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“Insanity’s Blade” – An indie 16-bit game now in Arcade Mode? Kickstarter-backed!

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Have this friend that’s been working on an indie game that actually managed to garner 100% Kickstarter backing. He recently decided to bump it up from the originally planned 8-bit retro style to 16-bit. So, I looked at that video in 720p mode and honestly this is the version I would rather play… Much better compared to the video and screenshots at the top. 4096 color-mode just about! After watching the whole level up to the boss, I gotta say, the game is far more in the kickass territory now given the music, color-level, effects, and considering it’s fan-made.

Here’s an aspect that was cut from the game, but I loved the music and idea of it so felt it worth preserving: