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Author Topic: "Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II" [PC Engine CD] Localization Tinkering!  (Read 3020 times)

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** February 26, 2020 **

Title: "Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II"
Alt: "Dragon Slayer: Eiyuu Densetsu II"
Platform: PC Engine Super CD-Rom2
Produced by: NihonFalcom/Hudson 1992 potential? Recently on a whim I decided to tinker! To my surprise, the text/print system was the ~SAME as Emerald Dragon! So, could I port the 8x12 font/mod work here also? YES!!! And voila!

I also learned there's a control code space character of only 4 pixels width, so instead of using the common ANSI 0x20 char code which causes a spacing of 8 pixels wide via an 8x16 font, you use 0x60 to cause 4 pixels of width. That's how I got the 1st & 3rd lines to fit in the last image. Look at "What if I told you" and "under the control of" for example being squeezed tight to fit in a line. Will be useful at times and hopefully is also mirrored with the Emerald Dragon message/font functions! If you can never have a variable-width font, this is a somewhat useful fallback/alternative.

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