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Author Topic: Jeff Nussbaum's Sister Apologizes for his Criminality with X.X.XSEED Games...  (Read 5782 times)

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I haven't done sufficient updates to keep up with recent events but as many XSEED fans on Twitter know the company was BUSTED bigtime for cheating Brittany Avery after being fired with the disgraced Tom-chan "The KKK Witch" Lipschultz. This led to the fashionably flamboyant Executive Commander Sterling to produce this most excellent video lambasting XSEED for cheating people!** Boycott X.X.XSEED Games Facebook Page!
Yes, Jeff "Call-me-Psycho DeuceBag!" Nussbaum's sister genuinely apologized for the bigoted monster! That's worth something I suppose...
I did report Jeff to his sister via email years ago, but got no confirmation, and I wanted to report him to his father (wanted him to know what a bastard he brought into this world), but he died before that could happen unfortunately... So via Facebook on July 11, 2016, I had a successful exchange with his sister. I wanted somebody in his family to know what a criminal monster he is since he callously opted to remain unapologetically silent for so many years, play stupid about it all! He believes he should've just gotten to escape with silence, aside from his lying, libelous 2011 hit-piece on HardcoreGaming101 thanks to that destructive maniac John Szczepaniak (a Thomas Lipschultz' buddy). He also attacked me at least once on XSEED corporate forums, if you can believe that! I know his wife is aware also, but she's got nothing to say about her criminal husband naturally (stuck with him for better or worse).

Anyway, below is our exchange and her apology seems pretty sincere. I opted to redact her name as a courtesy. Now since Jeff had been trashing both her and his mother at his NeoGeo c*ck-flashing stomping grounds and on Facebook (he talks to me like he talks to his mother, funny enough, all tough guy, "Hey. You. Yes, you."), I was already aware of his estrangement with his family which she mentions... No surprise they don't speak to each other, right ? I should've paid attention to things regarding his malcontent bridge-burning nature or background-checked him more and maybe I would've realized I shouldn't have had ANYTHING to do with this monster far earlier on! Too late for me, but I report these things so no other fool ever works with him again, much less Tom Lipschultz of XSEED and Psycho Kirsten Miller, etc. Any of those who support the criminal self-serving/arbitrary/greedy translator "master/slave cheat principle" (the translator becomes the 100% master owner, while the programmer is but a mere "slave" to be exploited/abused in commercialization opportunities in a "too bad sucka" fashion...).

What better place to showcase a recent meme I created in his honor via his own words, ode to the Psycho DeuceBag, the callous, cocky c0ck-flasher, emphasis on the "cocky":

You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend!