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An aborted project with Psycho Kirsten "omgfailure" Miller... 4 weeks I'll never get back along with her hate crusade of proxy harassment to create enemies for me all around Falcom fandom... She became Tom-chan "KKK Witch" Lipschultz' right-hand troll, always shilling, defending, trolling for him, especially against me... They have hundreds of private messages concerning me over the years...

Fair Warning: Stay away from her! She's a highly vindictive warmonger! Let her win any argument if by chance you encounter her or preferably just block/ignore her... The defamation of character, proxy harassment by sic'ing her angry nerd friends against me throughout the years wasn't worth combating this evil cyber-bully! Don't let the nice nerd side fool you, much like Tom-chan Lipschultz, Ambulance-Crasher/C0ck-Flasher Jeff "DunceBag" Nussbaum, they're evil, hateful, vindictive psychos in the worst ways!

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Note: Defunct/Hijacked by XSEED Games... Psycho Liar-in-Cheat Jeff "DeuceBag" Nussbaum double-crossed me on this project: I JUST wanted to retire at the time, close my site, delete project files, I did NOT want to work on Ys Origin, but actually Psycho Jeff DirtBag cried, begged, told me about his suicide attempt, said "Please don't take fan translation work away from me, it's the ONLY thing in my life that I'm proud of," even offered to pay me which I declined, or later agree to a 40/60% royalty split on a payware idea...

I was fine with either quitting OR not working for free at the time, either or... I got him to agree to 25/75% which made him angry as he felt his 40/60% rate was "perfect," so I extracted game assets, built the best version of my proprietary translation software under agreed upon terms, but after he finished 2 years later, he secretly exported results to Tom-chan "WyrdWad" Lipschultz's partner becoming their "Secret Translator," and after Tom-chan got the job with XSEED, it was exported from my software AGAIN in secret collusion to Jeff's 100% profiteering via all my fan work hours/software and desperately denying me credit also, including when Ken Berry almost offered to correct the credits (Both Tom and Jeff feverishly fought to prevent me being credited)...

Jeff's secret collusion/conspiring/double-cross on Ys Origin with Tom-chan and his Italian partner was the very blueprint they would repeat, but this time from inside XSEED Games thanks to his corrupt influence when he should've just left these fan localization projects the hell alone rather than cheat ANYBODY...

Jeff made sure to deliberately omit the existence of my translation software and all the THOUSANDS of work hours I put into it; I confirmed this when I spoke to Ken Berry on the phone, in fact, what gave me the very confidence to call him was believing Jeff had omitted anything like my software that could've changed the outcome of those dirty deals... He seems defiant, desperate to keep every penny he profited off of me on these projects, not just because he was an evil psycho all along, but also due to his bankruptcy and other mental problems... He never should've been allowed on ANY Ys translation project team, but it's too late for me...

Together Tom & Jeff represent THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CHEATS in localization history! THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of my work hours in planning, organizing, marketing, putting a loc team together, asset extraction, propriety translation software (IT work) across 5 YEARS went uncredited/unpaid so Jeff could pocket 100% of all money and laugh about it later as he frequently does when confronted!!! I served as an unpaid/uncredited intern or "slave" to "help" make Jeff become the master "owner" of the English Ys translation (if he can type it) for the purposes of making secret business deals 100% in HIS favor, terms which NOBODY would agree to on the very 1st project if he disclosed them! WE AGREED UPON FAN TERMS, NOT "JEFF DEUCEBAG NUSSBAUM TRANSLATIONS, INC" COMMERCIALIZATION 100% IN HIS FAVOR TERMS!!!!!!!

Imagine if I had completed 15 Falcom projects, he would've kept exporting from 15 different versions of my translation software, pocketing 100% credit/payment each and every time while playing stupid, maintaining direct silence towards me... THAT'S how evil both of these psycho cheats are! BEWARE!

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I wanna preserve the old PC Engine RIGG forum here as it has some history like with Neill Corlett when we teamed up for the Ys IV Dawn of Ys project, and The XXXSEED Cock-Flasher, Jeff "DeuceBag" Nussbaum... Seeing his very 1st post to me, pretending to be polite, asking for permission to start translating "Ys I Complete" after months of work hours and wanting to recruit a 2nd translator to help Rachel/Shimarisu (my 1st Ys translator) is HILARIOUS for the public to be able to see in its original form once again! For years the evil psycho faked this politeness and now he writes kill/death fantasies post the dirty deals with XSEED Games, so preserving the contrast is worth it!

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