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“STOP OBAMA EXPRESS” Youtube videos

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Bolshevik Barack “58 states” Obama (who incidentally appears to be the first 100% pro-infanticide candidate for president, yes, exactly what his 60’s radical friends used to call troops returning from Vietnam: babykiller(s)) has been getting a free pass by the traditional US media and it’s quite an outrage so much so that I thought it best to list some youtube videos in succession that help expose who this man is and stress the point of my previous post… The first video is the most disturbing in my mind and is what really motivated me to dedicate this temporary site of mine to getting the word out. It really is the Twilight Zone in the fact that he’s not been held accountable for befriending/associating with communist-terrorist douche bags Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn.

But anyway, I don’t want this to drag on too much; I’m mainly just gonna post all the videos that you should see before you vote this November, especially if you were thinking about voting for him. I hope you’ll conclude after seeing these videos, as I have, that he is unfit for public office, let alone the presidency!! It’s an honor that he simply does not deserve for having “friends”/views like this, and again, it wouldn’t be happening if the US media wasn’t mostly in the tank for him… It’s a matter of his judgement… Seriously, what a complete f’ing outrage this is and I really pray to God he just goes down in flames come November, never to be heard from again…

Final thought: Will capitalizing on President Bush’s damage to the republican brand be enough to sneak someone as radical as Barack into the WhiteHouse under the cover/cloak of “change”??? 🙁 That is the question folks and I’m deeply afraid of the answer. We’re gonna find out soon enough, though…

Top Obama Youtube videos

  1. Outline of communist terror group “Weather Underground” and Barack Obama’s connections to Bill Ayers.
  2. Same as above: the political ad that Obama’s campaign team has worked to shut down/limit its public airing.
  3. Introduction to Barack Obama’s lunatic “hate-whitey” pastor/demagogue, the WRONG Jeremiah Wright.
  4. Here Obama’s “spiritual adviser” accuses the US of engineering the HIV virus (AIDS) as a means of genocide against blacks…
  • Obama’s friends/supporters recently convicted and headed for jail:
  1. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (with B.O.’s endorsement… Heh-heh)
  2. Slumlord briber Tony Rezko
  • This one is just plain funny: Joe Biden was against Barack Obama before he was for him, the latter flip coming after he was picked for the VP slot of course… He also supported the idea of running with John McCain too! Haha!
  • Gaffe Machine List – Find out just how “smart” he really is contrary to what the media has made you think:
  1. His “58 states” goof – Heh-heh.
  2. Showing his command of history and other whoppers (Gaffe Mania I)…
  3. Gaffe Mania II: “McCain is running for Bush’s 4th term…” ++

(I’ll keep this list updated as we head into the election if/when time permits and I find more revealing info. Remember, NOBAMA ’08! You’re not voting for McCain, you’re just voting against Obama is the idea here!!).