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Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence


The Xak III Project had its own dedicated site still available here which is likely what you're familiar with if you've known about this project. It was my first entry into the fan translation scene and I was very proud of that. Really though, I'm a tad disappointed there wasn't more of an uproar for what is a fine action RPG game such as this... It does have a good story, characters, graphics and action, frankly... Come on people, what are you waiting for...? Perhaps though, my sentiment here is just biased promotion for another average RPG of that era just cause of the investment I put in with choosing this project. Oh well.

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Xak III is a fine Action RPG for its time and is probably one of the more better RPGs released for the PC-Engine/Turbo Duo. It's similar in style to Ys Book I & II, so Ys fans will find it very enjoyable.

The story begins with Ratok, a descendant of the Duel bloodline, receiving a distress message from Farland Castle... For the longest time, the world has been split into three, fairy, demon, and human, mainly for the purposes of having the demons sealed off... Yet somehow, the demons have found a way to enter the human world to launch an invasion. One by one, the human world's kingdoms fall to an unforgiving reign of terror. Ratok is informed of the situation by a dying man's last breath after Farland Kingdom fell, its king slaughtered mercilessly. Thus begins Ratok's journey to prevent the demons from realizing their dreams of conquest...

Journey with Ratok, as he quests with his legendary Xak Sword to repel the demon invasion, make plenty of interesting and humorous allies/friends along the way, and discover his true identity as well as that of his father's (whose gone missing for quite some time)... The storyline is intricate and a little bit above average from most RPGs of that time period I would say... Graphics are top notch, with plenty of cinemas, and even fairly gory/bloody details... No censorship here, that's for sure. Decapitation scenes a-plenty. The music is pretty well composed as well... Anyhow, don't waste time reading this, patch'n'play!!!



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  • Xak III English Patch v1.00 (XakIII(US)
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    The Xak III Patch has been downloaded at least 5160 times overall since March of 2005!

    Legacy Xak III Shrine Site

    Xak III SNES Font Selector Experiment

    A future ideal Win32 Xak III patcher/extractor will have a screen before patching/extracting to let you choose which font you like best! Here's a working concept. Click on the combo box to take a look! I like the Lufia font best.