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Smug Cats and Ys IV... The Audacity!

Look at what I found today on teh Internets... Yesss, I know it's a shame that teh Internet has too few images or videos of cats doin' somethin' (/end sarcasm), but there is some context here to post this. Look at what he's stepping on !! This, not soon after the Ys IV Dubbing project had finally been completed after 8 years!

The outrage, the audacity, the disrespect! It looks like this cat bastard even has a smug look on his face to boot... And I *know* he didn't donate either!!!! Yet another fucking freeloader WITH attitude, 99% strong and proud!! Heh-heh. ;)
by NightWolve, Dec. 17, 2012, 05:43:53 AM [ Read all ]
Bet some of you retrofans would like one of these... ;)

by NightWolve, Sep. 27, 2012, 08:13:16 PM [ Read all ]
Happy Console Gamer marks the 25th Anniversary of Ys (Parts 1&2)

Happy Console Gamer (Johnny), a big Ys fan, marks the 25th Anniversary of the Ys series given how influential it was to him! He sports a nice original collection to boot and a "I love Ys" t-shirt that I didn't even notice the first time around! Heh. ;) I've chatted with him on youtube in the past, he's a pretty cool guy with a decent retro gaming-related channel. He once said that, quote, "75% of the reason I started a show up on youtube was to talk about Ys and other underground games like it, as nobody was talking about Ys on youtube and I couldn't understand why??"I got an honorable mention 6:30 into this one for the Ys IV translation patch! An actual appreciative Ys fan, very hard to come by and only number in the 400-500 range out of a 10-year pool going way past >60,000 these days!I had a few more thoughts on this here.
by NightWolve, Jul. 25, 2012, 12:26:38 PM [ Read all ]
The Quest to Save my 19 year-old NEC TurboExpress from Permanent Retirement!

The full saga/details can be found here:

Victoly!>> Of Interest: Check out this 3.5" LCD Mod Here << - If you like this Mod and have an Express, you can send it to him and he'll do it for a respectable fee.
by NightWolve, May. 20, 2012, 01:28:25 AM [ Read all ]
Hexecute 3.10 Crash Fix Version (Download Here)

While PSPad is the greatest freeware hex editor that I know of, it still doesn't do the one simple thing that Hexecute does for finding Japanese text :

Hexecute seems to have been abandoned by its creator, Mike Walston, and is about 10 years old since this release. It used to work well enough for doing quick searches of Japanese text (when you wanna find an offset), but I couldn't open anything in S-JIS/932 mode without it crashing, so given that the source was always included, I did the following:

1) I first had to convert the source code to Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition! (Not so easy, many syntax changes going from the ole VC++ 6.0). BTW, DO NOT upgrade it to VC++ 201X! 2005 is the last version that compiles an EXE that'll work on Win98/ME/NT/2K, that's why I didn't use a newer version!

2) Debugged for a day and managed to fix a couple of crash points manifested by the hex view not being loaded when anything other than the Unicode code page was selected. So, I think I fixed most crashes and a buffer overflow condition, lemme know if not.

3) Commandline opening of a file: if you put a shortcut in the 'Send To' folder and whenever you right click a file and select Send To, it will now open the file successfully.

>> Download it here <<

Download Section
by NightWolve, May. 16, 2012, 11:22:21 PM [ Read all ]
Did Falcom completely sell out of Ys I&II Complete [Popular Edition] copies??

I was updating the ReadMe for the Ys I Complete patch and I tried to update the "Where to buy this game" link, BUT, I was surprised to find that nobody sells new copies anymore! The Falcom Order page linked above says sales for it are closed! I used to link to HimeyaShop, an expensive Japanese retailer (English shopping cart, but still high S/H rates), but that was completely shutdown some time ago and the domain expired (they were alive as of 04/02/2010)! Now there's at least YesAsia located in the USA, which recently began stocking lots of newer Falcom games, but they don't have it...

The first release of the Ys I patch was 9 years ago in 2003, so I guess this means that we did some good in opening up the English speaking world via unlicensed patches (besides making the general, cheapass, warez gaming public happy)! Well, good job to everyone that supported Falcom over the years and helped make this possible! They're 31 years old BTW as of April and still kicking strong, so pretty cool! Anyone wanting an original copy of this will now have to deal with the eBays and whatnot. Oh, you know what else this means? If it really is sold out, it has reached abandonware status, thus morally/ethically, pirating this particular game/sharing among friends comes down more along the lines of "preservation" so it can be totally guilt-free. ;)

by NightWolve, May. 15, 2012, 10:45:31 PM [ Read all ]
Audio Interviews with Victor Ireland & John Greiner (ex-head of Hudson Soft).

I thought this was newsworthy, figure others would be interested. I was a big fan of Working Designs BITD and was sorry to see it go (in sharp contrast to many sideshow freaks and detesticles that ACTUALLY cheered at its demise...)! It's interesting to hear Victor speak for the first time. Kind of a long interview, but I listened to all of it; I'll probably have to listen to it again for parts I wasn't quite paying attention to. 1st interview links:

► anncast114.mp3

Vic talks about the Exile 2 localization difficulties at about 98:30 minutes into it and how they accidentally made the last level too hard. Plenty of other interesting things throughout this interview if you've got the time.

April 25, 2012: Another interview from Retronauts with just Vic (only an hour long) that I found far more interesting can be found here:

► R042612.mp3

Some discussion by fans can be found here:

Highlights from 1st interview:
00:30 Victor Ireland and John Greiner introduction and how Victor got his start with JRPGs

12:00 Working Designs' famous "conversational" translations

17:20 Censorship in the early days of game localization

20:50 John Greiner's days at Hudson Soft and pretty much the entire history of the Turbografx 16 (plus: the real story behind JJ and Jeff!)

45:10 The closing of Hudson Soft and what's up with all those old properties

50:10 The Class of Heroes II kickstarter and why they're trying to raise half a million dollars to localize a game

01:06:30 Victor's take on the current state of JRPGs

01:23:50 Twitter time! Monkeypaw Games and their philosophy on localization, The Playstation anti-2D policy and oh, so much more!

Quicki Highlights from 2nd interview:
Some more details about how he started off as a programmer with Working Designs.

He guesstimates the TG-16 CD install base being under ~20,000 people and not much more than that after the Turbo Duo arrived, Sega CD was maybe 3 times that.

Winding up publishing the last official US title for the Sega Saturn.
by NightWolve, Apr. 19, 2012, 07:54:28 AM [ Read all ]
Felghana Patch "Release" Anniversary! A 5 year milestone reached after 10 years!

** Part I: The Leaker Review/Recap (Part II below deals with YOU, Ys F.A.N.s)

[tag: The milestone I'm referring to is essentially this: 5 years of productivity (2002-2007), a SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING equation, and then after the Felghana leak (2007-2012), it's been 5 years of giving you NOTHING BUT the middle finger (what you were giving me all along), a NOTHING-FOR-NOTHING equation! Things evened out I'd say, eh @ssholes? Well, half, to be accurate. You @ssholes have 10 years of flipping me the bird, I only got 5 years on ya... Tsk.]

I edited this post, removing the leaker suspect #2's ID... I portrayed certainty hoping to garner a response, I got one, but from my original suspect! Unfortunately, I never had 100% certainty in my investigation because I emailed a trap accusatory message to 8 suspects at the SAME TIME a few years ago! That was a mistake; I should've done one per day, but I was frustrated and didn't even think it would lead to any discoveries. Instead, 2 of 'em responded back to me within 2 hours AND the GF_Alt leaker account was reactivated over at GameFAQs, so I knew I had filtered it down to the right 8 emails!! Jack responded first, telling me that he had just returned from the new thread the leaker account created, "I just read you're harrassing ALL of your donors, wow, that's pretty weird!" So after getting my trap email, the GF_Alt account is reactivated, he knows to goto GameFAQs and he emails me back with an accusation that the leaker account was making, then there was other suspicious behavior down the road, hence suspect #2. He likely was friends with the guy and informed GF_Alt that he too received an email, giving him ammunition - he totally went silent after that.

Now PruvMeRong was the other person to respond that day, hence back to suspect #1. He played up the false accusation outrage bit real good (even demanded an apology!), then started posting in the thread the leaker account had created, trying to set up a narrative that my false accusation sent him over the edge, that he didn't have an opinion about the whole thing prior to that, etc. (Kinda like FrayedHoped, crying that I "falsely" accused him of pirating Felghana and that he didn't own it, hadn't pirated it, that it was just a game that he was interested in, then the NEXT DAY, over at GameFAQs, he posted to everyone that he was playing Felghana JUST FINE in Japanese and was boycotting my patch! Did his copy of Felghana arrive the next day via EMS after spending $100 bucks or via TES (Torrent Express Service) after spending, $0.00 with SAME DAY DELIVERY depending on your ISP? Ys F.A.N.s, God love 'em, ya know?? ;)) Long story short, I became convinced Mr. Pruv was the perpetrator and treated him as such, some nasty emails were exchanged, but then things went quiet. Since he wouldn't outright confess, I could never be 100% sure. There were signs that it was likely him, like in his first post pointing out, "I'm glad nightwolve showed me this thread" which was designed to provide me with an explanation as to why he knew of the new thread in the first place, to throw me off the scent, but little things like that were simply not enough. That led me back to Jack, suspect #2 which was evident in the previous version of this post. No longer however.

Leaker's GameFAQs account: PruvMeRong
Ideology: Rabid Hate-Filled, Bigoted, Christian-phobic Atheist (Like B.J.Psycho DeuceBag)
Comment: His actions likely were in fact fueled by his bigoted, malcontent, fanatical ideology!

After seeing the original post here, PruvMeRong decided to "confess." It would appear it was him all along, and boy, the pack of lies that he told was long! I'm happy to say though that if he's telling the truth this time, the right bastard was punished: I got his website shut down since right after that email he starting fighting further with me, using his site also. I contacted the site's administrator and told him what Mr. Pruv had done, criminally leaking my patch to cost me money, anywhere from ~$1000-$1500, and now harassing me with his site, so the admin booted him off! Payback was dealt to the right @sshole, though minor as it was compared to what he did. It was one of the rare times I ever get any form of justice... (Kinda tricky though because I wasn't 100% sure he was the leaker, but given the harassment, posting my IP address, etc. it was still morally justifiable!)

** Part II: Ys F.A.N.s (Freeloading. A$$hole. Nerds.) - A 10 Year look at the cheapest, most disgusting fanbase that there ever was in sharp/stark contrast to one of the greatest videogame series that there ever was!

First Public Exposure of Donation Stats by Year - The Cheapest, Stingiest, Pirate-Happy Fanbase that there ever was!

After 10 Years of entering into the fan translation fray and making history with 60,000+ patch consumers, WHAT did I get in return? Let's see, shall we ?

| 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 |
|  0   |  18  |  42  | 240  |  91  |  53  |  25  |  12  |

************ Totals ************

10 Years = 414 unique people out of 60,000+ patch consumers!  ( ~ 00.7% donation frequency! )

414 Unique Donators/People
481 Acts of donations - 45 people donated 2 or more times
60,000+ people around the world using my patchware

Release Timeline
10/09/2002 "Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence" is released
 2/10/2003 "Ys I Complete" is released
12/25/2004 "Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys" is released
 3/19/2005 "Ys I Complete" is re-released in NSIS patch format
 8/24/2005 "Ys II Complete" v1.00 full version is released
 1/29/2007 "Ys: The Oath in Felghana" leaked by a malicious malcontent

-Some more noteworthy History:

WHO was the first person to ever open their wallet for once and actually support my work??

1st Donation: on 2/27/2005
Amount: $20.00
Name: Ferri Precheur (AKA adol1976)

A French guy... How about that, the first donation ever...
The first show of a French guy! GEE THANKS 'MERICA!!!
by NightWolve, Jan. 29, 2012, 07:17:56 PM [ Read all ]
* The Great Merry "F--k You!" (Better late than never)

Recap: Christmas 2004, I gave you the "Ys IV: Dawn of Ys"? patch and you happily took it. Christmas 2006, I gave you an incomplete Felghana patch per donation as part of an early-access program, something I first used with the "Ys II Complete" patch the year before. This limited donation-ware program, designed to be temporary and as a way to avoid a permanent/difficult payware model, lasted for some ~4 weeks; it was cut short on January 29, 2007 when the patch was leaked on GameFAQs, much to the delight of a great many disgusting pieces of excrement out there who then happily took/spread it by the thousands (tens of thousands to-date, ~50,000++)...

My estimate as to the financial losses was around $1000-$1500 based on, a) the donation frequency prior to the leak, and b) how many more weeks the program had left... Evidently, 4 weeks was too much for you cheap, freeloading, warez f--ks to handle, for something that you were "supposed"? to get 100% free anyway, cause yeah, that's how things are "supposed" to work (per the leaker's lecture). The very idea simply short-circuited your natural free-for-me entitlement complex in this context. You're supposed to get the completed patch, and I'm supposed to get nothing - That's how things work; that's the most moral and proper outcome, purty simple... You wouldn't wanna spoil me, right?

So obviously, the mistake was on my part in daring to ask butt-pirates for money - I see that now... Asking Ys "fanholes" (read: videogame thieves) for money is kinda like going up to beggars/panhandlers on the corner and asking them for some spare change (before they get a chance to ask you)... Pretty dumb and you wouldn't be surprised when 99.99% of 'em tell you to f--k off, which is the same percentage result I ultimately got in this context. I have been naive at times, I will admit.

Present: So here we are towards the end of the Christmas 2010 season and I thought to myself, hey, I've neglected my lovely Ys "fanholes"? for 4 years, I should come up with something to give 'em... BUT WHAT ?? What can I come up with that would be appropriate and on such short notice? Then it dawned on me as to exactly the kind of gift that you deserve, THE ONLY ONE I ever should've been giving you in the first place! I got the idea from...YOU!!!

This Christmas, I'm giving you back that which 99% of you have been giving me for some 7-8 years! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...the middle finger! *MY* middle finger to be precise! <Mark Levin>THHAAAAAAAT'S RRRRIGHT!</Mark Levin> Today, I finally flip you the bird proper, and I wanted to do it in such a way that I hope you'll ALWAYS remember me by! I am returning the gesture to the source...

I'm a memorable figure, I'd like to think (and you freaks do love talking about me, I give meaning to your otherwise miserable lives apparently), and as such I wanna leave you miserable, disgusting bastards with a long-lasting memory... My feelings towards you are now visually official for all time! ;) I want the image of my middle finger imprinted in your stupid birdbrains the next time you're ranting and raving about me behind my back (I'm looking at you, Spinner_8, among many others!)... If I can achieve that, I'll be a happy man.

(YES, that's my hand flipping you the bird in front of my Felghana Limited Edition box, along with other neighboring Ys originals. Believe it or not, creepy Ys trolls from GameFAQs conspiratorially think I asked *somebody else* to flip you the bird and take the photo for me... Tru Story... But I ask the humble question, WHO the hell would do a weird favor like that on my behalf ?? Anyway, despite conspiracy theorists, that is indeed the hand and the box that gave birth to the Felghana patch that you pirate-happy f--ks (meaning 99% of you) got to enjoy... And hey, this photo's a collector's item I'd say - I even signed it for ya too! What do you think?? LMAO!)

Some of you dumbf--ks can be found even today ranting about "viruses in my patches" and my evilness for doing so... For f--ks sake, lemme spell it out for you stupid, butt-pirating a$$clowns: that was nothing more than anti-warez propaganda based on conspiracy theories that began on GameFAQs by know-nothing pirates whereby such nutjobs starting accusing me of crazy things, so I played along with it for a time and you sorry f--ks bought it all hook, line, and sinker...! That was YOUR crazy conspiracy theory, NOT MINE!

The sad fact is EVERY single one of you f--ks got away with your thievery, EVERY ONE, including the leaker... I never got ANY form of justice which would only ever have been directed at the leaker gang anyway... Has someone ever raised their hand to say that their computer got trashed by one of my patches? NO, but yet the belief is still out there... It's either a testament to the effectiveness of the troll 4 years later or to the IQ/intelligence level of Ys "fanholes..."? Which do you think it is ?? I mean, I don't think I tried very hard when I played along with that psycho twerp, FrayedHoped, the petty GameFAQs manchild that was so certain my ambiguous phrase of "special surprise" meant "F*ck up your PC!" if pirating the game, so he started harassing me!

Stupid f--king sorry thieves, what a complete f--king disgusting disaster you all are and you only seem to grow more miserable... If you pirate without any kind of restraint, without regard, whatever and whenever, you shouldn't be as angry as say I am, now should you? Just go f--king steal something else, enjoy it, and shut the f--k up already instead of the endless crybaby routines that you're the victims!

Anyway, Merry Christmas, fanholes, and a Happy New Year too!!! :-) Congratulations are in order as well; you've achieved a sustained 99% freeloading rate as of late (~1% up from 97-98%)! Kick ass! The notion that [nearly] "everybody loves free"? has been vindicated...
by NightWolve, Dec. 27, 2010, 08:54:19 PM [ Read all ]

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