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Gonna need new webspace or have to shutdown for a while + Anniversary.

My friend who has been providing me great free web space for the past couple of years has informed me that he was asked if he could be moved off the current server by March 1st... He was in the process of moving to his own web space and this left me in a sort of limbo (he was letting me share web space meant solely for him, basically), but there is now confirmation that I'll have to move also or face a shutdown for a while.

To the point, if someone can help me get new web space, you must contact me immediately to work something out! The web server must run on apache and have mysql, php, & perl runtime presence. I need at least 300 MB disk space as well. That about covers it, so lemme know if you can help. If not, well, taking a further break won't be so bad. None of my time will go towards the maintenance of this site and that's objectively a good thing since I still have a lot of more important issues to handle. But yeah, if it does come to that, know that it wasn't an intentional shutdown and that it doesn't have anything to do with the events that transpired this past year.

On a different, yet always present subject, yesterday marked the one year anniversary of an unfortunate incident. Yesss, indeed, it was on that day, Jan 29, 2007 at 3:21 pm PT when an individual created a temporary account named 'GF_Alt' on GameFaqs/Gamespot in order to leak my Felghana BETA patch, thus permanently altering the future of my work here...

I never did confirm the true identity of whoever was behind the 'GF_Alt' leak account, but if I was a guessing man, I would say it was a deranged degenerate by the name of zmonkey ( He had a big chip on his shoulder as you would able to tell had you read his commentary following the leak; you would think I skull-fucked his mom, burned his house down, killed his dog, that sort of thing. I was struck by this very peculiar sort of rage on display, unique only to him, which stood out from most of the other degenerates that took part in the leak thread, although I'm certain I've never exchanged any words with him before. Just the type of man to have done it in my estimation.

I'd say the way it worked is after creating the GF_Alt account, he played off of the leak action with his real account to create the impression he wasn't responsible (supposed to be clever, I guess). The thread was eventually completely deleted, but not before plenty of damage was done with the spreading of the patch, needless to say.

Anyway, I wish this issue could've long been resolved, but I guess it won't be. I lack certainty, time and motivation to deal with it - If I had to pinpoint when my window of opportunity really closed, it would be around April of 2007 when I realized I could not finish the patch proper to deal with this because of time constraints and that my investigation into the leak yielded little results.

Too bad, isn't it ? What a fantastic Falcom masterpiece and an English patch to go along with it to have been scarred/ruined in such a way. For a long time, it was very difficult to accept that my greatest work went down the tubes by a band of utterly worthless, cackling, mentally unstable, low-IQ warez degenerates... Alas, it's a reality that had to be accepted as that's exactly what happened. Well, we'll see where we go from here.
by NightWolve, Jan. 30, 2008, 02:03:21 PM [ Read all ]
Falcom Specials
Ys I & II Complete Downloadable Trials

Falcom recently made it known via their newsletter that both Ys I & II Complete were made available for download! The yahoo hosted executables will install the full game (the 22 Khz wave version though, not 44 khz) but with some kind of trial protection apparently.
by NightWolve, Dec. 15, 2007, 03:08:39 AM [ Read all ]
I hath returned.

BOO! Why, I almost forgot about this place if you can believe that... Good to be back... or, at least, I think so. Anyway, I'll be around in my usual limited capacity. Just checking in for the most part.
by NightWolve, Oct. 04, 2007, 05:54:56 PM [ Read all ]
Going offline. See ya next month or so...

I'm gonna be completely unavailable this month after the 8th with zero Internet access, not even for minimal lurking (as I've been doing from time to time the last few months), so if you need to reach me, it'll have to wait till ~October. I took care of a few new donators in my inbox as of today, but anyone else will have to wait till I return.

Well, enjoy your last ~3 weeks of summer. Hasta luego for now.
by NightWolve, Sep. 03, 2007, 06:41:55 PM [ Read all ]
Falcom Specials
Ys Origin & Ys Felghana Premium Set

Note: This limited special offer has ended!

I thought this was worthy enough of noting here. The above link is Falcom's specials page where they basically offer various types of limited deals and the like. Currently, you can purchase both Felghana and Ys Origin for $55 USD (6,660 Yen). Add in the EMS shipping rate (now known to be at $40 USD) and you've got a pretty good deal there (~$97.58) all things considered. If both were purchased separately at the regular price, it would cost you $127 USD (~14,960 Yen). Note: The Ys Origin box shown in their product image is that of the newer version that already includes the Extra enhancement and the Felghana box is that of the early Limited Edition set which includes all the music CDs (7 in total) and so forth, etc.

If you've never ordered directly from Falcom, you can follow Gillian's guide on how here. You'll just need to edit the first line of the email in his example to apply in this case. The product title based on their Engrish should be "YsOrigin & YsFelghana Premium Set" and the item number is 0726. (In any case, the item number is what matters for a proper order.)

Who knows, owning Ys Origin just might come in handy some time in the future...

Update: X-Calibar completed an order so we now have an exact shipping cost: ~$40 USD. So, $97.58 USD is the total to expect unfortunately, but it is the best price you can get for both of these games like this. Anyhow, the response email if all goes well will be something like this:

Thank you for an inquiry of Falcom mail order service.
The total price is as follows.

Price (Japanese-yen)
   6,600 yen :0726 YsOrigin & YsFelghana Premium Set
   4,700 yen :shipping and handling
11,300 yen :total

*This game is only for Japanese edition Windows.
A game may not work if you don't have Japanese Windows.
Approve it in advance.

If you are ok, we think we would like to accept your order.
We are waiting for your reply.

Thank you

For comparsion, this is what a board member named Trunks paid back in January:

Price (Japanese-yen)
   7,960 yen :860 Ys Felghana Premium DVD
   7,000 yen :884 Ys Origin Premium
   4,700 yen :shipping and handling
  19,660 yen :total

And with current exchange rates, that's $169.81 USD. OUCH! Thus, your savings with this special offer come out to $72.23 ($169.81 - $97.58) plus you're getting the better version of Ys Origin this time around (Extra enhancement already included)!

by NightWolve, Aug. 14, 2007, 12:58:58 PM [ Read all ]
Uh, yikes...

So you're driving along on a bridge and, wouldn't you know, it... it... OH FUCKING NOOOOOOES!

State officials say money concerns never trump safety. "If you really believe any of us would compromise the safety of the motoring public, you are in the wrong place because we would not," said Minnesota Transportation Commissioner Carol Molnau.

If I lived in Minnesota, I would surely be convinced of that...

by NightWolve, Aug. 02, 2007, 08:24:08 PM [ Read all ]
News from Falcom

Ys Origin just got bigger/better! Falcom is now offering an extra enhancement disc to owners! You'll need to send your Ys Origin registration serial # and only pay a shipping charge to get it. Features: Adol as a playable character, Very Easy & Nightmare difficulty modes, Diary feature, etc. among other things. A few have already put in their orders via email, so we'll find out soon enough how well that goes.

> >>Lot more screenshots here<<

Also, there is an updated regular patch now available, version I will probably update that Setup Utility patch when I have some free time later to install and patch with this instead. (The last version was Seems with this version they've optimized the game code a bit and it's running a little faster now.
by NightWolve, Mar. 15, 2007, 04:10:09 AM [ Read all ]
An indefinite delay with the Felghana patch.

Alright, I thought I'd provide an update since things aren't going as fast as I was hoping. Due to a recent development, I've had to make several changes to the Felghana patch unfortunately. This has cost me some development time and prevented me from getting to the final bit of work needed. Suffice to say, I think I'm getting close to wrapping up the last minute changes I had to add, before I finally get to the ReadMe.

My plans for the rollout of this patch are basically this: Once the final candidate patch is ready, officially version 1.00, I'm gonna email it off to my donators & assistants in a descending order of my choosing (top donators to bottom). There's a reason for that, which I'll explain after it goes public. Also, a 12 day countdown will be initialized here. Once that 12 day countdown is over, the patch will be added to the download engine here and will be made available for everyone on the YsF translation project page.

So that's the gist of it. I had always wanted to do some kind of "grand" countdown thingy and this Felghana project, my most ambitious and bold one yet since I entered the fan translation scene in late 2001, provided the opportunity to do so. Little did I realize it would be somewhat undercut the way it was, but I'll deal with that later.

OK, now what's the purpose of that really you might ask? Well, it was actually a compromise position I took. I was caught in the middle of deciding whether or not I wanted to go shareware with this patch. Very late in December, I was very tempted to end all the freebies I have been giving out for all these years, and go shareware to recover some of the financial losses that I have incurred doing this. Add to the fact that when I honestly looked at the Felghana patch I had created, in all my amazement and astonishment of it, it felt utterly stupid to just hand it out for free. It is that valuable and professional - which you'll agree with when it goes public... I guess it actually has to be explained that making a patch like this or others like it in the past is NOT free nor easy. Warez butt pirates may think so, but that's actually not the case. Somebody pays for it, and guess what, it's mostly me through my labor which is worth a lot more to an employer than it is for this. (In my case specifically, there's a laundry list of irresponsible decision after irresponsible decision to even being doing this, but I'll spare the details.) It's not just my labor of course that I rely on, but that which is donated by other interested parties.

Psycho DeuceBag, essentially donates a translated script for me. In the past, when translators were hard to come by, I had considered hiring someone for that, but I never had to as he and a few others before him came along. Hacking work: either it's me or I have to rely on someone for it. I once offered Neill Corlett a $250 flat fee to help me finish the "Ys IV: Dawn of Ys" project, to hack the font and to write the recompression code based on the decompression code he had already uncovered. I knew given his SD3 work that he never got shit for it and I gave that figure not wanting to insult him. He turned me down cause he was busy and later regretted it, but Dave Shadoff came along and in time, together, we were able to hack the font ourselves and he was able to write the recompression code himself. The server space itself here, a friend helped me get it. It itself is a donation, too.

With that said, my point is simply that I think the work in this patch has moved beyond the working-out-of-the-garage level, and given that I've sacrificed an untold amount of time, research, work, etc. for it, I wanted to arrange some kind of way to encourage more donations. The alternative was to simply charge for the patch, but it would've taken a lot longer to get to that point. Radical changes would need to be made; I'd have to set up an automated system to automatically respond to paypal transactions, rather than manually doing it as I do now through email for example. I'd also have to take the time to design a lock/unlock key type of system for anti-theft enforcement, etc. and use something commercially available for exe encryption myself. So, it just wasn't feasible right now because my time was very limited to begin with. Thus, I came up with a compromise, where donators get early access to BETA work and would eventually obtain access to the final copy of the patch before it went public. So I saved a lot of time by going with a "trust-based" system instead, but trust is something very lacking these days as I later found. It was also a way to kill two birds with one stone where it would serve as a closed BETA testing period.

It seems though that certain individuals believe early access to my Felghana patch for $5 is a scam, it's greedy, and so forth, which basically amounts to nothing more than you buying me a beer or two, a whopper meal, etc. in a show of appreciation for work you're enjoying. To them I say, a) go fuck yourself and b) stay the fuck off my site! Now they say this, in part, to justify what they did (which I won't specifically address at this point in time), and to feel guilt-free about it. So, while their claim irritates me that my work isn't even worth $5 (it's a real budget-buster to a butt pirate, I realize) for such a spectacular patch (which will be proven to be true), what also irritates me is a claim that nobody has a right to charge for their labor if they create a fan translation patch to begin with, no matter how much time is spent, no matter how much it has cost them, no matter how advanced it becomes, etc. Apparently, there is some kind of an unwritten rule, no doubt beloved and forwarded by the something-for-nothing-at-all-costs butt pirate variety, that patches of this nature must be free! Surprise surprise. Isn't that their position for pretty much everything that is digital and can be downloaded? It's a sense I get from another individual who indicated that I don't even deserve a dime for my work, all the while boasting of his enjoyment of it. This is a segment of the Ys fanbase, upfront, uncensored, and it is a detestable segment I don't wish to serve. There is no more proper, accurate way to describe what I feel against this segment other than utter, shear, detest. *If* I ignored the rest of you who've shown your support over the years, and I only thought of these bottom-feeders getting to enjoy my work, all the while flipping me the bird, I'd have to quit right now - A thought which has crossed my mind recently in all seriousness.

So, with that background, I thought I'd discuss my tentative future plans. The future will be much, much different; all patches will be radically redesigned to deal with certain issues and specific individuals. Aside from my plans to retire for a bit and return, you can add that much more development time for anything in the future. Things will slow down here a great deal. If I continue with the Ys VI project, it will also go through an early access donation period then go freeware. However, that will be the last freebie. A patch for Ys Origins is a possibility, but it won't be free from the get-go which will be enforced without mercy against those that would try their luck to fuck with it. I gave the "fanbase" freebies for years and years. I gave Ys I Complete, no strings; I gave Ys II Complete, no strings; I gave Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys, no strings; I gave a lot for this fanbase, but I cannot ignore that portion that is there, however small or perhaps the majority, the spoiled juvenile/infantile brat portion, ready to reap all the benefits of my work/dedication, and then simultaneously go so far as to try to intentionally hurt me financially for what I thought was a fairly modest system to generate donations before the official release, something I did to avoid going shareware in the first place. That all went out the window, which unfortunately easily could've been avoided had I spent more development time to secure the patch and easily blacklist those that betrayed my trust.

Anyway, I'll get into specifics after the patch goes public at which point I'll be offering rewards to track down certain individuals.
by NightWolve, Feb. 10, 2007, 04:57:11 PM [ Read all ]
The Butt-Pirate List...

This is a little "hall of shame," if you will; a list of names & email addresses (if available) of butt-pirates that in the past decided to cause drama here by demonstrating their expert "flame master of disaster" skillz upon learning of anti-pirating measures OR resorting to something much, much worse as in the case of GF_Alt, etc... I keep it updated where possible when more decide to, you know, "take a stand" against teh big, bad, evil NightWolve... My glorious "fans," you know? What can I say, what can I say...

1) Pruvmerong/Polaris/GF_Alt
(Top Butt-Pirate of all time)

Update: The warez criminal, that is, the Felghana patch leaker has successfully been identified. He's been a regular GameFAQ's degenerate all along and even had a profile here.

** Further info:
Alias: Pruvmerong (Which incidentally isn't all that hard to do, proving him wrong, that is), Polaris.
Email: (Where are some ninjas for hire when you need 'em?)
Location: Arkansas

He did say he was a broke college student tossing me a $5 and that he'd eventually toss me some more when/if he could... (Well, of course he never did. They never do... He begrudgingly gave the bare minimum to grab the patch, and grab he did!)

Current Angle: After 2 years of hiding/silence and with some detective work, I got his attention the other day which resulted in him coming out of hiding and issuing some sort of challenge, audacious as it is... He apparently wants propaganda access-rights to my board, that is, he wants to step into the ring with me and battle it out to show us all how justified he was in what he did, the cocky, morally bankrupt fuck that he is... I accepted his challenge but the entry fee is, say $100, which is rather fair considering he cost me a whole lot more money than that. Paypal the cash, bitch, and you got yourself a deal! How badly do you want a piece of me? Oh, I'll give you the chance and keep my word IF you got the money, but I'm not gonna give that which you seek for free (free-for-me is your kind of thinking)... Heh. "Debating" with you further, publicly, would be humanizing you, and you're not a human being in my eyes, you're a demon, plus you're essentially asking of me something further even after ALL that you took from me which is outrageous on its face, so money is the only thing that's gonna do the trick... You think you got what it takes to embarrass me on my own forum? To "take it to me?" Fine, but if you want your shot, you're gonna have to pay to get it! I'm such a capitalist, huh? Always thinking of how to sell something when you were wanting/expecting or even feeling entitled to get it for free... Sounds VERY fucking familiar to me when it comes to Ys "fans..."


... Where oh where to begin... This @sshole of epic proportions surpassed even the infamous Vision-Z in his douche baggery of 2 years of stalking/harassing. I speak of none other than my Felghana patch leaker/thief. Suffice to say, my hate for him is vast, endless and it's fortunate for the both of us that there is an Internet that separates the two of us.

Effectively, his actions robbed me out of $1000-$1500 and thus crossed a different kind of line... It's one thing to engage in mad-flamer troll behavior, quite another to cross into criminal robbery as he did. The work that led to the creation of the Felghana patch was over several years, and after only one month, finally after there was some return on the investment for years of sacrifice in the form of a respectable donation frequency that was enjoyed during January of '07, he COMPLETELY undercut everything... As word of the leak spread, with the patch being uploaded to rapidshare sites and the links aggressively being spread to wherever, I saw a dramatic drop in donations. Yessss, my "fans" went back to doing what they knew how to do best: freeload... Victory! Oh, how happy the little darlings were! They got what they wanted at their favorite price point after all! Certainly, my view of the "fans" became more defined as a result, not that I pretty much shouldn't have been surprised by this.

As you well can imagine, the desire to return the favor to what GF_Alt did is pretty powerful and has been at times all-consuming. If you have any information as to who he is, I'll gladly make it worth your while in exchange for it. Unfortunately, that username was created solely for the purpose of stealing/leaking the Felghana patch, so his real/normal username remains unknown... I was hoping his ego would get the best of him and he'd one day eventually brag to me directly about what he did, but he's kept silent ever since. Only two known posts of his once existed and they did not provide enough clues as to his identity.

This is all occurred BTW at that most unholy, decidedly uncivilized union of GayFAQs & GaySpot. Not only are the posters there utterly detestable, infantile, but the forum software is just plain garbage. The thread where the original leak occurred was eventually deleted, and wish I could say it was because of the leak, but it wasn't. Rapidshare links to the patch remained, but the diarrhea that some spewed was selectively deleted prior to the whole thing being deleted. The credit for its entire deletion goes to FrayedFuckingHopeless who hijacked the thread in the first place and who seems to get deleted, locked, and/or banned wherever he goes with that diarrhea-spewing mouth of his along with that snapperhead personality.

2) TruthSpeaker

He helped spread megaupload & rapidshare links of my stolen patch immediately following GF_Alt's actions. I "used to be cool" to warez butt-pirating degenerates such as himself served as one justification I gather. Awwwww. Now I'm not apparently. I assume though I can again be "cool" with him and other degenerates by providing free pirated games and patches to fill their warez coffers... Whatever the case, he's not important the way GF_Alt is. Just an afterthought.

3) ParalelUni,

Seemed like an OK regular, but flipped out right after this Faded character showed up when they both learned things may not go so well if trying to patch a pirated copy of Felghana. Surprisingly, right after he was banned/erased from here, he ran off to another forum to cry a river about it there. He eventually managed to get himself banned again! I didn't even have to ask. He pissed off my friends there all on his own. A cheerleader of the leak, he was last seen hoping another updated version of the patch would pass into his hands... Ahh, but 2 years later, no updated version has passed into ANYONE'S hands... Interesting.

4) Faded/FrayedHope/Oh, and yes, 'Unforgiven',

I gather he was lurking here for a while, anxiously awaiting news to get his sorry hands on the patch, only to discover the unthinkable idea of an anti-pirating measure, so he immediately registered to "voice his opposition" (like the good little soldier that he is), to get exact details, as well as to dispute my cheap warez bastard profile, a profile that fit him like a glove (telling the truth about someone is usually what infuriates them the most)... Not a very happy camper that one.

(Update: He had stated here on Jan 24th that he owns no pirated copy nor an original copy, but based on another forum, the next day, the 25th, you found him revealing that he's been playing Felghana just fine in Japanese... So, I guess he had one day of credibility or was lying to begin with. He carped on not having pirated the game that day with me here, but left out his future intent, one day later it would seem, to do so. Surprise. Surprise.

One other thing, which is important: his hijacking of a thread in GayFAQs/GaySpot and his agitating actions there as well as here can be held responsible for creating the environment that led to the theft/leaking of my patch. The leaker GF_Alt's 2nd/final post was partly in response to one of his diarrhea-laced posts. It's clear the leaker was influenced by him in some way. Thus, he can be held indirectly/partially responsible for causing the theft of my patch which I do. This lying, whiny, thieving fucking prick couldn't just tell the truth from the start which probably would've led to a much different result in all of this. It was his fucking lying that I couldn't stand. Fucking bitchy ass biotch!)

Anyway, I'm gonna leave this here for display and to let email harvesters pick up their email addresses. You're welcome to pass their emails around to uh... whatever. ^^ Also, you can let them know what you think about 'em having caused more delay in the release of the final, public patch. Any time I spend doing this, is time that would've been spent finishing up the ReadMe and last minute changes, etc.
by NightWolve, Jan. 28, 2007, 01:04:20 PM [ Read all ]

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