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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

I heard about the shoe-throwing incident against President Bush recently and D-BOY remarked about the amazing cat-like reflexes that he demonstrated to avoid getting hit, so finally, I took a look at the original video only a moment ago… After seeing it, I immediately thought to myself, ooh boy, here come the endless barage of, “Why, I’ll be damned… Bush actually IS good at something… har har” jokes… True to form, it didn’t take long for folks to get creative with this incident and I can only imagine how much worse it would’ve been if a shoe actually did hit its intended target… The first animated gif was sent to me by my homie GillianSeed in a drive-by instant message; it’s based on a well-known scene from the Matrix starring Keanu Reeves that was put to good use to capture the “essence” of this incident, if you will… Later, I was sent another by DeuceBag and the rest I found, so all together we have Neo Bush, Santa Bush, X-Man Bush & 3 Stooges v. Bush below… Which is your favorite ??


Here’s the original that started it all if you haven’t see it:

You know, I think when it’s all said and done, when the dust finally settles and Bush haters calm themselves down, if they start looking at things objectively, they will come to worship the ground that the man walks on… Sounds crazy, but hear me out! This particular Bush essentially gave birth to (pun intended) the rolling back of the Reagan revolution paving the way for a near filibuster-proof democrat Senate! The 40-year majority democrats enjoyed has once again been fully restored to them, first in 2006, and now IN A LANDSLIDE after only a 12-year blip! THEY’RE BACK BABY AND THEY GOT LOTS AND LOTS OF PLANS FOR US!

Yes indeed, the counter-Reagan revolutionaries are in charge now headed by a highly advanced, Saul Alinsky-trained neo-Marxist by the name of Barack-Iraq “NOT-THAT-HUSSEIN” Obama-Osama-YoMama-Alabama-Havana-Is-His-Nirvana all of which was unthinkable just a few years back! Welcome to the new era, the era of Nancy “the Stretch” Pelosi, Dingy Harry Reid, Barney the Frankly Degenerate, Chris “Dunderhead” Dodd, Joe “Plugs” Biden, Chuck You Schemer, etc.!!! Yessss, ladies and gentlemen, even the WhiteHouse was successfully captured and the fact IS that President Bush made this ALL possible for ’em so give the man credit where credit is due!! I think it’s about time they set aside their Bush Derangement Syndrome and seriously start to consider thanking him for their landslide victories… Don’t you ?

In other news, after getting a somewhat better handle on manipulating restricted pages provided by MS Office Live (if you really wanted your own page in full, you’d friggin’ have to code all the html in javascript and assign it to the innerHTML property of the BODY tag), I set up a little Download Panel as is evident on the upper left of this utter shit excuse of a site… I also added two more patches for Xak III & Ys IV, not that I expect that many to care… Should you need anything else that used to be available on my previous site, just email me and I’ll happily see if I can find it for you… After all, I’m just your average, humble, lovable, neighborhood fan translator, right? I exist to serve YOU, the “fan,” and seeing as how INSANELY generous (*cough cough*) you mostly all turned out to be, it’s the least that I could do!!