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Screenshots of my PCEngineFX thread with a DeuceBag/XSEED comment made it into a GameSack Youtube episode that's gotten 144,000+ viewing hits!!! This REALLY made my day when it kicked off!! HAH! I LOVE seeing that bastard's alias in my christened form (DeuceBag)! As for my thread, it's about Tobias/PCEWorks, a known bootlegger who secretly took my Xak III patch, pressed it onto real CD-ROMs for commercialization without consent/inclusion so he'd get to pocket 100% of the net earnings at premium pricing!!! The drama was DeuceBag/Lipschultz/X.X.XSEED Games criminal sneak/cheat shenanigans all over again! Continue reading...
Post Status: 100% (Finished, good enough)

Name: Miikka Poikela
Alias: MP83

Premise: Miikka constitutes an "enabler" of Thomas Lipschultz, the criminal employee over at XSEED Games. To understand what I mean by that, recall the old Enmund Burke quote, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." The ONLY way for Lipschultz to get away with cheating me is due to Ys fans around him NOT standing up to him or XSEED in protest!! An environment without consequences! Miikka gained a position of possible influence, but chose not to use it in any way to correct a quite visible injustice committed by Lipschultz/DeuceBag/XSEED. There is both cowardice there and self-interest at work...

See, Lipschultz figured he'd most likely be cheered by Ys fans (especially by nutjobs like Psycho Kirsten "omgfloofy" Miller) once they learned I was cheated from the script deals! He figured he'd go down in history as the "hero" that gave NightWolve EXACTLY what he deserved, NOTHING! - He was right about that to some extent... He IS considered a "hero" for cheating me in hate-mongering places such as 4chan and GameFAQs, besides the Ancient Land of Ys forums where NightWolve-bashing became a fun sport, even once led by Lipschultz himself! Miikka never once lifted a finger in protest and I later learned partly why as well, Lipschultz got him image editing work and was giving him Special Thanks crediting in their games... Aaaaaaah, so the plot thickens!

Looking back on the history of Miikka, there was a two-faced nature about him. When the admin of the Ancient Land of Ys forum, Seldane, made an extra patch to apply over my Felghana patch which XCISED the crediting I added to the title screen, Miikka cheered him on. Basically, I had added a Main Credits section where B.J.DeuceBag was clearly credited as main translator to help combat the notions people developed that I was also the translator since they were too lazy to read the ReadMe, so it was a well-meaning effort in principle. For this, Seldane, always the little bitch, emphasis on the little, and an old forum member thief, angrily announced how he had erased this crediting... He prided himself on his troll actions - So why did Miikka cheer this disgusting manchild on ?

Below is the crediting he got in the Steam version of Felghana and is no doubt what bought Lipschultz a lifetime of loyalty. He's credited right after Andrew Dice, the guy who went suicidal trying to finish the "ED6: Trails in the Sky - SC" translation, a project that DeuceBagger didn't get (good to hear!) given his failures on the first one...

Now, what if I made a patch for this Steam version or a full installer that erases his crediting ?? Do you think he would appreciate that, find it funny ?? I highly doubt it, I do... But yet, he supported a form of it when Seldane, one of the most arrogant and pompous a$$holes ever to grace the Ys scene, decided to do so... Strange...

Here's another bothersome case in the below link which I also screencapped.

When Psycho John Schizomaniak went buck wild, threatening legal action against me for 3-4 sentences in my ReadMe, Miikka chimed in how he would've deleted my comments... But look at the link, look WAY WAY above what the guy allowed that nutjob to get away with in there... It's unbelievable!!! This f--king guy John caught a REAL lawsuit for much the same bullshit he did to me, fabricating stories, and the particular one he told was out of a "retelling" desire to help his buddy Thomas Lipschultz... Anyhow, the cognitive dissonance in that thread is off the charts... John was called out in the ReadMe for libel, for harassing the 2nd Ys IV dubbing project attempt, then he goes in that thread and drops tons more of libelous personal attacks, and hardly anybody bats an eye, including Miikka... Agness Kaku took good care of that piece of shit however, so I feel justice came around his way in having had to hire a lawyer and answer the charges in French court regardless of the recent dismissal! As for Miikka, you know, whatever, right ?? Exactly, "whatever..."

On the flipside, in one of our last exchanges, he once sounded very sympathetic to my plight with XSEED Games in a PM:
Quote from: MP83
September 28, 2013
Hey Nick,
First of all, I'm very sorry to hear what has happened to you, especially since you've suffered so much already. I hate to see bad things happening to my friends, especially if they don't deserve it.

I want to be brutally honest with you, even with the risk of this changing your opinion of me in a negative way. We're talking very bothering stuff here and I understand very well if you do suspect me of any wrongdoings, because the fact is that I am in good terms with Wyrdwad and Deuce, the two people that you really hate, and probably for good reasons. That's not to say that I'm the closest friends with them or anything like that.

I am terribly sorry if this tone of mine sounds like as if I wouldn't trust you, but the truth is that I really haven't paid that much attention to this issue between you guys, and have only read random bits from ALoY and your Ys Utopia website, so it's hard for me to judge who's correct and who's not (it's like a parent trying to choose which one of their children they'd love the most). The thing is: I have my own life to worry about here in Finland. So instead of meddling into other people's affairs that doesn't directly involve me, it's much more practical, and some ways even a selfish/Finnish way, to leave myself out of other people's problems and concentrate on my own life and its issues. This is the reason why you haven't seen me making any posts in the ALoY's "Boycott XSEED" thread, for instance.

That being said, I have not told either Wyrdwad or Deuce, or anyone else for that matter, anything bad about you, let alone mentioned this link thing (which, by the way, I'm not totally sure about what you meant with that specifically). Why would I? I got nothing against you, plus I don't see what I would gain from doing such a thing. At least I can't think of anything.

If you want to play it safe and stop trusting me with your personal stuff for whatever reason, if only because I'm in good terms with Wyrdwad and Deuce, then go ahead, I'll understand. Sure, I would be a bit hurt if you'd make such a decision, but I'd understand nonetheless and not think any less of you. In the situation that you're in, it's hard to trust people or taking any slightest risks. Hell, I'd probably even do the same if I were in your shoes.

Whatever you decide to do, I'd like to wish good luck with your life. Keep fighting a good fight for what you believe is right, hopefully there being justice in the end. Hopefully I didn't offend you with anything I said, because that wasn't my intention at all. Peace, man.
That message's sincerity didn't last for all that long though. Recall this thread in late December 2013 in which I reported how DeuceBag had struck again but on Facebook and we got his "position" on cheating me which was simply 4 words, "Cry me a river.":

He sure lives up to being a DeuceBag, doesn't he ? Anyway, that interaction occurred on Miikka's Facebook post and after I made my last post to DeuceBag, Miikka deleted it all, "unfriended" me, then started giving me the ignore treatment - that's the last that I ever heard from him... Shutting me down like that when he allowed all that trashing of me to occur on the ALOY forums over the years where he's a moderator struck me as hypocritical given the complaint he made. I didn't quite understand it at the time, BUT, as I already said, I came to learn that Lipschultz was getting him credited on XSEED releases as I've shown, so his actions NOW make more sense! He got once-in-a-lifetime benefits, a chance at being apart of the videogame industry, all thanks to Lipschultz so he could never turn on him, neither DeuceBag... He's been bought!

All in all, his true colors emerged and like the meme says, he got his crediting, so why fight Lipschultz let alone give a shit about what happened in my case and risk that relationship ?? Most everybody looks out for number one when you get right down to it, DeuceBag a disgusting prime example of that... You figure he must've known a lot that was going on behind the scenes also, but he chose not to protest any of it, let alone warn me, and so ultimately, this is why I declare him to be a disappointment (in a sea of MANY others mind you!) and why I think he deserves a spot in my Hall of Shame... He's an enabler of criminality and thus is partly guilty of it.

As you might be able to tell, I do have mixed feelings on his case. It's not an ugly antagonistic feeling like say with Psycho Kirsten Miller where I made a final, firm conclusion that she's a pure vicious monster and I wish her all the worst! In his case, I used to think he was a likable bloke, but losing touch over the years, and with him mostly hanging around Lipschultz, Seldane, Kirsten, etc. it becomes understandable how he could more easily write me off and so forth, then you add the crediting Lipschultz got him...

Ultimately, it's not hate that I feel here, it's disappointment... The most serious point of all here to me is that when nobody around Lipschultz or DeuceBag calls them out for cheating me and they know what happened to some extent, they are enablers and are partly complicit in helping them get away with it by providing a stress and consequence free environment acting as if nothing wrong was done while maintaining totally friendly relations with them... I firmly believe if serious criticism was levied against them by the public, this issue could've been corrected a long time ago... Lipschultz/DeuceBag/XSEED have a deliberate strategy to simply ignore, run out the clock, hope I'll get tired, that I'll eventually give up and go away. A criticism-free environment by Ys fans or those that consume their products makes that very easy.

Conclusion: This goes back to the Enmund Burke quote on what it takes for evil to succeed [or XSEED]. There was one other person in Seldane's thread besides Miikka that cheered him on for erasing the crediting I added with my Felghana patch, it was none other than Thomas Lipschultz who goes by the alias WyrdWad. This was the response by Mr. Professional "Localization Expert" now a proud employee of the great big joke that is XSEED Games:

Let's attach his real face to that text, shall we ? What would that look like ??
  Sadly, Lipschultz's "slight evil/vengeful" side (or "dark urge") continues to prevail to this day precisely because of the lack of protest action by most Ys fans... That is the only way that his evil can continue to succeed, or, XSEED, if you will!!!

Like I said, his/XSEED's deliberate strategy at present is to run out the clock, ignore me, hope I'll tire out with enough passage of time/years and give up, move on, etc. rather than take corrective actions! Neutrality, or worse yet, outright praise by Ys fans for cheating me is the consequence-free environment that Lipschultz/XSEED predicted and it's why they continue to feel they can get away with it...

"Enablers" who either look the other way (Miikka) or conversely praise, defend, shill, etc. (e.g. Kirsten "omgfailure" Miller, Kurt Kalata, Kitsune Sniper, "Dogi WannaWhackOffRightNow," Psycho John Schizomaniak, & other crazies like AboveUp, etc.) are what make this possible and that's an advantage Lipschultz/XSEED will always have in the court of public opinion... It doesn't mean you stop fighting the good fight, but there are realities one must recognize...

My best and only shot at justice was legal action, not help via Ys fans (surprise surprise) - whether they like me or hate me, they just want more Ys games and XSEED delivers... Gotta be your own White Knight as Agness said.
General / Re: Random Photos Thread
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He's not the happy-go-lucky kinda ape from Donkey Kong Country... No sir, quite the opposite... He has more of a, shall we say, take-no-prisoners "approach..." He's not the type that you can buy off with bananas. Engage at your own risk. :P

Make way for the new Konami: International Gambling Masters. ;)

Nicolas "Caged" - LOL


Click for double-sized view:

And now a message from XSEED Games, employee of the month, Thomas Lipschultz!

Hell yeah man, very interesting!
General / Re: Neo-Geo MVS (LIVING THE DREAM)
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Heh yeah it's a hit with people who've stopped by to play it that don't even know much about the whole Neo-Geo thing. Ask questions like "does it play Pac Man"? etc, until I explain what it is.. then end up really getting into something like Top Players Golf.

If you're ever in my neck of the woods Nightwolve, quarters are on me man  8)

General / Re: Neo-Geo MVS (LIVING THE DREAM)
« Last post by NightWolve on Apr. 27, 2015, 07:12:39 PM »
I know lots of folks that'd be going crazy for that! :)
General / Neo-Geo MVS (LIVING THE DREAM)
« Last post by JoeQuaker on Apr. 27, 2015, 04:49:14 PM »
Won a 2-slot original Neo-Geo MVS cabinet for $375 in a local arcade auction in January!

That's already a bit of an old picture. I've since worked on the marquee, removed that peeling sticker strip (world heroes 2 jet instructions. I have an unused replacement for it), and done quite a bit of tinkering with the monitor to make it look better. Still have to replace some capacitors though in that department eventually.

So far, I have a 161-1 multicart, an assortment of stickers and marquee cards, and the following cartridges:

- World Heroes 2 Jet
- Samurai Shodown II
- Fatal Fury II
- Top Players Golf
- King of the Monsters 2

Currently looking for these 2 carts:
- Magician Lord
- Nam '75

General / Re: Random Photos Thread
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HAHAHA The Toxic Avenger one is great
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim / Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Project History Log
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YsVI Project History Log

** 4/26/2015 - Translation Station adapted to Ys VI specifics and using screenshots from PS2 Konami version to finish off translated results.

1) An inside look at my custom translation software built on AccessVBA with a screenshot from Konami's PS2 version of Ys VI next to it. I basically played the PS2 version all the way on my PC with a Composite-to-USB device, took a JPG screenshot for every screen of text as a primitive way of achieving a script dump. Was VERY tediously painful/boring, took long enough, but was needed!

Full Size:

2) Possible B.J.DeuceBag translation error caught! As some might know, the WWWJDIC software-dependent translating criminal hack, Jeff Nussbaum, botched the "Legend of Heroes VI - First Chapter (Trails in the Sky)" script for the PSP version that X.X.XSEED Games contracted him out to do. Secondary failure was thanks to the other criminal inside of XSEED, Thomas Lipschultz, who failed to catch these translation mistakes in 2nd pass editing! YAAAAAAY!! They've since fixed the errors for the Steam version though, and DeuceBag was not asked to translate the sequel, Second Chapter, so a small measure of justice I can take there; he's failing, not to mention he was denied another sneak/cheat job (for the 5th time) with X.X.XSEED commercialization via the ready-to-go Ys VI script he's been sitting on since 2004 thanks to my work hours and software/intellectual property!! ANYWAY, here's an example of an issue below, Konami text on the left, DeuceBag's on the right. So, who is wrong as to who Marve is referring to as scary ? Makes a big difference here!

Full Size:

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