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I hereby join the “STOP OBAMA EXPRESS”!

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Bah, as the November election grows closer, and as the true identity of “Barack-Iraq ‘NOT-THAT-HUSSEIN/INSANE’ Obama-Osama-Yomama-Alabama-Havana-Is-His-Nirvana” becomes more and more clear, I felt I needed to do what little I could for a stinker-of-a-candidate like John McLame which is to urge anybody that’s planning to vote this November to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for him!! John McCain is unfortunately the only hope at stopping Obama from getting his hands on the WhiteHouse.

Please, I’m actually sincerely begging you to NOT vote for Obama come November; he is a radical stealth candidate with clear neo-Marxist ideological leanings, something that should’ve stayed back where it belongs: the past, as in the 1960s! I BEG YOU! I know McCain is quite lame in many respects and he was certainly my LAST choice on the GOP side, but through a fluke in Florida, he managed to get the nomination so we’re stuck with the lesser of two evils here… I won’t be putting a campaign sticker on my car for him or anything as he doesn’t inspire me (plus it’s likely a lost cause here in Illinois for me), but Obama truly scares me more so than I have ever been in my life… I fear his mantra for “change”, his populist propaganda, the cult of personality style, the ripping off of Matrix themes (e.g. “I am the One”, “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for”, etc.), all of his campaign’s tactics, etc. may just be enough for him to win, especially considering how the drive-by media covers up for him, embarrassing gaffes’n’all (e.g. to paraphrase: “Um, um, um, I just been through all 57 states…” – imagine how much fun they would’ve made of George Bush had he said that).

Anyway, to the point of what motivated me to suddenly appear and comment on politics… We all know stuff comes up from a candidate’s past as election time draws near. For a long while, I had been very aware of Obama’s racist lunatic pastor that he had given a job to on his campaign staff (though later, he threw him under the bus when the videos of him came out thanks to Sean Hannity). The WRONG Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who thankfully recorded his sermons to video (& another one that puts it into perspective) for selling, revealed what goes on in his “church…” The WRONG Rev. Jeremiah Wright practices what is known as Black Liberation theology. In many cases, when you see “liberation” in some title of an orgnaziation/group, there is a good chance there’s a Marxist-Communist influence behind it. Such is the case here with Liberation theology which is something that began in South America and is basically a Marxist corrupted form of Christianity. Black Liberation theology however adds a black supremacist component to the equation. Check out the video I linked and you’ll see what I mean. Anyhow, this was the first real concern I had for this Obama and I really hoped it would be enough to sink him in the primaries. It didn’t….

Well, could it get any worse than having an association with a freak like that and having hired him on your campaign staff? Why yes! YES IT CAN! YES! IT! CAN!! Enter a William Ayers. Who’s he? Well, wouldn’t you know, he was a communist terrorist leader of a group known as the Weather Underground. This terror group declared war on the US and was responsible for several bombing attacks against police stations, the Pentagon, etc. That’s right; Ayers was a home grown communist terrorist, right here in the good ole US of A… Absolutely detestable, right? So um, yeah, why would Barack “the Bolshevik” Obama befriend such a man, an unrepentant man who after the 9/11 attacks commented that he felt his group “didn’t do enough…”? Why would Barack use this man’s home to help launch his political career in Illinois? Unbelievable. What’s more, Ayers has a job at the University of Chicago (You can read a whole lot more about him here). It’s quite disturbing to learn a university staff placed someone like this in a position to educate young minds, or rather, poison them with his leftist garbage! Guess that’s why he got the job, huh? Oh, I’m sorry, he’s a “reformed” commie terrorist piece of trash of course, and should be forgiven…. UNFUCKINGBELIEVEABLE!

So, that’s two sideshow freaks that Baracka is friends with… Think maybe there are more freaks in his closet??? YOU BETCHA! Google for the book, “The Obama Nation” if you wanna learn more. This article discusses the gestapo tactics his campaign uses on people trying to uncover more of his past. Bottomline, Barack doesn’t deserve to hold ANY public office. How he managed to get elected here in Illinois really blows my mind – I can’t believe it. I can’t believe this is happening… It’s the Twilight Zone. If Barack gets elected president, it’s proof positive that we lost the cold war… All the sideshow freaks from the 1960s that helped shape & mold Obama’s mind will have gained access to the highest governmental post in our land… He is their puppet and will make, or at least try, most of their dreams come true…

God help us all and we’ll really need divine intervention if all that stands in his way is John McCain… 🙁 Obama will continue the ghastly tradition of B.J. “Bubba” Clinton and all democrats going back to FDR in packing the judiciary with the most radical ACLU-type commie trash in order to payoff the far left-wing of the democrat base, one of the main reasons I WILL NEVER vote for a democrat, EVER! There will never be any change in the policy of appointing fake judges that make fake rulings (e.g. Roe V. Wade). Legislators appointed to lifetime positions merely posing as judges is what they are, but completely free from democratic accountability once they are confirmed to the position… I so despise this tactic and it is clear they will never relent; they’re shameless, unapologetic and will continue to lie/deceive, whatever it takes (e.g. asinine euphemisms to defend this tactic like “The Living Constitution”)…

Well, that’s my rant for the month. I really hope to God that Obama fails miserably and becomes another long running joke in the democrat party, like say Dr. Howard “Demento” Dean. I always hated that yelping punk. Remember him? “TAKE BACK AMERICA!!! YEEEEARAARGH!” Yeah, that ultrapartisan butthole of a hack… He never got passed the primaries last time around and I had hoped he would’ve crawled back under whatever rock in Vermont from whence he slithered out of, but instead they made him DNC chairman… Sad.