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Author Topic: Happy Console Gamer marks the 25th Anniversary of Ys (Parts 1&2)  (Read 4913 times)

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Happy Console Gamer (Johnny), a big Ys fan, marks the 25th Anniversary of the Ys series given how influential it was to him! He sports a nice original collection to boot and a "I love Ys" t-shirt that I didn't even notice the first time around! Heh. ;) I've chatted with him on youtube in the past, he's a pretty cool guy with a decent retro gaming-related channel. He once said that, quote, "75% of the reason I started a show up on youtube was to talk about Ys and other underground games like it, as nobody was talking about Ys on youtube and I couldn't understand why??"I got an honorable mention 6:30 into this one for the Ys IV translation patch! An actual appreciative Ys fan, very hard to come by and only number in the 400-500 range out of a 10-year pool going way past >60,000 these days!I had a few more thoughts on this here.

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Re: Happy Console Gamer marks the 25th Anniversary of Ys (Parts 1&2)
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I really enjoyed watching his videos and hearing recollection of his original experiences with Ys. For me it was very similar, but maybe not on a technological standpoint since I didn't get a chance to play most of the series until just before Ys VI was coming out in Japan. A friend introduced me to the series and every Ys experience since then has been pure gaming magic. : )