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Motteke Tamago


Now, this little project is the only one I host that isn't mine. It happens to be a special treat by David Shadoff (completed in September 1, 2002) whom I worked with on the Ys IV project. The only thing I did here was create a PPF patch file for his patch archive since he asked me to which was right after he finished the project. Anyhow, with his permission and given our great collaboration in the past, I thought I'd give his project more publicity here for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 fanbase out there.

So without further ado, presenting Motteke Tamago, a little gem that almost never was... It was released on 4-16-1997 (yes, that date is correct!) as a free pack-in with the magazine "Super PC-Engine Fan Deluxe" Vol. 2 (produced by Tokuma Shoten Intermedia)... Rumor has it was supposed to be released in 1993 or so, but for whatever reason it never made it out the door... Regardless of why, I made this hard to find gem available for download (since it's 100% free), but WITH the added bonus of being pre-patched to English...! That's right! All thanks to the work of David Shadoff & Forrest Richmond (AKA Xai)! The archive was encoded in OGG format to make it more accessible to all (a mere 12.2 MB, suitable for web server deployment). Anyhow, enjoy!

Screen shots

Shot #1 Shot #2 Shot #3
Shot #4 Shot #5 Shot #6


You control a cute little duck walking around a maze, collecting eggs and powerups. When your eggs hatch, they head for your home, and bring you points (sometimes bonus points too). Of course, you can always disrupt the efforts of the other players, and there are other perils in the game. So, the object of the game is basically to hatch the most eggs & get the chicks to your home before anyone else... There are 3 worlds, each containing 10 levels which are all selectable at anytime... The game follows much the same look & feel as the Bomberman series, similarly, it allows up to 4 simultaneous players for multi-barrels of fun. :-)



Archive Instructions:
Download all 8 rar chunks and the SFV into a temporary folder. Optionally, use AZZA-SFV to verify your 8 rar chunks (via CRC32) with the SFV beforehand. Next, execute the first rar chunk to extract. After the auto extraction is complete, a DOS window will open to OGG decode the audio files into waves. Just press any key to begin that process (the image is eventually expanded to ~372 MB total). Once it's done, you're ready to either mount the included CUE file with daemon tools, or burn it with your favorite CD-R/W burning software (CDRWIN, Nero, Alcohol 120%, CloneCD, etc.) to play using MagicEngine.
8 RAR Archive Chunks (12.2 MB)
Motteke Tamago...part01.exe Motteke Tamago...part02.rar
Motteke Tamago...part03.rar Motteke Tamago...part04.rar
Motteke Tamago...part05.rar Motteke Tamago...part06.rar
Motteke Tamago...part07.rar Motteke Tamago...part08.rar
Motteke Tamago...sfv
Translated Manual Scans (By Xai & Aaron Nanto)
front_back-Finished.jpg page_2_3-Finished.jpg
page_4_5-Finished.jpg page_6_7-Finished.jpg
The Patch - If you have an original disc and would like to rip and patch the game yourself, use that.