yourself and your misbegotten family, and keep your bloodline from further polluting the gene pool. (That's the general, non-specific "you," for those who never paid attention in English class.)

Some of you folks are cool and would be welcome in my home. Most of you, I'm completely indifferent toward, mostly out of simply not knowing you. A handful, witnessing, and perhaps contributing to, your agonizing demise would raise a dry smile.  And if you think I'm exaggerating, you really don't know the first thing about me. Then again, if you did, you wouldn't make such idiotic assumptions about my intentions to begin with. I don't mince words, tell lies, or play nice if I don't genuinely wish to.

And with that, I'm off to bed. The asshole has work to do.

Entry #02-26-2002: Jeff Nussbaum wanted to kill his ex-boss, see him shot, who fired him in 2002! True or False?

Quote from: Jeff Nussbaum
I hate stupid people. I really, really do.
Eventually, there was a mass exodus, which included myself being more or less fired, though if I'd tried to collect unemployment, he'd have fought it tooth and nail.
If there's any one person in the world who richly deserves to be shot, it's this man. What a colossal ass he is. I hope he rots while he lives. Maybe all that dandruff will reach his pea-sized brain and kill him. His kids have the dire misfortune of looking like him. *shudder* Poor things.

These are kill/murder fantasies no matter how you try to spin them to cover-up for XSEED Games or NIS America promoting and rewarding this monster! And notice the last sentence, Jeff Nussbaum went after his ex-boss' family unprovoked, he involved/attacked the guy's kids, implying they're as ugly as their father! "Poor things, having the dire misfortune of looking like him" - he's implying they're all ugly!
1st page:]
Notes: Confirmed! Jeff Nussbaum calling fans "faggots" was deleted! The OG link was working not that long ago, now only the WayBack archive hosts it!

Entry #3-12-2002: Jeff Nussbaum is a Road-Raging, Cock-Flashing, Ambulance-Crashing Clown. True or False?

Screenshot (In case he deletes): Jeff-Nussbaum-Ambulance-Crasher-Cock-Flasher3-12-2002.png

On March 12, 2002, The XXXSEED Cock-Flasher, Psycho Liar-in-Cheat Jeff "Psycho DeuceBag" Nussbaum, crashed into an ambulance because of his raging impatience with the driver in front!!! So, he made an attempt to change lanes in order to pass that person up, but met his match against an ambulance... Our EMS workers have a dangerous enough time in the their line of work, ya know, saving lives, they don't need homicidal/suicidal clowns like this guy (who wants to help kill or suicide numerous fans!) roaming free behind the wheel... Good job DunceBag!! lol

Perhaps he was looking down at his shlong for a moment, thinking about how "hilarious" it'd be to flash a photo of it to the videogame forum, and so he missed the fact that AN AMBULANCE ahead on the right lane would not clear out of the way in time, who knows, but given his 20-YEAR record of miserable failures in judgement such as drug addictions, long-term joblessness, a suicide-attempt, bankruptcy, losing mommy's condominium, etc. it's also no wonder he's a threat to other drivers... What a clown!

Quote from: Ambulance-Crasher Jeff "DunceBag" Nussbaum
What a spectacularly shitty day. As if my general gloom wasn't bad enough, on the way home... not two minutes after leaving my job's parking lot, no less... I get into an accident. With a f#cking ambulance, of all things.

Someone hates me.

Indeed criminal, MANY hate you! And now we also know you're dangerous to other drivers! Learn to drive or stay off the road you psychotic SOB!!!

Final Thought: How dumb is this guy to have publicly admitted this ?? The crazy psycho liar is not as smart as he thinks he is...

You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend!