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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Something bizarre caught my attention with the recent focus, FINALLY, being placed on Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers & Bernadine, this after Governor Sarah Palin rightfully went on the offensive pointing out what most in the media have been ignoring for a long time. Besides FOX News and talk radio trying to sound the alarm all this time about Obama’s ties to communist-terrorist radicals, CNN actually bothered to come pretty close to accurately reporting the nature of this relationship! WTF? There was also a recent article in the New York Slimes as well, but they intentionally left out an inconvenient/contradicting interview in an effort to mostly whitewash the relationship. Anyway, below is the CNN piece, a B-Cast report which I was rather impressed with and further links of interest I came across:
Barack’s ACORN involvement with mortage mess
Stanley Kurtz on Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers
Mayor Rudy Guiliani take on Obama/Ayers

One thing you might’ve noticed if you’re a news junkie such as myself, is that ever since Bill Ayers came up, which is unfortunately true for most of the media, is that they hardly ever (well, NEVER is more like it) refer to him as a domestic communist-terrorist – They always leave out the communist ideology so as to protect it from negative judgement. It’s not rocket science; the communist douchebag himself admits he’s a communist. No hiding behind Joseph McCarthyism here (reflexively used to protect actual communists by media elites over the years). Just something that annoys me cause had he bombed say abortion-clinics 40 years ago, you can most certainly bet that “christian fundamentalist” would be in the terrorist description… Of course, Barack Obama would never be in the position he is today if Bill Ayers and gang were once running around bombing abortion-clinics, as opposed to the Pentagon, the Capitol, Police Headquarters, etc. now would he ??

Now, the Obama freaks actually want you to think this friendship/relationship doesn’t AT ALL reflect badly on his judgement… Let’s say McCain had an abortion-clinic bombing freak of a friend. Would anyone seriously believe that that wouldn’t be a campaign issue ??? How stupid do Obama supporters think people are ? Moreover, would the media have been so eager to do damage control on McCain’s behalf and refer to reports about such a relationship as a distraction ?? These ultra left-wing a-holes in the media are nothing if not predictable… I just hope it’s not too late to alert the general public, the independents, the undecideds, etc. that will determine the outcome of this election.

In my heart I’d like to believe that a majority of Americans, if properly and fully informed, would reject a freak like Barack Obama given all the communists that surround him, two of which are known former terrorists that set off bombs in the Pentagon and the Capitol of all places… I SAY AGAIN: BARACK IS FRIENDS WITH TWO FORMER COMMUNIST-TERRORISTS THAT BOMBED THE CAPITOL, THE PENTAGON, POLICE AND OTHER GOVERNMENTAL BUILDINGS!! AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT FINDS THAT A FUCKING PROBLEM?? DO YOU KNOW WHAT ENDED THEIR REIGN OF TERROR? THEY DECIDED THEY WANTED HUMAN FATALITIES AND WHILE MAKING A BOMB PACKED WITH NAILS, YES NAILS, IT BLEW UP ON THE BASTARDS KILLING SEVERAL OF THEM!! THAT, yes ladies and gentlemen, THAT was the beginning of the end for the Weather Underground communist-terror group! They went out with a BANG! How fucking revolutionary of them! It’s just too bad that ole Billy boy and Bernadine weren’t bombed straight to hell right along with their friends that day.

Fuck man, I just don’t get it… Really, I just don’t get how you can go so far in your political career with friends like these, using these friends to help advance yourself and consistently escaping accountability for it (well, maybe that changes now, but very last minute). That scares me in it of itself, but he’s doing it… He’s doing it… Well, with that, I leave you with a little agitprop:

Please, America, please don’t send these two to the WhiteHouse… Please don’t… Barack will destroy all impartiality in the federal courts for generations with his judicial appointments of radicals in the ACLU mold, as I’ve said… What lies beneath the smooth talking exterior is a radical; a highly advanced neo-Marxist with additional Saul Alinsky training… This ain’t no joke. He’s the real deal… If you send him to the WhiteHouse, you send a mind forged by 60’s radical freaks to the WhiteHouse. They, and most of their ideas, through him, is what will be running the country…